• Aretus Smith Jr

    Did he just say, Not to wear N95 because the health providers need them but isn't this Virus Airbone? So why not protect yourself from getting sick in the first place. Why are these people giving the public information about Health?

  • Joel Jones

    Implementing the President’s leadership?? A bit late for that, don’t you think? Should have been way ahead of this disease.

  • Odii Darambazar

    Hahah they are cutting middle class. Once they are gone they will replace it with another class.
    Uninsured folks bye bye this isn’t kansas anymore.

  • Cyd Oman

    If the people who are manning the street blockades or squirting spray of the sides of buildings or on railings or on streets are wearing full hazmat suits and face masks to protect themselves, why won"t face masks protect others who are around them? It doesn't make sense to give police masks but tell the general populace they don't need the same.

  • Dark Seid

    Ok I tried googling victims names pictures nothing pops up…. they’re literally saying there’s victims with zero proof… this is to get people in an uproar

  • Arslan Khan

    Eat alot of garlic and ginger and sage. Most importantly garlic and ginger. Basil is good too. But garlic and ginger are essential.

  • Alan Tse

    They find it reassuring that no one died from this virus in younger age groups… and then you take a good look at the member of this "task force" of boomers… This briefing is a Petri dish for the virus~!

  • Ann Bui

    The fed’s failed at containing the coronavirus. Slashing interest rate to contain the coronavirus’s economic fallout, another failure. Enough with containing, just SHUT THE VIRUS DOWN, already.

  • David Nordstrom

    Liars!!!! Anyone in the Healthcare industry KNOWS the test kits are NOT YET AVAILABLE!!!!!! Again hat BS!!!!

  • TheMoonchild1969

    Treating the infected people with fortitude, compassion and respect is the least that any government should do. ✌

  • Arslan Khan

    In the reporter's defence, That was a valid last question. Can uninsured get tested? Azar would say no to this one. He already stated once a vaccine is out, it won't be available for everyone. And they just took 8 billion. Vaccine should be free for everyone. This is an epidemic and you shouldn't cash out on such a very serious and life threatening virus. Vaccine has to be free for everyone. Over here, before winter months are upon us, these guys ask everyone … it's in the papers too… if you need a flu vaccine shot. Free!!! Vaccine has to be free for all.

  • Mayda C.

    I went to the store. People are disgusting they cough and sneeze all over the place. THEY WONT LISTEN. Their kids arent taught to do so either so germs are everywhere.

  • Alexander the great

    Coronavirus quick facts:

    – Spreads 5x faster than the flu (6-8 R0 vs 1.3)
    – 100x more likely to need hospitalization than the flu (~20% of cases!)
    – nCov is (conservatively) 60x more deadly than the flu, currently (3% of cases)
    – Note: if you're fully healthy, you have "only" a 1% death chance
    – The existing death rate can only be expected to go up as hospital infrastructure is overwhelmed by new cases
    – Elderly have a 22% death rate
    – Incubation period said to be as high as 27 days, or even potentially 41 days during which victims are silently infectious
    – Virus can survive on metal surfaces (optimal condition) for up to 9 days
    – Reinfection is possible, and not yet well-studied
    – Tests for the virus are extremely hard to get right

    – Already has an associated dramatic financial crisis
    – Shortage of medicines is coming due to Chinese output (see also: most of it) being halted
    – Governments are not testing all potential victims

  • Blue Rabbit

    Nobody: People are dying all over the world. We have many unidentified cases. What’s our progress on this?

    CDC: Wash your hands.

  • Sir-Weslynn Jones

    Pence you talk you didnt take this serious. What were your waiting to happen????? This is real not Twitter


    Time is extremely precious so watch it in 2 times speed and btw the press briefing in a line "wash your hands frequently"

  • None None

    I have a question ? People to stay home while they sick how are they going to do to pay their bills? Or how are they going to get food if they stay home for 40 days?

  • edward bayley

    Thankyou China for filling our houses toolboxes and landfill with cheap crap thankyou for spreading a nasty virus from Bat soup into our community.

  • AVATAR Global News CNN

    This is here, now we have to deal with it. Don't wait till it's everywhere, stop it where it is now, if you have shut down travel then do it.
    And every single person on the planet needs to stop going anywhere for about 2-3 weeks.

    For latest news please subs to my channel

  • Miss Music

    And the virus is why everybody should have Medicare for all that way they can be tested. I guess the government would rather find out later that they do have the virus when they spread it even further and longer. I'm just saying…🤦🤷👌💯😜✔👍💀👻

  • Morpheus !

    They are so worried about the economy that they will put many many lives at stake. Italy just closed all schools and universities, china had it's military shut down and quarantine cities of 10 million plus that are still shut down…no business expect food stuffs, no cars, no mass transit, no flight…nothing! …and we are just business as usual and told to wash our hands! Our open society and freedoms will be our doom.

  • Lesley

    "Can the uninsured get tested?!"
    "Can the uninsured get tested?!"
    Lord, we need universal health care! We shouldn't even have to ask that valid, final question anxiously posed to those in charge who refused to answer it as they left. We must elect progressives that believe in universal health care and will enact Medicare for ALL. The cost to society (in dollars, lives and pride) will be much higher than funding a single-payer health system like every other developed nation.

  • Allyson Postelle

    A bio weapon that targets the elderly. 🤔 Sounds more like an ageist socialism agenda bio weapon than a nationalist war agenda bio weapon. When the Chinese blew up the bio weapons lab in Wuhan, were the people who developed it still inside? Were those couple of doctors who died just random doctors treating patients? Or were they scientists who were quickly found guilty of a crime against humanity, summarily executed, and an ironic cover story given to the public, which has been traumatized enough in recent years? It would make a good ending for a sci fi story about eugenics and justice, right? That’s all I’m saying. 😉😉

  • A65423

    It's ok for oldery to die?
    if not gov need to do something!! and the ture is ppl get infection they is no full recovery ! they Lung will be damage !

  • Manny Godinez

    Big Pharma CEO's are probably enjoying this right now. We have to vote to get these idiots out of office and elect an actual leader who wouldve made the decisions to keep this country safe. Too late now….

  • Sydney Chase

    Take away for me..
    1. Wash your hands.
    2. No one dying under 30, very reassuring.
    3. No answer to, can the uninsured get tested?
    4. Wash your hands.
    Basically, just wash your hands and if you are over thirty or and uninsured…

  • Log Cabin Man

    There should be emergency legislation to guarantee no utilities are turned off during nationwide quarantine- I can get along fine , but most sheep Americans would be in 1850 without electricity- no food preservation, no flushing, no water. Cities will become sewers and diseases will follow. The government can subsidize all utilities to keep them on nationwide

  • Bless your Heart

    CDC: Wash hands, don't wear masks bc healthcare workers will need them to be protected from you in the near future, (praise Trump, he's whining), 100% healthy ppl under 30 probably won't die as much as literally everyone else…so you know, it's unnecessary panic, praise Trump again.

  • Anthony Harris

    If you speed up the video you can see just how much the people behind the man blink and it's way to much there hiding something

  • Richard Rivaldo

    This is speeding more and more every day we should be doing more. Let's ban travel close schools the admin isn't doing enough its spreading putting america at risk. Close borders stop air flights it's going to get worse before gets better. You all aren't doing enough

  • Leo

    Mike will pray it all away 🙏 for us & Trump will build a very huge great wall to protect us all
    Have no fear 😂 !
    And science is all a big liberal hoax anyways.

  • Leo

    There is nothing we can do at this point but hope for the best. ( We all know that)
    But at least spare us of listening to Mike Pence
    Like a goat telling us how to manage our portfolio.
    Good God 🙏.

  • megan mosch

    There have been deaths from some young people who have died who were totally healthy 1 was a Dr!
    CDC: wash your hands
    WHO: still not a pandemic

  • craig mar

    It is possible to diy masks. Basic sewing anyone can do even if you don't have a machine. Youtube has videos. Make them double layer with a pocket inside to add a coffee filter liner. Take them off into a bucket of 10% bleach to water bucket and then wash. Make a lot.

  • Truthseeker721

    The administration's response to the outbreak has been disgraceful. All of this and more should have been done over a month ago. Pathetic.

  • TruthandJustice

    This virus kills elderly and adults with underlying health conditions? Guess how many people are affected by underlying chronic diseases? Approximately 133 million Americans, representing more than 40% of the total population of this country have underlying chronic conditions.

  • darryl runnels

    You can believe the government has a list of potential trouble makers they will arrest immediately when martial law is declared. Do not let them put you in a FEMA hospital. You will be eliminated. That is a fact. This is free advice.


    Shocking mr. Pence. No need to buy masks. I got only 150. 80 cents for 5. 98% filtration and made in Mexico. Nobody knows yet here.

  • 690169016901

    No one seems to get the fact that the elderly are at risk because someone that has it us passing it on to them. Pretty sure the elderly have not been in s Korea or Italy

  • John

    Maybe we need a much more serious and bad virus so that yall people can learn from this and be more clean and stop throwing trash everywhere

  • John

    I hope yall clean after your trash, if you do thank you!!! I go down the road and what do i see? Trash and guess who has to pick it up? Me because im tired of seeing these dirty trash being tossed everywhere, it isnt my job to clean and pick up trash but hey it is a good thing and im only 14, whereever i go i clean and pick up all ya god dam trash

  • Floyd Watkins

    At a 3% mortality rate, there could be as many as 180 million people to die from this virus worldwide unless there is a miracle discovery "similar to the vaccine developed to cure the common cold virus", hmmm!

  • Jonathan

    why does the old lady in the back just keep nodding her head over and over again…lol. " we should all blow our brains out." she would just nod her head yes…lol

  • Ben Lagging

    We have sent out three memos. … Pretty sure the public might need more directions than this about an emergency. Why are we stuck out with these testing kits? Chine has tested over a million. S Korea has test ed over 100k. Looks like we need to move home our production centers. Countries banning the out of country sale of mask ect.

  • 根音战士拽克森

    Japan: The misleadingly buying Chinese traditional medicine phase.
    China: We have seen this episode in early February.

    Europe: The initial lock-down phase.
    China: we have seen this episode in late January.

    US: The initial lie about it phase.
    China: Are you just playing the first episode that really messed up Wuhan?

  • NY Mogul

    The virus is now in New Jersey. The infected man from Fort Lee had walked into Hackensack Hospitals ER. This isn't good.

  • ShakespeareCafe

    Recognize one indisputable fact
    USA numbers of infected are low because they haven’t tested widely
    It’s a conspiracy of deniability

  • angha Iraq

    I think that the source of Corona’s disease is Iran that conducted biological research to make a deadly virus for use in wars against America and European countries. Iran agreed with experts from China to make the virus a developed version of Ebola or SARS. In Iran and published in China, there has become a secret between the two countries in order not to reveal their crimes and their dreaded plans against America and its allies and this terrible act is in the interest of China in order to be a great country and then Iran so I ask the European countries and America to investigate the matter well … and the other thing Funds that are given to assist States in addressing Corona must be subject to international supervision so as not to steal governments

  • iCuL8r

    WOW…!!!! All this is new information..!! no one knew yo wash their hands, stay home if your sick, cover your mouth when you sneeze. Pince is a wealth of new news. Smdh

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