Vinashak {1998} – Hindi Full Movie – Sunil Shetty – Raveena Tandon – Danny Denzongpa- 90’s Hit Movie

Vinashak {1998} – Hindi Full Movie – Sunil Shetty – Raveena Tandon – Danny Denzongpa- 90’s Hit Movie

Come, sir.
– Good morning, sir. Come. Please sit, we’ll inform
the Jailor and come. Sir.
– Get the convict. Jailor there is still
half an hour left. My time is more precious
than a convict’s life. Hey come, time is over.
– What are you doing? – Come! Leave me! Let me finish my prayers. Leave me!
– Quick! Yes, hurry up. Put the
noose around my neck. I don’t fear death.
I was waiting for this day. When I’ll be free of my punishment! Stupid! Idiot! Before dying, at least.. should’ve let
me finish my prayers. God has answered your prayers. He wants to meet you today itself. Therefore, I’m sending
you to Him soon. Sit. Please check, Mr. Lankeshwar.
Is it okay? You fool. Out of the fear
of the Jailor.. ..people always give
10-15 thousand extra. Those who keep less, their
lives are shortened. I didn’t hear anything. Sir, you had asked for this picture. Now, he has become too bold, sir. Last night on T.V,
he challenged sir outright.. ..that he would unveil
him in few days. Elections are approaching, sir.
We must quieten him soon. I believe the security will
be tightened for his safety. Then he.. Any message for sir. Tell him.. that tomorrow. Take some time off to shoulder
Badriprasad’s bier. Now whose death-knell
has been blown, Jailor? That you are here to awaken me? Your footsteps.. ..indicate the message
of someone’s death. Come. This way. Please move behind. Please
move behind. Please. Arrest anyone who tries to
move towards the stage. Yes, sir.
– Friends! I have only one aim in calling
this press conference. Through your pen.. ..I want to send this
message to my countrymen. That the public who elect
their leaders for five years.. Some of them, for their
vested interests.. ..are eating the nation
like termites.. ..and are selling it! They sell their womenfolk for
the sake of a position in politics. Let alone the nation. Now that you are not on your
post what will you do? Now, I’ll do that.. ..what I couldn’t do
by holding my post. I have some proofs with me.. ..that will destroy the
sinners of this nation. And give rise to a new India. Those proofs will not give
rise to a new India.. ..but surely give death
to Satya Prakash. No matter how much they
threaten me on the phone.. Or even kill me or my family. But I won’t let truth be tarnished
till my last breath. Even if I die. I warn those sadists! That not a drop of my
blood will go waste! It will eradicate the darkness
of violence and corruption! And spread the light of
non-violence and peace! Someone switch on the flash. Stop! I say stop! Asgar! Open the door! Open the door! Asgar! Asgar! Come out! Asgar, come out! Open the door! Asgar! Come out, Asgar! Asgar! Come out! Asgar! Stop shouting, A.C.P. – The convicts are sleeping.
– Where is Asgar? Perhaps, you’re not acquainted
with the rules here. After six. The convicts go to sleep.
– Where is Asgar?! – Bahadur Singh! Take sir to the cell number 22. Shut the light! Don’t even let me sleep peacefully. A.C.P, good night. What good night? What good night?! Everyone saw him killing
Satya Prakash. He escaped from my clutches,
I followed him till here! I saw him enter!
Ask him to come out! Out! What proof do you have? Bahadur Singh, look at this. You idiot! Out! Spit it out! Bahadur Singh! It is too late. Good night. And, yes.. ..don’t tell anyone outside. That a convict who has
already been hanged.. Went out, killed someone.. ..then returned to the
jail, to get hanged. Don’t tell. People will laugh at you. You’ll cry! You’ll repent
one day, Lankeshwar! Don’t be under the fallacy
that this kingdom of sin.. ..will never perish. When Ravan’s kingdom
of gold perished.. ..then these are just
walls made of bricks! If there are devils like
you in this country.. ..who do illegal work under
the facade of their uniforms.. ..then it also has brave warriors
who sacrifice their lives.. ..for this very uniform.
Mind you, Lankeshwar! “Destroyer! Destroyer!” “Destroyer! Destroyer! Destroyer!” “When there is a hurricane
of cruelty..” “When sins take a great form..” “When there is a dance
of evil on earth..” “When religion is helpless
and cries out..” “Then to end cruelty and crime..” “A destroyer comes!” “You are the destroyer
of sins and cruelty.” “Yes, you are a destroyer.
There is no doubt about that.” “Yes, you are a destroyer.” “You are a destroyer.” “Destroyer! Destroyer!” Tell me, you fool!
– Arjun! Whom do you work for?!
– Arjun, leave him! Take him away!
Make him sit in the car. Congratulations! As usual, your picture
will be in the papers. No, Mr. Khan.
It is our joint effort. Hey, don’t give me false hopes. This was like the usual ones. I trace them and you steal the show. But mind you, Arjun. One day, I’ll accomplish such a
feat and you’ll salute me. Inspector Arjun, congratulations. I’m very happy for your
brave feat and success. What a wonderful plan!
How courageous you are! Thank you, sir.
– I like it. – Thank you. But, what happens to
you all of a sudden?! You sent him to the hospital,
instead of the jail? I don’t like it. I don’t like it! And this is not happening
for the first time. This is unbecoming of a responsible
officer, Arjun! So is it becoming of us.. hear a cheap ruffian
abusing you on the streets?! What?! He abused me! Yes, sir. He called you a rat, sir.
– What? Yes, sir. Khan..
– Yes sir. He said ‘rat.’ Rat. He also said that if you
hear his boss’ name.. ..your pants will come down. What?
– Yes, sir. Khan.
– Yes, sir. He meant it for the
entire police force. That includes all of us. Yes, sir.
– Whatever you did.. Was right, Arjun.
– No, sir. Whatever I did was wrong. I should have killed those idiots. They are supplying drugs
all over the nation, sir. I’m positive that some government
officials are their succor. No wonder they have become so bold. That man was right, sir. I have only broken one leaf. That won’t help, sir. We must cut their roots! Roots! I want to get to the crux of this. Sir, he’s being a real pest.
Refuses to take pills and injection. What are you doing, sir? Only such doctors can treat
such patients. Come here. My friend Abdul is making
a very big T.V. serial. And the title of the serial is good. ‘Sister! Sister! Help!’ What’s going on?
– Oh, nothing! Just like this. It is based on a patient’s
fear and sister’s service. I will die! I will die! I’ll tell everything. I killed
inspector Rai and his family. I confess my crime. And the drugs that you supply? Who is its owner? I do supply drugs. But I don’t know the owners name.
Believe me. I promise, I won’t
do this work again! I know you won’t do this again. How do you know? As you won’t be capable of it. Buddy, Arjun. There are less medals on your
uniform and more of defamation. Suppose this man testifies
against you in court. Then be ready for another stigma. He will not testify.
– Why? Why not? Hey! Sister! Sister! Is everything okay?
– Yes. So, Khan? Did the nurse like your story?
– Forget her. Had I been a minute late,
he would’ve been dead. Someday, you’ll fall in trouble. Look, don’t underestimate these
gangsters, they are influential. Easy, my friend! Wonder who and where someone
is conspiring against. Forget it! Sit. Good day, father. Arjun, you leave this job. What are you saying?
– I’m absolutely right. Resign today itself.
– What’s wrong with this profession? Nothing is wrong with
this profession. Your thought and your style
of working is wrong. Father! The same thing again. Father, I’m not wrong.
– Not wrong? You killed so many men,
sent one to the hospital? To add to it, you pulled off
his oxygen tube? Father!
– You are a police officer not a butcher. How many times I told you.. ..not to misuse your position. It’s the law who will take
decisions, not you! They are already resorting
to violence. If you too stoop to their level.. ..what will be the difference
between you and them? There shouldn’t be any difference
either, father. Meaning?
– One nail drives out the other. So you’ve decided to stick
to your principles? So, you have no value
for human life? They were not human beings, father! Father! The man you are talking about.. ..was first caught in a rape case. Due to lack of evidence,
your court acquitted him! He came out and murdered the
inspector and his family.. ..who had caught him! This time he was released on bail! Now, he was into supplying drugs. Father, poison only kills
the one who consumes it. But, drugs not only kill the
one who consumes it.. ..but his family members too. The proof is my sister
and your daughter! Who was coaxed into drug addiction. Father!
Those fools don’t spare anyone! A doctor! You wanted to make
her a doctor, didn’t you? Now she.. ..has become a patient. Remember. There was a time.. ..when even in her absence.. ..her laughter echoed
in the house. And, today? In spite of her being in the house.. There is silence. Silence! Son. I understand your grief. All I want to say is.. That decisions taken emotionally.. ..often prove wrong, son. I fear that your anger,
your hatred.. ..doesn’t take you on a path
where you’ll repent later on. Yes, son. Your daughter-in-law is
in the police station. Daughter-in-law?
– Yes, sir. Mr. Arjun’s wife. Okay. I’ll tell Arjun. There is no news about my wife, sir. We will trace her. You were describing her.
– Oh, yes! Sir, my wife is very beautiful. Hello!
– It’s me. – Yes, father. Leave all work and go to the Mandva
police station soon. What happened?
– Son, daughter-in-law.. in the police custody.
– Daughter-in-law? No, sir. My wife. Wife! – Son, your wife
is my daughter-in-law. Go get your wife. The honour of the house shouldn’t
stay in the police station. Okay, father. What a nuisance!
– Not nuisance. A beauty! Very beautiful. She is lost.
– You lost your wife. And wonder where
I’ve found one from. Fantastic. Sister-in-law, eat. It’s very tasty. Mind boggling.
– Kajal. Who is it?
– What’s going on? Eating fruits. Ghanshyam.
– Sir! What are you doing? – Serving
water to madam. – Shut up! What’s the complaint?
– Nothing, sir. She was peacefully driving
her car on the footpath. I banged against her
car and got her here. Then I learnt that she is your..
– She means nothing to me. Register the case and put her in. What are you saying, sir? Can this ever happen?
– What? You are like my brother. Your wife is like my sister-in-law. And a sister-in-law is
always like a mother. And mother is the form of God.
– Oh! Shut up! Don’t vent your wife’s anger
on this poor fellow. He’s so nice.
And he was so hospitable. And, you..
– Come on. Come! – Arjun! What nonsense is this?
You always behave childishly. What could I do?
It’s been a week since we met. Whenever I phone, you
are busy! Work! Work! Hence, I had to do this. Listen. I have two tickets for a movie.
Come on. Tomorrow.
– Today. Tomorrow.
– Today. Tomorrow.
– Today. Tomorrow.
– Today? Go today, sir. You’ll enjoy a lot! Why? Won’t we enjoy tomorrow? Not tomorrow, today. Tomorrow.
– Today. Tomorrow.
– Come. Tomorrow.
– Come. Come. “Come, come, come..” “Come, come, come..” “Come on my beloved. Come.” “Come on my beloved. Come.” “Don’t postpone our meeting.” “My heart is beating wildly.” “Come, come, come..” “Come, come, come..” “Go away, girl. Go, go, go..” “Go away, girl. Go, go, go..” “Burn in our separation.” “Every moment of separation.” “My youth is crazy for you.” “Oh, my darling!
You are water for the fire.” “My youth is crazy for you.” “Oh, my darling!
You are water for the fire.” “Come, let your eyes meet mine.
Come, shoot the arrow.” “Make a storm, embrace me.” “My body is like glass. There
is a desire in my heart.” “Should I call it silk or velvet?” “Come, come, come..” “Come, come, come..” “Go away, girl. Go, go, go..” “Go away, girl. Go, go, go..” “Burn in our separation.” “Every moment of separation.” “Come on, my beloved. Come.” “Come on, my beloved. Come.” “Don’t postpone our meeting.” “My heart is beating wildly.” “Come, come, come..” “Come, come, come..” “Yes, this connection of hearts.
It is an old disease.” “Not meeting eyes. Not taking it ahead.
– Is that so?” “Yes, this connection of hearts.
It is an old disease.” “Not meeting eyes. Not taking it ahead.
– Is that so?” “Not losing sleep.
– Go away.” “Not heating the heart.”
– “Go away.” “You may die but don’t
fall in love.” “The one who falls in this
can’t ever get up.” “Love is such a quicksand.” “Come, come, come..” “Come, come, come..” “Go away, girl. Go, go, go..” “Go away, girl. Go, go, go..” “Burn in our separation.” “Every moment of separation.” “Come on my beloved. Come.” “Come on my beloved. Come.” “Don’t postpone our meeting.” “My heart is beating wildly.” “Come, come, come..” “Come, come, come..” “Come, come, come..
– Go away.” “Come, come, come..” Welcome. Please sit. With effect to your complaint.. ..I had set up an inquiry
committee against Lankeshwar. According to their report.. ..Lankeshwar is not doing
any illegal work in the jail. Here is the report. Read it. I know.. will only contain.. ..what the inquiry committee
must’ve heard. But, what I saw is the truth, sir. Sir, believe me. Lankeshwar has spread the terror
of his power in there! Dangerous convicts like Asgar
who are supposed to be hanged.. Are sent out by Lankeshwar
to commit serious crimes. In spite of knowing everything.. one utters a word
against Lankeshwar. Hence it is difficult for
the inquiry committee.. get the correct
information, sir. A.C.P Agnihotri, is our
responsible officer. And I trust him. This report can be baseless.. ..but never a certainty. Being a police commissioner,
I assure you.. ..that if we get our hands
on Satya Prakash’s killer.. ..then Lankeshwar will be
unveiled in no time. If so, then you have
my full support. Somehow, solve this case. Do everything with great
consideration. Why not call a police officer
from another zone? No one will recognise him here. We’ll send him to Lankeshwar’s
jail as a convict. He’ll keep us informed. Seeking the right opportunity,
we’ll catch him red-handed. I beg to differ on this. From Mr. Agnihotri’s talks,
it is evident.. ..that going to Lankeshwar’s
jail for our officer.. ..will be like going
into the jaws of death. Actually, we need such an
officer for this work.. ..who is brave and daring. I know one such officer. However tough and dangerous
the work may be.. He accepts every challenge. He is from Dalhousie. His name is Arjun Singh. You have chosen the right man. You know him?
– Yes, sir. Very well. He was trained under me
at the Police Academy. His dedication and bravery
had impressed me. He was my favourite student. Arjun Singh is absolutely
perfect, sir. Then what’s the delay?
Call him as soon as possible. Come on, move! What’s this drama? More than this, you need rest. Move! – You are strange,
inspector. That girl is dying for you
and you are least bothered? Hey! Had he been bothered.. ..there wouldn’t be this noose
around my neck, but a garland. Come, move it! Come on. Stop! Please tell him, he
runs after duty.. ..leaving beauty aside. Don’t tell them. Come
down and speak to me. I want you to confess
in front of everyone. That you love me very much! Oh God! Our engagement date! Wedding date! Our honeymoon spot!
You’ll have to tell everything! Now! Look, Kajal. Come down. Accept my condition, only
then will I come down! Or I’ll die. Don’t waste your time. Move!
Come on move! Quick. Wait! I’ll count till three, Arjun. One! One! Get the operation table ready. Two! Doctor, ask her blood
group at least. Two and a half. He’s going away. Three! I’m dead! Why didn’t he say yes? –
She killed herself for him. Forget it. These police officers
are like this only. Arjun! He’s going! Arjun? Arjun! This is my last warning
I don’t like such jokes! Suppose I had really killed myself. So, what?
Everyone has to die someday. Meaning, if I die,
you wouldn’t be hurt? It’s true. What? Well, forget it. You’ll feel bad. About what? People say that macho men are.. Forget it.
– What happened? They are.. A little in love..
– In love. Strong people are
inferior in loving! Hail Lord Ganesha! Hail Lord Ganesha! Hail Lord Ganesha! Hail Lord Ganesha! “The girls from Bombay!” “The girls from Bombay!”
– “Oh, God!” “The girls from Bombay!”
– “Oh, God!” “Oh, God!” “They know to trick us.” “They know to trick us.” “They know to cheat us. Don’t listen
to their sweet words, friends.” “Oh, these girls.” “They are absolute thugs.” “The girls from Bombay!”
– “Oh, God!” “Oh, God!” “This lover doesn’t know
to connect hearts.” “He doesn’t know the way to
have dreams in his eyes.” “This lover doesn’t know
to connect hearts.” “He doesn’t know the way to
have dreams in his eyes.” “He doesn’t know to steal
the colours of the lips.” “He doesn’t know to
fulfilling love.” “Listen, know and understand me.” “Don’t go by their innocent
faces. Recognise them.” “Their excuses are..” “Their excuses are old methods.” “They trap unknowing
men into a net.” “Oh, blackened hearts,
they have fair faces.” “The girls from Bombay!”
– “Oh, God!” “Oh, God!” “Look how cruel my beloved is.” “He gives sorrow to his lover.” “Look how cruel my beloved is.” “He gives sorrow to his lover.” “I know that he is strong man.” “But he is a bit inferior
in loving.” “Oh, my darling,
I am crazy for you.” “If you are a flame, I am the wind.” “The world knows this.
That is what I want to say.” “This game of love..” “This game of love, I have won.” “She lost her heart before I did.” “She has lost! Insane fair woman.” “The girls from Bombay!”
– “Oh, God!” “Oh, God!” “They know to cheat us.” “They know to attract hearts.” “Don’t listen to their
sweet words, friends.” “Oh, these girls.” “They are absolute thugs.” “The girls from Bombay!”
– “Oh, God!” “The girls from Bombay!”
– “Oh, God!” “Oh these girls. They
are absolute thugs.” “Oh blackened hearts,
they have fair faces.” “She has lost! Insane fair woman.” “Oh, God!” “Oh, God!” “Oh, God!” “Oh, God!” “Oh, God!” “Oh, God!” “Oh, God!” “Oh, God!” Daddy! So, this is what you are studying? And you? This is your duty? Sir, Kajal asked me to drop
her to the hostel, so.. When did I say? You came
to pick me up. – Shut up. Do the needful.
– I’ll go. – No! Don’t go. Come with me. Father was very angry.
– Very angry. Now, what? He’ll be done for.
The fault is such. He’s roaming around with
his senior’s daughter? On duty? In uniform? Nonsense!
– But.. it was not only his fault. It was my fault too.
I’ll tell father. Well.. perhaps your father
might listen to you but. But demotion is confirmed.
It’s confirmed. Demotion? A constable from an
inspector then.. ..he’ll salute senior’s like us. Constable Arjun Singh reporting sir! Out! Out! Then?
– Then. He’ll start drinking in that
grief and fall everywhere. No, I won’t let that happen. I’ll talk to father and tell him. Now it has happened.
Poor Arjun has gone. Gone!
– Gone?! Sir, I’m happy that you choose
me for this mission. For it’s success,
I’ll even risk my life, sir. I know. You make preparations
for the departure. Yes, sir. I’d like to meet you father.
– Sure. But, why? I’d like to ask him whether
my daughter.. ..will come to you house in
a litter or a police jeep? Sir, I.. I’m happy that I chose a capable
officer for this mission. And my daughter chose
a nice human being.. her life partner. I want to fix the alliance
with your father. With my father?
– Fa.. To fix Kajal’s alliance with
you, I want to meet him. Come. Whose love letter are
you reading, Khan? Not love letter, friend.
My transfer letter. I’m getting transferred
to another city. Don’t be disappointed. This transfer can separate friends. But it can’t mar our friendship. Whenever you think of me,
I’ll be there. Salutations, uncle.
– Come. You’ve come at the right time.
– No, father. Khan is leaving us and
going away, right? Where? – He got himself
transferred to another city. What is this I hear?
– Uncle, I didn’t ask for it. I got transferred. I’ll go where I’m destined
to earn my livelihood. You are absolutely right.
It’s all a matter of destiny. You are destined to eat this.
Take it. Delicious.
– Tasty. Why not? Daughter-in-law
has made them. What? Greetings, brother. – Greetings.
– You’ve come? You! Father, will you..
– Sure, we’ll go out. No, no! She and me.. You want to take her out?
– No, I want to throw her out! Shut up! Didn’t you think that
we need a daughter-in-law? Your sister needs a sister-in-law?
– Father.. Father.. father this Kajal.
– Yes, I know. She thought about us.
She was worried for us. She came to our house and served us! You don’t know her. I know everything.
She is a good cook. She served us a delicious
meal this afternoon. And the fritters are
so tasty. So dear.. ..will you always look like this? Yes, father. Except on Mondays. Why?
– Hotels remain closed on Mondays! Hotel fritters! Kajal, I’m very happy today.
Very happy. You stepped in our house and
brought happiness with you. After years, I saw Anju laughing. Besides, father is also very happy. So am I. I liked it. It’s very late. I’ll drop
you to the hostel. I think I’ll stay back, you’ve
already spoken to father. That’s true. But only if
you go to the hostel.. Will you come here in a litter.
– When? As soon as I return from Mumbai,
I’ll bring a marriage procession. Promise?
– Promise. Sir, Arjun Singh. Heard and read a lot about you. It is a matter of pride. That there are brave officers
in our police force. Thank you, sir. The mission that we have
chosen you for.. not an ordinary mission.
You must be aware of it. Sir.
– Sit. Just think.. ..that it is a suicide mission. I have briefed him, sir.
– Good. The minister is in an
important meeting. Let us go in.
– What are you doing? Minister! – Wait. Minister! – Wait.
– Minister, he won’t allow.. Yadav! One minute. Yes.
– Minister. We are very poor. Our son is in jail since the past
18 months. Please release him. Please pity us. My son is innocent, sir. On his way home from
a late night film.. ..the police officials
took him in a round up. And charged him with
murder and theft. He hasn’t returned as yet, sir. I beseech you, Minister. Please get my husband
released from the jail. All attempts for a plea
have gone in vain. Ask us what difficulties we
had to face to get here. Yadav?
– Yes. Go with them and investigate
the matter. If their son is innocent.. ..then make arrangements for
his release immediately. And present the officer before me.. ..who arrested him.
– Yes, sir. Please go. Justice will
be done to you. May you live a long life Be happy! You saved my son’s life.
– What are you doing? I’m your servant. Please go with them.
– Thank you. – Come. Yadav!
– Yes? Remember one thing. They are not dependent on us, we
are dependent on them. – Yes. Hitherto I didn’t keep
any security.. that the public can come
to me with their pleas easily. Keep this in mind.
– Okay. I’m sorry, I..
– Don’t embarrass us. – Sit. By the way.. And what do you intend doing
for sending him to the jail? According to our plan,
Arjun will kill me. And he’ll be sent to
Lankeshwar’s jail. Now, all our hopes are
pinned on you, Arjun. I assure you, sir. Either Lankeshwar’s truth
will be out from that jail. Or Arjun Singh’s corpse!
– Good. All the best. What are you thinking? Any doubt?
– No, sir. Your plan is perfect. I’ll shoot you with fake bullets.
And you’ll pretend to die. I’ll be sent to Lankeshwar’s jail. Before the people, your post-mortem
will be performed. And final rites too. But..
– But, what? What have you thought about Kajal? She’ll be hurt. What have you thought about
your father and sister? Even they will be hurt
if you go to jail. Have a drink. No, sir. Thank you, sir. Look, Arjun.. If police officers think about
emotions and relations.. ..they’ll never be able
to perform their duties. Kajal will surely be hurt. But at the same time
she’ll be happy. When her father and future
husband succeed. Hariram will take care
of everything. And yes. Even he is with us in this mission. He’ll be in contact with you. You’ll give all the relevant
information to Hariram. And Hariram will pass
it on to me. Any more questions? No, sir. Have a drink.
– No, sir, I.. Hariram.
– Sir. – Take it. No.. I.. Why are you people saying
the same thing? What is this formality? If you think I’m your senior
then I’m not an duty now. And if you think me to be
your future father-in-law.. I’ll get Kajal married to some
other young man. – No, sir! Hariram.
– Sorry, sir. – Take it, friend. Cheers!
– Cheers! – Cheers! Please, pay attention. Sir. You are here?
– I had come regarding a case, sir. Everything’s fine in Dalhousie?
– Yes, sir. Shall I go?
– One minute. Your bag? No, I had come empty-handed. When I spotted you, the bag
was in your right hand. You kept it there.
– No, you are mistaken. Okay. One minute.
Hariram, get that bag. What’s this?
– It’s not mine. It’s yours. I saw you
keep it on that chair! This is not my bag.
– This bag is yours! That’s rubbish, sir!
– Shut up! The entire department knows
how much I hate drugs! This bag is not mine.
– It is yours! To cheat the department,
you put on a farce.. that you can easily
smuggle?! Arrest him! In the light of all the evidences
and testimonies.. ..the court has reached
a conclusion that.. ..the accused Arjun Singh.. ..killed his senior officer. Hence the court sentences
him to life imprisonment. Didn’t I tell you, son? Your hatred, your anger.. Will put you in deep trouble. How will you fulfill the
duty of a brother? The duty of a son? What will we do? She will get married only
if I tell people that.. ..I only have one child
and it’s this one. My daughter.
– Brother! Anju.. Anju.. Decisions taken emotionally,
prove wrong. These are father’s words. He has forgotten.. ..that there is a court above too. Everything will be all right. Everything! Why?! This way! Hey!
– Leave! Leave, you idiot! Get up! Take him! No need to give tension
to that wire.. ..because that bulb doesn’t work. And neither will anyone
come and change it. Take this. Here’s a new bulb. Take it. The government doesn’t give this,
I’m giving it to you! A gift. Actually, the way you stood
before the Jailor.. What style! What a dangerous look! That Jailor. From within, he.. I understood that you
were going to beat him. Hence, I rang the bell
two minutes early. Because your muscles had tightened. I saw everything.
– So did I. That poor fellow’s money. Wow! Wow! Excellent. Take this gift. Take it. How many years have you
been serving your term? Serving my term?
I’m enjoying myself. I’ve served my term.
I’m doing business now! Business?
– Yes. My name is General. Not that
general. General store. Oil, clarified butter,
soap, comb, bulb.. ..insect killer, lice killer,
I sell everything. It’s official. Unofficial, this. This. This.. everything. Our Jailor.. ..takes complete advantage
of this mobile general store. As I’m the only convict
in this jail.. ..who can go in and out
without any restrictions. Like Asgar. Yes.. Listen. Do you know about Gandhi’s
three monkeys? See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Right? If you wish to stay peacefully
in this jail.. ..then imbibe those
qualities in you. For every convict here
is Gandhi’s monkey. You are a monkey, so am I. Go to sleep. Go. No, I won’t! I won’t go! Don’t beat me. No, I won’t go. Don’t beat me. Uncle. Why is he beating him?
– Who is beating? Hey, Asgar is beating that man. Where? I can’t see anything. And.. and he beat him. We will have to do it.
– Yes, it is very important. Quick. Since when are you in this jail? I’m asking you. Get up! You eat like a hog?! And spilt everything? Pick it up! What are you looking at? You won’t find anybody.
– Why? Tonight, there is a grand
celebration in the jail. Everyone is preparing for it.
– Is it? – Yes. Hariram! Where have you been all these days? I came many times.
But, they didn’t let me meet you. I bribed a new sentry
and sneaked in. Okay. Any message for Mr. Agnihotri. Lankeshwar has turned
this jail into a den. Everything illegal under
the sun happens here. The godown here.. stocked with illegal
arms and explosives. It seems that on 15th August.. ..these goods will
be smuggled out. Hariram. – Sir.
– If these goods are taken out.. Tell the C.M to raid this place.. ..and arrest Lankeshwar
as soon as possible. Okay, sir. – No! Don’t salute.
– Yes, sir. – Okay. May I come in, sir?
– Yes. Come in. I want to meet A.C.P Agnihotri. What? Are you mad? Don’t you know that
Agnihotri is no more? I’m also involved in the mission.. ..for which Arjun has been sent. And, sir. I met Arjun in the jail. He has sent a message
for Mr. Agnihotri. – Look. Till the mission is accomplished,
Agnihotri will be underground. No one is allowed to meet him. You can give me that message. Sir, Arjun Singh has monitored.. ..all the illegal activities
happening in Lankeshwar’s jail. The illegal arms stocked there.. ..will be smuggled
out on 15th August.. ..and supplied to the terrorists. He has asked you to
raid the jail soon. And arrest Lankeshwar. Just a moment. Hello. Commissioner Rawat here, sir. I see our mission being successful. An officer from our department
met Arjun in jail. And Arjun has conveyed a
message through him.. ..that we must raid the
jail as soon as possible. Yes. Yes, sir. Yes.
Okay, sir. Thank you. Hariram, tell Arjun, we’ll
come on 15th August.. ..under the pretext of hoisting
the flag and raid it. Yes, sir. What are you doing here? Come in. Come in. – Okay..
– Come on in. Sit. Didn’t you realise that
a strong wind is blowing? What if you fall ill? Everything has finished, uncle. What is left? Why did this happen to me? How come it happened to me? Everything will be all right, dear.
– How? Will father return? Tell me? Will he return?
– Yes, he will! God’s ways are unique.
He can do anything. Be patient. Because He is always
with those who are patient. Everything will be fine.
All your problems will end. You’ll get an answer to
all your questions. You just look after yourself. And wait for.. time. Uncle, I’m not a kid. I know. But, remember, one day you will say.. ..that uncle you were right? Got it? Just wait. Meaning you didn’t
meet Mr. Agnihotri? How could I? The commissioner told me till
this mission is not complete.. ..he will remain underground. But he has made all preparations, sir. On 15th August, he’ll come to hoist
the flag and raid the jail! But don’t you worry, sir. Our mission will surely
be successful. You’ve given so many sacrifices! Not a sacrifice, call
it duty, Hariram. Because whatever we are
doing is our duty. Kajal is unhappy, sir. Kajal?
– As she is unaware. But when she learns about
this, she’ll be very happy. She will be proud of
her father and you. Even I’m very happy, sir. I’m proud to be linked with you. Hariram. Prepare for the raid. Yes, sir. Bye sir. All the best.
– Thank you, sir. Asgar!
– No! No! Asgar! Hey Asgar! Wait Asgar! No! Hey, Asgar! No!! No!! No!! No!! No!! No!! No!! No!! No!! Okay, type it. A killer and a dangerous
convict Bhairav Singh.. ..alias Asgar.. ..on the morning of
14th August at 6am.. ..was hanged till death. Give it. I’m thinking of burying
Hariram’s body.. ..behind the bathroom
of cell no 8. Foolish man! Hariram was hanged for your release. So it becomes utterly important.. perform his final rites. By the way.. no one
can recognise you now. Please come. Brother prisoners! I now request the
honourable minister.. say a few words
for our prisoners. Please. I’ve not come here only
to hoist the flag. I have a special reason
for coming here. And that is.. kill the evil
hidden inside us. Strangle every evil! Break all barriers! With a challenge and courage
in your heart. Face every evil bravely. Sir! Sir, arrest this Stupid! Wonder how many innocent
people he has killed?! He hanged Hariram in front of me! Sir, there are illegal
arms and RDX there! Officers! Surround the
jail from all sides! Sir, arrest this butcher! What are you doing? Sir! Your game is over.
I’ve seen everything! Everything with my own eyes. Good you came, sir. Arrest this Idiot! Take him.
– Why have you held me? Arrest that sadist! Commissioner.
– Yes sir? Is there a cell for lunatics
too in this jail? Sir, he was a police officer. He shot his senior officer.
Looks like he has gone mad. Take him! Move! Move! Please. Don’t touch the flag! Don’t touch the flag!
You fool! Worthless! Hold him back! Hold him! Hold him back! “Hail Motherland! Hail Motherland!” “Hail Motherland! Hail Motherland!” “Hail Motherland! Hail Motherland!” “Hail Motherland!” “Oh, my brother.
Keep our relation through Rakhi.” Not 2, 5! “My brother, don’t forget
your younger sister.” At least inform brother Arjun
that his sister is here. How many times do I tell you? He doesn’t want to meet anyone.
And no one can meet him too. But why? Why can’t we meet? Its the festival of Rakhi today. With great hope, she has
come to tie Rakhi to him. Bahadur Singh! Jailor, I understand
what you want to say. But I.. This is unfair! It’s injustice! What? The jailor behaved
like this with you?! We have received many complaints
against him before. Anyway, tomorrow, I have a meeting
with the minister at his farm house. Please come there. And tell him about your grievances. He’ll take an action against
him immediately. Then you can meet Arjun. Thank you very much,
commissioner. We had lost all hopes
of meeting Arjun. Come, dear. – Don’t forget
to come to the farm house. Okay. So, you want some leniency to
be shown towards your son? Yes. – Mister, that’s
not his house but a jail. And a jail has its own
rules and regulations. I also respect the law, sir. And I’ve no objection as to
how the law punishes him. But what law is this.. that’s
Stopping a sister.. ..from tying Rakhi to her brother? Look at her. What has she
done to herself? She hasn’t had food and
water since yesterday. If my son is guilty why
punish her for it? He is absolutely right,
commissioner. Why punish this poor soul? And look. A flower like face has withered. Arjun. Arjun, my son! Arjun, my son! Son Arjun! Hitherto, I was wrong
by telling you.. give up violence! But, today, I tell you! Destroy these sadists! Destroy! Destroy these sinners! Become a destroyer! Become a destroyer! Destroy. Move! Move! Move! Look! What have you done to yourself? What did you gain by being honest? Nothing. You have endured enough. Been through a lot of injustice. Hence I have decided to.. ..release you. You are forgetting one
thing, Lankeshwar. If you release him,
he won’t spare anyone of us. He’ll kill everyone. I agree with you. But, why should we die? Only we have the right to live. Because we have all
the worldly luxuries. What does he have?
– He had an old father. He started barking at
us in our house only. One blow and his tongue
stuck out like a dog! He died a miserable death! A young sister was left. She had her own problem. This Asgar.. ..came out of the jail
thirsty and hungry.. ..and swallowed her. There was another gentleman. His ideal, Mr. Agnihotri. He was too smart.
– He was under the impression. That he’s making a plan
with you for our arrest. The truth is we were
making a plan.. finish both of you. Because you caught our
goods worth crores. He had to die so he died.
– No! You didn’t kill him. Don’t take that sin on your head. You shot him with fake bullets. We did that virtuous job. It is difficult to act
as a dead person. But it is easier to die. Out comes the revolver. Set the aim.
– And shoot. Your companions. Your dear ones. All died one by one. What will you do by living alone? This world is a hell. Only people like us can
live in this world. Not you. You were a brave and honest
police officer. So, your death should be equally
grand and respectful. If a lovers bier is not
taken with pomp.. ..then it’s futile
falling in love. Hey, Lankeshwar! Is
he listening or not? He is listening to everything. Don’t raise your head
and ask Him for help. For none of His disciples are alive! Oh, Allah, have mercy on us!
Help us! There’s only one God! Greetings, Mr. Khan. Greetings, Mr. Naeem. Please come. Here is your passport. Wow! – With God’s grace,
you are leaving for Haj. Yes, Mr. Naeem. It’s all due to Him. From the last three years, I was
making tremendous efforts. Each time some, work would crop up. This time he heard my prayer
Got the taxi? – Yes. Brother Salim, board the
luggage in the taxi. Mr. Khan.
– Oh, this formality. No way. What happened, Mr. Khan? Mr. Naeem. You very well know. Before fulfilling the
duty of a Haj.. is important to fulfill
other duties first. I can’t go. The duty of friendship beckons me. Open the door.
– What work do you have? I want to meet Arjun Singh.
– No one can meet him. Why? – It’s the jailor’s order.
– Where is he? What’s going on?! No one answers properly! Some say you can’t meet Arjun. Others say Arjun doesn’t
want to meet anybody. If he doesn’t want to
meet me, I’ll meet him. Where is everyone? Where is
your officer in-charge? Look. He won’t listen to you. I’ll have to make him understand.
Come on. What’s going on? Who are you? Speak louder, his
one ear is damaged. I’m inspector Abdul Rehman Khan.
I want to meet Arjun Singh. For him, is beating people as
easy as chewing tobacco?! Tell him. Otherwise, his other ear
will also be damaged. Because you’re an inspector,
you can break the discipline? I understand your discipline. Now let me see the one who
made this discipline. Where is your jailor? Sir, I’m inspector
Abdul Rehman Khan. I went to meet Arjun in jail. But, I was not allowed to meet him. I want to know why I can’t meet him. He is not well. Not well? Then call a doctor. Even the doctor is not well. Look, Arjun is my friend.
– He is a murderer. He murdered his senior officer. Not, he.. ..but you people are murderers! Looks like even he is not well. I’ll surely have his
uniform taken off. Uniform is not a ministers
cap, Dindayal. That you can wear it and remove
it for your selfish reasons! Mr. Khan! You want to meet Arjun Singh. You? – Don’t worry.
– I’m not their pet dog. Only I can’t get you to Arjun Singh. But, I want a price for it.
No. No, not money. The price for this
is Arjun’s release. Save him. They have tortured him so
much that I can’t express. Mr. Khan, it is Arjun
who is still breathing. Anyone else in his place
would’ve died by now. I’ll tell you where Arjun is. Come! Here. If you go straight from here
you’ll see cell number three. Next to it is the kitchen. There, you’ll find a small cage. That’s the way to the basement
where Arjun is held. All the best. Arjun. Arjun. Arjun. Hello! – Sir, Arjun Singh
has fled from the jail. Khan! ‘God is great!’ ‘God is great!’ ‘God is great!’ Mind you, Arjun. One day,
I’ll accomplish such a feat.. ..that you’ll salute me. ‘God is great!’ ‘God is great!’ Oh, God! That does it! It’s good you were not here
at that time, or.. He was yelling the last night. That he will finish all the four. I understand one. Who are the other three? Kajal. Open the door, Kajal. I want to tell you something,
I’ve fled from the jail! The police are after me.
Please open the door. Kajal. Kajal! Kajal! No! Oh, no! Go away or I’ll kill you. By killing me if the fire
in you can subside. Kill me. Before that.. you’ll
have to hear the truth. I don’t want to die with
my name being dishonoured. You’ve brought so much dishonour
to my love and your name.. ..that it cannot be washed
away even if you die. I know. The wounds that you got.. ..I can feel the pain. But, Kajal, believe me. I didn’t kill this angel. You are lying! If not, then how did those
testimonies prove you guilty? If you are not guilty, why didn’t
you prove it in the court? Why did you accept the punishment? Why?! Why?! Why?! Do you have an answer?! I have an answer. All the testimonies and evidences
proved me guilty. If I couldn’t prove
myself innocent.. If I kept quiet in court.. It was only because.. ..that was a secret plan. I didn’t know that it
was not a plan.. ..but a conspiracy against me.
– I don’t believe you! Kajal? Kajal! Oh, no! Why don’t you understand?! Why don’t you understand?
– What are you doing? Why don’t you understand? Why?! Believe me, Kajal. Believe me! Place your hand on your heart. Do I look like a murderer to you? I agree, he was your father. But he was more than a father to me. My guru, my ideal! You think I can kill
my guru, my ideal? This conspiracy not only
took your father’s life.. Hariram was also hanged. Khan became a martyr while
trying to save me. Moreover. I.. lost my disabled sister too. I couldn’t shoulder.. father’s bier. If you still don’t believe.. ..look at this. Look. Look! You still don’t believe? We have lost everything, Kajal. Yet I didn’t lose my courage. I’ll lay such a plan to destroy
crime and terrorism.. ..which will be
an example in its own. Which will be an example in its own. Sir, there’s no one home. No! This can’t be! Impossible. I don’t want to celebrate
my birthday. I don’t want anything. A man who can break the
iron bars and flee. It is not impossible for him
to come to my party. No! But, commissioner. I want complete police protection. I want the entire police
department here. To avoid danger.
– There is danger, minister. Not for us, for Arjun Singh. If that’s what they are thinking,
then they are wrong. I’ll act wisely this time. I’ve made all arrangements
to go there. You don’t understand,
there will be security. It’s not only to kill me..
but for their protection too. And so much security will
make them careless.. ..and carefree. And this carelessness.. Will help me. I’ll also come with you. No way!
– Why? This is not only your fight. But, mine too. “Oh, my darling! Darling..” “You will drown! Drown..” “Oh, my darling! Darling..” “You will drown! Drown..” “I have come as your darling.” “Today, you will see a wonder.” “Oh, my darling! Darling..” “You will drown! Drown..” “By creating noise and a blast.” “Shake my waist, connect our eyes.” “Move your hands, make a dance.
Show your strength. ” “By creating noise and a blast.” “Shake my waist, connect our eyes.” “Move your hands, make a dance.” “Show your strength,
use your power.” “Oh, my darling! Darling..” “You will drown! Drown..” “Let our hearts meet,
keep me in your heart.” “Connect our eyes, see me.” “Call me close, quench your thirst.” “Take my sleep,
take away my senses.” “Let our hearts meet, keep me in
your heart. Connect our eyes, see me.” “Call me close, quench your thirst.
Take my sleep, take away my senses.” “Oh, my darling! Darling..” “You will drown! Drown..” “I have come as your darling.” “Today, you will see a wonder.” “Oh, my darling! Darling..” “You will drown! Drown..” “Drown..” ‘Oh!’ Run! Arjun! Arjun Singh! Look who I have in custody! Throw the arms and come out! Or she is as good as dead! Quick! Arjun Singh! Stupid! Out! But..- I know this
is a police case. Operate! I said operate.
– Nurse.. Don’t worry. Sit down. Just relax. Don’t worry. I have
removed the bullets. She’s out of danger now. Thank you.
– Doctor! That patient. What happened? – Nothing.
– Tell me! Kajal! Move. You’ve got to live, Kajal! You have just got to live! You promised to be by my side! How can you just leave me mid-way?! It’s not only my fight.
But yours too, Kajal. Yours! We have to celebrate its victory. What will I do? Kajal, you’ve got to live!
You’ve just got to. For me! Only for me. Nothing will happen to her. Nothing. She will wait for me. She won’t go. I’ll come back, Kajal. I will come back victorious. Wait for me, Kajal. I’ll come back! I’ll come. Commissioner, come. No, sir. I won’t sit in your car. If Arjun attacks you,
I’ll die unnecessarily. You have the entire police
force with you. I know my force very well, sir. Give me two of your commandos. Sure. Take them. Oh, no. Bomb explosion! Hey! Hey! Hey driver! Hey, driver! Drive the car! Quick. Where are you taking me? Who are you? You! What? Yes. Careful! Statement. Statement! Jailor Lankeshwar was with
us in this conspiracy. Enough! I’ve heard enough! That he killed a police
commissioner in broad daylight. And also that.. ..he fooled the security
and killed Dindayal too. This doesn’t mean.. ..that he’ll dare to attack me. I’m Lankeshwar! If at all anyone is troubling
me, it is.. ..the press and the police. Once I get my hands on him.. But, sir.
– Get out! Get lost everybody! Arjun Singh will be found. I’ll get Arjun Singh. Because his close accomplice
is with me. He hasn’t divulged anything. But soon he will. Okay. Make it snappy. I’ll tell you. Speak!
– Look behind. Hello, general store here. Give the phone to Asgar.
– He’s not in a state to talk. Why? – He is eating.
– What? Kicks and punches! Your honour. In the guise of a jailor,
I have only committed.. ..crime. I have produced the
proofs to the court. I want to surrender
myself to the law. I will accept any punishment
given by the court. One minute, sir.
– Yes? What was the need to
confess your crime? I had arranged for false
witnesses and proofs. Then what was the
need to go to jail? This was the only way of
being safe from Arjun. Central jail is not
a jail, but my fort. I’ll sit there and plan his death. He will dare not come
to Central jail. Come on! I also confessed my crime,
Lankeshwar. Why you do this? I know. And why I did this? You know. I don’t believe it, Lankeshwar. That I’d find you so easily? You have proved your foolishness
by taking this step. Who is foolish? That you’ll learn on reaching
Central jail. If you want to get there,
then just breath. A single noise.. ..and I’ll strangle you! Dreaming is no.. ..crime. Dream a lot. How are you, Madhav Singh?
– Fine, sir. You fled from here due to
fear of death, didn’t you? You’ve come back into
the jaws of death. Hold him back! Take them! Move! Stop! Silence! Make arrangements.
– Yes. Be awake! Be awake! So, jailor! Can’t sleep in your jail? Look Lankeshwar. That’s not right. There’s still time. Improve!
– Quiet! Shut your mouth, jailor. Arjun Singh is being hanged. You will also be with him. Boat is ready. Before dawn
we’ll cross the border. Why hasn’t Madhav Singh
come with Arjun as yet? Madhav Singh. You forgot so soon, jailor. Revolver is kept on the left
side not in the right side. Hey! Leave! We’re released! Come on, run! Destroyer! Destroyer! Destroyer! Destroyer! Destroyer! Destroyer! Destroyer! Destroyer! No! No! No, Arjun! No! Leave me! No! No! “Path of destruction!” “Path of destruction!” “When there is a hurricane
of cruelty..” “When sins take a great form..” “When there is a dance
of evil on earth..” “When religion is helpless
and cries out..” “Then to end cruelty and crime..” “A destroyer comes!” “You are the destroyer
of sins and cruelty.” “Yes, you are a destroyer.
There is no doubt about that.” “Yes, you are a destroyer.” “Destroyer!” “Destroyer!”


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