What does ‘the more the merrier’ mean?

What does ‘the more the merrier’ mean?

Feifei: Hello and welcome to a very festive The English We Speak. I’m Feifei… Rob: …and I’m Rob. Happy Christmas everyone – and to you, Feifei. Feifei: Oh thanks. But you know what, Rob, I don’t feel very festive. Rob: Festive?! Look, I’m wearing my Christmas jumper, we’ve got mince pies and, yeah, I think it’s snowing outside. Feifei: That’s not snow, it’s rain, Rob. But I just think there is something missing … something that would make us feel more Christmassy. Rob: Presents? Feifei: Not presents. Rob: Christmas crackers? Feifei: No, it’s not those – I know what’s missing – it’s people. We need more people to make it feel like a Christmas party! Rob: What’s wrong with just me? Feifei: You’re OK, Rob. But you know what they say? The more the merrier. Rob: Right – you mean the situation or occasion would be better, or more enjoyable, if lots of people joined in. More people equals more fun! Feifei: Exactly! Rob: OK, well I’ll try to find some people for you, Feifei, while you enjoy some examples… A: Is it OK if I bring some of my friends to the party tonight? B: Of course it is – the more the merrier! Why don’t you come skiing with us? We’ve got room in the car. The more the merrier! We’ve got our office brainstorm later. Please join us – the more the merrier! Feifei: This is The English We Speak from BBC Learning English. It’s almost Christmas, so I want a party with lots of people in the studio. As the saying goes, the more the merrier – the more people there are, the more enjoyable the situation! Don’t you agree Rob? Rob? Oh, where’s he gone? Rob: Don’t worry, Feifei, I’m here, I’m here. And I’ve found some people for you. Roy: Hi Feifei! Feifei: Hi Roy! Catherine: Hello Feifei! Feifei: Hello! Dan: Hi Feifei! Feifei: Hi! Wow! All my Learning English chums – but… it’s getting a bit crowded in here now. Dan: Hello! Hi! Good to see you. Hey! Party time! Rob: Yes, yes, save some room for me. Feifei: Squeeze in, Rob – the more the merrier! Rob: Ooo, OK. Excuse me… excuse me… alright. Oh Yeah, it is a bit of a squeeze. There, I’m in. Everyone: Phwaoh! Not again, Rob! What’s that? Have you been eating chicken? What are you having for dinner? Rob: Ooops sorry. Too many Brussels sprouts, I’m afraid. Everyone: Is that the time? Yeah, I’ve gotta go. I must breathe! You ruined my life! Rob: Bye. Bye. Feifei: Now look what you’ve done – you’ve ruined our Christmas party! It’s not so merry now. Rob: Oh well. Happy Christmas, Feifei! Feifei: You too.


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