VGATW Latest News – Anita Sarkeesian vs The Mandalorian

VGATW Latest News – Anita Sarkeesian vs The Mandalorian

Hey Star Wars fans! This is Gian of VGATW. Now, The Mandalorian is a live-action Star
Wars series on Disney+ by Jon Favreau, who directed the first two Iron Man movies of
the MCU and also played as Happy Hogan in the MCU movies. The show received very positive reviews and
now the baby Yoda has become a meme and also very much loved by every fan of Star Wars. So, with The Rise of Skywalker just 13 days
away, I have been trying to avoid this for days now since I saw this on Twitter. Once again, our old friend Anita Sarkeesian
is at it again. She made a series of Tweets condemning the
popular series. And yes, I try to avoid talking about her
because it’s like she wants everyone to talk about her everytime she’s Tweeting about a
show people love or a video game people love. It’s like she wants everyone to feed her some
relevancy because she is not so relevant anymore. She calls out The Mandalorian because in her
words, it perpetuates the one and only Patriarchy. Big Red: Patriarchy! Patriarchy! Patriarchy!
*laughs* When she made her tweet, I could taste the
salt right there. I mean, everyone did taste that salt. Now, when The Mandalorian premiered on November
12, everyone started getting a Disney+ account to see the show. Once the first episode premiered, EVERYONE
loved it and started talking about it. But of course, some people only see the show
to whine and complain without sitting down and being entertained. In her words, the show The Mandalorian perpetuates
the.. Big Red: Patriarchy! Patriarchy! Patriarchy!
*laughs* And it has a patriarchal setting: the bartender
is a man, bar patrons are men, the cab driver is a man, etc. The first “female” we see is a ship. She continued “It may introduce a few significant
female characters later on. Great. It doesn’t change the fact it perpetuates
and normalizes patriarchy. We all accept patriarchy in our mass media
without batting an eye. When someone calls it out, we get upset. I wonder why.” Ay Dios Mio! *laughs*
We get it Anita, we get it. You say everything is the patriarchy and still
saying the same things you said in 2013 when you first started your Tropes vs. Women series. Then she spoke about 3000 replies all because
she voiced her opinion and of course she thinks media still normalizes the
Big Red: Patriarchy! Patriarchy! Patriarchy!
*laughs* That’s when she retweeted that which what
she said. Am I extremely tired or is there not a single
female speaking character in the first episode of #Mandalorian?? I’ve gotta have missed something right??? Anita you do realize that there are many women
in the Star Wars shows and movies right? If you ever seen the Clone Wars cartoon, then
you should have seen that the one who rules the Mandalorians is a Queen. A Queen. Got that? Also, in every Star Wars movie I have seen,
women have played bigger roles in the story. Padme led a resistance group to save her people
in Episode I. Not only she was a Queen and a Senator, but
she was also a fighter. The leader of the Rebel Alliance was a woman:
Mon Mothma. In Rogue One, Jyn Erso was the main protagonist
and gave her life to give the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance. And finally, Leia Organa, loved by so many
men since the Star Wars franchise began is the leader of the Resistance in the current
trilogy and the main protagonist is a woman, Rey. Yeah, lots of people love Rey but many people
don’t like her and call her a Mary Sue very often because she uses the force without any
training. Well, she’s a fighter because she survived
on a desert planet on her own her entire life. Look Anita, if you don’t like something then
don’t watch. Besides, there are sure to be significant
females later on in The Mandalorian like you said. But just because there’s not enough females,
doesn’t mean that it’s a good reason to whine, because there will be plenty of women later
on. So calm down. Cogelo suave, que es bolero. No es un tango, ni un merengue. (Take it easy, it’s a bolero. Not a tango or merengue music.) And also Anita, no one was replying to you
and calling you out because you’re a woman. No one was doing at. They were just pointing out the flaws in your
words. Gender has NOTHING to do with this Anita. It does not! Of course, Anita considers herself the arbiter
of what is acceptable and not acceptable. Honestly people, I hope this is the last time
I talk about her. So don’t forget to comment, like, subscribe
and support me on Patreon if you wish. This is Gian of VGATW. Have a good one! May the Force be with you.

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