When Mom Is Your BFF | The Timeliners

What do you think of yourself? We’ll teach you a lesson today. You’re taking advantage because I’m all alone? Just watch! [email protected]#$%^& [email protected]#$%^&* Hey…… Watch out! Wait what! He is Sujata’s son! Give me the phone Sameer! Stop, you! I’ve made a Tik Tok video, will tag you. He ran away. And men get naughty at forty. Yeah Mrs. Sharma keep striking off the numbers. Can’t your Tambola party happen without me? All these gifts are yours only. Oh! Sameer son! You’re here! He is going to call out the numbers today. Wait! Where are you going? Not me! Not me! No, not me! Go! I’ll sit there and you are going to call out all the numbers. Come on guys, a round of applause please. Go on call out the numbers. Go, go, go! I’ll take you to zoo, it’s number 52! Can’t play no more.. It’s number four! Strength. Independent Winner of Kamla Society Fancy Dress Competition 3 years in a row Party animal But only on weekends Makes tasty Daal Makhani Loves Peri Peri Pizza Weakness Loves Salman Khan Ugh! Crap! She talks to her ex sometimes But it’s only a rumour And often found smoking in bathroom Sameer son! Neha! Your mom has sent her. Sameer Neha! Which numbers you couldn’t strike off? 43? Should I call it out? Go easy. I drank too much last night too. It’s going to be crazy today! Yes? Where to? So late? We were just going downstairs dad. Why? Because Ravi’s tummy was hurting. He had Rajma Chawal for lunch So he has a gastric problem now? Actually uncle I have Thalassemia Mom do something please. If he gets to know it’s a party he won’t let me go. Yeah ask him? Where is he going? If I go for a walk.. I will feel better. Yeah? Should we go dad? Why is she calling me? Hush! Yeah? Hey, listen! You remember when we went to Manali, just the two of us. Yeah? It’s been so long.. we spent time like that Send Sameer out Then both of us can.. Let him go! Yes dad? Where were you heading? For a walk. Okay go and yes! Yes? Stay over at his place today. His place? Okay, fine. How did this change of heart happen? She took one for the team bro. You should have been at the party yesterday. We drank so much, so much that.. it’s like hammers banging my head You’ll come at the next one, right? Right from today.. you stop talking to me! What happened? So does your name starts with a N? Atleast understand what it is about before getting upset? And what about this? Tag someone whose birthday party is pending. Who have you tagged? Neha! Yeah so hers is pending. And mine? You did throw a party! What’s up man! Don’t just find reasons to be upset now. And what about this? Tag someone whose smile is very cute. Whom have you tagged? Yeah! Didn’t tag anyone! That means you don’t find my smile to be cute? Don’t even talk to me! You’re always like Neha..Neha..Neha! You know why didn’t I tag you in the cute smile one? Becase your smile is.. Shooter of the hearts! Aan! Aan! Shooter of hearts! Let’s go! Party plan ready? Booze? Check! Got my drink right? It’s right in this corner! Here are the cigarettes! You smoke, uncle? Oh really? Give it to me then! Don’t act smart. We are well aware. Save some for us too. Neha has arrived? Hi aunty! Hi kiddo! Pizza? Uncle had to get it.. You? When did you ask me to? idiot! You clearly know Sameer likes Chipotle Pizza from Oven Story so why didn’t you order it? I’ve to do everything! El-Classico for me.. Yeah I know yours is El-Classico! Tandoori for Dubey and Peri Peri for Neha! Right, aunty! It’s done! Hey! Hush! Mummy! He is here! Why are the lights off? Papa! Surprise! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! This was the surpise, son! I knew you’ll order Chipotle Cheese Pizza! Obviously! I’m your mom after all! Yeah.. It’s cheese is next level! Let’s get inside! Come. Dubey get that. Thank you for coming! You are mine 16 Call me! I’m done. Hello sweetheart! Yes my baby? My sweet baby… What’s up Sameer’s old man! Some sit with us too. Sit! What was she saying? I love you? She said is it cool if I call you mom ‘mom’ too? This is my last drink! We are definitely going to Goa tomorrow! I don’t want to go to Shridi tomorrow! Did you get it? Huh? Ask your wife to shut up! You.. I’m carrying all the luggage. Hi! How are you? Where were you guys? Does it take too long from the airport? It does! Hey, hi.. What’s up with him? Should I talk to him? No! I’ll go! Hold this! Neha was anyway pretty cunning. You’re crying over her? Here! Come on, drink! She will call you. You don’t worry! You are calling her cunning now? When you set us up together.. then you kept of saying ‘perfect match!’ That’s because Archana is jealous of me. She must have introduced you deliberately. With that Neha! You leave all of this! That 23 year old girl dumped you right? Now you see This 46 year old girlfriend of yours will get you an amazing girl. You just wait and watch! You are 53 by the way. Shut up! I’m just 46! Fit and fine. I need a daughter! Enough of you guys! I need a daughter! He has lost it. Don’t ignore him that much. Now go. And if by any chance you guys plan on a daughter.. Just turn up the volume and play some music. Don’t don’t trash! It gets uncomfortable for me at this age. Shut up!

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