WWE NEWS – WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Matches / Goldberg Interview About Undertaker Match

WWE NEWS – WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Matches / Goldberg Interview About Undertaker Match

Heres your news for August 16th 2019 WWE NEWS – WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Matches Goldberg Interview About Undertaker Match
We’re starting with some WWE
news today, as the company is
looking ahead to their next Pay
Per View, which will take place
on September 15th.
Called Clash of Champions, the
show will happen in Charlotte,
North Carolina, a city rich in
wrestling history, and as the show’s
title suggests, many title matches
are expected for the event.
According to rumors, Intercontinental
Champion Shinsuke Nakamura will
defend his gold
against Ali, and there are plenty
of matches reportedly in the works.
According to the Wrestling Observer
Newsletter, a match for the Smack
Down Tag Team Titles
may have already been decided
between SmackDown Tag Team
the New Day and the Revival,
though it all comes down to
Vince McMahon.
“New Day vs. Revival at press
time is a match the Smackdown
side has pitched
to Vince McMahon but he has
not approved of it as yet to be
on the card.”
A match between the two teams
was heavily hinted at on WWE
TV this week,
though this match does come
with some issues, as the Revival
are a RAW Tag Team
whilst the New Day are from
team Blue.
Though the Wild Card rule in theory
allows for the team of Dash and
Dawson to challenge for the
blue brand’s titles, that rule is
rumoured to be coming to an end
soon, meaning it’s unclear
what the company has planned for
the rumoured match at the Pay
Per View.
Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan is
also expected to be on the show
according to the Observer
though no title will be on the line
for the former World Champions.
Bryan has promised to reveal the
person responsible for the attacks
on Roman Reigns
on next week’s SmackDown Live,
so it’ll be interesting to see what
the company has planned.
Becky Lynch is expected to defend
her RAW Women’s Title against
Sasha Banks at Clash of
Champions, after the Boss made
her triumphant return to WWE
TV earlier this week.
Attacking the injured Natalya as well
as Lynch herself, Banks literally
showed her true colours
now with blue hair, and was able
to take down The Man with a
series of steel chair shots.
On the SmackDown side of things,
WWE Champion Kofi Kinston and
Randy Orton
are expected to have another
match over Kofi’s title,
and maybe this time the match
will get an actual finish.
When the pair competed at
Summerslam, fans in attendance
didn’t enjoy the match
and were especially vocal about
the ending, which saw both men
be counted out
outside of the ring, leading to
a no contest.
Hopefully, the rematch will allow
for better things from the pair
in what has been one of the
most personal feuds of 2019.
Championships won’t be the
only prize at the Pay Per View
though, as the 2019
King of the Ring Tournament
finals have been announced
for the show.
The tournament, which will kick off
on the next edition of RAW, will
see 16 Superstars
vying for the historic crown which
has been held by megastars like
Bret Hart, Triple H, Brock Lesnar
and Kurt Angle.
According to a report, this entire
tournament has been made for
one particular Superstar,
so fans will have to wait and see
who that superstar is on September
15th at Clash of Champions.
Well though the WWE is already
preparing for their next Pay Per
View, one Superstar who had a
showing at this year’s Summerslam
was Goldberg, as the former
Universal Champion
picked up a decisive win over
Dolph Ziggler.
Destroying he Show Off with a
series of spears, Goldberg
certainly worked
to remove the memory of his
disastrous Super Show down
from the fans,
though did speak about his match
against The Undertaker earlier
this week.
Appearing on Booker T’s Hall of
Fame podcast, the WWE Hall of
Famers discussed Goldberg’s
match in Jeddah, and Goldberg
said he wasn’t going going to make
any excused for what happened.
He said:
He was the one guy that I never
crossed paths with, and the heat
I knew going in it was going to be
hot. In Georgia playing for The
Falcons, or The Georgia Bulldogs,
or the L.A Rams down in Los
Angeles, it’s hotter than hell and
you know it’s going to be hot. It’s
one of those things you accept.”
Continuing, the former WCW
World Champion described the
match as a “perfect storm of
crappiness”, and explained his
decision making process behind
the match:
“I had the perfect storm of crappin
ess because, for me, people don’t
know all the things that go into
everything. At 52, going against The
Undertaker and being Bill Goldberg
in the short period of time
that I had, I can either do one or two
things – I can get in really good
shape or I can try to get as big
as humanly possible so I don’t
look like an old Bill Goldberg
against The Undertaker.”
Although Goldberg built his Hall
of Fame career on being someone
who could come back from taking
a shot, the legend admitted that
this was something he found very
difficult against the Undertaker.
Goldberg said how in his career,
he’d never had a problem lifting
anyone, though he clearly
struggled to pick up the Deadman
at the event, showing just how
different he is in 2019, from the
monster fans saw in his heyday.
When asked about the ring post
spear that led to a concussion,
Goldberg admitted he shouldn’t
have gone as hard, and that when
the referee asked him 15 times
how he felt, he gave 15 different
answers, indicating something
was seriously wrong.
Though the match at Super Show
down clearly didn’t go according to
plan, his match against Ziggler
has helped rebuild some of his
credibility with the fans, and the
master of the spear may already
be looking at his next opponent.
On social media, Goldberg has
had a mini feud with NXT Superstar
Matt Riddle, as the King of Bros
has spoken candidly for his disdain
for the WCW legend, who he feels
is dangerous in the ring.
According to the Wrestling Observer
though, the so called feud has been
approved by WWE, as
Bryan Alverez wrote:
“Keep in mind this stuff is all
approved, if not encouraged by
WWE management because
if it wasn’t, he wouldn’t be doing
it. It’s just a way for him to get
We all know that WWE tries to
treat their legends well, so the
company would have probably
ordered Riddle to stop his
taunting, if they weren’t on
board with it.
A potential Riddle Vs. Goldberg
match could be a great way to
bring the King of Bros
to the main roster, though if their
feud is just for show, maybe WWE
might want to make
that known within the company.
In recent months, Riddle has
had a bone to pick with several
WCW stars,
including Goldberg and Booker T,
and it seems the comments Riddle
has made about
Chris Jericho didn’t sit well
with the AEW Star.
Though it’s unclear whether
Jericho will ever wrestle in WWE
again, a match between the two
would be great to see, if Y2J
and Riddle could get on the
same page.
Speaking of Superstars making
a name for themselves out of
the company
former RAW Women’s Champion
Ronda Rousey is keeping busy
outside of the WWE,
as she will have a recurring role
in season three of FOX’s 9 1 1.
According to Deadline, Rousey
will appear in he show about LA
first responders as “Lena Bosko,
a stoic and fearless member of the
Los Angeles Fire Department
Station 136,
who leaps into action to save
lives when a disaster hits.”
This latest season of 9 1 1,
which is set to premiere on
September 23rd,
will focus on a tsunami hitting
Santa Monica, with devastating
According to Entertainment Weekly,
Rousey’s team is lost during the
disaster, leading the tough
Bosko to join with Ryan Guzman’s
Eddie and Station 118 to help
save some lives.
This isn’t the first time that the
UFC Hall of Famer has shown
her acting chops, as she has
appeared in several big movies
including Furious 7 in 2015,
and Mile 22 last year.
Rousey hasn’t been seen in WWE
since WrestleMania 35, where
she and Charlotte Flair lost in the
first Women’s main event of the
show to Becky Lynch, and Rousey
herself has said that she and
husband Travis Browne are
attempting to start a family.
Speaking of family, one Superstar
who knows what it means to be a
parent is Rey Mysterio, and
there are apparently plans for
the masked Superstar’s loved
to get more involved in the
According to the Wrestling
Observer this week, the
company is hopeful to sign
Dominick, Rey’s son, to a
contract in the near future.
The Observer noted that they
don’t believe the 21 year old is
ready for the ring just yet,
though after training at the
Lance Storm Wrestling Academy,
are hoping to see him in WWE
at some point in 2020.
After appearing with his father on
the main roster earlier this year,
many fans have been wondering
why Dominick didn’t start in NXT,
though given his status and
relationship to Rey, it seems
WWE felt that putting him on the
main roster first was the best
idea, as Tom Colohue said:
“wwe don’t necessarily believe
that #nxt is the best way to get
him over
Instead, a storyline involving his
father is considered a better
Older fans may remember a young
Dominick being a crucial part of the
2005 feud between Rey and
Eddie Guerrero, which culminated
in a ladder match at Summerslam
for custody which Rey won.
With that in mind, having Dominick
work alongside his father, either
in a team or as opponents
would allow this story to come
full circle all these years later.
Some sad news to report now, as
Jeremy Ganger, an independent
wrestler, has set up a Go Fund Me
campaign to help deal with the
costs of being involved in the
Ohio mass shooting earlier
this month.
Ganger was bouncing at the
Dayton establishment Ned
Pepper’s during the shooting
which left ten dead and 27
injured, despite the killer
being confronted
by authorities within a
minute of opening fire.
After seeing what was happening,
Ganger reportedly brought as
many bystanders as he could into
the establishment and barricaded
the door, but suffered shrapnel
wounds along the way.
This shrapnel has yet to be
removed from the wrestler’s
body, and Ganger spoke
to WXIO-TV in Ohio to speak
about the incident:
“I kept looking around the corner,
seeing where he was coming and
I could see the muzzle of the gun
coming our way. I knew he was
coming for our club. There was
one officer in the street as the guy
came up to the door and the
police officers did their job.”
Ganger’s bravery no doubt saved
many lives during the shooting,
so hopefully he will be able to raise
the funds to afford the surgery
he desperately needs.
Back to WWE news now, and
though Nia Jax hasn’t been seen
on WWE TV in several months,
the former RAW Women’s
Champion continues to make
the news
This week, Jax deleted her entire
Twitter account which puzzled
many, and went on to remove
several WWE references from
her Instagram bio.
Instead of mentioning her
credentials as a WWE Superstar
and former RAW Women’s
Champion, her bio on the site now
just says “Lina” her real name, with
a flower and diamond next to it.
There’s been no word on what Jax’s
status is with WWE at the moment,
though she’s been out of
action since April after suffering
ACL tears on both her knees.
According to Bras Shaephard, Nia
deleted her Twitter because she
want to work solely on rehabbing
from her injuries, and didn’t want
the social media site to be a
If she’s fortunate, Jax will be able
to be cleared for the ring later this
year, though fans shouldn’t
expect her back on WWE
programming until at least 2020.
Though Jax may not be appearing
on TV anytime soon, one Superstar
who has been all over the
place is ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.
After appearing at RAW Reunion,
the Texas Rattlesnake also appeared
via skype on the latest edition
of the show, and even has his own
show, Straight Up Steve Austin,
which premiered this week.
If you haven’t gotten enough of
the Bionic Redneck just yet, Austin
will be appearing on Saturday in
San Jose, as part of the Silicon
Valley Comic Con hosted by
Steve Wozniak.
Austin won’t be the only big name
in town for the convention, as
Terminator star Arnold
Schwarzenegger, Firefly actress
Morena Baccarin, and Justice
League’s Cyborg Ray Fisher
are also scheduled to appear.
And we’re ending with some news
from Shawn Michaels now, as it
seems the dream match
rumoured between him and AJ
Styles isn’t going to happen.
For years, fans have hoped that
the two would face off in the ring,
and when Michaels returned to
the ring as part of Crown Jewel
last year, many fans got excited.
Unfortunately, when Styles
appeared in a live interview shortly
before Summerslam, the United
States Champion revealed that the
Showstopper turned the match
down. He said:
“I asked Shawn about a match
and he said ‘No.’ I can’t do
anything about that
I would love to opportunity to have
a match. But I get where he’s
coming from
When I retire, I want to remain
retired too.”
Unless something changes in
Michaels’ mind, it seems the
only way these two
will be facing off will be in the
WWE 2K video games, with the
latest instalment in the franchise
2k20, set to hit shelves on
October 22nd.
Well guys , that’s the news for today
Let us know your thoughts down in the
comments below
Well guys , that’s the news for today
Let us know your thoughts down in the
comments below
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