• Claudia Gonzalez

    Can you please give me the YouTube name for the person who taught their child how to read with the books that you mention 🤗

  • Meghan F

    I don’t think you need to explain yourself on the amount of gifts or the amount of money spent. They are your kids! You can do what you want for them 🙂

  • WeDazzle

    Can you please do a video on the books you bought Huxley to help him learn to read or link the video where you got your recommendations please

  • Kasual Beauty

    oh man. this is making me feel like I went crazy. and I honestly can say I still have a few more things to pick up for my oldest. both of my kids have about 15 gifts each. including clothes a new coat slippers and sleeping bags ny husband has 8 or 9 gifts and my hubby said he got me the same amount. we spent about 2700. Christmas was always glorious and massive growing up and I wanted to give my kids the same amazing Christmas experience as I had.

  • Kimberly's Mind Storm

    Books make great gifts! I suggest Gryphon Press books that teach about empathy to animals, the Mr. Putter & Tabby books, and Mistletoe and the Christmas Kittens!

  • Leah Wyckoff

    I have to ask is your son autistic? I only ask because I have an autistic daughter who loves Moana too. I also know a lot of could sensory toys that would be great for him.

  • Candice Reidy

    That baby doll is absolutely beautiful.
    I think your going to have one very happy little girl 💖
    Actually all the kiddo’s are going to be happy 😀
    Great work mumma 🙌🏻

  • Elizabeth Villarreal

    Can you link the reading video that gave you the inspiration to give huxley a stack of books to read with him? Please

  • Jamie Nicole

    I really enjoyed this video….I like how you didn't just buy a bunch of random things they wanted or you think they wanted,you bought very special gifts that you picked out carefully with alot of thought put into them.I buy alot of things mine wants or I think she will and by the following year ,im either selling or throwing away those same toys.You just inspired me for future birthday gifts and christmas gifts…I need to put more thought into my gifts and buy things that will last awhile.Thank you!

  • amandalb0419

    Thank you for sharing!! I think you did a great job! Your kids are going to be so excited!! We are also trying to focus on quality above quantity this year.

  • Hapa Family

    I love the choices you made on the gifts. 😊 I think it was wonderfully minimal and not too overboard at all, especially given your reasoning for your purchases! Can’t wait to see the kids open them. 👏🏻

  • Doll Vlogs

    I totally agree with you. I seriously don’t mind gently used items. I haven’t even heard of people who actually won’t do that.

  • Overcomer

    Every year when we were kids my parents always spoiled us. It’s what having kids is about. You don’t have to explain why you spend $ on your kids.

  • Cheryle Maybury

    Our kiddos don’t have Christmas. We don’t celebrate it because it is an over commercialised pagan festival. It comes from the Roman festival of Saturnalia. It has nothing to do with Jesus birth which was around October 2nd. Early christians never celebrated Christmas. Jesus asked people to remember his death, not his birth. We are true Christians who follow closely in his footsteps so we abstain from all things pagan. We do have family days throughout the year where we will give our kiddos just one gift each. Usually we have about four each year and we choose our favourite foods and have a party. We also firmly believe in teaching our kiddos to give to others less fortunate. The bible teaches us there is more happiness in giving than receiving so our Kiddos choose to give money to an orphanage in Nepal every month. They have pledged half of their allowance each to be sent to the orphanage. I know the lady who runs it so I know 100% of the money goes to the children. The kiddos have been doing this for over three years now and really enjoy buying gifts for the Nepalese children.

  • Serena Daniels

    Beautiful presents with lots of thought behind them. We’ve adopted the same principle this year with quality over quantity. Please, please do a make up routine video xx

  • Cheyenne Stewart

    It's crazy how expensive toys are now tho. I only have one child so we spend about $450 on her for Christmas every year. This year $450 was only 9 things. It's crazy to me.


    Hi There, Are you able to list the name of the books you got from that stack of books? Looking for some ideas to start a mini library for my kids. Thanks

  • MercyDavis

    I love ebay! I sell on there every so often. I just purchased my three year old daughter Repunzel the movie ! love ebay ❤

  • Callie Shufelt

    Loved this! Made me so happy you got your son a Moana doll because my son is getting the Moana baby doll! He loves Moana sooo much! YAY for all toys being gender appropriate! 😍😍😍

  • PrettyLadiesPrettyBabies

    So nice seeing a youtuber showing second hand, handmade and high quality gifts over quantity!! I think kid's treasure their things more when there isn't an excess of them. And wow a reborn doll <3 I would love to get one for my daughter one day, but she's only 6, I think I will wait a couple more years when she is old enough to take good care of it.

  • Dale B

    i only have 1 kid, she'll be 5 months tomorrow (december 7th)… so she is going to be almost 6 months for xmas. we have gotten her some sensory toys from amazon, a couple teethers, a new wubbanub, and are going to be buying a small umbrella stroller since we are going to be travelling a lot through airports in the next year.
    I actually don't have an xmas list, i could use some books (oh! we got some books to read to her too) and a new jacket.

  • Emily King Ramirez

    Dear God, please let one of my children go through a baby doll stage so I have a reason to relive Bitty Baby. 🙏

  • That one Aussie mum

    my kids are 8 ,15 and 22
    and it's summer so all get a beach towel,sunglasses, sunscreen,socks underwear,miss 8 got a 3 mr tumble track and gym wearinc new comp leo,beanie boo slides and sequin beanie boo,garmin kids fit bit thing , dork diary and 103 story tree house books and lip smakers .
    Mr 15 got ticket to Eminem ,flight there( accompanied by best friend and his father) flight and spending money ( from whole family both sets grand parents etc.
    Mr 22 got google home, Lego coffee mugs,phone printer.
    its less fun and more expensive as they get older lol

  • Caders 08

    Everything you got your kids for Christmas was super cute. They are going to love their gifts. Great video as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Mary Beth Hart

    We do the 4 gift rule, only because grandparents get my son only toys. We got my 2 1/2 year old son something you want- a power wheels (with a parental remote
    Something you need- we didnt get a need gift he honestly is not in need so we got him a fisher price little people farm set. He LOVES little people sets.
    Something to read- 2 search and find books, our favorite
    Something to wear- big boy underwear in pawpatrol and spiderman

    Hes getting a firetruck, hot wheels, car rug, doctor kit, and a couple pajamas from grandparents. And one wont tell me what they got!
    Honestly if i didnt get him anything he'd have more than enough.

  • Amanda Bradley

    Oh that doll……is just magnificent! I have 3 boys now aged 15-12-11. It’s the first year I had a budget and wow…..I stuck to it😂 I can’t believe it. I also did our advent calendars differently this year too and mixed up a gift and chocolates daily. (Little things like a matchbox cars, books or hair products etc). The boys have loved it. Especially my youngest who’s Autistic….he has got some great books so we can read them at night time.

  • Alina Webb

    Myka you are so classy!! I love how much thought you put into their gifts and went with quality over quantity! If we go overboard with a ton of toys, then they get lost in the shuffle and they aren’t as special or sentimental. And I love that you included books- that’s so important! ❤️

  • Blaggy Beleva

    My baby is 8 months old and I got him a baby book with animal sounds and an album for his first year photos. He will also get an activity table cause he is startin to stand up. Two blouses and two more toys from family that even I don't know what they will be 😂

  • Keely J

    You have very lucky kids. Although it's not near as much as some videos I've watched you're kids will be even more excited. You got them things that are very important to them.. you seem like an amazing mother

  • Katie Santos

    I am trying to figure out where I can find the list of books that you're going to read to your son every day to help him learn to read.

  • Jhen Cepeda

    So…my baby is 6 months old and when she attempted to open her presents…she was most excited about the box it came in… 😂 I'm sure next Christmas will be more exciting. TFS 💕Sending Love to you & your family😊

  • chloe lewis

    My mom on Christmas spent over $1000 it was just $900 for 1 present and that's just for me she also has my sister to pay for but my mom always spends more on me cause I'm older

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