Why Do Children Have Lower Rates Of Coronavirus Infection? | TODAY

Why Do Children Have Lower Rates Of Coronavirus Infection? | TODAY


  • Leah

    Yeah….why close schools since kids aren’t affected as much? Who cares about the adults that work in the schools. 🤦‍♀️

  • Magnus Soevgaard

    Oh yeah?? Watch Hidden Truth of the Coronavirus Wuhan China real leaked videos#31. Three children stacked in one body bag. Be prepared to be horrified.

  • BabyNicosMommy

    They are basing thins info on China. It’s bc schools were closed during the time of the highest outbreak. There isn’t enough data of kids in school while there is an active outbreak to say it doesn’t affect kids in the same way it does adults.

  • BabyNicosMommy

    And immunity a child has developed against one cold or virus does not and will not protect them against getting another virus. This man is miss informed! This is why u can still catch the flu after being vaccinated! Virus is a virus bc it mutates!

  • .

    Why why ? Ill tell you why … because they aren’t reporting the actual people that have died from it. The hospital was putting dead children in body bags . It was on video.

  • PetuniaRomania

    What did he just say??? An adult has experienced an incredible amount of colds and illnesses…unlike a child. It sounds as if children can become carriers of the virus while experiencing or exhibiting no, or limited, symptoms. The virus could have been engineered that way, remember, least we forget, this virus was modified in a lab…

  • plumeria66

    Kids have less developed immune systems. This virus makes developed immune system attack itself and cause problems.

  • Full-Scale News

    How To Protect Yourself Against Corona Virus( From World Health Organisation WHO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbQurxkQ2vs

  • nadine singh

    strange that an adult that has gone thru all the school germs would lose immunity…what this man says makes absolutely no sense…but if you tell people you are a doctor and talk with confidence everyone thinks you know…but no one knows. Maybe it is because kids dont do drugs or smoke …maybe there is an answer in the vaccines they were given but as adults we did not get those exact vaccines…something is not adding up here.

  • Ngeow Hoi Wan

    Okay, good news! Hmmm.. I wonder if kid and babies wanders in the streets and go to work, will this change the statistics?!!

  • Ngeow Hoi Wan

    Conclusion: Babies and children are taken care by parent whom are concern on their hygiene and they don't go out as much as we do; let alone socialize with other people. Make sense?!!


    Priority: containment. Here are the numbers if it becomes a global pandemic. Very sobering..COVID 19 projections..based on the sources and links below, here are some numbers which are astounding when factored into the global population and current trends.

    Global population est. 2020 : 7.8 billion. CDC Projected infection rate of 70% : 5.460 billion

    80% of cases are MILD = 4,368,000,000
    14% are SEVERE = 764,400,000
    6% become CRITICALLY ill = 327,600,000

    COVID 19 – ANNUAL Case fatality projected GLOBALLY:
    @ 2.0% = 109,200,000 to @ 4.0% =. 218,400,000

    SEASONAL FLU annual fatalities: 290,000 to 650,000

    1918 SPANISH FLU deaths globally: 50,000,000

    One billion people could die within a five to ten year period if BOTH The FLU AND COVID 19 becomes seasonal. there is no cure or vaccine yet. Those over 50 and those sick will be the main victims. Younger folks and kids will survive as if they just had the flu. Population will decline to below 5 billion if remain unchecked leaving a global population no older than 50. This population size seems more manageable in addressing climate change and global scarcity of resources ..especially by 2050 when habitats around the coasts will begin to disappear due to rising ocean levels…was this designed to avert climate change disaster in the future? Will a new global political and economic order arise?


  • 150 CA K

    I've seen three dead kids putting into a one same body bag(some random cell video shot from China)… Hope kids are all alright this time

  • Audio Visual Proof

    "Trump's false claim blames Obama administration as coronavirus spreads in US"

    Hopefully, Trump will die soon from the Coronavirus and Iran will put a stop to this global chemical warfare attack that was put into motion after Trump's killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

  • Amanda Scottdale

    Because god is going to spare them from suffering even more I mean look at the horrible workd we live in what they see and think is good when is bad by influential media and bad parenting. God is going to punish the world we are going to suffer all the pedophiles will suffer what they do to innocent kids is unforgivable has no name. This desease is a testament in the Bible and there were so many signs that god send to us the birds dying, the trumpets in the sky, the tornados. I mean what else for Jesus Christ can he call on us to behave better to stop racism is the cause of depression and enxiety to reconcile your hearts with goodness. This world is going to go down I am really seeing the masks coming off from the rich elites in fear planning to scale this desease and the kids will live up to there innocence they won’t know why this is happening because god will shield their eyes. Pleasures like stocking on wine and heavy loads of food will have no meaning because pain paralysis your behavior and everything in excess will go to waste is all in bible. We all have done wrong things and this is biblical is death and is putting fear on everyone. Except the children god have mercy on all the children in world spare them them from all the bad that humans have done.

  • Amanda Scottdale

    We are going to die and due to the bad behavior all you bad humans have done god is going to make you see more clear the pain you caused and the pendemic will take over the unkindness this earth has. The world is bad really bad and I pray that those who have made others suffer you pay a price because this will be a lesson from god to take your power away from you.

  • Honourable North Atlantic Company

    Corona: I love kiddos and I want them to have school breaks:-) Old folks, you need to make some room now👻

  • milton ritfeld

    A SECRET REPORT LAST YEAR PREDICTED THE US POPULATION AT 100 MILLION IN 2025. HUHH..? What about the thousands sealed coffins and guilliotines Barry Obama Soetoros administration orderd. google it

  • O SL

    I think it's because kids drink milk more than adults, milk contains calcium which is a trace mineral that will remit the virus

  • G Fleming

    Fast. Water fast. No calories means your body will go into Autophagy which is automatic healing and repair. And NO, you will never hear that word from doctors. They don’t make money if we’re not sick. Nobel prize in medicine in 2016 went to Japanese researcher on Autophagy. Look it up.

  • Hugh Vupy

    While the CDC and White House compare it to the seasonal influenza, virologists, microbiologists and epidemiologist are comparing it to the 1957 Asian Flu pandemic.

  • Cynthia Johnson

    Why are kids immune “they get those colds all the time” 🧐 pure science Kids could spread it to elders … even if they don’t get very sick

  • pirruri pirruri

    Black seed oil filters blood astragalus roots boiled then dranked strengthen your immune system by lengthening your telomeres in your DNA hence reverse aging reverse the development of your immune system himalayan salt in high doses every other day anti viral,sheep placenta pills cellular therapy repair damaged cells stimulates stem cell repair as well ,vitamin d,&c prevent colds stay active lots of water God bless us all

  • randy scott

    Big Pharma just lost their shirts due to all the lawsuits over pain pills . Has anyone even considered that coronavirus could maybe just be a cooked up plan for them to get all their billions and billions of dollars back ?

  • Wonho's Choker

    Just remembered how the health department was making flu shots compulsory in all schools just last year in India.

  • Nathan Shi

    Chinese ppl tried the best to earn you guys some time to prepare and U use that time to laugh at us and now who is laughing?

  • Brad Cleary

    so it can live on the surface for around 2 hours to 2 days.. he sounds like telus setting up a cable box installation appointment.

  • ScorpionMassive

    And the big question is that if you are infected and do not display symptoms, can the virus proliferate or die out? The biggest threat of spreading is that some "immune" people carry the virus undetected until they infect others who have compromised immune systems along the way.

  • ScorpionMassive

    Engineering and technology should help solve this issue.
    Public utilities, stations, and transports should implement immediately on the following:
    1.) Sliding doors or Foot-operated doors
    3.) Non-contact (i.e sensor operated) faucets
    4.) Sensorized Toilet flushing
    5.) Built-in (timer-activated) disinfectant spray button pads on elevators and ATMs.
    6.) Built-in escalator guard's disinfectant scrubs.
    7.) In-between trips automatic disinfectant spray on bus and metro cabins.
    8.) UV light boxes installed airport gates and mall cashier stations.
    Personal effects like wallets, pens, keys, phones should pass under UV light box for disinfection. Same way with the ATM cards and cash or bills near the cashier.

  • Peter Crestani

    Fear about the 🦠Coronavirus 🦠 is normal – but don't let it control you. Follow the Yogic prevention and stay safe.
    And Share this post for the wellness of Men Kind


  • Gilbert Lay

    The Day the Earth Stood Still for Science

    The Corona Virus has made it's move. Our scientific community now claims a 'smoking gun.' Using 'the sky is falling' mentality the science community can now do what they failed to do with their claims on "Global Warming" aka Climate Change. They tried it again when President Trump was elected, by using Psychiatry to accuse our president of being mentally unstable and unfit for the job. They failed horribly with that one as now approaching 4 years on the job our President is looking good for another four.

    But Communist Slavery has bet it's entire philosophy on science. That is their understanding of science that excludes opinions & research about Gods, UFO's, Quantum Consciousness, Parapsychology and other other Paranormal research that is compiling very strong evidence to support their faith. There is a belief or faith from the Socialists that simply having a 7 year college degree in some form of science makes one a superior being deserving of 'rights' to rule collectively over other humans. In their default logic they say 'What else is there?" Men and Women with 7 year degrees in such as Law, Philosophy, Business, Sports, and others schools of thought that are NOT 'hard core' sciences of relevance are likewise dismissed from the plan to replace governments with scientific panels, collectives, etc. to rule 'our' world. They ignore one of life's most fundamental scientific axioms-What one man can learn others can too." We of the billions on Earth that don't have 7 years of college in some Earth science are still capable of and are in fact following, reading and learning.

    We see through your what appears to be a 'real life' James bond plot to take over the world via some manipulations with science. The science community is commanding a shut down of global proportions. Right now their minions in lesser political theaters are doing just that. We are seeing orders to stop sporting events, concerts and even movie theaters are putting off releases of new films. Schools are closing, shopping malls are refusing cash and some stores are going on lock down. It's not impossible to suggest that the science community could attempt to stop all airline traffic globally, close the Las Vegas Casinos and order Micky Mouse and other theme parks to close indefinitely.

    The problem with it all is we all remember the Jan Hendrik Schons, and others throughout modern history that taught flawed fake science. The Nazis of World War Two perpetuated scientific theories that all Jews were racially and mentally deranged humans that were a threat to humanity! Even Einstein pandered a theory on time travel. Back to the Future is good humor but not very logical as a science. Communism/Socialism likewise are based on alleged science. Not relevant Earth sciences but are Philosophical and politically ordained kind of science. Yet communism has demonstrated nothing but old fashioned 'war' as their primary system of growth. Their Dictatorships have a history of greed, corruption and violence that permeates and pollutes goodness & mercy in China & North Korea as examples of 'why' we don't need them.

    Should I say more? I think enough is said to make some people realize we have to stop these maniacs within the communist ruled scientific community. Sad to say that Free Enterprise is not their mantra of success. The belief that some men & women made "Good Choices" and got rich for their proper decisions is by the Left a belief that the rich only got rich via corruption and greed. And the rich are obligated to share their monies with those that didn't make the right choices in life. Socialists live in a world of envy and spite against those who handled their lives properly in a free enterprise system. Communists are a jealous lot that ignores the reality that there really is some who have superior minds, and they are not of the Earth Sciences community. Perhaps the reality is even NASA scientists are dyslexic & dysfunctional at doing anything successful outside of their classroom mathematics Their OCD with climate change that so far has been dismissed by the prima facie fact that we the people didn't 'stand still' has psychologically twisted the science community to this new bizarre attempt to shut the world down for a day with a flu like bug! I'm thinking "NOT" as I live in Las Vegas and we will not be shutting down our casinos for some make believe plague. We may not have 7 year degrees in Earth sciences but we know that living in a bubble won't fix it. Let the disease run it's course and we will survive. We survived the AIDS plague, didn't we!
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  • Ace5

    Here Australia toilet paper is running out across the country. Police had to taser someone at a supermarket cause they were fighting over a pack of 12rolls
    F*** crazy!

  • Jodie Benevy

    Adult have a bacteria in their gut that children do not have the coronavirus attaches itself to said bacteria think it's pravella I heard a lecture on it basically the older you are the more of this bacteria that you have and that's the deal fix your gut guys


    Kids are asymptomatic. They dont get sick but they have it and spread it. My guess is, if they start testing kids, they will see this. The reason they arent testing kids is because they arent sick. Which is another stupid move. They are responding to this is a reactive fashion. They are responding today to what happened 3 weeks ago. The three stooges could have handled this in a more professional manner.

  • spiritual crafting

    the reality is that infected children are also the main “hidden spreaders” of the rampantly spreading disease, . So, while children may not come down with the disease, they can carry it and infect others.

  • Toussaint Lou

    Let me help the media. They seemingly know nothing. In the 1970’s, the shots were:
    – Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (DTP). The initial shot was given at 2 months and 3-4 subsequent boosters were given over the course of the next 4 to 6 years;
    – Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV). An upgraded vaccine for polio was given in approximately 4 shots between 6 months and 6 years of age.
    – Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. In 1974, these were given as single, individual shots which were staggered between 1 to 12 years of age (measles was usually administered at around 12 months, with the other two staggered afterwards, between 1 to 12 years of age). The well-known and controversial MMR combo vaccine was actually developed in the early 1970s, but vaccines for these three diseases were still given in single doses through mid-decade.

    For children of the 80s, the number of vaccines was about the same as in the 1970s. A major change, however, was that now the MMR vaccine, which combined measles, mumps, and rubella into one shot, was in full usage. If you were a baby in the 1980s, you more than likely received an MMR shot at 15 months and again at 18 months of age.

    In the 90s, a child’s vaccination schedule may have looked something like this:
    – Hepatitis B. Four shots total, three starting at birth and going through 18 months and an additional booster recommended at 12 years.
    – DTP (or DTaP). A series of four shots total, three between 2 months and 18 months of age and one booster at around 12 years of age;
    – Influenza (Haemophilus Influenza Type B). Four rounds total, three between 2 and 6 months and one between 12 and 18 months.
    – Polio Virus. Four shots, two at 2 to 4 months, one at 6 to 18 months and one at 4 to 6 years.
    – Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR). Two shots total, one recommended between 12 and 18 months and another around 5 years old or 12 years old.
    – Varicella Zoster virus (form of herpes). Two shots total, one between 12 and 18 months and another around 12 years of age.

    If you follow the current CDC Childhood Immunization Schedule, your children will receive over 36 vaccines by the time they are 6 years of age. There is often no allowance for an opt-out. Children today are better prepared than adults, and they normally have no history of smoking. You also fail to realize that a majority of the infected work with sick people as hospital staff, and screeners or have a massive travel history, coming into contact with other world travelers. Kids not so much. Our MSM always looks so clueless. What a puff piece.

  • Surguja Videos

    How to identify the coronavirus at home https://www.wemedia.co.in/article/wm/aca86d86db0f4a348788a7ca13e3c9f1

  • Melvin Cruz

    He made. No sense of why kids dnt get it. I always thought kids immune system is weaker lol smh what's goin on

  • Toussaint Lou

    A few hours on surfaces. As a NYer, you should be petrified of taking the subway without disposable gloves (vinyl, nitrile, latex) on your hands. We watched Wuhan for two months and were told it was a Chinese problem. Don't worry. Korea became China, then Iran, then Italy, and our media knows we'll be next because we can't enforce the Draconian measures that the CCP did. Thank god my retirement savings are in bonds. We don't even have enough test kits in this country, to identify and quarantine effectively. Sixty percent live paycheck to paycheck? What happens when you're out of work for a month? Get a bill for $60-100K from the hospital, if you can even get admitted. And there are the journalists….(in a baby voice), "Thanks John….." Giggle, giggle. They should have ended the segment by telling the doctor that they just finished interviewing a COV-19 survivor, who got over the virus, and they were sitting in that same chair you are, Dr. John. His face would have dropped.

  • RdL

    becouse they have a life of work and money earning ahead of them.
    old people take up a home and need lots of attention and money.
    its all by design to get rid of those who take up space

  • Amethyst Stone

    Children know the consequences if they get sick so yea maybe that’s how children don’t have that much of the virus!

  • That’s A Load Of Barnacles

    I go to a school with a bunch of autistic kids (literally) and no I don’t have autism, just very bad at math lol. But these kids are DISGUSTING. They NEVER wash their hands, always touching their face, picking their nose, not covering their mouth when sneezing or coughing. I bet you my school will get this and we all know why now. TEACH YOUR KIDS PROPER HYGIENE! ☝🏻

  • man ka

    one 61 yrs poison spreader destroyed SKorea. SK moon was infected with HKCarrie lam virus V2.0 '" work slow slow '" virus .cd-19 virus made 140k eunuchs in china becoming impotence next invade SK ,ltaly and Jpn having all sexual inactive

  • Big Slim

    Nobody gives a dam saw a man at papa johns dig in his nose then make pizzas and the men’s restroom had no soap


    Is it because adults handle the money more than the kids. Is it the money thats contaminated. Their burning the money in china at from hospitals n public transportation.

  • Dragoon TV

    because kids don't travel, adults do the traveling, adults interact and shake hands the most and spend time in the public the most but rural and country and farmer and very introverted people don't count.

  • VicRose

    Anyone watch the show Jeremiah? Quick! Start hoarding underwear!
    But in all seriousness, is the use of certain types of medications being taken into consideration? When trying to figure out the difference between children and older adults?

  • nuclearcasserole

    the chemical development in children, does not have the composition to enable the virus to grow to its full potential. The virus is probably going to be cured, decades from now, with the antibodies of children, because every person older than 9 will be dead.

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