What It’s Really Like Driving Around the World | van life europe

we’re Eamon and Bec and for the past
three months we’ve been traveling around
Europe in our tiny home on wheels
many people would spend a lot of time
organizing for a trip like this but
we’ve always liked to fly by the seat of
our pants this often results in shocking
landscapes and places exceeding our
expectations but with these unexpected
highs come inevitable lows…I want to cry I don’t know why
not a great way to end the hike
by money wait buddy leave me no idea
where we’re going
as we were continuing our drive along
the Pyrenees we spotted this little
piece of paradise with nobody around and
we thought let’s stop here have a great
workout and a breakfast step let’s get
after it
Hey trembles is only a 30 minute workout
because it’s midday and probably 35
degrees out it felt like
I wanna be with you always
cuz that is what my heart just aren’t
murder tripping it’s all bit too big of
a smoothie I’m pretty sure we have
spinach to check before ah that’s more
like it
we were just having a discussion about
how cool it is to live completely off
grid like we do to be able to pull off
on the side of the road use our solar
panel and get free energy from the Sun
to run our blender and have a delicious
smoothie it’s just kind of mind-boggling
isn’t it what’s going on out here we’re
gonna chosen more dirty places to work
but what are you doing now cleaning out
our gym shorts you get so sweaty and
dirty and as you might have noticed yes
how are these shorts seven days a week I
know it’s so weird to see you in khakis
ain’t gonna put my cheese right the last
is a very
stinky shirt
it’s a master
we are going to Endora so Endora has
borders we’re learning so much I’ve
consulted my trusty source the Lonely
Planet gear up book which is heavy-duty
one and there is one little blurb on
Andorra this mini country ding ding
nation mini country wedged between
France and Spain offers by far the best
ski slopes and resort facilities in all
the Pyrenees ok but the only way to
reach Andorra is by Road from Spain or
France also you can even fly here if
driving fill up in Andorra because fuel
is substantially cheaper there
should we go test that theory ok
filling up fuel in Andorra
kopeck was right gas was much cheaper
here 74 euros throughout Europe we paid
off words up 130 140 euros hola Dora
and Dora I see you Matt Matt I see
Tubeway go yeah guys you just have to
stand there and let him it’ll pass
this too shall pass we tried to look up
again whether this was a country or not
and then we realized that because we’re
in a new country which I’m pretty sure
it is we don’t have access to our SIM
cards from Spain discovering a new city
or coming to arriving in a new skid city
is very difficult without the World Wide
Web is there a place where we can get
like a SIM card for Internet yeah
this is a country only mass Armenians
more like it’s not a country is it it’s
a pretty about it like Monaco big shout
out to mr micro
or dinners for letting us jump on their
Wi-Fi now we have a map to the only cell
provider here in Andorra
even guys a little bit disappointing
news but it’s very expensive to get data
here and or you need to spend at least
30 euro to get a SIM card and then you
can spend that money towards data and it
costs 10 euros per gig so we’re just
gonna be one so we have three gigs
we just found a information center we’ve
met Eva who’s an absolute legend and she
confirmed that we are in in the country
and she’s telling us what to do now Eva
you want to say hi to the blog you can
say hello so indoor is a country and a
really beautiful a really beautiful and
so beautiful that we’re gonna share with
you tomorrow good night everybody
good night everybody we’re in the
mountains it’s nice and cold I couldn’t
be happier I should tell you and or just
improve their mobile plans
good night night as you can see we have
woken up to a gray cold and rainy day so
I mean that’s kind of why we travel with
no expectations and plans because we’re
going to insert a nice big hunky workday
at a cafe today instead it’s not very
interesting but its necessary works I
think we’ll just pick you guys up
tomorrow when hopefully the sun is
shining and we’re doing something fun
also I want to give a shout-out to you
because it goes unnoticed but a big part
of what we do has to do with planning
and you’re the chief planning so there
you go there’s your shadow I’ll see you
guys tomorrow
with you well great call waiting a day
because we’ve got an absolute honor
let’s go in Dory let’s see what you got
and it seems like up in the Pyrenees
there’s no like real outline of what
information yeah like it’s not clear
like hey do this hike this one’s the
best one yet yatta so it’s all really
natural we basically just spotted the
sign and that’s how we know to start
yeah there’s a market for like a really
good blogger yeah come in here and
really just about alright shall we let’s
excuse me sir are you meaning to tell me
we could have parked right here try a
little buddy we’re like 45 minutes into
a steep incline we round this corner I
think in claim and there’s parking on
it’s what happens and you don’t do
research but it’s okay it feels really
good to get moving just now you do for
the sighs man
for the what besides the size yeah I
mean I feel like you did this last time
besides exercise beautiful little baby
oh my gosh she’s coming out of it
she’s a baby she’s just exploring please
just walk away what am I gonna do
I’m sorry I’m sorry you’re making me
why does she like me so much she can
sense her energy
she’s also plant-based so you did props
on the nose there’s another benefit to
Endora they have friendly horses even is
deathly allergic to two things apples if
he touches it and horses so that was
quite the scene for you there huh I’ve
been hiking for about 20 minutes since
we left Michelangelo and we finally made
it to the first lake this one is called
Lake primer it’s supposedly the most
blue of all of the lakes but I think
also the smallest of all it can also
hear drone in the air that means there’s
other people in town it’s not a very big
lake but it’s nice and shallow
Wow there’s there’s hikers all the way
up there
I wonder if that’s where we’re going
lick the moral dose sure I don’t be
eating until the cameras off though
wouldn’t want to trigger anyone a lot of
comments about my watermelon in the last
video yeah watch you eat first snack on
today’s hike I whipped up a version of
our out-of-stock energy balls from our
plant-based cookbook just a cheeky plug
here it is a digital book and if you
guys are interested in incorporating
more veg or delicious things such as or
you’re tired oh sorry I interrupted you
I was just hey or if you’re tired of
hearing us plug it go over to the
website and look at the unbelievable
reviews yeah people that just feel
empowered by having the cookbook in
their pocket and they’re confident to be
able to whip up a healthy meal
yes these these are like these are a
version – dates we subbed like dates
with maple syrup okay we’re gonna snack
on these enjoy this view the fruits of
our labor baby yeah I’m not a bad Monday
we’re lying here very comfortable not
really willing to move until starts
discussing lunch so we’re out boomer
Adam and we’re on the hunt for a lake
number three
once we got up into this mountainous
area the lakes are all really quite
close so one two three all about five
ten minute walk from each other and they
are just they’re just stunning I say bud
amazing will but it’s just like oh yeah
not a great way to end the hike we just
broke our camera oh no it’s got this big
white thing going through it that’s a
crack not vlogging ball until we got a
meal on dessert a lot of people would
beat themselves up you know about a
probably over $1,000 a drop but if you
don’t use your gear it still hurts
doesn’t it we were just gonna set up a
shot of us coming back into the van and
our tripod just like didn’t clamp in
like we thought it had and aim and went
to set it down and it just fell right
off so that’s a huge heartbreak we
probably won’t check you guys for a
little bit until we get a new one well
it looks like so good right now we’re
just never shooting the light anymore
you guys have the Olympus 12 to 40 micro
four-thirds how much is that okay
youtubers discount
20% look at 10% I know nothing wrong
Matthew oh my gosh did you see my other
purchase I got the capture clip winning
my money wait buddy leaving okay I camp
for the night
yeah been here before nice and quiet and
cold and cozy and we’ve got a few other
vans this lines winning thank you for
purchasing it for us
hey anytime I love you babe tell me to
break a lens I’ll break a lens but no
let’s not start talking about it baby I
love you sir thanks Gary so we just pick
him up tomorrow and have better spirits
yeah I mean I’m in pretty good spirits
yeah you are you like spending money all
right we’ll check you guys tomorrow
please don’t hit the new ones with the
other ones
most of the time here in Europe we’ve
been filling up wherever we can which
usually leads us to gas stations so this
is a nice treat this is constant running
mountain water not many things are
international but so far from what I’ve
seen hoses are the only thing that have
the same fittings and all the countries
we’ve been which is nice she’s not a
very having a dream but she’s gone yeah
all right miss Rebecca have you got
yourself a plan well while we wait for
our water to fill up I was kind of
looking again at getting mountain bikes
or a 4×4 and it’s proving to be very
difficult because it’s not the weekend
and those things operate mostly on
weekends so I was thinking perhaps we
just journey on our friends van like
Vikings actually shared a hot spring
coordinates which sounds epic because
it’s like two hours into the mountains
beautiful yeah we’ve already had coffee
we’ve had breakfast Obama’s baby let’s
I’m slipping away
so don’t let me go
I’m all of them
no one even thanking us for coming
see you later Endora thanks for having
Oh I mean BOSU are now weird friends and
we just followed these coordinates from
van like biking so thanks for those
coordinates but also where are we and
what are we doing boy just follow your
year you look like you’re wearing the
proper hiking attire yeah we found a
beautiful river but it’s not hot it’s
very very much so cold I know it’s gotta
be this way
we probably should have got a treasure
map from these guys because I have no
idea where we’re going I guarantee we’re
gonna get there it’s gonna look like a
classic hot springs in like 35 people I
know here we are like in the woods
I am took a tumble got a freaking rash
on my butt walk through some what I
think is stinging nettle and I mean what
you have to do is chalk it all up to
adventure baby so two minutes ago I want
to cry on the line I was having a
breakdown wasn’t it I just gonna enter
the clip I feel like crying you have
that glow and here I thought that was a
bonfire steam baby steam
this is probably where all the piss ends
up huh I think it’s very very local spot
I’m not even sure there’s a name for
these hot springs it looks like it was
very much handmade and it’s just
beautiful so if you know you know and I
don’t think we’ll leave a Geo tag on
this one sorry guys
looks like we found security that’s fine
oh it’s always nice coming a clean house
chef back in the kitchen tonight well
ohdid herself today in the kitchen you
guys it’s only 8 o’clock and I think
it’s because of how tranquila those
beautiful hot springs made me feel but
I’m just too tired to even think about
cooking and I do excuse me covering my
face with you I just didn’t even feel
like cooking neither did you and this is
what we felt like so we’re having a
vanilla smoothie and there it is so cold
I hope you guys enjoyed our random trip
to Andorra and this week’s episode we
will see you next Sunday bye see you
if I’m gonna go to the hotel and see if
having the cameras over here

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