• Amanda muthalovin Manning

    They automatically pinpointed that virus to a market. But they weekly spray streets with poison. And you all think it was from just a market killing these people? I don't think it's just something someone ate. Those people are constantly breathing in poison so there is no wonder they have respitory distress and dying from not being able to breathe.

  • A Marie

    Why when we see the news about the virus 🦠 I’m China and all the people you see in store only are wearing masks and not glove or some type of body suits on as well. I would like a straight surgeon going to the store. Hand to hand transfer when handling money or grabbing things on shelves in stores. Nope! Someone with the virus cold of touched it and then put back on shelves.

    They say the virus 🦠 can stay on surfaces for up to 9 days. Not 9mins!
    Which means when you order things on line and it’s shipped to you, you should wear glove when getting you mail them disinfect you mail get news gloves and then open your mail. It’s spreading because it’s a bio weapon virus 🦠 duh 🙄

  • Kat B

    So he sounded alarm and his government punished him. Also whistle blowers who uploaded unfavorable content. Well also think about whistle blowers in the United States who warned the world about war crimes and who were silenced and tortured for it. No double standards please

  • Assylla Raivin

    I've read an article and it's says.. That the doctor injected heroin and mercury.. Para Hindi na nya masabi sa iba ang katotohanan..

  • Liam Gordon

    Man fuck this world bet you heaven doesnt have a government that wants us all dead. Could care less if China government gets us all killed Gods home is better than this great potential having planet that we ruined

  • krizzellemaeg

    Precaution is better than cure.
    You can order our new launched mask product here:

    #Amazon #BeSafe #Ncov

  • Robert LESS

    Unfortunately health workers worldwide are using insufficient respiration protection, putting their own lives at risk. THE ONLY RELIABLE PROTECTION against airborne viruses like COVID-19, Ebola etc. is a full face over-pressure mask: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0nosQOi5rA

  • Issac Newmai

    all I can suggest is that you keep your loved ones close to you.  Hug them, tell them what they mean to you.  Enjoy the time you have left with them.

  • Issac Newmai

    You have of course read that he died of “coronavirus.”  You have been misinformed.  A sergeant of the People’s Armed Police injected him with a mixture of heroin and mercury that caused his lungs to deflate.

  • The purge King

    They beat him and killed him to say he was causing trouble I hate China they worse than America they even killed his family China are mass killers and crupted

  • Zlatko Jurukovski

    And the fucking police arrest him for spreading rumours and making him sign fake confessions when instead he was trying to tell people what is happening.

  • Jimmy Time

    Could the coronavirus be the beginning of the end for the entire world? It all started in China and began to spread. It became an epidemic that quickly turned into a pandemic across the globe. The world was not ready for this virus and all the hospitals became overwhelmed with so many new patients in need of so much care. The world health officials and the CDC became deeply involved and were desperately trying to get this pandemic under control before it was too late if it wasn't too late already. Next, the United Nations and FEMA were in every city in the United States behaving like law enforcement and basically arresting every citizen in site. The FEMA Officials were going door to door, rounding-up law biding citizens and taking them to make-shift FEMA camps throughout the cities for what they called processing, which entailed medical testing and Micro-chip implanting. Every person was forced to receive a Digital Angel, which was a small RFID microchip. This small chip was about the size of a piece of rice and was administered with a hyper dermic needle. This chip was given to every man, women and child. It was placed in the right or forehead. Was this the real 666 mark of the beast?


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  • A T

    RIP dear Dr. Li Wenliang, your soul is with the heavens and the stars, we are forever indebted to your courage and selfless devotion to the highest medical standards and ethics on Earth. RIP.

  • Transportation Keep America Moving

    0:18: you CAN NOT DETECT a person again the fever by using fever reducer, right? RIGHT??? And then that person whoever infected will jumping around out here that why the number increased all over the placed in 1 point of view

  • Transportation Keep America Moving

    Let assuming everybody is sick, try to cover ur face if aches, cough, try to limited the travel and places, that how we can give the community and ourselves a chance to control the virus.

  • Kyle Crisman

    This is WHO and their payer the communist party of China's fault! Due to their lies the whole world is in jeopardy! https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b3/COVID-19-outbreak-timeline.gif

  • 6 jikojiko

    Japanese government deliberately reduces coronavirus testing for fear of impact on the Olympics.
    The test will reveal that there are many patients.
    Actually, many people in Japan are complaining of unexplained pneumonia.
    But the government does not try to test.
    Japanese people are suffering very much because of government.
    Sorry for my poor English.
    But unless I tell this fact to the world, the Japanese government will not work.

  • Che1 bt28

    Thank God for this sensational story and the Wuhan virus, cause' how else would China have distracted their people and the world from the massive protests that were threatening their communist government? Nature favors mother China…

  • AsiA I.

    covid-19 advanced manmade strain is meant to kill white illegalpopulation in stolen America and that fake region you call a continent Europe which europe does not exist as a continent its Northwest AsiA to be specific).

  • D. Barry

    Just like what happened in Koontz book – Eyes Of Darkness. Funny that.
    It's not real. The virus isn't real. That doctor didn't really die.
    Don't buy the mass-media lie.

  • Malcom X was silenced

    I belived that young man that founded this virus, was SILENCED…. Didn't he send a chain text to his friends to warn them. Plus wasn't he bullied into saying that he was lying. All of a sudden mysteriously ended up passing away, due to catching the virus himself…..That doctor tried to tell a month or two before, this was out…..😒🧐🤔 rest in peace young doctor .

  • Hernan Saavedra

    Where is minnie the pooh? Xingping tong! Silent! Where is the arrogance here now? Damn put all infected to your claimed lands on WPS! Karma!

  • Matthew Sayre

    Corona virus is a upper respiratory virus. Look at Tobacco use in China. The reason for the amount of deaths is because a high percentage of the Chinese population smokes. If you take that into consideration, then the regular flu kills more people than this virus.

  • kar linkton

    whats with all the fucking panic about coronashit ? the flu kills between 12 anf 61 thousand in US alone annually. see https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html

  • chamasdad

    I hope he will Rest In Peace…
    He knew about the outbreak, but people told him to SHUT UP.
    He must’ve been very angry and sad at the same time on his deathbed.
    I hope he has a good time in heaven.

  • Stephen RunsHisMouth

    Fake news, from a fake news network. The man in question did not die from corona virus, he died(was murdered), for altering original plan and allowing news of the virus to leak to the public. That information is suppressed in most media circles, and dismissed as a "conspiracy theory." Benefits of living in a communist society

  • Werner Heisenberg

    RIP Doctor Li .
    Future generations will say,
    When corona virus struck,
    Doctor Li was working
    And the
    Dictator Xi was hiding.

  • Steven Cameron

    Lies it’s China bringing your dollar to its knees as China are a super power and there just showing how easy and how unstable your country is full of sin and sodamy

  • Reyna De La Cruz

    God bless doctor Lee a big HERO May God bless him and his family !❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Viir P

    We're under attack! China goverment will kill us all including their population and people keep thinking that this is just a common flu.

  • Raymond Cook

    66 cases in the U. S. and only One DEATH among 350 MILLION Americans.

    The Democrats are hoping the stock market will fall 2,000 points.

    The Democrats are turning a FLU virus into a political grab for November.

    There are 350 MILLION people in the United States and FLU'S hit Americans EVERY year.

    Google: What Are Your Odds of Getting the Flu?

    Answer?  5% to 20% — Percentage of the U.S. population that will get the flu on average, each year. 200,000 — Average number of Americans hospitalized each year because of problems with the illness.

    Past FLU virus strains have killed Americans, but very few.

    Democrat Mask Instructions:

    Wear a MASK on the back of your head in case the Corona Virus tries to sneak up on you from behind.

    The stupid Democrats NEVER let a crisis go by without blaming President Trump.

    Please vote in November and call all of your friends, relatives and co-workers.

    We can take back America but it will take ALL of us voting to do it.

  • D P

    This is exactly what happens when government takes over health care. They will control the narrative, and silence anyone who gets in the way.

  • Kesten Lemucha

    …and that now the virus is spreading all over the world, The chines government u look more stupid than it would have been if u would have listened to the doctor. look how irresponsible now that u are china government.

  • klimber10001

    F'ing China. Shithole country. Filthy rat eating idiots. This Dr did what he could to help the people both physically and by getting the word out. The Chinese government doesn't give a shit about it's people. They just want them to continue living in squalor and filth. Not to mention the disgusting eating habits…

  • ErF Wizd

    The evidence is the one giving the news probably had a hand in it. Maybe more than a hand, let me see the body and I tell u what the hell happened exactly

  • Erica Yearwood

    They are lying he did not die from Corona they killed him and there is no such thing as Coronavirus its all made up for cover

  • Latina Woman

    And this is how you live under communism! Is horrible ! Socialism and communism as kill so much people in the time being and now people are surprise what happened in China !! This is what happens when you let the government control everything !! Let’s free China !!! All that money comes from they’re citizens and now they are dying because they’re government did not want to lose control and instead let the virus spread and now is all over the world !! Horrible !! Shame on you China !! I can’t believe we are watching this and asking the government of China stop censuring they’re own people ! This must stop !! #letsfreechina #stopcommunism #freechina

  • Cyborg Sexy

    If Americans want to eliminate this new type of coronavirus, the prescription needed is neither a western medicine vaccine nor a Chinese herbal medicine, but freedom and democracy.

  • Mrdarkblackknight666

    You…it is upsetting, and anger inducing that this could have all been avoided if the officials suppressed the acts of a single man…now everyone is paying the price.


    Doctors have no rights to open any cases to the public.in any country just go ahead &ask.

    It's a basically duty.so he was be warned but no punishment.

    At that time we do not make enough researh because its a new virus! They will never tell you DR.li is a Ophthalmologist'
    Eye doctor.

    We canot spred panic personaly!!before make things clear by the research group
    Its a 14billion people country!
    Dr.LI is also a CPC, he is pround of this. look his badge at the beginning of the video !
    The video is trying to hide
    The video this not telling the turth, Dr li said many , why is only a little bit there?!

    He will be vey upset to be reported this way.

    Vicious reporters will be under curse.🖕fxxk

  • TheSincereKiller

    If I get the corona virus I’m just gonna kill a lot of people before I die from it straight up not playing

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