WWE NEWS – Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Bray Wyatt Teased / Real Reason Shane McMahon Is Off WWE TV

WWE NEWS – Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Bray Wyatt Teased / Real Reason Shane McMahon Is Off WWE TV

Here’s your news for
September 9th 2019
WWE NEWS – Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Bray Wyatt Teased
Real Reason Shane McMahon Is Off WWE TV
We’re kicking off with some
news about Shane McMahon
today, and though
we haven’t seen much of the
Best in the World recently,
there is a reason for that.
Recently, Shane has been
doing his civic duty by
taking part in jury duty
though it’s unclear what kind
of case he is dealing with.
A fan by the name of Matt Fish
was even able to get a photo
with the former SmackDown
Tag Team Champion, in what
me one of the most bizarre
places to bump into a wrestler.
Though he may be a heel on-
screen, hopefully Shane will help
deliver justice in the case, as
official juror is just the latest
accolade added to the list of

accomplishments for the
Best in the World.
Over to RAW news now and Bray
Wyatt has once again referenced
Sister Abigail in a bizarre tweet.
Since joining the main roster
Wyatt has often spoken
about Abigail,
even naming his finisher after
her, though little is known
about the person itself.
One fan theory is that Abigail is
dead, and her soul has been
contained in the Abby the Witch
puppet in the Fifrefly Fun House,
in one of the darkest bits of
storytelling in WWE history.
Whatever the truth may be,
Wyatt’s tweet using a quote
from Abigail
talks about getting to your
opponents before they
get to you,
and could be a reference to
Seth Rollins and Braun
With the Fiend set to face the
winner of this Sunday’s Universal
title match between the Architect
and the Monster among Men,
could Wyatt be hinting at a
post match
beatdown on whoever the
champion is?
In the tweet, the former WWE
Champion also speaks about
Rattlesnakes shedding their skins
which could be a reference to the
Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold
Steve Austin,
who will be moderating the
contract signing between
Rollins and Strowman tonight.
Will the Texas Rattlesnake
become the latest legend to
be attacked by the Fiend ?
Tune in to RAW tonight
to find out.
From one veteran of WWE to
another now, as though Matt
Hardy recently had
some good natured fun at the
expense of Chris Jericho, not
everyone was a fan.
Last week, Hardy shared a video
on twitter of him exiting a
Longhorn Steakhouse
the restautant where Y2J had
apparently lost, or had the
AEW World Title stolen.
Moments later in the video, Hardy
runs into the restaurant after
realizing something is missing
and he runs back out with his
belt in hand, saying, “That
son of a b****
tried to steal my belt, an obvious
reference to the Jericho incident.
After some backlash from fans,
Hardy took to Twitter to say he
wasn’t malicilously
After some backlash from fans,
Hardy took to Twitter to say he
wasn’t malicilously
making fun of Jericho or AEW,

“For the record, I am not making
fun of @IAmJericho. I just saw an
opportunity to make a cute
parody of last week’s wacky
events & remind people of how
entertaining I can be. Chris is a
great friend & is an industry
master of evolution &
reaction. ENJOY!”
Even though some fans didn’t see
the funny side, one person who
did was Jericho himself
who called the video
“Outsteeeending”, and knows all
about poking fun at the competiton.
Earlier this year, Jericho would
sarcastically congratulate WWE
for making Brock Lesnar
Mr. Money in the Bank, claiming
that the 42 year old was getting
his first big break in wrestling.

Though it seems there is no bad
blood between Jericho or Hardy,
it’ll be interesting to see
how long the higher ups from
both companies will allow their
stars to reference
the competition, even in a
joking way.
Well whilst Matt Hardy may be
having fun on social media, the
WWE’s legal team
have been hard at work, as the
company recently filed for a lot
of interesting trademarks.
One major trademark the company
are trying to lock down is “Firefly
Fun House” which the company
filed a claim for on September 3rd.
Not only that, but the company
also tried to trademark Yowie
Wowie, which could soon be
spotted on WWE merchandise
if their claim is successful.
Sasha Banks may have been a
Legit Boss for a while now, but the
company has only gotten around to
trademarking her nickname last
week, and the same goes for
Braun Strowman’s nickname
the Monster Among Men.
All of these trademarks were
claimed for on September 3rd,
and are registered specifically
within the wrestling sub-category
of Goods and Services.
Given WWE’s standing as the
number one wrestling promotion
in the world, it’s unlikely that these
trademarks won’t be given, so
expect to see plenty more
Firefly Fun House,
Yowie Wowie, The Boss and the
Monster Among Men
merchandise in the near future.
One Superstar who has found
herself in a trademark dispute
recently is Becky Lynch,
with Ric flair trying to trademark
her the Man nickname
though the RAW Women’s
Champion has other things on
her plate at the moment.
At Clash of Champions, Lynch
will take on Sasha Banks in the
Boss’ first title match
since her return in August,
though The Man has her eyes
set on Stephanie McMahon.
On Twitter recently, Lynch called
out the Billion Dollar Princess for
a match, and though
a bout between the two has been
rumored for a while now,
Stephanie politely turned it down.

Not only did Stephanie decline the
match, but she also turned her
tweet into an advertisement for this
Sunday’s Clash of Champions Pay
Per View, proving that her skills in
the company are more about being
WWE’s Chief Brand Ambassador
than being a Superstar in the ring.
Well one Superstar who knows all
about taking on The Man is Lacey
Evans, who was unsuccessful in
multiple title matches against Lynch
earleir this year, but has now found
herself a new opponent.
Recently, Jaymes Mansfield, a
drag queen on the popular
RuPaul’s Drag Race, tweeted
a picture of herself on a ting
apron, saying she was waiting
for a hair vs. hair match against
the Sassy Southern Belle.
This clearly didn’t sit well with
Evans, who said that she would
use her hair
to choke Mansfield out, and
take her wig home as a trophy.
Mansfield, who was the first
eliminated from the show in 2017,
was undeterred from Evans’ threat,
saying her hair is real and from a
now bald russian woman, whilst
also claiming that the former US
Marine would be bald herself, if
they competed in the squared
We’ll have to wait and see whether
this twitter feud leads to an actual
match, but the idea of Evans
taking on Mansfield is something
that plenty of fans would pay to
We’re looking at news from Rob
Van Dom now, and though the
former WWE, ECW and TNA World
Champion has clearly done a lot
in WWE, one thing he is best
known for is smoking weed.
A legendary user, Van Dam has
spoken to plenty of his fellow
wrestlers about the
health benefits of marijuana,
with one of those Superstars
being Chris Benoit.
Speaking on the Unsanctioned
Podcast, Van Dam revealed one of
his last talks with the crippler was
about weed usage, and though
Benoit wasn’t against it,
it didn’t seem
like he wanted to try it out.
Van Dam said:
“I remember telling Chris Benoit
in Mexico, one of the last times
I talked to him
and I was surprised to hear that
he was open to it. Not to him
taking it necessarily,
but him open to the research
that I was recording
and he was believing that it
wasn’t that bad.”
“I don’t remember him expressing
much interest in his own personal
use, but it was something that
everybody knew that RVD is a
stoner or whatever, and I’m
telling him something
I don’t know, I get on my soap
box sometimes and I start
Chris was into it and would just
say like, ‘yeah I don’t think
that’s so bad for you.
I was just getting through to him
in having a conversation and
he didn’t disapprove of it.”

What happened to Benoit’s wife
Nancy and son Daniel in 2007
was a true tragedy,
as the former World Heavyweight
Champion’s final actions on
earth forever tarnished
what would have been a Hall
of Fame career.

Appearing at Starrcast 3 this past
month, Benoit’s tag team partner
in the Radicalz, Dean Malenko
spoke candidly about the
Canadian’s legacy, saying that
Benoit was one of the
best wrestlers ever, but that
doesn’t excuse his horrible

Even before the pair joined the
WWF in 2000 alongside Eddie
Guerrero and Perry Saturn
the two would become frirends
touring in Japan in the mid 90s,
and the man of 1,000 holds
revealed he still watches
matches between the two
on the WWE Network.

Well we mentioned earlier that
Ric Flair has threatened legal
action over the moniker
of The Man and it seems the
dirtiest player in the game
isn’t alone in his crusade.
Flair has been calling himself
The Man since the 1980s
with his popular phrase
“to be the man, you’ve gotta
beat the man” and is now
claiming that the WWE
owes him money for using the
name itself in relation to
Becky Lynch.

Not only that, Flair is also claiming
that the friction between himself
and the company, is having a
negative impact on his daughter
Charlotte, who is feeling torn
between her duties
as a WWE Superstar and
her love for her father.
While appearing at ESPN’s College
Game Day, The Undertaker got a
great reception by the fans live,
and though he spoke about college
football, he also spoke about the
two-time WWE Hall of Famer.
When Flair’s name came up in
conversation, the Phenom
simply stated “He’s the man”,
as it seems The Undertaker
agrees with his old rival on
the matter.
We’ll make sure to keep you
updated with this story as it
develops, but for the time being
it seems that Flair’s claims have
been endorsed by Dead Man
We’re looking ahead to this
Sunday now, as the WWE is
preparing to host
it’s latest Pay Per View, Clash
of Champions.
The show, which will take place at
the Spectrum Center in Charlotte
North Carolina, will be the first
show under the moniker since 2017,
and currently has eleven matches
announced for the show.
In the main event, Universal
Champion Seth Rollins will defend
his title against Braun Strowman
in what will be the second match
of the night for both Superstars,
who will also defend
the RAW Tag Team Champion
ships against Robert Roode
and Dolph Ziggler.
For SmackDown, Randy Orton’s
quest to become a 14 time World
Champion will see him lock horns
with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston
in a rematch from the pair’s bout at
SummerSlam last month.
Shinsuke Nakamura will defend
the Intercontinetal title against
The Miz at the show,
and the A-Lister could make
history if he is victorious,
as he would tie Chris Jericho’s
nine reigns with the mid-card
Though Kofi will have his hands
full with the Viper, the rest of the
New Day will also be busy,
as Big E and Xavier Woods will
defend the SmackDown Tag
Team titles against the Revival.
Roman Reigns will hope to get
some revenge on the man behind
the attacks on him Erick Rowan
whilst Drew Gulak will hope to
defy the odds when he takes
on Lince Dorado
AND Humberto Carrillo with
Gulak’s cruiserweight title
on the line.
On the Women’s side of things,
Sasha Banks is hoping to cement
her return to WWE when she
takes on RAW Women’s
Champion Becky Lynch, whilst
Banks’ bestie Bayley
will hope to retain the SmackDown
Women’s Championship against
Charlotte Flair
who is looking for her tenth title
reign in her career.
WWE Women Tag Team Champions
Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss will put
their gold on the line when they
face Mandy Rose and Sonya
Deville, and the show will also
see the finals of the 2019
King of the Ring tournament, with
the finalists being decided on this
week’s RAW and SmackDown Live.
Though eleven matches have
already been announced, not all
titles are currently being defended
as United States Champion AJ
Styles and 24/7 Champion
R-Truth are curently
without opponents, though that
could all change this week, before
Sunday’s Clash of Champions.
And finally, today we’re looking
at some news from Sasha Banks,
as though the Boss
has a huge week ahead of her,
she still had time to showcase
her beauty on social media.
On Twitter, Banks sent out herself
in a hot outfit with her new blue
hair, with the caption
“You ain’t never seen a fire
like the one I’ma cause.”
It’s clear that the four-time former
RAW Women’s Champion is
confident she will regain
the title this Sunday, and her
tweet quickly caught the
attention of the Animal Batista.
Batista, who retired at Wrestle
Mania 35 earlier this year
simply responded with
“Well. #dreamchaser”, as itseems
the former World Heavyweight
Champion is on Banks’ side.
Though he may no longer be a
wrestler, it’s always great to see
the Marvel megastar comment
on WWE, and he’ll have plenty
to comment on this Sunday at
Clash of Champions.
Well guys , that’s the news for today
Let us know your thoughts down in the
comments below
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