‘Wholly Irresponsible’ : Trump Pushes Tweet Naming Alleged Whistleblower | Hardball | MSNBC

‘Wholly Irresponsible’ : Trump Pushes Tweet Naming Alleged Whistleblower | Hardball | MSNBC


  • Scotty Weißmüller

    Someone is butthurt over the Whistleblower hahaha what a huge baby. Trump you were impeached, deal with it and also deal with you going down as the worst president in American history. Same goes for all you guys. You can't redact a impeachment so keep crying about it. It wont change anything.

  • Teri Brown

    This Trump Administration does not realize that the current tax cuts policies will be on FULL DISPLAY again during this income tax season. The consequences will be very bad for Trump if the results are not positive for the middle class and small business owners. Reducing the payroll taxes while reducing or eliminating deductions that results in LITTLE TO NO REFUNDS is NOT A GOOD THING in this election year for all of those who supported the tax cuts bill.

  • Dennis Serras

    Everyone knew the whistle blower if you did not you where living under a rock.This got Trump re elected 100% Pelosi should sent the impeachment articles to her dentist.

  • toob maniac

    First of all , there is no whistle blower ! Look at the definition of a whistle blower , look at the protection given to them and by whom.. Adam Schiff is the Whistle blower.. They are deathly afraid to have the man they nominated to take the heat as " the whistle blower " be questioned under oath because he won't confirm the Democrat narrative of him being the whistle blower..This will expose Adam Schiff and the lies they used to launch the Unconstitutional impeachment inquiry… Which still has zero evidence and as of 12/29/19 has still not impeached Trump officially ..

  • Vincent R Allen


  • Virachay Vongsa - Nga

    Why is it with Trump that…. this dictator can attack anyone as he pleases and no one can attack him back. Is it because he has absolute power over everyone else? If that is the case then you might as well elect a king in the 2020 election instead of a dictator! What a shamble American's politic this is with Trump, Moscow Mitch and most of the republicans which they are…..by the way, working for Russia instead for the Americans.

  • Jim C

    This reminds me of the time John Gotti wanted the name of the guy that dropped a dime on him because all he saw was some guy go into his place and they only thing to come out was a body bag. There could have been anything in that bag. Sure, the police found the body, there was blood everywhere, there were some calls from his office to Sammy the Bull, but the important thing is we get the name and address of the guy because he was spying on him, ya know what I mean, uh?

  • Club4 Millennium


    Go Bernie Sanders! And here’s why!

    Democratic Socialism actually means using taxpayers money by government to either promote/subsidize/incentivize/bailout any socioeconomic activity not wholly owned by the state or provide basic necessities of livelihood protection for citizens in addition to catering for other civic responsibilities like the armed forces as well. That’s the common sense definition of democratic socialism in totality.

    With that said, in reality prejudices borne out of ideological differences compounded with human tendency to discriminate has over the years made application obscured instead of wholesome.

    Human tendency to be influenced by the glamour of self aggrandizement for power created immoral ruling class in government who chose to redefine democratic socialism in a selfish manner that ultimately dislodged wider population who actually pay taxes that provide the fund.

    So obscured that their new definition now means giving huge tax breaks to corporations and their billionaires owners even with proven republicans misleading intent that otherwise claimed to create trickle down economics pushed through over the years without any positive effect but instead tends to nurture endless poverty.

    Again remember those corporations tax breaks actually means that the poor workings class people will now pay more than necessary if the tax system was fairly regulated proportionate to everyone’s income to cover the huge tax breaks given to the RICH and their CORPORATIONS, amazing right?

    Yes, in republican obscurity Democratic socialism now also means propping up capitalism model that discriminates by bailing out failed banks with taxpayers money when they go bankrupt for making risky investment because they are too big to fail and their executives who made this reckless decision for toxic investments never get jailed but instead given millions in allowances as bonus while keeping blind eye to exploding budget deficit which they decried under Obama administration.

    When Democratic socialism benefits the upper class and their cronies with republicans obscurity it’s called incentives for promoting businesses in capitalism but when it means providing basic necessities like free tuition, affordable healthcare and free water and subsidized accommodation for ordinary citizens it’s called communist socialism. In republican obscurity.

    This is the reason why Bernie Sanders is uniquely qualified to be the next president of the United States because he is the champion of Democratic Socialism that works for everybody from bottom up within the definition of pure and applied principles of true capitalism which meant free market economy and the promotion of fair justice.

    Elizabeth warren will make a formidable vice presidency team setting a stage for woman president in 2024.

    My message to Mike Bloomberg is to use the wasteful ad money to build affordable if not free accommodations to keep homeless people out of streets and I believe you will be better remember loved and blessed!

    Billionaire politicians are not helping poor masses. How much more billions do you really want other than to promote and protect corporatism aka vulture capitalism.

  • tony swabbs

    Mr Trump's and Mr Giuliani's words and deeds should Not be shielded by attorney-client privilege when they are affecting public policy, interfering with our national security and cheating to win in 2020. Those acts are Not representing a client in any legal proceeding. *Patriots… Stop allowing them to get away with such political schemes against our Constitution and our Republic!!!*

  • XeroN8vOne

    It’s a ploy to intimidate another witness. This is irresponsible of Trump to assume he knows who the whistleblower is let alone publish the name of a random worker on twitter to his thousands of followers. He knows what kind of followers he has, the type that will believe every word Trump utters, in this case types in under 150 characters, as true (edit: and will use any means they deem necessary to get revenge). This man will probably have death threats in the name of their “dear leader” in hopes of receiving appreciation from the Blasphemous Dictator and his cronies. This man, whistleblower or not, will now be living in fear for his life and his family for Trump’s need to keep his authoritarian power he holds over his GOP cult of unscrupulous cast of characters.

  • Trumpenstein

    "Hillary was an unfavorable candidate according to all the polls"??? She got 3 million more votes than Trump! Apparently she was MORE FAVORABLE than Trump.

  • Rene Curry

    👄Speak to what else is happening in the government…EPA Deregulation (not saving the planet), Education (move to privatization), Climate Crisis, (Non)Gun Control, LGBTQ Civil Rights, Immigration, Over Aggressive Policing, White Supremacy, Healthcare (opiods, egregiously high prescription pricing), Stagnate Wage Growth, Burdensome Tariffs, Looming Recession, Manufacturers NOT Returning Plants to US, Voter Suppression and Deception, Rollback of Protections Against School Campus Sexual Assault Victims, Appointing Incompetents to High Level Positions, etc. You get the point!!!

  • Carmen Perluisis

    I can't believe that people are going to letting this president get away with naming the whistleblower if he dose get murdered the president should be held accountable .

  • Douglas Partello

    Trumpt and the GOP are actively attempting to expose the whistleblower, which is a crime. They have protections against this type of activity. When the Dems get serious, these crimes should be investigated, indicted, and sentences given! Their criminality has no bounds!!!

  • John Rose

    She said that trump works against unpopular figures , like hillary clinton . there we go rewriting history again . FYI. she got 3 million more votes than trump . if they find someone more disliked they might get 6 milllion more votes !!! lol.

  • Theo Fulk

    Glenn Beck has the full story, the TIMELINE, the CAST OF CHARACTERS, and the DOCUMENTATION of the whole general CONSPIRACY TO FRAME TRUMP ! Search Glenn Beck Ukraine, on YT. NOW THE FAN GETS TO BLOW THE SH–T BACK AT THE DEMORATS AND THE BEAST-MEDIA they are going to be TRAMPLED BY ! Glenn Beck UKRAINE will turn the TIDE OF DEMO-CRAP !


    Support the man whos sworn oath was to preserve protect and defend our Constitution. Its not done by degrading defaming or demeaning our Constitution. Support trump? we'll know where you stand.

  • Tony Bell

    What is shameful is the so called whistle-blower not facing the person they have accused. Cowardice and unethical. Put the shoe on the other foot.

  • YestwentyFOUR Wins

    Linda Ronstadt just had some great comments to make about the "Sweet mouth" orangutan.

  • sharon scherzer

    the amearican people are enabling this man to continue his madness…….all you do is talk talk talk, as the bombs fall, innocent people killed ordered by this mad man…..you are not aware of what an escalation of america aggression with a mad man happy to start international war …why do you even bother ……

  • MrShavenMonkey

    Trump breaks the law again by disclosing the identity of a "federally protected by law informant from the public". Sounds like an additional impeachable offense is warranted. More abuse of power as Trump dishes out his revenge on someone that points out his abuse of power, how ironic is that. This is how evil, spiteful, criminals lash out when cornered by the truth.

  • Avowed Independent

    Yes, the American Constitution made the president a demi god – almost above the law as long as he is still in the Oval Office.

  • Earl Thompson

    You guys don't know the evil man we have as president. What Trump wants is for the man to be killed. That will prove to him how much his supporters love him.

  • Heather Brown


  • No Name

    His identity has been widely known since November and has ties to obama, pelosi biden and more. Hiding his identity has more to do with hiding his political affiliation than hiding his identity.

  • chester white

    Hey you Republicans and trumpers the Democrats have proved trump did what they said he did now you Republicans and trumpers prove them wrong have trump and his henchman go and testify under oath and let's see what happens the ball is in your court Republicans are the worst party first country last the dirty party

  • Sacshell Polk

    What do you expect? He's 73 years old. He's a failure as president. He lost the house, and he's about to lose the senate. Remember, Pelosi has wisdom.

  • VooDoo

    my gosh the perverted lines in these comments is hard to believe……lets agree on one thing ! Go OUT AND VOTE. If u LIKE the lying sack of s-it then Vote……if you DISLIKE the lying sack of s-it then Vote. AND move on

  • Audie

    Smelly, grotesque president Dump loves Pelosi. They both love wealth handouts, further legalized corporate crime and the destruction of the working people. Political theater disgusts and enrages me.

  • CRedding94

    Meanwhile the left supports Obama and his jailing of whistleblowers. I really do hope this is the end of the disgrace that is the democrat party. What little supporters are left will become radical terrorists that never get their way.

  • One World

    Wouldn't wanna be the individual named…… if they try to get into Witness Protection Program, Trump will surely attempt to declassify THAT data, or at least $finagle a way to discover the subject and expose them yet again.
    Something just occurred to me, triggered by this……. some chic I knew from college years ago appeared in town. We were hanging out a little, lots of phone contact…… it was clear she had focus on a "relationship" developing…… you know, the kind with a label. The sort of thing that happens without writing a script for how it's supposed to go……. in that process she was actually demonstrating every reason NOT to become intimately involved with her……. kinda like the Wicked Witch of the West UN-melting……..

    Get it? The thus-far 4-year atrocity manifested DESPITE the facts and proof this individual glared and leached more than enough reasons NOT to vote for him…… and somebody did. It's like America was a fresh cake when Obama was in his diminishing days in office, and someone came along and dumped rancid clam snouts all over it. And somehow that's a great follow-up to a predecessor's excellence……. just look at the swine all around, in rally backdrops, picking off the clamsnouts and throwing the cake away…… "Mmmmm…..ngh……..kinda…….. chewy……. good snouts, though!!!!! We like 'em so much better a little more gamey, though…… these are pretty pungent, though……."
    We need a law that governs and enforces candidate applications and approval to proceed to running for election as POTUS. (Good) Character assessment BEFORE the next stage. This one would have crashed and burned on the first 9 questions…….

  • D Knight

    Everyone knew months ago the so called whistle blower was. The whistle blowers complaint contained nothing but
    “second-hand or unsubstantiated assertions” that regulations say are insufficient for a complaint to be acted on. Real whistleblowers speak
    from firsthand knowledge.

  • Gail Kaplin

    Trump is having a meltdown because it's only a matter of time that we find out that this blowhard is FLAT Broke. Ha ha ga

  • the rhythm kings


  • yousnoozeyouloze

    I love how they call it a "war room," years after renaming the "department of war" to department of defense. Very telling.

  • John Snow

    Yes how dare he even ask who his accuser is. Didn't he learn from obama that "whistleblowers" are supposed to be protected and immune from scrutiny? Well at least obama decided that in the last few weeks of his presidency. Nevermind the fact he had more prosecuted under his administration than any other president but that's neither here nor there. Trump is bad, get the orange!!!

  • Inthe Far-queue

    What impeachment??? Speaker Pelosi is "sitting on" a pile of papers that may, or may not, constitute an impeachment which may, or may not, have legal standing. If there was any merit to this three-year-long witch-hunt that has consumed the Democrats in the House of Representatives, Speaker Pelosi would have handed the papers to the Senate immediately after they were signed. We can only hope that the papers are handed over BEFORE Speaker Pelosi is diagnosed with Dementia, while she still has the mental facility to discover that her big claim to fame has failed.

  • John Triplett

    Eric Ciraramella is the Whistleblower and he is going to fry with Pelosi and all the other treasonous democrats. This is America we don't pretend like China or Nazi countries. Eric Ciraramella will be fired soon by next time this year he will be flipping burgers somewhere. His Excellency President Donald J. Trump will be re-elected.

  • Alex Cruz

    Whether the GOP ever admits it or not, Trump has become very toxic to their party, to the entire political system and to America as a whole. His reckless and irresponsible use of social media has made things worse, magnifying all the hatred and fear in everyone. We haven't been this divided since the 1960s, and it all surrounds this one man and his presidency. Think about that… So when all is said and done and he's out of office, I hope this country and its government learn a very valuable lesson on the type of president that we do NOT want in that office again.

  • Michael Greco Sr

    Both sides don't give crap about the American people, if they did they wouldn't be squabbling about amongst each other to be in power

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