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Since the beginning of civilization, people
have found creative ways to share information using the tools available to them at the time. Why? Because information gives you knowledge and knowledge empowers us to make better decisions, be aware of dangers and opportunities and learn new ways of being safer, happier and
smarter. Today, technology gives us real-time access
to stories happening everywhere, from our own neighbourhoods to right across the globe,
connecting us to our communities and to the rest of the world. But this technology comes at a price. Everywhere we look, someone is trying to capture our attention with the latest headline, celebrity gossip or ad campaign. It can feel overwhelming. How do you know what to read, what to ignore or who to believe? Hi, I’m Radzi and I will be your guide as we explore the world of news to find out how stories become headlines, the role of journalists, and the different ways that issues are reported. All with the aim of helping you and I become smarter consumers of all the information that’s out there. With all this talk of fake news, we’ll take
a look at why it’s so important to have real and trustworthy news sources. But first, I’ve got to ask the question: “WHAT IS NEWS”? The Dictionary defines news as: “information about a recent event or recently changed situation.” But what’s the point? The news has a variety of purposes. It can be things that inform us, interest us or even prepare us. And you can find it in newspapers, on the radio, TV, online and increasingly,
social media. Well, the whole point of news is to provide
citizens with the information they need to make decisions about their lives, their communities,
their societies, and their governments. The news wouldn’t be possible without “Journalism”, which is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating and presenting news information and it’s carried out by journalists in places like this: on television networks, on radio
stations, to help us all understand the world around us. The first international news service was The Reuter Agency which was established in 1851 by Paul Julius Reuter in Britain at the London Royal Exchange. Now, over a century later, we’ve got so many apps and websites, the news is literally at our fingertips. So news has come a long way since cave drawings and town criers, but the fundamental principles of the news and journalists who create it
remain the same. Be truthful, impartial, accurate, accountable and independent.

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