Update from talks at the Cabinet Office

Update from talks at the Cabinet Office

Hello it’s Mark Serwotka the general
secretary of PCS. Now behind me is the Cabinet Office and this morning I, along
with your negotiators, have met the Cabinet Office to talk about civil
service pay. Now I know that some of you work in departments where 2019’s pay
hasn’t been sorted yet, but this meeting was looking forward to next year, where
we are demanding a significant change of approach for all PCS members. Now we live in volatile times – there may be a general election anytime soon, but it’s really
important that the civil service management are able to tell whoever the
government is what we are demanding on your behalf and we’ve set out today some
key demands: firstly, all of our members must be given next year a significantly
higher than inflation pay rise. That’s to address the 10 years or more that in
real terms your pay has declined. Secondly, that pay rise must be funded
by the Treasury, no Department should have to cut jobs in order to give you
extra pay. We’ve also told them that next year, as we’re negotiating pay, we’ll have
to deal with the difficult question of your pension. At the moment every month
you pay 2% more for your pension than the government knows you should pay, so we’ve told them next year you must get that 2% back and that must be in
addition to any above-inflation pay rises that we negotiated and finally
we’ve said this to them – we’ve had enough, and you’ve had enough, of everybody’s pay being different depending what department you work in. What that means is you don’t get the same rate of pay for doing the same work, many of our
members are on the national minimum wage, while in other departments they get a
bit more. So we’ve said next year we must move to national pay where you all get
paid equal rates of pay for doing the same job. Now the Cabinet Office are in
no doubt what we’re seeking to achieve on your behalf. We hope we have a
different government that will give us these things because you deserve them,
but we must prepare to face whatever government is in office. So my final
message is this: if they don’t agree to our just demands, the strength of the
union will decide whether we make progress. So if you’re in the union,
why not ask a colleague today to join if they’re not a member; why don’t you
consider getting involved because the more active people are the better chance
we have of achieving justice on pay. But know this – your union is determined to ensure that in 2020 you get the pay rise you deserve. Thanks very much.

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