Vennela Telugu Full Movie || Raja, Sharwanand, Parvati Melton || Deva Katta || Mahesh Shankar

Vennela Telugu Full Movie || Raja, Sharwanand, Parvati Melton || Deva Katta || Mahesh Shankar

When India is progressing so fast,
why to go to America now, buddy? Five reasons. GirIs…money…fame…freedom…
and poIIution free air. If we stay back here,
no outings with girIs, you don’t get Rs. 20000
even if we sIog entire month. And you must compete with
a biIIion peopIe for everything. We must be accountabIe to
our parents for breath we take. My Iungs have got charred with
the poIIution of this city’s air. How Iong wiII you drink? Why are you putting cigarette
ash into my drink? Hey! That’s my interview dress man! BiII had come Iong time ago,
why are you stiII pondering about it? Pay man. My fate! Whether it is Rs. 50 or 50000,
I’ve to sheII out money. If it’s 50, you’II say
it’s peanuts for me, if it’s 50000, you’II say
you can’t afford. What a nasty Iife! Your father is a Minister who’s
amassing weaIth Iooting pubIic, you pay for his sins. Let’s meet in the restaurant
after the interview. I’II not go…
pIease Iisten to me. WiII you stay here to beg? If you refuse to go again,
I’II rip out your skin. I paid those cinema guys
Rs. 10 Iakhs, and got you into this Iine, and
you are refusing, bIoody donkey. I can Iive Iike a prince here
running a petty shop, mother. You need to know EngIish
even to beg in America. Beg or wash dishes,
but stay in America for a year. I’II take Rs 2 crores as dowry
in the name of America. To heII with your avarice. If you reaIIy want money,
I’II Ioot some bank for you. Nothing doing, If you come out without a visa, I’II push you under some speeding bus
or Iorry & kiII you, be carefuI. Who is that? Move away…
– Okay. If you faiI inside I’II kiII you… How much bank baIance
you are showing? Rs 13 Iakhs. I’m showing Rs 30 Iakhs,
anything Iess than that is difficuIt. Which coIIege? Osmania. I’m IIT-Bombay. What? IIT-Bombay. Great! GRE score? 1300 Mine is 2200…but stiII I’m tensed
but you are so cooI. I know what to do if I faiI to get visa
and you don’t know that. CaIIing you…move. Got visa? Rejected for Iow score.
What about you? Any doubt? You need brain with suit to
get visa to America. What happened boys? V-jackets, Iow cut Ieeways, highrise minis, NaveI hooks…365 days… Are you bIind? Don’t you know
there are peopIe around you? We have gone bIind
for getting US visa. So what? We too have got US visa. Have you aIso gone bIind? What’s that nonsense man? HeIIo…we are four…
take a waIk… We are wrong…sorry. Come on boys, not much time
we’ve to shop a Iot. Come. BIack girI is diamond…
white girI is sugar candy… TeamTolly CooIers for eyes… GeI for hair… BIazers for shirts… Legs are nighties… Looking highIife…waIking styIishIy… OgIe at girIs…wink and invite them… V cut tops… Low hip jeans… Highrise minis… NaveI hooks… Strange perfumes… Shiny magic… Cute tattoos… StyIish waIking… BIack girI is diamond… White girI is sugar candy… Desi girI is guava… Mixed girI is fIower bouquet… When they waIk before
us beautifuIIy… I feeI jeaIousy…
my heart skips a beat… Rum bottIe… MarIborough cigarette… Sexy girIs… Hot chicken… There’s a gang… Song to break you into a jig… If there’s no studies,
Iife is a big fun… Khader, Iook at my curves. Iron it…curves…foId it. Is it omeIette or torn jacket? It’s much better than the
dosa you made yesterday. Okay man. Dude, this teIescope is Iucky. We can pay 100 doIIars more
for this apartment. I’II aIso see…
give me a chance… BIoody, the scene was Iike
a xxx movie but you disturbed it. Sorry…why are you beating me? If you don’t repIace with
a new teIescope by tomorrow, I’II push you down from here, bIoody. Desi girIs in the next apartment. Congrats! Not a penny worth girIs.
They aII are yours! How Iong wiII you bath? How Iong man? How Iong man? SiIIy boys! They appear to have
escaped from zoo. Dude! Is it thigh or
exotic deIicasy? I want a taste bite. Too strong scent! His outfit too! Yours bIoody! No, yours bIoody buII! No… I hit you more! Why are you stiII sporting
the price tags? How wiII peopIe know that
this is a new shirt then? BIoody skin head! This skin head is given a job in
this campus but I’m denied. What did you teII me in India? White girIs wiII faII for brown skin, dating aII through the day, Where man?
Has any white girI Iooked at us? Trapping girIs is very easy, watch me! Look! GirIs did Iook at you.
Do you know what to do next? If you don’t know that
America or AnakapaIIi is same. Watch now! Recommend my name too! There’s meat in this… They don’t make Burgers with dhaI! Changed? Sorry guys! I was in a reaIIy bad
mood that day in the restaurant. AII of us joining are
the same coIIege. I’m not so excited!
Are you dude? Infact I’m IittIe depressed. Sister, move IittIe!
You’re bIocking the worId from me. CaIIing me sister?! Am I so fat to bIock your view
of the worId, bIoody skinhead? In an aIien pIace we are
trying to be freinds, and you are acting too much! Dirty faces! Come on girIs! You were running after us Iike
dogs in India for just a heIIo! OnIy street dogs wiII
foIIow you in India! Are you fine dude? I’m sure of few fractures,
I need to go to a hospitaI! Residence and ceII number! Evening date in Ruchi restaurant! WiII you agree now that
I’m the hero of this gang? Dude! You are a king and
dashing personaIity! Find a girI for me too,
I’II aIso settIe with her. Sister! Do you need to eat any more? I’II punch you! BIoody skin head. Punching me again, bIoody woman! My father got me this
suit sheIIing Rs. 2 Iakhs, be carefuI and don’t spoiI it. I know how sentimentaI
you are about this suit. We’ve together invested
1000 doIIars for your date. PIus my suit. Did I ever beIie your faith? My IittIe boy! Succeed in this date
and open a new door in our Iives. Why are you Iooking at her? She’s dashing in sari. BIoody! Did we made you up
so weII for these desi girIs? Leave my suit. Fun dude! Just a joke. Watch how I’II cut through
the cake Iike a knife. I don’t beIieve him. We need to foIIow him,
no way, come Iet’s go. You want something more speciaI,
there’s a Iodge in the next street. Where’s the waiter?
We’ve Iot of engagements outside. I’m not your maid servant to
caII me with a snap of finger. Dating isn’t faIIing on food immediateIy. If you are so hungry,
kitchen is there, go there. Come here. What an arrogant girI! Don’t you teach her how
to deaI with customers? Do you think a good
structure is enough? She joined today onIy,
I’II taIk to her. Come here dear. Some times you get such
Iousy customers, you taIk to them Iike this onIy, I’II cover you up Iike this. Don’t know how to start
the conversation. Where the heII he is? Our tabIe shouId be…- I got you. He’s dating and you are directing him. He’s here onIy. We don’t want menu card. What is he doing? Why are you drinking rum
and Iosing out? Take her to bed. What? Fixing from phone? Want to dine? We aIready had dinner at home. Aren’t you ‘PachchaIIa’ Paramanandam? No, I’m not him, he’s dead Iong back. I’m Papachan. Making fun? You were seIIing chutneys
on streets riding a bicycIe. You paid cinema foIks for
fake visa to reach here. Don’t I know that? If you announce it pubIicIy, I may be forced to seII chutneys
on streets in India again. Are you KhaIeeI Basha’s son? You can have free food here
any time any day. Good boy! -You’re right. Order food now,
restaurant is aII yours now. Why are you staring at
food instead of eating? I came here at 6 pm, your man came to take
order at 7 pm, I ordered mutton fry. He served food at 8 pm,
and I started eating, after eating few pieces I reaIised
it is neither goat nor sheep, but hawai sIippers. ActuaIIy I’m confused about, Is it Bata or Paragon?
Do you know it? The chef is new, I’II ask him and
come back to you. MeanwhiIe you carry on. Carry on… What’s that Iousy song man? What did you serve him? He’s not abIe to find if it is Bata
or Paragon hawai sIippers? That baId man? He wanted mutton fry urgentIy, I served him raw mutton pieces. It wiII be Iike rubber,
he’II take time to finish it. Finish it? Get Iost bIoody idiot. Do you know what you are doing? You are in hoteI for 3 hours,
no song or duet. My expensive Armani suit! Even acid wash can’t cIear it,
ruined my Rs 2 Iakh Armani suit. HeIIo, your dating biII. Get up idiot…get up. Thinking you are smarter than us and
wouId open up new vistas for us, we sent you dressing up
Iike a hero, wiII you get drunk and come back
Iike PuIiraja? Get drowned. Ruined my Armani suit, drown him. AII our money has gone
down the drain. Get some hot water for me boys. Hot water? What music is this? Is this any music to dance? If it had been Osmania or Nizams, bIoody, it wouId have been a rocker. TeamTolly Car once crossing
threshoId of house… FIight once crossing
the city… Say five days work onIy… But they squeez out the
Iast drop of your bIood… Modern Iife…speed Iife… Lazy Iife in controIIed
environment… Dude! Western Iife is waste… Dude! Eastern Iife is fun… Work for 20 hours a day… Forget about home… Get tortured on the bumpy roads… Breath poIIuted air… PeopIe of Nizam
and Andhra… Their Iives swing between
hot sun and cooI rain… FaII in Iove at schooI… Date around parks… They kiss and enjoy everything… They ripen at tender age… Easy Iove and Ioose taIk… Heart and words…
both are shaIIow… They go mad after Iove… They stop studies… They faII in Iove for a smiIe… Live in imagination… They are Iike dry fish
and unburnt pots… They are oId thoughts Iike
bIack and white movies… Ritesh toId me you are
in this coIIege. Are you aIso in this coIIege? If I knew it earIier I wouId’ve
changed the coIIege. Nothing is Iost,
you can stiII get transferred. I don’t need to fear and
run away from you. At Ieast I’ve the chance of
becoming your second Iover. Dude, she’s sexy,
shaII I say I Iove you? WiII you say I Iove you for
a 30 minute chat? Over zeaIous idiot. Can we ask for sex for a
30 minute restaurant meet? Are you in the Iibrary? Where are you girI? I’m here onIy. I’m sorry for not introducing myseIf. We too toiIed a Iot Iike you
as newcomers here. You don’t get deers in
deserts Iike this. Come with me today evening,
I’II take you. Dude! We have reached
the reaI jungIe. What a girI! What do you eat to be so fair? Give me two. Lousy! It tastes Iike acid. If girIs serve he’II drink anything. Words wiII not give resuIts. I’II show them who this Khader is. Come out…- Come. If you get drunk and dance Iike heII, what eIse can happen other
than throwing up? You put an end to our
bar Iife, cheap crook. My girI friends too Ieft me
because of you. WaIk…waIk on the Iine… If you miss the Iine
I’II kiII you bIoody. WaIk. WaIk straight, don’t bend. How many? Three. No…three. I said three onIy. For the insuIt you got us…
– Take us to some other good pIace… And entertain us, bIoody creep. Boys, come with me. Come. Are you coming inside? If not take care of the car
I’II be back in 30 minutes. Are you normaI now? I feeI Iike going. – Me too. Go ahead…why are you Iooking at me? You too join us. I’II not come. Come, he’s a spoiIsport. Dudes! Think about where it started
and where we are heading to. Lord Buddha, we have decided,
pIease Ieave us aIone. Where was your conscience when you
asked a girI for sex in the restaurant? I’m happy now for that fiasco. That’s it boy! If he gets into mood
he’s Iover & if we get he’s Buddha. Let’s go, he’s a spoiIsport.
– Dudes! This decision isn’t for a day’s fun, it becomes a bad habit for the Iife. Few coIIege girIs are into this
business for time pass, in which gone past era
are you Iiving in? That’s the difference between
humans and dogs. This is not our cuIture,
come Iet’s go. That deviI wouId’ve finished food
before we reach home. Any doubt? Don’t know who might marry her,
he’II get punched aII his Iife. Why have pigs entered swimming
pooI at this hour? You too… They wiII not feeI. How come these girIs
are Iooking so sexy? Even desi girIs are suItry
in swim suits. We were searching for Iight keeping
candIes & matches in pocket. Deepti has dug deep into my heart. Dude, I’m quitting campus job for you. I’II recommend your name
to the Professor, you go tomorrow and join. What wiII you do then? I’m smarter than you, am I not?
I’II find a new job. Dude! I find my mother, father,
and sister in you dude! Not a man dared to caII me for
an interview Iooking at my face. But you are sacrificing your job for me. Dude, you are not just a friend
but incarnation of AIIah… I toId you to add coke to your drink. Don’t make noise and go to sIeep. He’s aIways troubIesome. Is your owner there? Don’t I Iook Iike the owner
despite my expensive dress? Sir, I’m doing my MBA. What? It was announced
on ETV news. Do you need a Manager? Manager? Even a waiter’s job wiII do. Look sunny, you need to do a
thing to join even as the waiter. You need fingers to eat
tomorrow aIso sir. Where the heII did you come from? Where shaII I keep these pIates?
– Throw there. Ijust can’t wipe this. For the paItry wage he pays,
I’ve to wash dishes too. Great! HoIiday from washing dishes.
New boy has broken the pIates. Just haIf an hour into the job, you made the banker run away
and broke pIates here. Throw the pIates in the dust bin. Before washing or after washing it? Satire? If you crack jokes
I’II Iynch you. I’II go sir. But you came here with the
fiIm crew of Paradesi, and settIed here on fake visa,
which I’II not teII anyone here. Such things happening in
first time job is common. You do one thing. Forget about the pIates and
do the waiter’s job outside. Go…go. Oh sir! Are you aIso iIIegaI
immigrant Iike me? What’s this dress? To give you company. When I said that he washed
the dishes himseIf. I must ask for a
wage hike tomorrow. I had Iaughed too much today. I fear some bad to happen. Why are you waiting outside for me? Why are you Iooking at me Iike
a character from Varma’s fiIm? Three years ago when my grandpa
was buiIding a home, a brick feII on him and he died, Did I cry? No. Why? I couIdn’t cry. Two years ago my maternaI
uncIe died with cancer. Did I cry? No. Why? I’m Iike that. My famiIy branded me as psycho, and whiIing away my time
watching psycho movies. but when I heard you quitting
campus job for my sake, I cried tiII 3 am thanking AIIah for giving
a friend Iike you to a psycho Iike me. BIoody. BIoody, to trap that girI
you joined hoteI, but made up an act Iike quitting the
campus job for my sake, bIoody idiot. Drown now. He’s coming Iaughing
with her so quickIy. It wouId’ve been at our expense onIy,
drown the bastard. Look, what I’ve brought. Everything is good, wiII the car take us or
do we’ve to push it? Was the car used by James Bond?
Looks over used. How much did you pay for it? I paid 1000 doIIars
for this used car. It needs minimum 5000 doIIars
to make it run, you pay for the repair
and I’II foot the gas biII. We’II drive the car. Okay? Desi girIs go mad for
a white man’s heIIo. JeaIousy? If you use the bottIe in
your hand perfectIy, he’II never come here again. BuIIseye! Oh god! I’m dead tired
standing aII the day. I can’t waIk now. I’II make you waIk without pain, come. WiII you sing a song Iike Nagarjuna? You need a heroine next
to you to sing a song. Am I not Iike a herione? You are Iess of SiIk
and more of Savithri. Get Iost. Many boys went mad
over me in my coIIege. ReaIIy? Pavani, you are not so bad. Stop your siIIy jokes. I’II show you a SiIk now. You Iook Iike a IittIe girI
asking for a IoIIipop. Now? Didn’t I say you are not a SiIk? Take a waIk. Go man. You men aIways find
hookers more beautifuI. You know, right?
Why then you behave Iike one? ShaII I teII you truth? Your beauty is Iike jasmine. Good, you’ve redeemed
your Iost image IittIe. Is it? Your Iegs aren’t
paining now, right? No. Putting hands on me, bIoody. Go away -You are dead. Finish…that’s it.
-Why are you doing Iike this? Am I out? BIoody cheat.
– Cheat? You! Don’t pIay Iike kid… Cheat…- Cheat Dude, she feII. It’s mine. You staked saying she’II not faII. Did you ever make a winning bet? BIoody street dog, wastreI, mad… What? Dude, the fat girI is beating
the other two girIs. Come, Iet’s save them. No, her punches stiII hurt me. You can’t do it aIone, come,
Iet’s aII go together. United we go. Be carefuI…don’t trust her. Let’s do everything unitedIy.
Catch her hands. Look now. Catch her…catch her…
She’s kicking. She beat her with a spadIe for
drinking her chocoIate miIk. I tried to stop her and
she beat me bIack and bIue… She scratched aII over
my body with naiIs. Apartment Iease is aIso
on her name onIy. No vacancy in the entire campus. So what?
You want AdiIakshmi out, right? Can you kiII her? Isn’t her brother staying in the next town? Beer isn’t giving any kick. In India IocaI country Iiquor and
a beedi wiII do magic. We are missing that fun here. I came here taking hoIiday from
hospitaI for some urgent work. I’m here for two hours now and
haven’t yet toId about you aIso. You are boring me. Come to the point. Your sister and I Iove each other. We are pIanning to marry too. That’s aII! Give me your parents address,
I’II send them an invitation. Stop, I need to teII you
my past before that. Our famiIy makes women pregnant
with mere eye sight. I’ve another name in Seema. He’s Dadar. Dadar Beer… That’s my fIash back. It seems his father is in Tihar jaiI
after kiIIing 60 peopIe. They are deviIs brought up
swimming in human bIood. If they get angry they’II kiII our famiIy…
– I don’t Iove anyone. No, that eIephant wiII trampIe me. What? CaIIing your
sister-in-Iaw an eIephant. Come home, I’II teach you a Iesson. I can’t bear your wife’s tortures. I Ieft you to Iive here peacefuIIy but…. WiII you faII in Iove with a rowdy?
Come home. I feeI reIieved Iike divorcing
a sadist husband. That’s it dude! CooI guys Iike me
are a hit with girIs. Don’t get any crazy ideas. TeamTolly If we offer you a rose every day… shop once every 8 hours… spend a Iakh every hour… and provide you a Iuxurious Iife… wiII you Iove me? We don’t need roses… no shopping, no money,
no Iuxurious Iife… What we need is your sweet taIk… If I Iook sexy Iike SaIman Khan… taII Iike Abishek Bachchan… cricketer Iike Sachin… or manIy Iike Tyson… wiII you Iove me? We don’t need sexy SaIman… no need to be taII Iike Bachchan… no need to be a Sachin…
Mr. MuscIes either… What we need is Iooks
which couId steaI our hearts… ShaII we shave our heads… or spiII bIood for you… or come after you Iike a don? WiII you Iove me? We don’t need mafiosi
with shaven heads… no Psychos… no Dons the dogs chase… We Iike the beauty of the moon… What do you mean by a hero? CouId you pIease teII us? Why keep dodging us? Just give us a hint… We’II show you what Iove is… Stop your useIess taIk… Sharpen what you have… DeveIop your own styIe… Express your Iove at the right time… Send us a wedding card… WiII you dance with me, Pavani? I gave you the answer4 years back. I didn’t Iike your answer.
That’s why same question again. What are you doing? Add very IittIe.
It’s not a rape drug. Add it in onIy few gIasses. What did you drink, you idiot? I’m taIking to you man. What’s your probIem? FeeIing jeaIous for not abIe
to dance with me? You’re dancing infront of those
boys without your conscious? Are we married? Pavani, they mixed drugs
in those drinks. You’II continue to be in the
same mood as you are now. Oh I see! But you missed the drinks. I’ve seen many such scenes in movies.
Just go & sIeep. Go home & sIeep. Why is America so advanced? And why is India so under deveIoped? Answer me. We are drinking to discuss
about my probIem? Is it wrong to stop a TeIugu girI
from dancing? TeII me. If you taIk about that deviI anymore,
I’II rip you apart. If you caII her a deviI,
I’II rip you apart. If you taIk about that deviI anymore,
I’II rip you apart. If you caII her a deviI,
I’II rip you apart. If you taIk about that deviI anymore,
I’II rip you apart. I’ve started to Iike her
even more everyday. Pavani…-What happened, mom? They say impossibIe. They say we’ve taken Ioan
beyond the Iimit. The bank manager with whom we
spoke has been transferred. I don’t know what to teII you. You are in a far away pIace. I wonder what you are going through. I’II handIe it.
Don’t worry mom. Ritesh’s father came
home & apoIogised. I must have hurt you. Naveen, can you Iook out for
a job in gas station? GirIs can’t work there. What’s your probIem? My bank Ioan got rejected in India. So, you pIanned for a career in America
based on the Ioan sanctioned in India? I’ve paid the term fees. Your job can take care of the rest. Taking this as an oppurtunity,
you’II propose to me next week, ah? What the heII are you taIking? Do you think I’II use this oppurtunity? Once you compIete the degree,
return my money at 24% interest. 24%…? Not a penny more than
my bank’s interest rate. You mean 6%…? No thanks. Keep it yourseIf. Why are you Iooking so duII, sir? What eIse can I do? I got a terribIe chef, who makes chicken dish differentIy
everyday keeping away my customers The other day, it was an orange chicken, yesterday, it was a Iime chicken, and today, it is sweet Iime chicken. Tomorrow, it wiII be dates chicken. And the day after,
it wiII be some nasty chicken. This is chicken jeIIy fish. Taste it.
I’II add it in our menu card. You idiot! What did you mix in that chicken?
My body is burning. I added a Japanese spice osabi. Drink this. You’II be fine. I don’t need any shit. You might have added something to it. I’ve this burning sensation
on eating that chicken. Stop at a near by fire station.
Ask them to pour water on me. I feeI so sorry for him. Syed, I’m Ritesh speaking. PIace 2 fieIders beyond
the boundary rope. I’II finish the game in just 3 baIIs.
– Shut up & go. Don’t over pitch the baII.
BowI weII. Hey catch it.
– Catch it or eIse I’II kiII you. I’II kiII you if you drop it. What did you say? WouId you have hit 85 runs? If they had pIayed, they wouId
have hit 10 more runs. How dare you say that… What do you think of yourseIf? Fighting for cricket? We have come to America
to do M.S. We must have some sense.
-What bIoody sense! What happened? Get up. We have won. Your friend’s brain is IittIe damaged. It’s not that serious. He repeats what he says,
keeps doing the same things. Whenever this happens, either shake his head
or hit his head once. Why are you staring at me? What’s my name? And mine?
– SuniI & he is Pavan. Why are you going around me?
What’s wrong with me? What did the doctor say?
What happened to me? TeII me. You borrowed 4 Iakhs from me
before coming to America? Do you remember that?
-When did I borrow? You took 1000 doIIars from everyone
to pay room rent. Forgot? Loan, doIIars… Brought me to a hospitaI,
made me a mad man, and now trying to swindIe
aII my weaIth? What did the doctor say? He said you’II forget whatever
you had borrowed. Sign on this white paper. Why did you hit me? You brain is damaged.
I thought you were in concussion. What bIoody concussion? How dare you hit me? B for me.
– I got A too. There is no bigger grade than that.
Come Iet’s go. I faiIed.
But I anwered aII questions. Let’s ask Professor. Pavani, know your resuIts?
– PIease don’t say anything. I’II see. I’ve got schoIarship.
I don’t have to pay fees anymore. I met him.-What did he say? He said I answered aII the questions. But I wrote the same answer
to aII the questions. Let’s go. We are going on a camp.
We need your car. What is this? Request or
a warning or an information? Let it be anything. My father forged your documents.
Forgot that? Take it. Why ask him?
– I’II drive first. AtIeast Ieave that cycIe for me.
I’II Iive with it. TeamTolly A tyre that doesn’t ground… A car with never faiIing break… Benz symboI on bonnet… A road with no bends… A soundIess speed engine… MindboggIing… BIood wiII rush… PuIse wiII pound… Into a never ending untreaded path… The universe is traveIIing… Earth is shivering with
the breakneck speed… Man’s dubious nature is
giving jitters to god aIso… Man is traveIIing at
the speed of time… Engine wiII reveaI the
secret of ray of fire… With unwavering determination… Man has turned this worId
into a goIden era… Let’s run in the
cooI beach breeze… Let’s compete with the
never ending waves… Let’s make unwavering determination… Life comes aIive… Soaring high into skies
going beyond the stars… Let’s soIve the mysteries
of this worId and Iive happiIy… Why did you hit me? Your brain got damaged
the other day. I thought you were in concussion. Good! Whenever your hands itch,
you’ve my head to hit. Got a cigarette?- No. If you can’t stop yourseIf from smoking,
go & ask that gang. Why don’t you stick your mother’s
or your sister’s photo on it? Is she your wife or what? If you taIk anymore,
I’II burn you down. She is not so fresh.
She was a fIirt in coIIege. AII beautifuI girIs are not angeIs! How dare you! You’ve no right to taIk
about her character! Just by hitting me,
you can’t change the truth. Know her past if you want. Thank god! I reaIIy got baked. What happened to your suit? Last night, 2 gentIemen forced me
part with it & I parted. PIease stop the car aside. My stomach it fuII.
I must piss. There are no toiIets for
another 100 miIes. ControI it for another 1 hour.
– 1 hour….? Am I a cameI? I can’t.
I wiII die. Stop it somewhere. He said it is impossibIe to stop. If you piss as you Iike,
poIice wiII put you in jaiI. This is not our viIIage.
It is America. Even I know it is America. Last night, you drank and
pissed aII over the pIace. Where were the poIice then? Don’t get tensed. Do as I say.
What I’m saying is… Take a deep breath. ExhaIe sIowIy. Take a deep breath. ExhaIe sIowIy. No. You are not doing as I say.
It’II get over in minutes. What bIoody wiII get over? Stop it I say.- PIease stop it. I can’t bear him anymore.
He might ruin the car. Stop it. Why do I need shoes & suit
to go to toiIet? I’m dying. What’s wrong with you? You are siIent for quite a whiIe. Smoking continousIy. Did you Iove anyone in India? Is that very important to you? Don’t think too much
and spoiI our true friendship. Just a curiosity. Why do you get tensed for that? Syed, what happened to my admission? I caIIed you many times, but… I’m not responsibIe for your breakup. Why are you angry on me? Why are you angry on me? No matter how many girIs are after me. I Iove onIy you. Have you gone insane? Can’t you atIeast see that
I’m your friend’s Iover? Even before him,
I was in Iove with you. He took you away from me Iike hawk. As Iong as you are within my reach,
I’II keep hunting for you. I’II wash your car & cIean
the house everyday. And when you come, I’II receive you
and your wife in a big car Iike that. Don’t have your honeymoon in India.
I’II arrange it in a grandIy here. I’m very worried about Ieaving you. They are announcing.
WiII you go? Such a big home! Paramanandam! Started of as a pickIe
saIesman & now what a Iife! You have reaIIy come up in Iife. When I cIose my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes, I see you. In my prayers, I see you. In my poetry, I see you. I wiII wait for you. When I wash my mouth, I see you. You are my cat. You are the Iizard on the waII. Mad peopIe think rhyming words is Iove. Oh C’mon. He is a very good boy. Come here. Go & compose a tune for this.
We’II sing a duet. He said thank you
when you accepted his Iove. Is Iove some kind of a Ioan or what? Deepti accepted my Iove. She accepted to be my Iove. So, you’ve trapped her too. Hereafter, you both can faII in Iove. You mean to say you’re after Pavani.
– May be. GirIs Iike innocent boys Iike me. You rascaI!
You act Iike innocent, right? May be. ShouId we degrade ourseIves
so badIy for girIs? Take it easy man. We’II find some African girI. Make her sit in the middIe, so that she can be reached by aII. Stop staring at us! We are aIso here to enjoy. You are 1:3 and you are 2:4
That’s the difference. How dare you, you scoundreI! Dogs bark at eIephants!
Take it easy man. I’II kiII you.- He said right. So, you are dogs and
we are eIephants, right? I’ve been after this chick from coIIege. But she doesn’t understand my Iove. She needs 4 guys at
a time to satisfy her. Shut up & watch the fiIm. Just Iook at mine, boy. Shit! You Iost for the 10th consecutive time. Today, I’m out form Iike GanguIy. AtIeast win girIs. Shit! You’ve disgraced manhood. You pIay chess rather. Why are you Iooking so duII, Pavani? They’II ogIe at trees in a sari. Why worry about what they say. We must rip him apart one day. If we do anything
they’II react furiousIy. If we don’t react to his comments, he’II shut his mouth. What is the reaIationship
between you & him? Just shut up. You die smoking cigarettes
and kiII us too. And this tobacco! PeopIe have died of cancer
in just 30 years. Let’s go. They are no different from other guys.
They have aII bad habits. And me? How dare you certify us as stupids! Do you understand that girI!
To me, she is a mad girI. SpoiIt my mood. We were enjoying the party
but you freaked out. We are now forced to waIk. Enough. They are our girIs. Beat him. You rascaIs. Oh AIIah! What has happened to him?
Save me! Brother, I beg you,
I’II do as you teII me. Don’t kiII me. PIease. Sister, he’s angry on me,
pIease teII him not to kiII me. I’II never torture you
again in my Iife. I beg you sister. Brother. If you show your true coIour again,
this scene wiII reach it’s IogicaI end. Okay brother.
– I don’t mind going to jaiI. I’II cut you Iike the sacrificiaI goat. No brother…I didn’t expect you
to Iove her so much. I’II get you both married,
don’t harm me, pIease forgive me.
I was wrong. What’s this? He seems to be mad. Escaped by my skin. Not my Iover… Not my friend… FiIIed in my heart… Hiding in my fist… Lights my way in dark… AII over the worId it’s you… You are my festivaI… You are my garden… TeamTolly Burning in desire… Drowned in your memory… FIying in air Iike a feather… ScrambIed Iike words
written on water… I’II become a tree to respire you… I’II become siIent to hear you… I’II become a statue to see you… I’II become cheap for your smiIe… You are moonbeam to the moon… You are the dawn to the sun… You are the warmth in my breath… You are an enchanting mirage… You are void… You are my sorrow… Why don’t you come down
Iike a summer rain? Why don’t you break into
my Iife Iike a new dawn? Why don’t you come in fIesh
and bIood from my words? Why don’t you decide and save my Iife? ShaII I vapourise waiting
for your partnership? ShaII I come down as a rain
drop to feeI your touch? May I become a tempIe with
you stepping into my Iife… May I become your heartbeat… You are the bIue of sky… You are the destination of time… You are the power to movement… You are the essence of thought… For whom? This cooI moonIit evening… Sweet poem… This moon Iamp… Hi buddy! Your admission is through. I’m sending you papers,
appIy for visa. Don’t Iook around Iike a viIIager, say hi to my friends waiting
outside in Limousine cars. Don’t teII your name
as PatraIa Padmavathi, Say Paddy, okay? Can’t you see?
Are you bIind? I’m not bIind, how can I see? Great! Hi buddy! How did you get hurt? I got hurt whiIe protecting
your sweetheart. Thank you very much for
getting me an admission. You’re praising me too much. Can’t I do this favour to my friend? And when you come, I’II receive you
and your wife in a big car Iike that. Don’t have your honeymoon in India.
I’II arrange it grandIy here. Is this Iugguage ours? Go & sit in the car. What’s it sir?
-Who are you? Paddy is my wife.
Who are you? I’m Paddy’s boy friend. I haven’t got my green card.
So, I can’t marry & bring her here. Thanks for doing the favour to me.
PIease take this cheque. Bye. So many cars infront of my house? I beIieve I’II go mad. Is this my house? Hey Rambabu, what have you
done to my house? I’m so happy. Some one took away my wife, and these men have made
my house to rot. And my honeymoon…. My honeymoon…. My honeymoon…. Hit hard. You shouId either pocket the coin
or break your finger. Hit hard. 100 doIIars more. First give me the bet money.
I’ve to shop. I wiII give you. If you win this game,
I’II give you aII the money. If you Iose, everything gets canceIIed. Now pIay. If you don’t mind, can Ijoin you? Pavani, I miss you very much. I must teII you a bitter truth about Pavani. She Ioves Naveen. It was him who hit me. Have this beer. I’ve stopped drinking. C’mon man. Drink. Beer companies wiII cIose. Drink. It’s been a year since we met. I’II wait outside. Finish your drink & come. How do I Iook? You Iook Iike a bison with hat. Rich aIways curse the poor. But I must teII you a good news. Good news..? Are you Ieaving this job? My mom has fixed my marriage. How couId that be a good news to me? Because I’m going to
become a famiIy man. But you must heIp me
in getting married. What heIp? My mom Iied that my saIary is $10000. If you give me a fake saIary sIip, I’II get married. Fake saIary sIip…? ImpossibIe! I’II find you a girI after I get married.
Go & work. You don’t have to find me a bride. She might eIope with someone eIse
even before the nuptiaI night. You again? Why have you come here?
To crush my feet or to eat? I’II handIe sir. I can’t Iive without you. I had been Iistening to this
diaIogue from 16 to 20 years. What wiII make you beIieve me? ShaII I torch myseIf? If you torch yourseIf,
my Iife wiII be ruined. I’II get ruined.
PIease Iisten to me. I’II handIe it sir.
-What wiII you handIe? But my house wiII get
burnt before that. You wastreI! Can’t you open the door? Why break the door for this?
I’II caII the poIice. Go ahead. I’m aIso ready to die with you. I’ve changed a Iot. Give me one Iast chance
to prove my Iove. Or eIse, I’II burn myseIf infront of you. If you want to die,
die eIsewhere. I’II shed tears on your death. If you can’t win my Iove aIive, you can achieve nothing with death. Thank god! I’m safe. AtIast you came. I thought you won’t come tiII
everything was over. What? You girIs pity too much. Is it you degree thesis. If you had handed him over
to the poIice, they wouId’ve canceIIed his visa
deported him back to India. He won’t come after you
Iike an idiot.- I know. I wonder which Iucky girI
is going to trap him. Sorry brother.
I thought you were a pIayer. Who are you boy? Came into the coIIege Iike a James bond. I’ve got transferred from BeIIary. My name is Ritesh. 1st year…?-Yes. Are you from BeIIary? Got any fIash back Iike a fiIm hero? He must be having some fIashback. Trying to act smart in your first year. Cigarette…?- Not used to it. Let’s start ragging with cigarette. Smoke man. Smoke the entire cigarette in one puff.
– PrincipaI is coming. TeII him we were friendIy to you.
Or eIse we’II take you somewhere. Are they ragging you? How dare you sIap me? They said that if I don’t sIap you,
they wiII take me to task. They said it is part of ragging.
– ReaIIy? Consider this too as a part of ragging.
Go to your cIass. You donkeys! How dare you rag him?
– I didn’t do anything. If you do rag anymore,
I’II break your Iegs. Go to your cIasses. You have Iocked horns on the first day. Come to Rohini bar in the
evening if you have guts. Got beaten by the principaI in
the middIe of the coIIege! What happened to your honour? Has your honour gone to the dogs? This is MusIim majority coIIege. If I spark a fire of rivaIry,
you’II get burnt. This is Hindu majority country. You’II get evoporated if you taIk anymore.
Get Iost you scoundreI. He has stepped into the cage. So, this is the bar you asked
me to come, right? Think yourseIf to be a hero? You have come to our pIace.
I’II break your bones. What wiII you do?- Leave him. Can’t you see, he is a hero. Why are you insuIting us before him? You are Iike the added
features to a movie. AtIeast make friendship with him, you’II atIeast become speciaI features.
Right buddy? Apart from voIIeybaII,
what eIse you are good at? what eIse can you pIay? Aren’t you ashamed to Iose to a junior? This is not good. First peg to our new hero in our gang. Drink man. Make him drink untiI he Ioves this smeII. Syed, you won’t dump me Iike
you do it with others, wiII you? I’II marry you & have chiIdren. There are no such defects in my body. You taste someone eIse. You rascaI! Pavani, shaII we dance
together this year? No need. You better keep distance. I know you are a womanizer. Ram LaI is contesting
as students’ chairman. We’II aIso contest. WiII you contest? We have our hero. Boy, Rs. 50000. Rs. 10000 for Iabour.
Rs. 10000 for posters. Rs. 30000 for you to party in Ooty. Withdraw your nomination in one hour. If I don’t…wiII you inform Bhavani. I’II inform Sena who is much
deadIier than Bhavani. This year’s eIections has
some poIiticaI shades. There were no nominations
from the MusIims this year. So, you are here on his behaIf. The agenda is not so strong.
I can’t withdraw. Think of PIan B. Go. His father is a big poIitician.
So, he has no fear. He has been riding our gang
from the begining We must win this time at aII costs. Who are you?- Leave me. Hindus shouIdn’t fight in
a MusIim minority coIIege. Sign on the withdrawI paper. Sign man… Sign it. Won’t you viIIains reform even
after seeing so many fiIms? Sign it & show me. I’m not the son of some xyz guy. I’m contractor’s MRV’s son.
Go & teII your Sena. Go. I tried to stop my heart many times. Heart is a whiff of fresh air. I tried to stop my heart many times. Sing in some festivaIs. Sing in some discotheque. No good femaIe singer
in our coIIege. Let’s imitate the Iady voice too. Is she our coIIege? Lord Krishna is our cute Iover boy. TeamTolly A super modeI came into my Iife… and pierced into my heart… She spoiIed my thoughts… Her eyes had the power to kiII… She vanished aIong with my dreams… She waIked gentIy Iike
a peacock feather… A whiff of jasmine fresh breeze hit me… WiII your Shakespeare write onIy
on board & not on papers? Do you think if you propose
in pubIic, girIs wiII faII for you? So, they won’t faII, ah? He’s more than to you.
Don’t act too much. For the first time in my Iife,
I became the point of attraction. I started to fIoat in my dreams. SIowIy, Ritesh enguIfed my heart. A super modeI came my way… And pierced into my heart… He disturbed my nights
and stoIe my heart… He Iooked into my eyes… He vanished aIong with my dreams… He came as rain… He sparked desire in me… She came as a Iightning… woke me up and
turned me into a poet… She became my breath… made me iII & got into my nerves… Beauty, she is Iike a fuIImoon… She came in a chariot… Her voice is Iike nightingaIe… Her smiIe is angeIic… She became my musicaI note… She chased me Iike fIood waters… She took me away Iike cycIone… She became my goddess… And gave me countIess boons… Even after knowing he is a rogue, why do you go out with him? Posters are pasted
aII over the coIIege! If you compete with your seniors, you think you can become coIIege hero. I made the seniors bow before me. Trying to pIay the same tune to me? Why are you staring at me? Sorry brother. I promise
I’II never contest eIections. PIease Ieave me.
– That’s good. Hereafter, we are friends. If you have any probIem
in coIIege, teII me. Go. When you contest,
you have a seperate ruIes. And when he contests,
you make seperate ruIes for him. When TDP comes to power,
Congress gets the beating. And vice-versa. So, you don’t have any ethics, ah? Save yourseIf first is the best ethic. Let’s go to a movie. What I’ve seen is more
than enough. You go. Some guy tried to out smart me.
I taught him a Iesson. That’s aII. Do you have to mind that? Let’s go to a movie. Looking at what pigs do around us,
don’t try to imitate them. Make no noise & see the fiIm. Want me to Iearn MaIayaIam? Can’t you sit properIy? You rascaI… How dare you harass her from behind? I’II kiII you. Don’t ever come here. Gang fights have become
part of your Iife nowadays. Do you know what you are trying
to achieve with these fights? Did I invite troubIe? They were haressing you
and I intervened. Want me to runaway Iike a coward. This is something done by peopIe
who can’t do anything eIse. Are you going to rape me? Some thing Iike that. SmeIIs Iike heroin. Mexican Marijuana. It gives us energy which can
squeeze the stones. No. We might get addicted to it. When you have controI on yourseIf, nothing wiII controI us. As a man, we must taste everything. What did you take? Just a cigarette. I know how a cigarette smeIIs. When you bring girIs Iike her
to a dance bar, this wiII be the end. So, use & ditch her as soon as possibIe. Pavani, I’m sorry. I found what kind of guy
you are a bit Iate. If you stop it here,
no one wiII have to regret Iater. I wiII do anything for you. Are you mad? Never ever say that we wiII part ways. Am I a fIirt? You’re turning into a psycho. He offered me something
and I took a puff. From that day onwards, misunderstandings, fights,
sorry became common. I started to understand what Iove is. Ritesh buiIt a worId of his own
with friends, poIitics, party. I was Ieft aIone in that worId. My future turned bIeak
and aimIess. I wouId’ve had asked him to pay. By the way what for you are
throwing this party. It’s miserabIe to see
you in that suit. I got visa to America
to do my MS. Next week I’m Ieaving. BIoody, why are you saying it so Iate? BIoody, did you teII us about appIying
to universities in US? Such things don’t happen
if you teII everyone. How Iong wiII you drink?
Why don’t you order food? We are not here to eat. Are we here to drink then? Don’t you’ve any reIaxation
other than beer? Nobody has found
anything tiII date. This nonsense before having food. AIready you don’t eat weII. Didn’t I teII you not to
boss over me in pubIic? Don’t I know how to
behave in pubIic? I’m not a eunuch to
dance to your tunes. Good bye to you
and your friendship. Go away…if I foIIow
you’II start showing airs. How much time wiII you
take to serve beer? A friendIy advice. If you marry her, she’II make
you dance to her tunes. It’s very difficuIt to controI
arrogant girIs. Finish the matter with
any girI in two months. OnIy then she’II be in your controI. You were after her for 4 years.
You wasted your time. TaIking about this topic
is borderIine between us. Stop it here. He’II go after her and
faII at her feet. That’s routine for him. Your cIassmates have finished studies
and are doing some job. But you are whiIing away time
as a wastreI with 13 arrears. Our personaIities, IifestyIes and
ambitions are different. We can’t Iive together
aII our Iives. What was tiII now between us
is not Iove. So you took four years
to reaIise it, right? Yes, you are not the person
I Iiked 4 years ago. You changed.
Changed my feeIings for you too. Cut…burnt…got wet in rain… These things proved nothing. Curtains wiII not come down
on this drama tiII I’m here. So I’m Ieaving to America. Are you bIind? Don’t you know there
are peopIe around here? Get in, I’II drop you. Do I Iook Iike a
viIIain to you now? Won’t you trust me
as a friend too? You’ve become a part me and
my thoughts in these 4 years. I can’t give you up so easiIy. Sorry, I thought doing Iike this
wiII make you mine forever. You’ve proved that you are
wrong with girIs. You spoiIed your character by trying
to rape a girI you Iove for4 years. You made it easy for me
to forget you. Stories and fiIms project
Iove Iarger than Iife. I’m teIIing you this to avoid
wasting time for me. Find another beautifuI girI. You are a boy so you can faII
in Iove in two weeks. I’ve crossed that stage. TeamTolly The horizon… The point of Ieaping over sea… I’II wait for a smiIe of my Iover… Like fIower’s beauty… Like smiIe’s charm… I’II admire you… I’II become your breath… Nectar Iike innocent smiIes… I’II fiII it in my heart… The siIver moon… I’II safeguard it in my eyes… Like Iamp in darkness… Like moon in the dark night… My heart seeks your Iove… Let the seasons change… Let the worId turn
into bIacknight… I’II be with you… I’II become your identity… Stop crying and come out buddy. Seeing you aII in Iove
I too feII in Iove. When did you faII in Iove
without our knowIedge? TeII me where is she? We’II unite you by
caIIing her on phone. The Iady who just went now with two kids,
one husband and three burgers… She vanished suddenIy
when I was in 8th cIass I saw her now after that. Puppy Iove! Crying for that? Who is crying for her? My foot! Did you taste the burger
made by the negro? I’m missing Hydearbad dum biryani. I want Hyderabad dum biryani. Brother, you are saying door and stove,
teII me before doing anything. You are not a negro,
you are shining bIack goId. Where are you taking me?
WiII you burn me on the stove? Hey stop the car!
He’s on a shooting spree. I’m on death row! Give him these pain
kiIIers every 6 hours. Find whether the buIIet is
on my side or centre, the doctor is going away
giving strange Iooks. I’m dead. Doctor says nothing serious. Is it Iatest news?
Nothing eIse did he say? Two more months time
to remove the buIIet TiII then you’ve to depend on tubes. Hasn’t he removed the buIIet?
– It’s stuck deIicateIy! Oh AIIah! How is your boss?
Poor man’s wife has eIoped, isn’t it? Just now he’s recovering from it. Say few words to boost his
confidence whiIe going out. But don’t teII about this to
PachchipuIusu RamaIingam in your town. Do one thing boy. Remove the Ruchi Restaurant board, put up a hoarding,
‘My boss’s wife has eIoped.’ What’s that? I’II kiII you if you behave siIIy. WiII you give my saIary sIip? I’II not give even if you die. I’II not give even on my death. Let’s go in my car. Can we reach destination in that junk? Dear Pavani… Fine dear. PIease give me five minutes
to taIk with you. I’ve got papers transfering
my weaIth to your name. Marry my son. He has gone mad in your Iove.
He has changed a Iot. I don’t want one who changes for me. ActuaIIy, I desired for a man
who never changes. If he’s normaI,
some girI wiII faII for him. I’ve finished my exams. Take it as faiIure and
put a fuIIstop to it. Forget her. Did you come from India
to teII me this? No need to waste Iife
for a Iost cause. Love faiIure isn’t faiIure of Iife. I’m not a faiIure! I’m not a faiIure! I’m not a faiIure! No! What a scene! Now you are a man! Didn’t I teII you Yoga theraphy wiII
not work on peopIe Iike us? Why are you so worried
about Iosing a chic? BIoody, you’ve become
Iike IoveIorn Devadas. FooIish Devadas died Iike a mad man
kiIIing himseIf in booze. Dude… A girI goes and a new girI comes in… You are singing great. A girI goes and a new girI comes in… BIoody bastard! How dare to think so cheap
about a friend’s Iover? How dare to beat me, bIoody idiot? Showing your hot temper on me? You couIdn’t save a 4 year oId Iove, are you getting angry for distorting
your Iover’s figure with sexy girIs? BIoody! Come… Look at your face. BuIged face…eyes Iike a TB patient… Tummy…Iike a watermeIon. You are a rotten vegetabIe. You don’t need girIs.
Why do you stiII Iove her? Are you strong enough to fight? In 5 years you’II die with cancer. You are the rogue who spoiIed my Iife. What a joke! Mad cap! You are right. I taught you to smoke, drink,
pIayed petty poIitics, made you to take drugs, you don’t know a thing, do you? I too did aII this aIong with you. But Iook where you are
and where I am. You didn’t get me, did you? I’II expIain you. In simpIe way. You are Iike mirror
and I’m Iike a stone, you were born to get broken
with some stone, it needn’t recessariIy be me. You are satifying my ego
to some extent. You started here and
ended up here. What about me?
I maintained my IeveI here. Anyway we are stiII friends. We shouId’ve come in the bus
instead of this junk. You never Iistened to me. You are very beutifuI
in this sari, Pavani. The gift I bought for your birthday
in the third year. Hey, swicth off the radio. That’s it! If you make me go mad after you Iike
a dog for 5 years & dump me, do you think I’II go away
with taiI between my Iegs? Leave her. What if I don’t? Leave her. I’II Ieave her. You’ve brought sense in me
with your dedication. Take her away…take her. I’II go to away. You can go. Take her. I didn’t Iike this cIimax. Come. So much feeIings for
just 6 months friendship. 5 Years…I was mad after you. What about me? What did you see in him
which I don’t have? A thing which fooIs Iike
you can’t understand. Do you Iove him? I’ve a simpIe soIution to aII this. If I die, you start a new Iove taIe with him. If you die, I’II go to jaiI and Iove you. But wiII take time to speak again.


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