Virginia Giuffre: Prince Andrew’s accuser asks Britain to ‘stand beside her’

Virginia Giuffre: Prince Andrew’s accuser asks Britain to ‘stand beside her’

He asked me to dance. He is the most hideous dancer I have
ever seen in my life. I mean it was horrible and this guy
was sweating all over me. His sweat, it was like it was raining basically everywhere
and I was like, ‘bleurgh’, grossed out from it. But I knew I had to keep him happy
because that’s what Jeffrey and Ghislaine would expect from me. People on the inside are going to keep
coming up with these ridiculous excuses like his arm was elongated or the photo
was doctored, or he came to New York to break up with Jeffrey Epstein. Come on, I’m calling BS on this because
that’s what it is. He knows what happened. I know what happened and there’s only
one of us telling the truth and I know that’s me. I implore the people in the UK to stand
up beside me and help me fight this fight; to not accept this as being OK. This is not some sordid sex story,
this is a story of being trafficked.


  • From Dallas

    To those who state she was a consenting partner. A person who is underage can't willingly give consent to enter prostitution, so by law she is being trafficked for sex by the pimp or john. A minor has little power over an adult.

  • GL Johnson

    How any others had sex with her and why aren't they being named. Was she kidnapped? How did she get away. How long was she there?

  • ranae

    I believe this woman because she is not letting powerful people coerce her to be quiet…she is calm & reasonable…she is NOT lying!! andy needs to own up like an adult

  • Uncle Fjester

    🙄Stop Playing the Victim, she was old enough to know what/Who she was doing and she was PAID FOR SEX! Many Times!!!💰💰💲💲


  • Vlad Tepes

    This lying hoe was 17 at the time, legal to have sex in the UK, and she flew a plane several times for money? Gtfo gold-digger

  • iwantabeetle

    The royal family have been raping and sacrificing children their entire existence and that's including the queen. They're also all transgender because they're satanists and at the top of satanism is androgyny.

  • Caroline Anderton

    Perhaps Virginia can recall a specific mark, scar, mole, freckle on Andrew's body..? It wld help. Also, Dershovitz had steam coming out of the top of his head.. Guilty as hell.

  • jakesname13

    They weren't forced to do anything. They were paid for their services. She certainly looked happy and enjoying herself in the picture with Prince Andrew.. Money has dried up. They want more. They were asked and never force to do anything.

  • TheMirabillis

    Was someone literally holding a gun to this 17 year old girls head to live the lifestyle that she did ?

    Was she held hostage ? Where was her Mother ?

  • sentinel 69

    This woman has made unsubstantiated slanderous accusations about Prince Andrew
    and we have watched TRIAL BY MEDIA…………..
    She wants to reach out to Brits to curry favour.
    Crocodile tears in front of the cameras
    Her Father this morning on GMTV said she is an actress
    Is this woman a fantasist??
    Could it be financial gain that she is after??????
    Do you believe her !!!

  • Chandra Stephens

    Wait I am confused she was working a normal job when she was discovered and then groomed to be sex trafficked. Where were her parents at the time? School? Was there a missing person report? I just have some questions as should others.

  • Vk Deen

    this is the biggest pile of b.s. I've ever seen in my life. if u were accused of stealing a vase from a high street store or being associated with a car theft the cops would be straight round investigating u and interviewing u

    yet here we have ppl associated with pee doughs and evidence and accusers coming out straight in the open and nothing happening. Andrew and maxwell and other should be under arrest and investigation weeks ago

    it's absolutely stinks to the core. a total cover up. the public should be outraged. high level pee dough rings covering over for each other

  • conscious.evolution

    She talks about having felt obliged to keep dancing with a sweaty man and that she felt supposed to have to keep this "most hideous dancer" (an extremely relevant information I might say) happy.
    Well, where's the part in which she actually claims she was forced to have sex with the man?

  • SilverStrumer

    That accent, she's American. If she was British, she might end up like that Indian nurse who leaked Kate's hospital room phone line.

  • Guardian News

    Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre asks UK public to stand by her in BBC interview ►

  • James Smith

    "These girls (women) say they were raped and abused, but they kept going back repeatedly for years, they 'recruited' other girls / women (one said she recruited 50 to 70 others), they got paid thousands $, they traveled round the world staying in mansions, but now years later they want to get famous, sell their stories, crying on TV and saying how traumatized they are??!!! And the public is stupid enough to believe this?! These women are clever. i feel sorry for Prince Andrew with these women coming after him and the media encouraging it! Yes, he gave a terrible interview due to being naive but he's not a bad person."

  • Ge Ku

    this is as disgusting as Brigitte Macron having a relation with her student when he was 15 and she over 40. When will she be punished, I am asking France????? Its time that all paedophiles will be punished regardless if its a man or woman. A paedophile is a paedophile the worst of worst pure evil

  • Thomas Thomas

    The real story that the media wont investigate is that the whole Epstein operation was a Mossad set up, it was Mossad that provided the funds for Epsteins lavish lifestyle, in return he provided Mossad with evidence to blackmail rich and powerful individuals, Ghislaine Maxwell is (was?) the daughter of Robert Maxwell a long time Mossad asset(look up the book by Gordon Thomas, Israels Superspy) Ghislaine was simply carrying on the family tradition

  • Here and There

    A US citizen in Britain kills a motorcyclist with her car, promptly leaves our country and she’s protected from facing justice. Prince Andrew faces accusations of sexual misdeeds from a US source and demands for his interrogation on US soil by the FBI. Can’t have it both ways America … at least I hope not!

  • Antonio Bromelini

    If Epstein is dead what is the point of a court case. So what is this woman's point ? She made an error of judgement don't we all. Pointless! Andrew should have the same level of legal protection as the American "diplomat" woman who ran back to the states after allegedly causing the death of a young man in the UK while driving. This bimbo now thinks it's pay day may get a book deal out of it.

  • Jen Meng

    No matter it happened or not, she looked damn happy in the pic. Don't understand why those rich and famous wanted to imprison and force her, still remember most of the much prettier girls in school and uni dreaming of hooking up with a rich and famous man…doubt she was forced, as a single young Prince he could get many young and prettier girls chasing on him, so psychologically hard to believe they wanted to force her, especially she wasn't the prettiest. Guess the fact is after discovered she was used or played by those men, she regretted, carried anger inside… Now, 'me too' is here, she came out… for a better life. Revenge is the best dessert.

  • Fluffysheepbruh

    What did his bad dancing and sweat have to do with it?

    What was wrong and illegal is obvious, you don't have to resort to pointing out common human faults.

  • Stephen Sparkes

    It's an elite V.I.P peadophile ring it's been going on for years they get away with it because their power and they belong to disgusting secret society networks

  • Edgehead10075

    Royals don't deserve taxpayer money; they're not elected or appointed. They can charge people to visit Buckingham Palace if they want a salary.

  • andy b

    I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at Buckingham Palace when this was aired with the Queen & Charlie Boy sipping Champagne & eating caviar. Along with Prince Andrew sitting on the naughty boy chair in the corner holding his Crown Jewels!

  • why chooose a user name ?

    As a UK citizen and a survivor of sexual assault, I stand beside you Virginia.
    I admire your courage, and wish I will someday experience similar strength. For the moment though, I'll continue to support investigation into Prince Andrew's illegal activities.

  • ヘザー

    We stand with you Virginia. Prince Andrew needs locking away, and the royal family should pay back every tax payer penny that was spent on him. Disgusting. Now to expose the rest of these pedophiles who are still in hiding

  • Calamity Jane

    Her gaze is steady, but not "manufactured". She appears relaxed but determined. No tell-tale eyelid fluttering (the subconscious "tell" of a lie). The total opposite of the prevaricating/mendacious behavior of Andrew.

    She is telling the truth.

  • SW627

    The only thing she's asking the British people to do is swallow the "Epstein's Dead" narrative…….EPSTEIN'S NOT DEAD ! Wake up, people.

  • Rosemary Howe

    Time that every paedophile ring ruining the lives of the young victims are blown apart with each perpetrator and facilitator involved being charged and convicted.

    Virginia is a hugely courageous woman. All peoples of the world who care about their loved ones, children, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, must stand behind and support Virginia and all victims of paedophile monsters.

  • Traci Waltman

    Are we supposed to believe the global press Corp cannot find Epsteins madame/girlfriend? Why hasn't the press dug deeper and report the truth? This story has been out for years and the media elites have ignored it, WHY? How many are terrified of this ring of pedophile untouchables and their friends? If the entire Epstein case is not fully investigated and reported, we should all be terrified because they can literally do whatever they want to the people without consequence.

  • Juju Rellama

    the botox gals, It wasn't as if he stalked 8 year olds like Saville and his bbc mates. and yes, men sweat …, not like woman right? her book aint gonna make the bestseller list. A boring story,

  • Tania Rikirangi

    Another tragedy will be intentionally created to divert attention away from Andrew. He is protected from prosecution due to being a royal but not from Khama. ✌🏼

  • preciouslogic77

    Virginia did her interview 3 weeks before Andrew's & I believe he knew about hers coming out (someone gave him a heads up) & what she said is why his nuclear explosion of a interview was aired before hers.

  • caroline kaplan

    What fight ? She was 17 traveled the world and partied. If the other girls were 13 or 14 that’s different.
    If every girl that slept with a prince or a Kennedy cane forward now we could have a story a day for decades.

  • Nick Bauer

    My own personal opinion is it is simply time for Britain to become a republic with an elected president, a senate, a congress, an independent supreme court, an electoral college, and checks and balances between the different branches of government to guarantee the liberties of the people. . The monarchy served it's purpose and now it is simply time to move on to another part of history. In an age of '''all men are created equal''' and representative government, there is simply little need or use for earthly kings and queens anymore.

  • What The

    The story is weird, the parents know she is flying around with billionaires 3-4x her age and don’t even insist on going with her…
    The dad doesn’t even ask/care what she is doing and is from Florida as well (if ur American u know what I’m talking about, plenty of weird in Florida).

  • Jack Andjilll

    ❎ Why are authorities
    obstructing justice

    How many people have to come forward before there is even any inquiry, why are the
    authorities obstructing justice?

  • Amelia Bracanov

    If pedo Andrew isn't arrested…….Then arrest the Police commisioner and the Home Office (HO) and the Ministry of Justice in the Government of the United Kingdom. But first….make sure that they aren't pedophiles themselves?!?!?!

  • Swansea 1984

    I’ll stand by you Virginia . If I had the power I would march into Buckingham Palace grab him by the scruff and drag him out and hang him. That’s my fantasy anyway.

  • Gina Gladden

    Where the hell were her parents?! If she was recruited (not kidnapped) so young they knew well enough where she was and what she is. They saw dollar signs… daddy hick is so suddenly concerned for her welfare? I’m calling BS on that whole fb family! What a bunch of blood sucking leeches.

  • May04bwu

    I'm confused. How does that photo prove anything? We never know what people around us are capable of doing. I can easily imagine Epstein saying she's a hooker he bought for his friends or a sugar baby (which seems to be the case, according to comments here) or simply an opportunistic girl who networks through sex. If you believe this isn't happening, you're truly naive. Literally anything's possible and I can't imagine traffickers showing to anyone their true colours.

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