Youtube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it’s Being Monetized (2019)

you know I knew I was gonna make a comeback video but I didn’t know it was gonna be this and I didn’t know that this might possibly be the last video that I ever make on this platform because I don’t want to support it anymore because of what I’m about to talk about over the past 48 hours I have discovered a wormhole as I would call it into a softcore pedophile ring on YouTube here pedophiles are trading social media contacts they’re providing links to actual child porn in YouTube comments they’re trading unlisted videos in secret and YouTube’s algorithm through some kind of glitch or error in its programming is actually facilitating their ability to do this this is something that a lot of people have been aware of for a long time and what makes what I’ve discovered worse is the fact that I can find this wormhole from a fresh never before used YouTube account via innocuous videos within about 5 clicks I’m making this video with only one intention and that is to bring awareness to this even though there is awareness already around the Internet but there’s not enough I also have evidence and hopefully when we take a look right now that these videos are being monetized so if you remember back in 2017 YouTube got into trouble for having videos monetized that featured cartoon characters in ridiculous and comical situations like spider-man grabbing bat woman’s boobs or whatever the fuck it was that in comparison to what I found seems like a joke because what this is is child exploitation so let’s take a look ok first of all I’m going to start off by connecting to a VPN and the reason I’m doing that is because no one really knows how YouTube’s recommended algorithm works but essentially what Google does is they’ve developed algorithms that when you go to youtube and you watch particular kinds of content let’s say you like politics then it algorithmically decides what content you might be interested in watching and it does that so you will be encouraged to stay on the website watch more videos and in the process of watching more videos you’ll see advertising and YouTube will generate some revenue so if I actually have an account that I just made throw away account and I’ll log in to that so this is a new account I just made it so now I’m gonna show you how this wormhole works and there’s several ways to get access to it but if I just start here and you might say do you know why are you watching bikini haul videos I mean red-blooded heterosexual male – do I really need to explain who cares that’s besides the point here now I’m just gonna go start going through these videos and eventually to clicks see this video here I click that I am now dude it couldn’t be more perfect two clicks I’m now in the wormhole so now that I clicked on this look at this sidebar there is nothing but little girls look at this video look at what these guys are saying let’s check it out check this and here we have one of the first I don’t know features symptoms of one of these videos time stamping and what these pedophiles do is they find these videos they either take them from the original uploader which looks like that might be the case here and they upload them themselves or they just all kind of brigade the video and what they do is they timestamp and the timestamps are the points in the video where the little girls are in compromising positions in sexually implicit positions so I frankly don’t want to click really any of these because it’s wrote but okay whatever okay so we’re here like yeah so you get the picture like these guys oh my god these guys aren’t time stamping this stuff because the little girl made a funny joke or there was an interesting and you can see if you look at some of these comments a lot of them are Eastern European I’m seeing Russian I’m seeing Portuguese beautiful goddess beautiful video Barbie but one of the prominent things that I want to point out is the fact that once you enter into this wormhole now there is no other content available once you enter into this wormhole for whatever reason YouTube’s algorithm is glitching out to a point that nothing but these videos exist so this facilitates the pedophiles ability to find this content but more importantly as we continue to dive deeper here trade social media contact info and I have also found links to child pornography and of course there is advertising on some of these videos so what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to go through some of this stuff and I’m gonna speed the video up and we’re gonna see if we can’t find some examples of advertising on some of these videos so I was gonna point out real quick as you can see disgusting comments she will make a great mother sometime timestamps you click on them you know the girls legs I mean this is this is fucking disgusting I mean this is like this is so wrong and there you have it adverts comfy leather shoes now this video there are no timestamps yet there could be it was only uploaded a little while ago but I have multiple examples of big name brands we’re talking dodge ram disney in one video a furniture company in another where they’re adverts are appearing on videos where pedofile where people users are time stamping the girls in compromising positions one of the other things that i want to point out with these videos is as you scroll through them a significant number of them will have I mean this is disgusting you don’t wear panty look look at this look at this ah how old is this this is a it’s a fucking child like how is YouTube not doing anything about any of this like okay but let me just find it so we have timestamps perfect so comments disabled this is significant because now I’m gonna have to find this because did I was I too distracted to even pull it up so five ways we’re toughening our approach to protect families on YouTube and YouTube kids Wednesday November 22nd 2017 blocking inappropriate comments on videos featuring minors we have historically used a combination of automated systems inhuman flagging and review to remove inappropriate sexual or predatory comments on videos featuring minors so I just wanted to point out where I missed here starting this week we will begin taking an even more aggressive stance by turning off all comments on videos of minors where we see these types of comments that’s important because that means that they have an algorithm that detects when predatory behavior is occurring on videos featuring minors so this is significant because that means that we know that YouTube has an algorithm in place that detects some kind of unusual predatory behavior on these kinds of videos and yet all that’s happening is that the comments are being disabled how can no one see once you are in this loophole there is nothing but more videos of little girls how has YouTube not seen this because people are aware of this if you go up and you search hashtag YouTube wake up people know about this and yet not a damn thing is being done about it so we know that there is an algorithm that is detecting unusual behavior year why isn’t somebody why don’t they have a system where a person manually checks that content if they had one person do that this would pop up this would load and you would see that there is look at okay there was some sort of unusual behavior going on here and there’s some sort of glitch in the algorithm where we have nothing but videos that pedophiles are up voting collecting doing whatever and they’re sharing them amongst themselves in YouTube’s favor you know what I reported several links to actual child pornography they deleted it but the user accounts associated with making leaving those links are still on YouTube so this is a person who anyway hey these guys have several ways of operating what they do is they get these kids to do challenges and I’m not the first one reporting this by the way this has been known for years so one if we go here popsicles what these guys are doing comments have been disabled so an algorithm has detected this video yet it’s still up on YouTube it’s obviously not the original poster taco man obviously not the original person who made the video because it’s a minor this person is under 13 years old which is a violation of YouTube’s whatever their policy for 4h minimum requirements and what they get them to do so now that I’m here we’ll find examples yeah this is so just this is so these ones are really disturbing gee what is this guy all about look at that Wow yeah great great fantastic fantastic and you can see multiple examples I mean this just goes on and as you can see it is just it’s never-ending it’s just endlessly with beautiful girls all of this stuff time stamping this is all happening and we have popsicle challenges we have yoga challenges we have twister challenges I have video evidence of all this stuff I’ll include it at the end of this video I hope I I don’t know I I can only hope that I covered everything that I need to cover in the limited amount of time that I just spent looking at this and talking about this I guess one thing I didn’t do that I should make very clear is the fact that this is reproducible very quickly from a multitude of angles you can go search up gymnastics and you will find these kind of videos very quick gymnastic leotard you’ll find these videos very quickly yoga stretching I mean there’s yoga challenge you can type in various things and you will find this very quickly I’ve written a report and I’m sending that report out to every news outlet that I possibly can and I’m hoping that people will do the same the test is out yourself go try it yourself go up in a private window one more thing that I want to show is now that I’ve been looking at all this stuff once I go back to the main YouTube page you can now see how like look at how horrible this recommended section is now it is nothing but these videos this is working in pedophiles favor I’ve seen people they’re flaunting the fact that YouTube is doing nothing about this we have users named pedophile we have guys making the water squirting emoji the fucking eggplant emoji and I’m shocked when I report channels that are amalgamating this stuff and I report guys that are time stamping this stuff that YouTube hasn’t deleted these channels how is this not a violation of their terms of service and how are they not doing more how does this exist for me I don’t I want nothing to do with this platform that supporting this shit I hope with the video evidence that I have that more people find out about after it’s being played on videos like this and that YouTube shits the bed 10 times worse than they did in 2017 I don’t people and that sucks because I like YouTube I like content creators who are already getting screwed up the ass big-time anyway I can’t be emotional about this video but it’s like how is it that people who are genuine good they’re every algorithm Under the Sun to detect when you swear more than two times and make a video about panic attack and depression and yet this is going on with adverts playing before them and it’s been a it’s been in the public consciousness for over two years and yet nothing’s being done I’m disgusted so this is this is the last video I don’t I’ve made money off of youtube I’ve made like maybe a thousand bucks off of my little tiny baby channel that I made I want nothing to do with this platform I’m disgusted I’d ever want to want another cent from Google I don’t want to pay for you to premium anymore and I want this to be reported I want something to be done about it and B I’m angry so in a way I want YouTube to pay I’ve been more emotional in this video that I’ve wanted to be I wanted to be more collected and calm it’s very difficult I have seven nieces all older than the girl every older then these are these are children this isn’t even like Chris Hanson To Catch a Predator where there’s guys going act like 13 years old 13 year olds this is this is straight up children exploitation happening right underneath people’s noses here on YouTube and it’s discussing and nobody’s doing anything about it hashtag YouTube wake up tell everybody about this you know show them try this out yourself see it for yourself do it yourself show people send it to local news outlets send it to YouTube send it to BuzzFeed whoever somebody’s got to do something about this man this is unbelievable we they know about this people know about this why is nothing being done that’s all I have to say disgusted you’re only as good as your team is and your job is to really hire the experts and to set them up and give them the right direction and the right resources to make that happen and so and also to set the right priorities no this morning I look at my look at the creator app here and I saw that this travel vlog which is the most innocuous vlog ever it was demonetised Cinema two dogs playing with a toy that it deemed is possibly not advertised on friendly so I went and to check my channel and realize that every single but you will have been demonetised and also there’s nothing worthy so here’s a video that got to monetize for I’m talking about panic attacks you go to this video that I have here this has nothing inherently objectionable it’s literally talking about people with depression and how they cope with the different types of loneliness that there are and it got demonetized relationship more I produce animated content whiteboard animation videos my youtube channel have been 100% demonetized [Music] frankly I don’t fuck out here with this shit and all students have Debray priorities

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