Tucker: Are we sure America won’t elect a socialist?

Tucker: Are we sure America won’t elect a socialist?


  • Rick Klein

    If Bernie wins the Presidency:
    January 24th, 2021: Newly elected President Sanders imposes a 90% wealth tax on billionaires.
    Respondent(former billionaire): But now I only have 100 million.
    February 24th, 2021 Bernie informed by his Minister of economics AOC: we need more money. Bernie imposes a 99% Wealth tax on fortunes of 100 million.
    Respondent: But now I only have 1 million.
    Bernie: You peasants complain too much. Go to the end of the bread line.
    March 24th, 2021: AOC, minister of the economy: We need more money.
    Central Bank: there is no more.

  • Steven M

    Clever way of taking the most extreme explanation of sensible policy positions. It’s unfortunate that while blaming our internal issues on people who try to come here the reality now is that those of us who are already here are letting ourselves be robbed as it is.

  • Ned Gehrz

    Build the wall, deport them all. Illegal gimmegrants escape the poverty and misery of their own socialist countries to sneak into this country and vote for socialists the first chance they get. We already have enough of our own losers; don't need to import more.

  • BagdadBill

    I have not voted since Reagan. I have religious reasons for this stance. Because of the potential of a Bernie presidency I plan to vote in case he gets the nomination. Bernie Sanders hates America and it's liberty. I have said this since the last election.

  • Robert Reppert

    Yea if the dem party doesn’t cheat their own system again to keep Bernie from nomination and he actually gets nomination then he will win. He has too many people hoodwinked that he’s messiah. What likely would happen though would be worse than Carter admin. Economy crash, military widdled laughably low, honestly I’m afraid that it will be an anything but Trump vote like last anything but Hillary.

  • World Known

    He knows his audience. He knows what to say to make the right people mad at him, and more importantly, mad with him. His stances and opinions are just as weak as the rest of the Dems. He’ll change anything he needs to win. Nothing more than that.


    If aliens have a right to health care, why don't the elderly get vision and dental care? Here in Iowa, if you're 19-64 you get it all. Turn 65 and "sorry Buddy, you don't get those any more"

  • Artem Morozov

    If Bernie is going to make college free, then 80% of students are going to be all Chinese, Arab and Indian because they make big $$$ charging International students while I doubt Bernie’s budget will be enough to cover tuition for American students at current cost

  • Stergios Vogiatzis

    I personally dont know a single american bragging about your health care and education. I personally have only heard people complaining that you have to go into debt to have any of them.

  • Curmudgeon

    As a conservative, Sanders is still quite conservative on a lot of issues for a socialist and I'll choose him any day before anyone else of those dem crooks

  • Kieran Considine

    America elected corporate socialist Trump as president. "The Swamp" has never had it so good.

    The people will never get a social democrat like Bernie Sanders elected. The oligarchy will never let America be a true democracy again. The establishment, corporate media, and the rest of the swamp will never let that happen. The poor and working class will always be peasants to them. The American people are only seen as canon fodder to be used in their never ending wars.

  • Lilian

    2:20 Tucker is being disingenious there(cut the next sentence)… Sanders says that he would temporarily stop deportations with the next goal of implementing a new imigration reform(he also says that US workers should not compete with people that are desperate to work for any amount of money).

  • Sirabot

    I finally get it now. Conservatives dont like to share. Thats pretty much the end of it. This network is a joke. Praising castro. Taken out of context, twisted. Mainstream media are shills for the elite.

  • Keith Paterniti

    Bernie would get crushed, to think otherwise is just stupid… His base is angry college kids that have never lived in the real world that are not able to function outside of the university lifestyle. He doesn't have the support of the majority of Americans, just a small niche group

  • Phillip Johnson

    Socialism its a trap! It is a stage that is being set by the Secular Humanism movement. BTW, everyone keeps missing the mark with Sanders. He isn't a valid classic Socialist. He is the representative of a Secular Humanism movement that has swept across many Marxist and Communists countries, many concentrated throughout the European Continent except the Middle-East which could lead you to some conclusions about some fairly recent proxy wars in the region…just sayin' what most will not!

  • Shelly Morrison

    I hope *can make *this comment of Not being Fan of Trump,Without Any Negative,OR,insulting Reply’s,or worse,as has been the Norm. I This see this as really quite simple,and near ‘idiot-proof’; Unless we as American-Citizens whose fore-Father’s fought and many so many died,for us to have, to keep, and to endure as “One Nation, Under GOD,indivisible with freedom and justice for all”! *These words simplify our current choices people! Look, do we *Want a proven liar, who has shown SO Many people, Even Great Americans!Such Disregard,and at best who has Taken ‘ The Low Road which has shown us he has No Respect for the office he sadly has held! Please Think ONE Thing GET TRUMP OUSTED! It’s Your right,VOTE FOR WHO You WANT, But Get a True Close, honest Look at All candidates, then TRUMP,and HIS MANY Words&actions, *(Unbefitting the office of POTUS),Unkindnesses,OutRight Lies,and I Pray You WILL SEE,Ousting him is Essential to Stopping More Of This insanity, More DIVISION In Our GREAT NATION! Put The Person in Office that can most likely HEAL our Great Nation! My Beautiful,Free, fellow-Americans, Fellow-Human Beings; Please Think Long & Hard…*YOU’VOTE! IS A GIFT Our *Ancestors GAVE US With Their Blood! Please Exercise Your Right To VOTE! AMEN!…I pray for Trump,but I pray he is well, *BUT I PRAY HE Is NOT Re-ELECTED!re-election. Please No Hater-Replies. This is not a “hate-post”, this is a he Is NOT PRESIDENT-Material AT ALL!~Thanks✌️☮️

  • Savage Saiyan Fitness

    Well yea who else is gonna pay his 90% tax rate once the rich/people that can afford leave cause they don’t wanna pay it

  • John Forgette Jr

    America might not elect a communist or socialist but that doesn't mean a communist or socialist won't steal the elections

  • The Dave

    Relax. Even if bat sht Bernie were to become president, big oil and big pharma would provide Bernie with the Kennedy/Epstein relaxation treatment. Big business would never allow Bernie to do the crazy sht he is proposing. It would though, make very interesting television.

  • Unknown Patriot

    They would pay for it by increasing taxes to 125%, Yep, you make 100k a year you owe 125K. They don't prosecute for the 25% you can't pay, they use it as leverage to keep you working. IE if you stop paying, we send you to prison for life. And yep, even people not working still owe 25k a year in taxes. It's all to keep you in line.

  • Joey Beasley

    No way YOU CAN compare MR.GREATEST OF ALL TIME PRESIDENT TRUMP To CRAZY Bernie!! MR.TRUMP didn't make promises TO GIVE away THE FARM!! And MAKE empty promises THAT he couldn't KEEP! Nope he MADE promises he has kept PERIOD!! TRUMP 2020 ALL DAY!!!

  • Patrick Nooning

    I am not certain we won't elect a socialist. I couldn't believe we elected Obama for a 2nd term. Even if Trump is re-elected in 2020, what about 2024? He's only allowed 2 terms. I can't believe people are embracing socialism!

  • walid breidi

    I am a french citizen and of course healthcare AND education are human rights in here and all over europe.

    he basically lied the whole video. i dont know how this guy can look at himself in the mirror or sleep at night.

    its really sad to see how americans are manipulated.

  • Ling li

    DNC is our first line of defense against socialism. DNC associated with FBI, CIA is a powerful force to depend imperialism.

  • xbluedream89x

    Wooo you go bernie get rid of that ice! Bernies the kinda global warming we need in politics, i dare say he will “really” drain the swamp.

  • N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s

    The socialist term is all the republicons have to go on and scare their base. Trump can't beat Sanders on any of his platforms and both the DNC and the right are doing everything they can to stop this man because they don't want to lose their power and money.

  • Glen Rhoten

    I haven't heard anything about the Millions of jobs that will be lost.
    Medical billing
    Loan officers
    Paper pushers
    Collections officers

  • Todd Michaels

    Biden said the same thing about immigration and that illegal aliens had more of a right to be here than current US citizens.

  • Antonio Torres

    I can't for the life of me, understand why you americans fear Bernie Sanders, all of his policies have worked in countrie with a better living standard than yours.

  • Adam Australia

    Maybe the US needs to elect a socialist just so the next few generations understand why it doesn’t work.

  • pattherealist

    Yes and you just listened to a moron from TV spewing his millionaire media neocon rant for the 1 %.

  • 賢治 the Eagle

    Press the lever of the slot machine every 4 years and keep fantasizing that you made a difference in the world. 🤣

  • Providence

    Eventually, once it gets bad enough, America will vote in a Socialist as well as a Nationalist. Maybe they wont even vote him in.

  • The Guru of Kang

    "The undocumented community" ? Only a Muppet would call the undocumented a community, a communist Muppet that is.
    I would rather vote Kermit the frog into office than Bernie Sanders.

  • Charlie C

    “How should you feel about that?” What is it with American media and so shamelessly forcing their partisan views down your throat. Telling people how to feel is not the job of a “news” channel

  • Tracy S

    Nothing surprises me with the electorate, We got Trump which is amazing to come out of nowhere to be President. We have Bernie the crazy commie and the dementia riddled creepy Joe as one of the Dems nominee.

  • Lieblingsfarbe

    "No other nation ever tried this"….nahhh we have human rights since a few Years now in Europe. Works kinda well. You can basically imigrate from somewhere on earth and get Free Healthcare and Money if you don't have a Job and so on. Its just not that big of a Deal. Won't change that much for your self, but the People in need, will appreciate it.

    And your Police sucks in the U.S. Give them a better and longer training and dont put everyone in jail for a night because they did something. Thats so weird. In Europe you get a Mail with your fine or cord date after the fact, but they wont take you in Jail on the Spot for little things and not only for a few nights or something, why should they, idk is it like a Punishment ? Thats stupid. How you handle these things in the U.S doesnt make any Sense but everything worse.

  • rob rau

    Go ahead and elect Bernie I dare you. First thing I'll do will be quit my job and you all can pay for me to lay around doing nothing

  • Larry Carmody CMD

    Dumb Democrats have a new Rule. ie. They can NOT use the word GOD, if that's the case, they CANT read the
    US Constitution or the Amendments, cuz it has GOD in it. The dumb Democrats are crazy🤪🤪🤪🤪 communist, not just socialist but card carrying
    Communist.🤪 and they shld be barred from even being allowed in our Government. 🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵☠☠☠☠☠☠💀💀💀💀💀💀
    That's them.!!!!!

  • Graham Drew

    Socialist….DOG WHISTLE for the uninformed…Knocking Socialism is typical of not knowing what benefits you and what hurts you…Rampant Capitalism is the "BAD" scenario….Just ask yourself when has Capitalism ever done anything for the common man? A great economy that only benefits the rich does not help you…Socialism protects you from the ABUSES pure Capitalism comes with. When will these cable news hacks stop lying about socialism and stop promoting the 1% DOGMA

  • Bezz80

    We've had socialism for the rich for 200 years, time to end that and make them pay their fair share for a change and have the money actually take care of the people, not just a few, so just end socialism for the rich and the rest takes care of itself.

  • Hyetts

    I'll tell you what: I don't agree with Bernie's healthcare or immigration policies, but I would vote for him against Trump any day. You know what's worse than illegal immigrants lowering wages? Immigrant children being separated from their children and being deprived of any health resources whatsoever. You know what's worse than letting in a bunch of desperate people? Letting the world burn by pulling out the Paris Agreement and deregulating energy corporations. You know what's worse than "praising" Fidel Castro for his good education system? Praising Kim Jong-un of having the ability to have everybody clap at literally everything he says, also claiming he is a "good man who loves his people".

    Say what you want about Bernie. I agree with a little bit of what you said, but you have no right to criticize Bernie when you refuse to criticize somebody significantly worse, and his name is no other than Donald Trump. At least Bernie as decent knowledge in how the world works. Trump doesn't even know how to close an umbrella.

  • Maxim Ghost

    This is amazing. Would be awesome that Sanders gets the nomination so that Trump and the GOP can go nuclear on him.

  • FolonRNG

    I gotta admit even though I like Bernies ideas the immigration policie he wants to enact is kinda out there. The only benefit I can see in this is that undocumented Aliens don't pay taxes and if they will sign up legally for jobs because they aren't afraid of getting deported anymore there should be a massive influx in taxes and if they pay their part they might as well benefit from the healthcare and their offspring from the tuiton free college but on the other hand that stuff about radical open border policies sounds scary. I wouldn't want germany to be like that. You might not like it but there is dangerous and criminal subhuman scum out there that would ravage your country if it could enter it unchecked and roam free.
    Gotta add one more thing. The Idea that the undocumented would start paying taxes sounds great in theory but honestly I don't see much incentive for it given. Their contractors still pay less than for a regular worker since they don't have to deduct taxes on them like on any other legal worker and the illegal workers get payed higher hourly rates so it's a win win for criminal business and without business raids there will be no force for them to do everything legally. Trusting in people's good will when it is about money and ultimately power is naive. Control is the only way to go.

  • Jack Hedges

    there are many other countries who provide free healthcare when foreigners get sick or injured in their country..and some other countries (such as germany), do offer free or cheap public college to foreigners…dont lie, tucker

  • johnmark muthemba

    I don't like main stream media (including fox) they're always neat picking there info and giving us there opinion and telling us how to feel like common🤦🏾‍♂️

  • The Clintidote

    Hey Kids, you know you can vote yourselves into Socialist Berniezuela's Communism…….. but you'll have to shoot your way out. Getting any range time lately, kids?

  • Kristenia Frisk

    Illegal Alien Amnesty Bills

    H.R. 5038(Farm Workforce Modernization Act)

    H.R.  5383(New Way Forward Act)

    will flood the US with illegal aliens before the 2020 election. Voting in November 2020 WILL NOT MATTER if these bills are passed in the next few weeks. The bills are in the Senate now. If you are a Democrat and disagree with these bills, please contact your Senator to vote No on these bills. This is not about Democrats or Republicans, it's about the future and well-being of the United States of America especially our children. Contact your Senator by googling their name below and tell them to vote No on HR 5038 and HR  5383. If these bills should somehow pass, President TRUMP will be the last and only line of defense for our Nation by his VETO.

    Note: Illegal Aliens are Not just picking vegetables, they are taking over almost every blue collar and skilled labor trades that our kids rely on to take care of their familys:


    Google your Senator and email your "Voice For Our Children"

    53 Senate Republicans by State:

    Shelby, Richard C. [R-AL]

    McSally, Martha [R-AZ]

    Murkowski, Lisa [R-AK]
    Sullivan, Dan [R-AK]

    Boozman, John [R-AR]
    Cotton, Tom [R-AR]

    Gardner, Cory [R-CO]

    Rubio, Marco [R-FL]
    Scott, Rick [R-FL]

    Loeffler, Kelly [R-GA]
    Perdue, David [R-GA]

    Crapo, Mike [R-ID]
    Risch, James E. [R-ID]

    Braun, Mike [R-IN]
    Young, Todd [R-IN]

    Ernst, Joni [R-IA]
    Grassley, Chuck [R-IA]

    Roberts, Pat [R-KS]
    Moran, Jerry [R-KS]

    McConnell, Mitch [R-KY]
    Paul, Rand [R-KY]

    Cassidy, Bill [R-LA]
    Kennedy, John [R-LA]

    Collins, Susan M. [R-ME]

    Blunt, Roy [R-MO]
    Hawley, Josh [R-MO]

    Hyde-Smith, Cindy [R-MS]
    Wicker, Roger F. [R-MS]

    Daines, Steve [R-MT]

    Fischer, Deb [R-NE]
    Sasse, Ben [R-NE]

    Burr, Richard [R-NC]
    Tillis, Thom [R-NC]

    Cramer, Kevin [R-ND]
    Hoeven, John [R-ND]

    Portman, Rob [R-OH]

    Inhofe, James M. [R-OK]
    Lankford, James [R-OK]

    Toomey, Pat [R-PA]

    Scott, Tim [R-SC]
    Graham, Lindsey [R-SC]

    Thune, John [R-SD]
    Rounds, Mike [R-SD]

    Alexander, Lamar [R-TN]
    Blackburn, Marsha [R-TN]

    Cornyn, John [R-TX]
    Cruz, Ted [R-TX]

    Lee, Mike [R-UT]
    Romney, Mitt [R-UT]

    Capito, Shelley Moore [R-WV]

    Johnson, Ron [R-WI]

    Barrasso, John [R-WY]
    Enzi, Michael B. [R-WY]

    Sanders, Bernard [I-VT]
    King, Angus S., Jr. [I-ME]

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