Watch LIVE: Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump day 9 – ABC News Live Coverage

Watch LIVE: Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump day 9 – ABC News Live Coverage


  • EL

    “ I’ll have more flexibility after the election”🤣
    Secretary of State sells 20% of America’s WEAPON grade Uranium🙄
    Benghazi Stand Down Order🙄
    Fast & Furious Gabe guns to El Chapo and on and on👹👺
    Take down a SOVEREIGN
    Nation. Why?
    New World Order/One World Government ?

  • Trump 2020

    I dont even watch the hearings since day one. Dems have wasted so much time and tax payers money on trying to find something that is not there about Trump. Bottom line the Dems hate Trump because he is getting things done and bettering this country like he said he would. He stands up for what he says and does what he says. Trump is a true American who in short is making America America again.

  • M B

    Since this trial regards Donal Trump, is he going to ever take the stand and be questioned? If not why?

    Does anyone have an unswear?

  • Jonathan Palacios

    What's wrong with Trump letting other countries into our security? Seriously??!? The young must reopen the eyes of the old and far sighted. Wrong = other countries may not carefully watch for enemies/terrorist sneeking into their government trying to gain access to dangerous equipment to harm Americans! So letting other countries into our system for personal gain is like inviting terrorist right into every Americans home! If you can't understand why Trump must be removed because he's a danger to our live then you must not be on the side of the people. You must want hurt to come to your families all because some idoit let terrorist into our system. He's sick and no it's NOT okay that he did this!! Remove Trump Now! Remove Trump NOW! Remove Trump! It takes one second to plant a worm into a code so that a portal stays open making it possible for all Americans to lose their lives saving! All because Trump openly invited terrorist into America! We the people want this danger gone! We the people demand Trump's removal!!! Remove Trump NWO! Remove Trump NOW! Remove Trump NOW! U.S.A!!! U.S.A!!! U.S.A!!!! 🇺🇸

  • Astorga

    Corrupted States of America….I wish I could have witnesses blocked from my trial…We all knew this con artist had a trick up his sleeve. 🖕🏽

  • frank enstein

    Look Lamar Alexander said it all , Schiff proved his case , we know Donald is guilty , but he will vote against more witnesses . So there you go . We will not let witnesses present anything that might be damning enough to take Donald out of office .

  • Cherie Avallon

    i am amazed by the comments coming out of the mouths of our Senate members. Even the most reliable have indicated that the Democrats proved without a shadow of a doubt, even without additional witnesses that Trump did it; however, they all agree it was inappropriate and inappropriate things are not impeachable. Well, my questions for the senators is if inappropriate behavior of this magnetude is not impeachable then is appropriate behavior impeachable? I mean this with sarcasm of course. In order to be impeached a President would have had to have done something so abhorrent, such as blackmail or let's see bribary? — this President did the latter no matter how they want to say it. If it sounds like extortion, looks in print like extortion, smells like extortion and would have to same outcome if not caught of extortion then it must be just that or as the court likes to phrase it, Quid Pro Quo. This President should be punished in some way. Let's see, we make him a lame duck President until the end of this term and say he cannot run again. You think that would do it. I think this at least should be owed to the American people since the Senate does not have the guts to approve the testimony of new witnesses. For over eight years, I have watched the republican senate that I used to love and respect go down hill into winey little children that now really fit in with the President as that is all he does. He whines, he diverts away from issues through tweets. Oh, what I wouldn't do to turn on the news or open a paper and not see a tweet from the imbocile in the White House that has a vocabulary and mentality of someone under the age of 7 or 8. I am not non-partisan and pray that he is not voted back in. I know it does not matter, but I can have citizenship in England as my mother and grandparents were british subjects until the day they died. I am seriously thinking of moving. I love my country, but am afraid to live in a country that is not so slowly moving with this President to have a fascist profile. He alienates our allies and befreinds governments that are threatening against our democracy. If the Republican's in the Senate can see this, then it is their moral and ethical obligation to act. They need to quit kissing the big behind of the ASS in the white house. It is not becoming of their stations and it makes me wonder if this President hasn't done some investigating of his own on each and every one of them and actually has something over on them. I understand that the President should be protected; however, that means physically. If any President does something that is a detriment to our constitutionality, then he or she should be gone or punished. This President doesn't even get a hand slap. So listen well, he will do this or something worse in the future. A child that gets away with hurting others over and over and over again, doesn't stop until caught and punished and even then, some turn out to be socio-paths and don't understand the concept of what is right and what they have done that isn't right. Take a look at the way he handled the troops with tramatic brain injury when where they were stationed was bombed recently. I watched his speeches and there was not remorse, no emotion. He just was told they had headaches and that doesn't seem so bad. He needs to pick up a book and look up the definition of Traumatic brain injury and for once, shut up and learn something. Maybe if he did that, he might be more bareable. I am really surprised that no one has put a bullet in his head for all the things he says and does. I don't wish harm on anyone, but there are so many unstable people out there that he is hurting with his decisions; however, I do see that many of them are taking up arms and shooting innocents in the name of their GOD – Donald Trump. I am a gun owner, but would never do what these individuals are doing in the name of Donald Trump. Wow, I am rambling now and believe I have made my point.

  • Fire Smith

    Nancy and $hit want a fail trial. I'm pretty sure they both will get one but after this shame impeachment crap is over, they both deserve a fair trial.

  • Funsley

    Beware of anyone telling you certain facts are irrelevant from their facts. They’re trying to keep you from thinking in totality

  • Steven Follmann

    There are rules and rules are to be followed and yet shtty shiff and never naddy don't get that. They think this is burger king and they can have it their way and that's not how it works. If you want something you follow the rules; shtty shiff should have sent subpoenas after house resolution 660 was passed like he should have but chose not to. He is as corrupt as they come and if anyone thinks they above the law its him and the demorats

  • Ken Phillips

    Term Limits needed badly !!!!!! 99% of all this has very little to do for the country but how they can keep taking from the American people and get away with it.. I have seen better acting at a 2nd grade play.

  • Edward Demarey

    How can (4) Democratic Senators vote in a Trial of Impeachment when running for Presidency, They would normally be stricken for bias under a voidier of the jury.

  • Lj galaxy

    Investigate BIDENS period. Not going to throw out president for simply a phone call.. all the things YOU have said over the phone IMAGINE that if You lost a job over that .

  • Terri Deetch

    I can not help but wonder how many of the house and senate are not going to be elected again? To me the whole situation has not been based around We The People, it is based around the politicians representing a small majority of the people.

  • Debby Oaklief

    The House has their chance to get all the information and witnesses, they are misusing the Senate by trying to delay and making false accusations! Senators stand strong and end this bogus impeachment!!!

  • S.D.C.

    Man Republicans are working hard to install their Russian puppet as a dictator.
    America has always stood for a democracy. The republicans seem to want to dismantle democracy and deliver it's pieces to Putin for his trophy room.

  • Gil Flores

    I'm letting all the trump supporters now , if trump is president for the next 4 year's , so that means ww3 and trump supporters will meet ur maker because east and west coast will get destroyed and u need to move to down south we will hold russia , China and Iran plus saudi ,, I really dont care if je gets impeach or be President again but remember america time is coming

  • Roxalyn Santiago

    Dems have told they already have overwhelming evidence, why need more witnesses that was supposed to have been done in house. It's not the Senate's job to do that. It's the house's job to do the investigating and proving wrong doing. They have nothing!

  • Odnanref80

    The card holding democrats and the radical left are obviously desperate.

    I’m not a Trump supporter but I’ve a feeling he will win again.

    Remember kids, never trust a pinko femicommie!

  • Daniel Thiel

    The Democrats won't accept the outcome of the 2016 Election, and now they refuse to accept the judgement of the Senate. The Democrats Constitutionally invalidated the Impeachment articles (now defunct) by not following House procedure by taking a vote to issue any and all subpoenas. This is just what Hillary accused President would do if he lost the 2016 election. Now the Democrats are thumbing their nose at the citizens.

  • Daniel Thiel

    All the Democrats Senators running for President have meddled in the election (2020) by voting to take out their competition.

  • shivaprasd kss

    I pray to om sai shiva Friday of asta Lakshmi var our world great Indian neighbor friend country honnarabble president Donald Trump and parivar keep them happy and healthy peacefully still and forever walk on red carpet in their golden age of golden life success in each and every step in their future step in their political career life by blessings from jai hind jai bharat jai matha sree shiva sai shiva

  • robert wise

    Democrats at it again want corruption in a testimony already proven a lie . What is it with this group of people do they really have any body smart on their side, already enough.

  • Robert Browne

    Schiff Shiffing about giving the American people a fair trial!! Idiot the real trial is coming up in November and there will be great weeping and nashing of teeth by Democrats. Save some tears Schiff.

  • Neoma Henry

    First Trump needs to spend time with family he deserves it after the treasonous Traitors to America . yes he I am sure is working on what to do about virus and please sir get the democrats out of our Government they are un trust worthy and no one in our Country will understand keeping that trash around if it broke or does not work we get rid of it.

  • R Music

    If Trump is innocent and Bolton and others can clear that up then common sense would suggest that Trump's lawyers would welcome these men to testify under oath to boost their case. However their serious efforts not to hear from these men tells me all I need to know. Smh

  • Arthr hslr

    PS. Schiff can go on forever and never convince anyone who is sane that he has an ounce of integrity in him…what a blowhard Socialist.

  • Dennis Garrett

    Christopher Lee and Gary Curtis ‎- O Sole Mio / It's Now Or Never
    Rhapsody – The Magic of the Wizard's Dream

  • Dr Gene Kerr

    Richard Blumenthal Claimed Vietnam Service But Never Went …

    HARTFORD, Conn. — Connecticut Attorney General and U.S. Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal is defending himself against a report he misstated his military service in Vietnam. Blumenthal's campaign called a New York Times report which includes video of him at a 2008 event saying he had served "in Vietnam" an "outrageous distortion" on his record.

  • Marie Smith

    How ironic that those posting comments calling Democrats everything from crazy libs to radical leftists to socialists, also support an anarchist president who consorts with communist Russians to retain power.

  • Ripsaw17 Dennis

    We need to set term limits and you cant take another office till you have been out of previous office for 8 years that will force those pos losers to go to a real job and no more free health insurance and a cap of 50,000 a year the health insurance in office will be Medicare only all other insurance will have to come out of there pockets

  • Clarence Bayliss

    Ok they say let the people decide then use mail in ballots and get rid of republican voting stations and electrical voting systems in their districts. Also stop the voter suppression in all states by republicans. Then the people can choose otherwise the people can't choose. The reason for the this is to stop the Republicans from just protecting their voters.

  • Miss Chriss

    The democrats from the Senate asked Ukraine to investigate trump and they think what he did was wrong?! Omgosh. What the hell.

  • Miss Chriss

    Adam shiff needs to stop talking for "the american people". All he does is talk. Thats why he was cut off so much. He is ridiculous.

  • Scout Dog

    When does Impeachment 4.0 come out? I guess we can look forward to more of the same from the democrats for the next 5 years? Meanwhile back in the world of reality, we have the strongest economy in this 70 year olds lifetime, since Mr Trump became president in 2016 my 401k has almost doubled and yours has too, if you have one! The president has given us new trade deals with China, Mexico, Europe & Japan which more strongly favor the US over anything any previous president ever did. The President is giving black men & women in prison a second chance, He is securing the southern boarder so that the only immigrants are legally admitted immigrants. He is fighting the Corona pandemic and human trafficking and yes he exposed a former vice president and presidential candidate who secured his son a job making more in a month than most americans make in two years. The Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries on earth for those who never lived there. We have a better relationship with North Korea and last but not least WE ARE AT PEACE!!! But according to CNN you should be mad as hell? If you vote for a democrat you are one step closer to your employer sending you paycheck directly to the government where they can swizzel the numbers according to their "fairness" algorithm and send you back what they think you should have.

  • gc now

    You had your time and didn’t call for more witnesses now you know it’s too late and say this to make us look bad. No way! Go to Cuba.

  • Robert Shrewsbury

    I find that the recent years of political media circus and coup, with the Far-Left and foreign enemy solicitation, distasteful, despicable and totally embarrassing to the human race. For such inappropriate political nonsense to actually be played openly and publicly, as though or if it is some kind of actual dignified civilized reality, when there has not been even a semblance of real Statesmanship, truth,

    civility or order in any measurable or appreciable form from most. Even worse, is and has been to see the illusions and mayhem distributed and played around the world, over and over again (like an orchestra of untrained elementary school children) for years. The use apparently has been of paid time to ruin our nation, not handle normal affairs and de-fund, rob or drag improvements to the ground. It is incomprehensible, unprecedented and unparalleled in any history that I am aware of. It has been and

    is a media-driven tool of verbal/audio poison. It is just a disheartening shame that our good people and leaders are forcibly dragged through such an irresponsible, immature political degraded mess. To have to so babysit ("adults") so often and so much when precious time and funds would be so much better used in building and creation of good for our people. In keeping with destroying, degrading communication in this country, this entire scenario has reduced my watching of any kind of news by 90%, as it does of most of my friends also. My time is now better used!

  • Miguel G

    Interesting how the Breaking news came up and stopped showing the Hunter Biden response see the clock at 09:57:27. I smell cover up the the media and their buddies the Dem's

  • Sheila Lyon

    Tramps just an extremely nasty person , and we allow all this too be . Protest is our only way we end tramp and his republicans . obviously it's time to to man up .

  • Bisser Iordanov

    This impeachment is a puppet show of the democrats fighting for power. Even if ( and i am not saying by any means that) it is true that he withhold support for Ukraine, this is withhold to interfere in a war that had nothing to do with USA. Who is Ukraine to USA, nobody till yesterday but big deal today out of nowhere. Supporting democracy is supporting democratically elected president not trying to destroy him for personal gain. This is clown show that it can only happen in rotten democracy. People had enough already so to all the rotten democrats i have 1 suggestion, BE CAREFUL. This is by no means a threat, because i am in no position to do much, but there is the will of the people and you( democrats) will not be able to suppress it forever, remember that.

  • Bisser Iordanov

    Electoral intervention from forin government in democratic election is unacceptable, hahahahaha, really? Democrats have been doing it for 20 years straight and the latest one was in Ukraine when they train terrorists in Ukraine to overthrow democratically elected president and THAT IS A FACT.


    Ask Schumer this question why isn't Biden being impeached for bragging about bribery on National Television and not only did he brag about bribery quid pro quo he also implicated Obama by telling Ukraine to go ahead and call the president he will tell them the same thing that's premeditated bribery


    The Democrats have no Shame. We have Joe Biden on National Television admitting to bribery and bragging about it and implicating Obama in that bribery but yet the Democrats won't file articles of impeachment to keep him from being president.

  • Oliver Cowpland

    Trump murders are not legal ,trump victims are not human or tolerating trump existing or in power over a biro let alone a nuke and a hospital earth wide and more….I hope someone got that don’t forget trumps a child killer is how he got the job

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