UPDATES: What Happened After Our Most Outrageous Moments? (Full Episode) | Couples Court

UPDATES: What Happened After Our Most Outrageous Moments? (Full Episode) | Couples Court

Welcome to a special edition
ofCouples Court.We’re taking a break
from hearing cases to look back at some
of the outrageous moments that have taken place
in our courtroom. JUDGE DANA:
There have been moments
of joy,
moments of shock
and moments of heartbreak.
And with heartbreak,
a lot of other things
gets broken, busted and torched
in the process. Just take a look at this. I go back to the front
of the house, and I look and that’s when
I see a woman. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) I instantly punched
the window out. I get out of my car
and I, I hit him. Banged on the door three times
and he didn’t answer. So I went to the door
and I just kicked it in, honey. And they say,
“Hell hath no fury
like a woman scorned.” But it’s our experience
here at theCouples Courtthat men get little hot
under the collar
when they think
they’re being cheated on.
Yeah, where there’s smoke,
there’s often fire.And in this case, Mr. Harmon
was so certain that his fiance
was cheating,
that he took out his anger
on her wedding dress.
Watch this.MS. POWELL: I proceeded to go
into the bathroom
and found my dress
laying there burnt.
I was like,
“What happened to it?” You know he’s like,
“Oh, well, um, “see what happened was
I got it caught
on a cigarette.” Mr. Harmon, did you
burn her dress? Yes, I did. Okay, why did you set
the dress on fire? MR. HARMON:Because I was mad.It wasn’t intentional,
it was out of spite.
JUDGE KEITH: What was running
through your mind
as you were building up… Just her seeing
her ex-boyfriend and her lying to me, her with her co-worker,
the hidden galleries
in her phone. That gets to me sometimes,
you know, I think about it. So I just took it
and you know,
set it on fire. So when I stumped it out,
I just threw it
in the bathroom, so she come home look
at it ’cause the first place
she goes, she’s always in that mirror. He was hurt and he was hot, but it was definitely
not the right thing
for him to do. We have an update
from them. Watch this. We were recently
onCouples Court
here about a month ago. Because he thought
I was cheating and I was not. Yeah. Yeah.He pretty much trusts me now.Right.He knows I was not lying.Right.Thank y’all for everything. We really support y’all. We are really with the movement
and thank y’all. (LAUGHS) Give me a kiss.
Come in here. Now, that wasn’t the only case
where suspicions of cheating
led to a fire.Ms. Jones got fed up
with her husband’s
questionable behavior
and she took out her anger
on his wardrobe. She said I’m smelling like sex. She went crazy,
burnt all my new clothes. I just bought everything. She went into the back
and went crazy on it. All right, Ms. Jones,
did you do what he’s saying
you did? Yes, I did. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE KEITH: That’s like
straight out of
Waiting to Exhale,
isn’t it? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, man. Ms. Jones says
as soon as they got home,they started counseling
and they are taking things
day by day.
There was another case
that was outrageous
for a number of reasons. Here’s a reminder. MS. TURCHI:She was so basic.I’m bad, she’s not
so it didn’t even
cross my mind
that this could be a woman
that he’s like involved with. So, Mr. Pearson,
your girlfriend knocks
on the door and finds you living
with another woman.
How does that happen? Your Honor,
this was the friend
from the past. Okay, she was down
on her luck. She came to me last minute
asking me if she can stay
with me. And she’s still living
with you? No. Okay, so when she was living
with you, were you ever
sexually active with her? No. I am trying to figure out
why you didn’t tell
your girlfriend? I thought it would be
a quick turnaround,
like maybe 90 days. How long does it take
to get on your feet? Ninety days? Your friend would have stayed
there for three months without you telling
your girlfriend? I mean, ain’t that
the probationary period? That’s like,
that’s like 90 days. Ms. Turchi, what do you
hope for this relationship? I hope that he’s not cheating. Like, maybe he did little bit
in the beginning when we first met,
that’s fine. But once we established
a relationship, like there’s no reason
to cheat after that. You’ve got all this,
why would you
mess that up? JUDGE DANA: Well, there it is. The lie detector determined
that he was being deceptive. I can’t believe
you would do this to me
for some (BLEEP). Well, just because someone
made a mistake doesn’t mean
the relationship is over.So, what do you think?Is it over between
Ms. Turchi and Mr. Pearson?I just found out that
he was, in fact, lying
and cheating on me.
I just feel like
now our relationship
will be even stronger
and now I know the truth. I’ll
be using that moving forward.
Thank you,Couples Court. As we saw, people get outraged
after the truth is revealed.And as we have seen
in our courtroom,
there are often three sides
to every story.
Ms. Perkins brought her
photographer husband
to court
after she found
seductive photographs
of a half-naked woman
taken in their bed. Take a look. Mr. Curier, did you sleep
with this woman? MR. CURIER: No, Your Honor,
I did not. JUDGE DANA:So you’re
just lying on the bed
up in your house
on your white sheets
taking pictures?
With a half-naked woman.
With a half-naked woman, yes. That’s like a picture
you’d post on Instagram saying that thank you
for working with this
person here. You are not buying any of this. MS. PERKINS: No. Have you ever
had sexual relations
with Mr. Curier? No. I mean, it was just
harmless flirting. I got to go
with the lie detector test
and these pictures. They all indicate that you had
sexual contact with Ms. Adams. Ms. Adams, so what really
happened when you took
these pictures? Jerome, you are my friend but I mean, you have to be
honest sometimes. So what happened? Did all have sex? Yeah. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) Whoa, I was not expecting
the mistress to come clean. Did the couple stay together?
Let’s find out. Me and him decided that we
would just call it quits
and get a divorce and continue to work
as parents together
and co-parent. It’s unfortunate
that Ms. Perkins
and Mr. Curier couldn’t salvage
their marriage. True. We have to take a break. And we will have more
outrageousCouples Court
moments when we come back. NARRATOR:Coming up…And because I’m in crazy mode,
I’m, like, looking now and today we’re bringing you
some of the wildest,
most outrageous moments that we’ve seen and heard
in our courtroom. Cutler, people have dozens
of reasons for cheating. But one of the most outrageous
reasons I’ve heard comes from an online article
saying that most men cheat because the women
looked really hot. In the case
ofViney v. McKellep,the defendant used
similar excuse
for past infidelity.Well, like I said
she’s a porn star…

(CLEARS THROAT) …so… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Oh, yes, Mr. McKellep. We’ll get more
into that case later. But first,
let’s look at some of
the outrageous things people have brought
to court as evidence. This is what I’m used to. You know what I mean?
This is what I married
right here. This is her now,
you know what I mean?
While I’m at work. JUDGE KEITH: Okay, so it looks
like you’ve got handprints
on top of the car. Why would the top be dusty
and not the side? Well, she’s, um… You know? Oh. This is mine, my size,
a 10. This is the size
I found, a 4. AUDIENCE MEMBER: Wow. I haven’t worn size 4
since I was 19 or 20 years old. And because I’m in crazy mode,
I’m, like, looking now and, you know
what I find is a bra. Yeah. In the car. Those were pretty crazy. But do you remember
in the case of
Thomas v. Mooney,
I had to call my own mother
to make sense of the evidence. Take a look. I found some lotion. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) Some sweet smelling lotion. JUDGE DANA: Oh. This is the type of lotion
I found. He said
that’s his mom’s lotion. And his mom is 70
and disabled. And this is the type
of lotion my mom use. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
let me see that. Okay. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Hello. Mom? JUDGE DANA’S MOTHER:
Hey, hello.
JUDGE DANA: Mom, I’m in court.
I got a case in front of me. Me and Mr. Cutler
are having a dialogue about whether or not
a mature woman would use a fruity scent. What kind of lotion
would you use, Mother? JUDGE DANA’S MOTHER:Well,
I use the classic lotions.
The ones with the subtle
or mild fragrance.
So would you use a fruity scent
like strawberries or peaches
or anything like that? JUDGE DANA’S MOTHER:
No, that’s for young women.
(AUDIENCE LAUGHING)I’m too old for that.JUDGE DANA: Thank you, Mama. Now, we’re not done. After the break,
we will have more
Couples Court
moments. We’ll be right back. NARRATOR:Up next…He was messing around
with my friend’s daughters. So welcome back to today’s
special update edition
ofCouples Court.We have a multiple choice
question for you.According to a recent study,36% of men and women
who admit to cheating,
claim they had an affair with,A, their brother
or sister-in-law
JUDGE KEITH:B, a neighbor.JUDGE DANA:C, a co-worker.JUDGE KEITH:
D, a member of their church.
JUDGE DANA:The answer
is “C”. A co-worker.
36% of men and women admit
to having affairs
with a co-worker. Additionally, 17% of people have admitted
to cheating with a sister
or brother-in-law. JUDGE KEITH:These next couples
were accused of infidelity
a little too close to home.JUDGE DANA:In this case,
Ms. Barker accused her husband
of sleeping with one
of her family members. We get into an argument. Instead of us putting hands,
I like to take a walk and walk it off,
you know? I come back
after calming down. I check in my kid’s room. Mr. Davis is in my kid’s bed
with my family member in his boxers, Your Honor. Mr. Davis, you’re shaking
your head no. That morning I was cleaning up
in the kids’ room, just
getting all the toys up. In some kind of way,
I dozed off and I woke up
and she was under me. JUDGE DANA: Wait a minute. (AUDIENCE GASPS) But when I woke up,
when I woke up, Ms. Barker came in the room
going crazy on us. Mr. Davis was asked, “Have you had
sexual intercourse “with anyone of your wife’s
family members?” What was his response? OFFICER: His response
was, “No.” What did the lie detector
determined? The lie detector determined
that he was being deceptive. (AUDIENCE GASPS) MS. BARKER: I’m just done. I’m done with the marriage.
It’s over. I’m done with it.
It’s over. Our staff touch based
with Ms. Barker and she says finding out
the truth was all she needed
to move on without him. Earlier on, we took
a quick look at the case
ofViney v. McKellep.He admitted cheating
with a porn star
and his longtime girlfriend
also accused him of cheating with someone
close to her. He was messing around
with my friend’s daughters. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) And he always looks for her
on Facebook. Always searches for her. I don’t know why.
I want to know why. We want to know why, too. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) When I disappeared
the five weeks, this was the person in 2015
that I did cheat on with. Oh. And I told you this. No, you did not. I told you… What else are you hiding? I told you before. (SIGHS) Okay, so him telling you
today is the first time
you’re hearing this? Yes. How long ago did this happen? 2015. (CRYING) The court followed up
with the coupleand Ms. Viney told us
that she and Mr. McKellep
are still together
and are talking about
finally getting married.
She’s been in love
with him for such a long time and I do hope
they can work it out. Our next couple
came to court because Ms. Wells believed
her boyfriend was spendingtoo much quality time
with his clients.
Mr. Mapp insisted
that he’s just a club promoter
but was he mixing
business with pleasure? Are there any other women
in particular that you
are concerned about? His female business partner. AUDIENCE MEMBER: Uh-oh. JUDGE KEITH: Okay,
and why are you
concerned about her? Well, she came about
two years ago, um,
out of nowhere, and now all of a sudden
they are best friends
and they are always together. They took a business trip
that was supposed to be
one day. It ended up being three days. That’s the truth though.
We added some extra stops. But nothing
inappropriate happened. You believe that
they are actually intimate. Yes. You asked Mr. Mapp,
“Since 2015, up until now, “have you had physical
sexual contact “or intercourse
with your business partner,
Ms. Alceley.” What was his response? Your Honor,
he pleaded the fifth and refused to answer
the question. It makes no sense.
Why do I have to be
asked a question that is so obvious.
Like it ain’t no way. MS. WELLS: You could have
answered the question. MR. MAPP: Like, ain’t no way. I think this is the first time
this has happened
in this court. How do you feel about the fact
that he pleaded the fifth
and refused to answer… He’s probably guilty. MR. MAPP: Ain’t no way. After the case, we had
his business partner
take a polygraph testto see if their relationship
extended from the boardroom
into the bedroom.
And we have results
right here.
We asked Ms. Alceley,“Since becoming
business partners
up until now,
“have you had physical
sexual contact
“with your business partner,
Mr. Mapp?”
What was her response?
JUDGE KEITH: She said, “No.” And the lie detector determined
that she was being deceptive. Let’s see if that information
has made a difference
in their relationship. Our relationship
is way too strong. It’s too strong to let
a few bumps in the road
mess up anything.I’m done with the games
and I just want
to make it work.
And we live happily ever after. Now, this next case, Mr. Taylor found an outrageous
sex tape of his wife
with another man. But when he came to court, he still had hopes
of reconciling his marriage. MR. TAYLOR:
At this time of our lives, man,
that was my best friend,
that was my lover,
that was my homie, that was my other half.
We did everything together. I was adopted.
I ain’t had a chance to really experience
a real good family life
like most people, so she knows that’s something
I really want structure
in my life is to build and have
a family. So, your belief in that
she is lying and that she is cheating
has driven, literally driven
you from your home with her. Gone. Yes. I was in Mr. Taylor’s corner. He really wanted
his family back. But then, Ms. Jackson dropped
a bombshell. JUDGE DANA:Yes, she did.But we’re gonna save that
until after the break.
Stay with us and don’t miss
the outrageous conclusion
to this case. NARRATOR:Coming up…Couples Courtis back
and we’re wrapping up with one of the most
outrageous cases we’ve had
in our courtroom. JUDGE DANA:
Taylor v. Jackson.
Ms. Jackson was a woman
who was clearly caught between her lover
and her husband.
Take a look. Mr. Charles,
when was the last time that you were intimate
with Ms. Jackson? This morning. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Ms. Jackson, were you intimate
with Mr. Charles this morning? See her reaction. JUDGE DANA: Quiet. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: “Yes, Your Honor.” MR. TAYLOR: Life goes on. You chose,
you made your decision. I can’t keep on trying to
rescue you
from your own decisions. You got to live with them. I couldn’t believe
she did that. You want to reconcile
with your husband but you are still sleeping
with the man you made the
sex tape with and you bring him to court? Well, apparently that was
the last straw for Mr. Taylor.He told a member of the staff
that the relationship is over.
That’s all the time
we have today. Thank you for joining us. There’s one last thing
I want to do. What’s that? Well, all the couples
who come into our courtroom
have these great selfies. So you want to take
a selfie? I think it’s called “usie.” Okay, let’s take an usie. And while we take
our usie, please enjoy some of the best
usies we’ve seen this season.Thank you for joining us
and don’t forget to follow us
on Facebook, Twitter
and Instagram.
Smile, Mr. Cutler.


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