USI Tech Update 4-The Latest on USI Tech Scam Affecting US and Canada

what in the world is going on with USI Tech
find out right after this hey what’s
going on future Bitcoin millionaires I
hope you’re having a wonderful day today
and thank you so much for tuning in to
this usi tech update where I will try to
explain the best way I can what’s going
on with usi tech of course I have no
knowledge that you don’t have or anybody
else has but I’m going to give my take
on it my opinions my thoughts on what is
going on and maybe you can chime in in
the comments below as to your thoughts
and opinions of what’s going on after
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what’s going on here okay so to start
off today I would like to bring you up
to speed as to what’s going on if you
are brand new and just trying to figure
out hey what is going on with the US and
Canada and usi tech and it’s actually
starting to spill over and affect a lot
of other people as well so let me start
at the start and tell you give you kind
of a timeline of what’s happened up to
this point and we’ll try to make sense
of all this together okay I’m so on
January the fifth we had this notice pop
up in our dashboard which was
unfortunately the next day after I had
just invested $2,200 in to these BTC
packages that US high tech has and
basically what this notice says is hey
we’re not doing business with the US and
Canada anymore we had some people that
and promoted it the wrong way we had
some people that also created a bunch of
accounts and tried to game the system so
we’re gonna try to figure out what’s
going on and it’s going to take us a
couple of weeks to do the investigation
so as you can see here it’ll be
straightened out within the next two
weeks of course that was almost three
weeks ago now so here we go with this
notice here that is very annoying
because it pops up every time you go to
your dashboard but we’ve got that notice
there that’s just a bunch of bull hockey
if you ask me and then they came out
with this notice here and in this notice
it’s even more vague and confusing and
and you can go back and watch my updates
for my explanation on all of these
notices I’ve done I think this is the
fourth usi tech update I’ve done to this
point I haven’t been keeping up as well
because I was one of the victims of
these zombie flu this year so I’ve been
trying to recover from that flu that
everybody’s been getting it’s been a
very dangerous flu season for a lot of
people so I’m gonna attempt to play
catch-up and I’m trying to open this
notice here so you can see it right now
but it apparently it’s not gonna open or
it’s gonna take forever or something’s
going on so anyway this notice right
here which was even more vague and
confusing than the first notice if you
ask me because I you know really didn’t
give any more new information it didn’t
really tell hey if it’s affecting the
customers or the distributors or who
who’s being affected by this thing but
apparently everybody in the US and
Canada as well as other countries are
being affected so there’s that notice
it’s not gonna pop up apparently and I
don’t want to lose my dashboard because
right before I did this video I actually
got a 500 internal server errors so
their website was down and I was like
well that’s a bummer because now I’m not
gonna get to log on here and show
everybody what’s going on firsthand so
I’m lucky enough to be able to hit this
dashboard so I’m not gonna try to load
this notice but like I said you can go
back look at some of my other videos and
you’ll be able to see this notice and
where I go through and all that good
stuff okay and so then after that they
came in and they removed our available
balance and our wallets okay no
explanation has been given the whole
time before a change takes place they
don’t come on and say hey
know what guys we’re gonna remove your
wallets and we’re gonna remove your
available balance we’re not gonna give
you any kind of clue as to how much
Bitcoin you actually have in your
account we’re not gonna allow you to
withdrawal anything we’re not gonna
allow you to do crap on our site because
that’s just how we are and so they make
these changes here with no no notice
ahead of time and then so last Monday
they took away this of our balances and
then on Tuesday they finally came out
with a notice because everybody’s all
panicked and stuff and they said hey
well within 48 hours we’ll have your
available balance and all that back this
is just frozen it says all balances are
saved and will be soon soon be available
again with separation and commissions
earned and return BTC packages this will
happen within 48 hours now like I said
that was last Tuesday so almost a week
has gone by so I’m not sure how long
they really think 48 hours is but their
48-hour deadline has expired you know
about about a yeah you know four or five
days ago so a couple of days ago they
put up this current Commission balance
and current return on BTC balance and no
numbers whatsoever it’s not clickable at
all and so there’s that I guess a lot of
help that does and a lot of people are
saying well on the plus side Jeff you
know they are still paying out on the
BTC packages and that’s a bunch of
baloney like I said in my last update
this is just numbers on a computer
screen okay
these numbers mean absolutely nothing
except for hey maybe if we do decide to
pay you and maybe for this is not all a
big scam and a positive scheme like
people try to warn you before you bought
these BTC packages but then will will
pay out these numbers on this computer
screen and until then these numbers mean
absolutely nothing and actually actually
the numbers have been a lot lower in
percentage returned here lately and I’m
not sure what’s going on with that
either but there have been a couple of
days where the percentage return was
around 0.65 percent and me personally I
have never had a day that’s been over
0.85 or something like that ever since
any of this has gone on actually ever
since I’ve started with usi Tech I’ve
never gotten anything close to a 1%
return on a daily basis so what I’ve
heard though is that they’ve changed the
terms and conditions which I can’t even
locate on their site anymore but they’ve
changed the terms and condition and used
to in the old terms and conditions that
said we will pay out between 0.75 and
point one point two five percent on a
daily basis and that has absolutely been
false okay so that is what I know about
USI Tech as of right now I know that a
lot of stuff is screwed up they’ve taken
away available balances I think they
don’t want people to have screenshots of
their accounts they don’t want people to
be able to prove how much Bitcoin
they’ve actually got and like I said I
can’t even really click and go to
anything because you can see that every
time I try to click something then it
just loads and you get this spinny will
time here on the on the browser and it
never really goes anywhere
so a lot of people are saying well maybe
they’re just making adjustments to the
website and and all that good stuff but
I think really they’re just trying to
screw us even further and you know
absolutely no announcements and changes
except for the big promoters in USI Tech
or trying to keep everybody calm and
with good reason now the reason I think
that they’re trying to keep everybody
is because they are so heavily invested
in the USI tech ico USI tech tech coin
or something like that people have you
know sixty thousand dollars tied up in
the diamond packages they have thirty
thousand tied up in other packages and
stuff like that and so they’re trying to
be like hey guys just stay calm I know
something you don’t know
USI Tech is going to definitely pay us
and that’s a load of bullshit if you ask
me because these people know absolutely
no more than what we know and they’re
coming out trying to keep us calm and
and I’m not calm for one because you
know I’ve got about twenty five hundred
dollars all together tied up in USI Tech
and and while that’s not a ton of money
it is still a sizable investment that I
would like to recover right and and USI
Tech could just come out and say hey
guys here’s your Bitcoin back we’re not
gonna be able to do business in US and
Canada but we are an open up
company here’s your Bitcoin back sorry
things didn’t work out but instead
they’re acting like a trashy
ex-girlfriend and taking all your stuff
and going right so you know that’s
that’s what I know right now and like I
said I don’t know any more than these
leaders that are trying to keep
everybody calm and say hey guys
everything’s gonna be just fine just you
got to have some patience with these
things and you’ve got to just hang in
there guys just hang in there that would
a bunch of crap man
you know these people are just trying to
smooth things over the best they can
because they’ve they’ve recruited you
know tens and thousands of people into
this USI Tech and they don’t want to
look like a big asshole
but in fact that’s exactly what they’re
doing while they’re not trying to do it
so in my opinion all these updates
coming out from these big promoters are
just some way to try to keep people calm
but if you’re anything like me you’re
not calm right now you’re kind of pissed
off you just want this thing to be
resolved and you would love to get some
kind of communication from us I took who
seems to be hiding behind their legal
team and at this point I’m not even sure
what kind of legal team they have
because you know if they had some kind
of legal team that was you know business
savvy or whatever they would know that
all they’re doing is making people panic
every single day that nothing’s being
done and with every change that comes
unannounced people are getting more and
more panicked about what’s going to
happen with their investments and like I
said I have a very small investment in
u.s. ITEX some people have 40,000 50,000
$100,000 tied up in u.s. i-tech so I’m
not acting like you know my investments
more important than these people because
if I had that much money right now I
would I would probably hop on a plane
and fly to where these people are and
try to find out face-to-face what’s
going on and why we’re not while we’re
not being updated why the communication
sucks and all that stuff so that’s what
I know about us I check right now
I hope this update somewhat helps but
really I just want to get a conversation
going with what’s going on with usi tech
what’s your speculation on this whole
thing what is your thoughts and opinions
on what’s going on with usi tech I would
love to get your feedback in the
comments section and let’s just try to
keep this thing constructive let’s try
put our heads together and figure out
what you think is going to happen and of
course it’s gonna be total speculation
either which way it goes this video is
highly speculative and I’m really just
giving the facts of you know the
announcements that have been made even
even though they’re extremely late and
way after the changes are taking place
and us high tech is not keeping their
word it’s been past the two-week
deadline it’s been past the 48-hour
deadline and this is more and more
looking like it’s a scam and a Ponzi
scheme by the day okay so give me your
feedback in the comment section like I
said if you are new around here hit that
subscribe button hit the like button and
let’s let’s get a conversation rolling
let’s build a good community of people
who actually want to be millionaires by
investing in Bitcoin and crypto
currencies okay alright so that is it
for this update in my next video I plan
on going into my all coin portfolio
where I’m using alt coins to stack up
Bitcoin so I’m doing some short-term
investments in several different alt
coins and I want to talk about those and
I’ll probably do some individual videos
on the specific alt coins that I’m
invested in as well okay
so I will see you in the next update
thank you so much for tuning in and I
will see you later
thanks so much

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