Trump rips New York Times and Washington Post over reports of White House discord on Iran’ 5/15/2019

Trump rips New York Times and Washington Post over reports of White House discord on Iran’ 5/15/2019

opponents or pursue an unauthorized
do-over of exausted law enforcement
investigations conducted by the
Department of Justice now in this letter
the White House does not assert
executive privilege it just goes over
all of the reasons why dad lers
shouldn’t be asking for what he was
asking for a simple Oni also offers in
this to reach some sort of an
accommodation with Nadler if he were to
scale back his request
Brett see where this goes John thank you
the argument over the origins of the
Russia investigation
well it’s heating up as high-level
officials begin pointing fingers over
who pushed the unverified steel dossier
in the weeks leading up to the
inauguration and as chief intelligence
correspondent Catherine Herridge reports
the answers may be found in an email
chain a dispute over whether former CIA
director John Brennan or former FBI
director James Comey pushed the
unverified dossier during the
presidential transition has broken out
into the open after US Attorney John
Durham was tapped by Attorney General
William Barr to investigate the
investigators the records are not public
but sources familiar with the contents
say December 2016 emails indicate Comey
told bureaus subordinates that Brennan
insisted that dossier should be included
in the formal intelligence assessment on
Russian Election interference that
report called the ICA was delivered two
weeks before President Trump took office
I think that it’s one more place for mr.
Durham to start former Oversight
Committee Chairman trey Gowdy now a Fox
News contributor had access to the
sensitive records he called on Durham to
review how the unverified dossier was
used in October 2016 to secure the
surveillance warrant for a trump
campaign eight and then two months later
apparently considered again for the
Russian intelligence assessment Brennan
and call me right now the only thing
they seem to share is a hatred for
Donald Trump it’s gonna be interesting
if they begin to turn on one another
I’ve seen the document I’m not gonna
describe it any more than that
kkoma he’s got a better argument than
Brennan based on what I’ve seen in a
statement to Fox a former CIA official
put the blame squarely on Comey saying
Brennan and former intelligence chief
james clapper quote are the ones who
opposed James commis recommendation that
the still dossier be included in the
intelligence report the intelligence
analysts didn’t include it because it
wasn’t corroborated intelligence James
Comey then decided on his
oan to brief Trump about the document
commis lawyer did not provide an
on-the-record response the Inspector
General is expected to release his
findings on surveillance next month
Brett and thank you the markets meantime
bounce back into the green today as
easing trade tensions offset growth
worries the Dow finishing ahead 116 the
S&P 500 was up 17 the Nasdaq closed up
88 points just after the markets closed
president Trump signed an executive
order declaring a national emergency
over telecommunications equipment paving
the way for a ban on business with
China’s Huawei Technologies Fox Business
Network steered to Bolton joins us live
from New York with these breaking
details Kadeem Deirdre good evening Bret
the executive order states that foreign
adversaries are exploiting
vulnerabilities in u.s. telecom
technology and services so it singles
out economic and industrial espionage
has areas of particular concern and
these really have been the sticking
points in the trade talks between the US
and China many had expected the Trump
administration to make this kind of
announcement a year ago sources say the
National Economic Council had blocked
the move for months and just dropped its
objection as trade talks hit an impasse
here’s the chairman of protecting
America’s communications protecting
America’s communications network as
system is critical to our national
security our economy and our personal
privacy especially when you’re talking
about companies that are located in
countries that present a national
security threat to the United States it
is important for the US government to
take steps to protect those networks and
so I applaud the president for issuing
this executive order the FCC is
preparing a rule that may restrict of
federal subsidies to carriers that use
Huawei gear a number of American rural
carriers do because it’s cheaper than
European firms gear such as Nokia and
Ericsson rural carriers have told the
American government that replacing
Huawei is a cost they cannot afford so
this has to be addressed but what is
clear is neither Washington nor Beijing
is backing down on their economic
dispute so far the Trump
administration’s a tough stance on trade
with China is winning over critics and
voters even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Senator Chuck Schumer say they approve
of the way that the president is
handling the trade relationship with
China according to the latest of Fox
News poll nearly half
Americans rate the economy positively
and the credit the president 47% say the
economy is an excellent or good
condition in the last 18 years there has
been a number twice that or rather
higher two times both times under the
Trump administration in 2018 so we’re
gonna see if the president’s
increasingly aggressive economic tack
against China holds as we move towards
of 2020 right back to you
okay the ER thank you sure this is
another Fox News Alert moments ago
Alabama governor kiv signed one of the
strictest abortion bills in the country
into law correspondent Jonathan Serrie
reports on the firestorm ignited on both
sides of this debate one that could very
well lead all the way to the US Supreme
Court the republican-controlled state
Senate voted 25 to 6 to make it a Class
A felony for doctors to perform
abortions in Alabama unless the mother’s
life is in danger the measure makes no
exceptions for cases involving rape or
incest life is a gift of our Creator and
we must do everything that we can to
protect life outrage from state and
national Democrats soon followed
apologize to the women of Alabama for
this arcade loud that we pass we need to
lift up their voices we need to lift up
the voices of women and families across
America who see their civil rights and
human rights being taken away from them
Democratic presidential candidate
Kirsten Gillibrand plans to speak
tomorrow at a women’s rally in Georgia
where Republican governor Brian Kemp
signed a similar bill last week the
Georgia law has sparked calls for a
boycott by the state’s two billion
dollar film industry that supports
nearly 1 million jobs actress and
activist Alyssa Milano called for a
national sex strike tweeting until women
have legal control over their own bodies
we just cannot risk pregnancy join me by
not having sex until we get bodily
autonomy back the debate over Alabama’s
bill has been fierce last weeks that
gloves were off when a shouting match on
the Senate floor delayed a vote the
legislation will likely face an
immediate legal challenge it’s designed
in every way to do just that that’s why
we were trying to keep it just as it was
was to address the issue that Roe versus
Wade was decided on which is this that
maybe in the womb a person supporters
say they want the case to be taken up by
the US Supreme Court as the makeup of
the high court becomes increasingly
the chances of overturning roe v wade
become increasingly possible
Brett Jonathan thank you more on this
with the panel police and firemen
working to pull a helicopter from the
Hudson River this evening after it
crashed just short of the heliport this
afternoon the pilot was the only one on
board at the time of that crash no one
fortunately was seriously hurt
the acting FAA chief promises to put
safety first in determining when to
allow the grounded fleet of Boeing 737
max jet liners to begin flying again
Daniel Elwell and NTSB chairman and the
NTSB Chairman went before a House panel
investigating the troubled airliner and
how it passed regulatory safety checks
today the max Jets were grounded in
early March after a second deadly crash
involving the airliner Southwest CEO
said today he is still hopeful the
grounded jets will return to service
this summer State Department officials
are ordering personnel out of Iraq
immediately as tensions with neighboring
Iran intensified officials say there is
an imminent threat to US personnel in
Iraq but they won’t say just what that
threat is both sides are pointing to
history to argue their point State
Department correspondent Richardson has
our report
the threat stream is real imminent and
directly linked to Iran
that’s according to senior state
Department officials they say it would
be an act of negligence to keep
non-essential employees working in u.s.
diplomatic compounds in Iraq so
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered
those workers out the senior Democrat on
the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Senator Bob Menendez says the Trump
administration has yet to provide any
information to the committee on the
intelligence behind the decision we do
not need another Iraq weapons of mass
destruction moment
where we were falsely led into a
military engagement in Iraq Pentagon and
intelligence officials have been
conducting piecemeal congressional
briefings a senior state official also
says comparisons to 2003 are wrong the
administration has no desire for
military conflict and its response does
not mean the u.s. is rushing to war with
Iran the Trump administration has
expanded the US military presence in the
Persian Gulf the Secretary of Defense
has also presented a plan to send a
hundred twenty thousand troops to the
region if Iran attacks Americans or
accelerates its nuclear program to build
a weapon the Iranian government claims
the u.s. is purposely trying to raise
tension in the region thank you there is
not going to be a war and there won’t be
war neither are we seeking war nor is it
to their benefit to go after a war this
is a confrontation of will powers and
our will power is stronger than theirs
yesterday a British general said there’s
been no increased threat from Iran Ian’s
back forces in Iraq and Syria a US
Central Command spokesman says the
generals comments run counter to the US
assessment and quote the us-led
coalition is now at a high level of
alert as we continue to closely monitor
credible and possibly imminent threats
to US forces in Iraq also today Germany
and the Netherlands suspended their
military assistance programs in Iraq
because they say of the increased
tension in the region the German
government says there are no specific
threats against its troops in Iraq Brett
Richardson live at the State Department
rich thanks herb next president Trump
touts his looks while a 20/20 candidate
changes his look live first here’s what
some of our possibilities around the
country recovering tonight Fox 31 in
Denver wearing nearby Highlands Ridge
Ranch rather hundreds of mourners came
out to pay their respects to Kendrick
Castillo the 18 year old is being hailed
as a hero for giving up his own life in
an attempt to save others during last
week’s attack at a school the two
student suspects were charged today with
more than dozen counts of murder and
attempted murder as well as theft and
arson Fox 25 in Oklahoma City where it
was a rough day on the job for two
window washers the two men had to be
rescued from the side of a skyscraper
after their scaffolding started swinging
wildly along the sides of the building
smashing windows along the way
firefighters were able to pull the two
to safety after about 45 minutes and
this is a live look at Indianapolis four
philia fox59 the big story there tonight
the funeral for former Senator Richard
Lugar Vice President Mike Pence gave
today’s eulogy remembering Lugar’s 36
years in the US Senate senator lugar is
known for leading efforts to help the
former Soviet states dismantle thousands
of nuclear weapons he was 87 years old
that’s tonight’s live look outside the
Beltway fun special report we’ll be
right back
he stood against done jr. subpoena I
would tell em you don’t need to go back
into this environment anymore
no James domain P resign Lindsey Graham
reacts tonight on Hannity
why is the fate in 28 states you could
be fired for being gay
Stacy Bailey she’s 31 years old she’s a
elementary arts teacher and she’s
introducing herself to her class and she
does it by showing a slideshow of her
life one of the pictures that she shows
is one of her and a woman who are
dressed up in fish costumes from the
movie Finding Nemo she tells the kids
that the woman in the picture is her
future life and parent complained about
her conduct in the classroom said that
she was showing inappropriate images to
the children and that she was promoting
a homosexual agenda and she was
suspended if it is currently legal under
Texas law because there’s no Texas
the issue is whether the word sex covers
sexual orientation and gender identity
issues and the courts are very differing
views on that the first case at a
circuit court level that held that title
seven extended to homosexual cases was
the Seventh Circuit which is where
Chicago is
several courts have also rejected this
the Eleventh Circuit rejected it the
Sixth Circuit says you cannot protect
gay rights because none of these
theories extend to gay rights because
that’s not a sex usually when there’s a
split in the circuits that’s when a case
becomes ripe first Supreme Court ruling
however the Eleventh Circuit case the
Supreme Court turned down hearing the
case and so you have to wonder why
it is unfortunate that an individual
seeking employment has to understand
both Court cases and federal law and
state law and municipal law but that’s
unfortunately where we are because
there’s no Supreme Court decision that
says this is the law of the land title
seven protects against this hi this is
Potts extra at third Argentina thanks
for watching Fox are Clara and for the
latest headlines check out
fewer and fewer women in their teens and
twenties are having babies in the u.s.
leading to the fewest babies in this
country in 32 years a new government
report shows nearly 3.8 million births
last year that is the lowest since 1986
robocalls are the number one complaint
received by the Federal Communications
Commission the FCC now they plan to do
something about it
the FCC will vote in June on whether to
give phone companies permission to block
unwanted robo calls the agency also said
it’s making clear that carriers can’t
allow customers to make a list of
numbers that are allowed to call them
the polls are keeping Joe Biden at the
top of the 2020 heap but one Democratic
candidate says she isn’t planning on
being his running mate while another
candidate is trying to move up in the
ranks literally by getting a shortcut of
course by Peter Doocy has our report
from Nashua New Hampshire hopes it’s her
to win this election
Harris is trying to put gun control
front and center promising to sign an
executive order banning imports of ar-15
style weapons mashaallahu is there
taking the photograph with me told me
proudly came up to me and he is a gun
owner and he is supportive because gun
owners also know this is a matter of
what we need to do that is common sense
Joe Biden isn’t talking much about
policy yet but he does agree with a
woman frustrated by the thought of
another six years of Trump he is an
illegitimate president vice president
some folks look I absolutely created
senator Harris visited the same town but
says she sees things a little
differently Joe Biden here and actually
yesterday agreed with
house party attendee who said that
Donald Trump is an illegitimate presence
do you agree with him
I believe he’s incompetent but the
president’s focus is on the Democratic
frontrunner Biden he tweeted an article
featuring a pundit describing Trump is
looking twenty years younger than a lot
of candidates adding the brain is much
sharper also which follows this slight
from yesterday I don’t know what the
hell happened to Biden the president has
also been poking fun at for poll numbers
for baito
O’Rourke whose revamped campaign
live-streamed a haircut today everyone
Harris has seen her numbers fall too but
insists she’s not running to be Jill
Biden’s running mate it’s the other way
I think that Joe Biden would be a great
running mate as vice president he’s
proven that he knows how to do the job
Harris is hoping to catch Biden but
right now she’s in fifth place in New
Hampshire according to the Real Clear
Politics average of polls and things
don’t look much better in South Carolina
the latest poll shows Joe Biden up by
31% among black voters why is this
I don’t know Democratic candidates are
trying hard not to insult each other but
today Harris said the next Democratic
nominee can’t just be somebody who can
give a pretty speech so that’s at least
a hint about who she doesn’t like Brett
here do see with barbershop duty in
Nashua Peter thanks New York City Mayor
Bill DeBlasio will declare his bid for
the presidency tomorrow according to
multiple reports out of New York tonight
de Blasio will make the formal
announcement Thursday morning then he
will travel to Iowa and South Carolina
from multiple stops over the next four
days so his candidacy would make 23
Democrats currently competing for their
party’s nomination
up next a ransom where attack is
crippling one city’s ability to conduct
business but the mayor says there are no
plans to pay the ransom we’ll bring you
there first beyond our borders
tonight Venezuelan opposition leader
Juan Y doe entered the National Assembly
today despite a blockade by security
forces loyal to disputed leader Nicolas
Maduro guardo told reporters outside the
building he was attending regardless of
the military takeover the National
Assembly has come under increasing
pressure from Maduro since the
opposition appealed in vain for a
military uprising last month thousands
of Palestinians are marking the 71st
anniversary of their mass displacement
during the 1948 war around Israel’s
creation with protests across the West
Bank and the Gaza Strip those protests
come in two weeks after a ceasefire was
reached to end a fierce two-day round of
fighting and Hamas is being urged to
keep today’s demonstration restrained in
France visitors are getting a special
treat in honor of the Eiffel Towers
130th anniversary beginning today the
tower will broadcast 12 minute laser
light shows across the facade the
monument was designed for the 1889 world
fair and is currently undergoing
renovation work ahead of the 2024
Olympic Games in Paris just some of the
other stories beyond our borders tonight
right back
first powered flight by the brothers
Aldo and Wilbur Wright the breadth of
aviation at Kitty Hawk North Carolina
the Wright brothers first flew their
primitive airplane on the North Carolina
coast in December 1903 but for the next
decade new American aviation designs
barely got off the ground a world war
one broke out in 1914 armies on both
sides saw the utility of the airplane
first for conducting reconnaissance
flights and ultimately for use as a
weapon but most of the aircraft flown in
the war were of European design when
America entered the war in 1917 its
first fighter pilots like famous ace
Eddie Rickenbacker flew airplanes
designed and built in France by the time
World War two broke out America’s
aviation designers had caught up with
and even surpassed the aircraft of
Europe and Asia the North American p-51
Mustang is widely considered the best
fighter of the Second World War
powerful fast and nimble it even caught
and shot down the German Messerschmitt
262 the first jet-powered aircraft that
arrived late in the war
b29 landing in britain a thing to be
seen at various British airports America
built bombers like Boeing’s b-29
Superfortress the heaviest flying
machine of its day Boeing built nearly
3,000 of these behemoths at its plant in
Wichita Kansas incorporating the latest
technology such as guns fired by remote
control b-29s owned the Pacific Theater
dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima
and Nagasaki that brought Japan’s
it’s no stretch to say that absent the
development of this superb American
airplane World War two might have had a
very different outcome another Boeing
product the b-52 Stratofortress filled
the skies over Vietnam designed to carry
nuclear weapons to counter the Soviet
threat the b-52 could also lift 35 tons
of conventional munitions and though it
first flew in the 1960s it remains an
air force workhorse today often flown by
pilots who weren’t even born when their
aircraft were built the high-flying u2
spy plane and its wild-looking cousins
the yf-12 and sr-71 blackbird showed
american aircraft design moving ahead in
leaps and bounds after the slow start of
the early 1900 the Blackbird first flown
in 1966 still holds the record for the
fastest cross-country flight capable of
nearly three and a half times the speed
of sound
America developed stealth technology to
make aircraft all but invisible to enemy
radar in the 1970s stealth makes it
possible for American planes to evade
detection while flying raids deep into
enemy territory America’s pioneering
aviation design coupled with unsurpassed
pilot training has allowed the u.s. to
over the skies during the last century
of armed conflict now 100 years after
America entered World War one US
military forces are flying a new
aircraft expected to continue American
air superiority well into the future
a city under siege hackers are
reportedly holding Baltimore’s city
files hostage demanding up to 13
bitcoins worth about 76 thousand dollars
in order to free the city’s systems of
course when a Jillian Turner is there
and has details it’s now the ninth day
Baltimore’s government computer systems
are being held hostage by cyber
criminals in the city’s leaders say
there’s no end in sight the data is
uncertain in terms of when this will be
city employees locked out of the systems
they rely on to conduct official
the city of Baltimore is currently
unable to send a receive email if you
need assistance please call the
department you wish to contact anybody
needs to contact the city the best way
to do it is to pick up the plain old
telephone and give us a call now over a
week into the siege city officials say
property sales and transfers taxes rent
payments and water bills have come to a
standstill forcing the government to
suspend all late fees citywide the city
wasn’t affected with the very aggressive
Robin Hood ransomware
the FBI who is currently investigating
this certain incident has confirmed that
it’s a fairly new variant is quite
aggressive Baltimore’s mayor says paying
the ransom would only embolden the
hackers no I will not pay a ransom to
hackers conduct attacks like these by
using malicious software to lock and
encrypt data so users can’t access it
they then demand payment to free it up
the cities in general are a pretty ripe
target for attackers and so it’s usually
pretty easy for hackers to get into
these cities and cause a lot of havoc
ransomware attacks are on the rise in
recent years u.s. cities have been hit
seven times in 2019 so far compared with
three times in 2018 and just once in
2017 this is the second ransomware
attack against Baltimore in just over a
year in March 2018 hackers took out the
city’s computer emergency dispatch
system disabling 911 for 17 hours
Brett here at Baltimore’s City Hall
online work may have come to a
standstill but behind the scenes FBI
investigators are actively working to
try and figure out who’s behind this
attack and how to stop it
that’s because the hackers threatened to
completely shut down and destroy all the
government’s data after 10 days if that
ransom isn’t paid and now the deadline
could be coming up as soon as tomorrow
Bret it’s quite a story Jillian Turner
live in Baltimore
Jillian thanks at Georgetown University
student whose dad pleaded guilty to
paying $400,000 to the ringleader and a
nationwide college admissions scandal is
now suing the school to stop them from
punishing him but shortly after that
student filed suit today Georgetown
University informed him and another
student of its intent to dismiss both of
them from the school a student who just
completed his junior year at Georgetown
claims he had no knowledge of his
father’s payment and that the university
is depriving him of due process
San Francisco is set to become the first
city in the u.s. to outlaw facial
recognition technology the software was
formerly used by the city’s police
department but critics say the
technology pushes it closer to a greater
police state national correspondent
William la jeunesse with a closer look
tonight at both sides of this issue this
is really about saying we can have
security without being a security State
we can have good policing without being
a police state while police across the
u.s. embrace facial recognition
technology San Francisco moved a step
closer to stay to banning it it’s
psychologically unhealthy when people
know they’re being watched in every
aspect of the public realm the measure
affects city and county law enforcement
but not private business federal
agencies or individuals
unlike police elsewhere that use the
software to match crime suspects with
motor vehicle photos or homeowners
surveillance footage police in San
Francisco could not if people know that
we’re not using certain technology then
we become an open target the San
Francisco Police Department did not
oppose the law but the rank and file
Association said there must be an
appropriate balance between those who
subscribe to Orwell’s big brother
mentality and those who want to take
reasonable steps to try and prevent car
break-ins porch package thieves and
other crimes
most local police don’t say much but
privately claim the software saves
invaluable time calling suspects from
sex offender and mugshot databases
software developers now fear a patchwork
of local ordinances that could make
marketing a nationwide product
impossible which is fine with the ACLU
face surveillance is too dangerous to
deploy in our communities it’s
inaccurate it’s biased nearby Oakland is
considering a similar ban while
Massachusetts may place a moratorium on
new facial-recognition software in DC
lawmakers introduced a bill banning
companies from sharing data that
identifies consumers without their
consent it does not address government
use of the technology Brett
William thank you the president has an
immigration plan but will it pass muster
on Capitol Hill our panel takes a closer
look at that proposal next
some chill NATO Alabama’s governor
signed into law the toughest
anti-abortion measure in the u.s. it
could imprison doctors who perform
abortions and doesn’t give exemptions
for rape or incest victims governor K IV
said it was approved by majorities in
both chambers of the legislature and
quoting stands as a powerful testament
to Alabamians deeply held belief that
every life is precious when the state
Senate passed the bill t ACLU vowed to
sue and followed up with this tweet
quoting see you in court
Fox’s trace Gallagher a mother trying to
rescue her two kids from an apartment
fire has died it was in town and country
Florida when her building caught fire
that woman not identified yet but we do
know she had gotten out then ran back
into the flames to get to her daughter
and son neighbors are shocked it was
we didn’t really know what was going on
the two children killed in the fire two
we’ll learn by observation like young
children do in the first few months of
life in New York Brett Larson Fox News
this woman and her two daughters are
three of 12 thousand migrants dropped
off at Phoenix area churches by
immigration and customs enforcement over
the past four months immigration expert
Leah Surratt says they’ve all been
processed but by law can’t be held in
custody any longer
in October those numbers of asylum
seeking families coming through Arizona
were larger so I speed add to expanded
its network and reach out to more
churches and community organizations
pastor Magdalena Schwartz was asked to
help they no wanna drop these people in
the bus station with no money with no
phone nothing short says there are now
12 churches who have volunteered to help
feed clothe and temporarily house these
asylum seekers who are dropped off by
ISIL buses regularly whether they should
be here or not that’s up to the
lawmakers and people like that what we
are doing is humanitarian while the
migrants are greeted by volunteers who
want to help them they are not welcomed
by all
organizers of the controversial activist
group the patriot movement Arizona
believe the churches are incentivizing
illegal immigration the group posts
about the drop-offs on Facebook and some
of its more than 34 thousand followers
show up to protest if you want to help
people then you need to look look look
to our own first we have to help our own
first Americans we save our latter not a
problem to the city or state I think
with all my heart we do the right thing
I love Jesus I love my neighbors in
Phoenix trial a Pastora Fox News
we only have an hour with our viewers
every evening we want to make it count
for them we want them to know that they
can trust us so we do our hork we try to
cut through the noise we try to cut
through the hysteria we’re not here to
jump on a bandwagon we’re here to drill
down on the facts we know that we live
in complicated times
we want to peel that back and we want to
give everybody a sense that when they
come to us we will give it to them
not one more American life should be
lost because our lawmakers failed to
secure our borders we are calling on
Congress to fix our terrible immigration
laws stop catch and release to end
deadly sanctuary cities to stop the visa
lottery program
I’m skeptical as to whether he truly
wants to deal with immigration reform I
know he wants a wall Donald Trump is
clearly more interested in creating a
political mess to amplify his own
electoral agenda so you’re saying
there’s a chance
Democrats reacting to the president’s
immigration plan that he will lay out
tomorrow but we have some of those
details tonight first on the border
security part of this plan build the new
wall modernized points of entry stop
drugs trafficking human smuggling closed
loopholes in the asylum law Lindsey
Graham has a separate bill just dealing
with that expedite the asylum process
quickly moving those with illegitimate
claims out on the immigration plan
employment most immigrants are now
admitted because of family ties they
want to change that to a merit-based
system 57% admitted based on employment
and skills 33% based on family 10%
admitted on a humanitarian or other
grounds education age English
proficiency all part of the equation in
that point system and it is a crisis the
former homeland security secretary
saying again we had 100,000
apprehensions or encounters in the month
of March and another hundred thousand in
the month of April that is the
equivalent of the population of the city
of Orlando Florida showing up on our
southern border in the course of two
months that creates a crisis gives you
perspective that Brent let’s bring in
our panel Tom Bevin RealClearPolitics
co-founder and president Susan Ferruccio
chief congressional correspondent for
the Washington Examiner and Jonathan
Swan national political reporter for
Axios Susan ambitious plan laid out
different points in reality on Capitol
Hill no not much reality there in terms
of whether it will pass but what it is
is laying down a marker for Republicans
if they can get unified behind this this
type of deal it will give them a
starting point for negotiating with the
Democrats you’ll notice if you look
through that none
dresses the things that Democrats will
want the bill namely Daka the dreamer 11
million illegal swore adhere other
immigration issues that they want
address but what it does tackle though
are some really key points that
Republicans have wanted dealing with the
Visa Lottery system by eliminating it
making it a more merit-based system and
the most important part with those two
bottom bullet points that you just
showed which were at expediting asylum
seekers back to their home countries and
and making it more difficult for getting
rid of the magnet for illegal immigrants
to try to get to the border here which
is part of the reason why jeh Johnson
was just saying you have this massive
surge at the board of the asylum laws
are making a very attractive for legal
immigrants to try to get in this country
because they know they can get released
and then stay here as I mentioned
Lindsey Graham has a targeted bill on
just that that he thinks he can get
bipartisan support on if if they want to
deal with this take a look at our new
polls the approval rating for the
president overall 46 percent staying
right about where he was 53 percent
disapproving on the issue of handling
border security matches up with his
overall job performance and on the issue
of handling immigration takes a little
tick down obviously hammered by
Democrats on the number of France
Jonathan the most important thing about
this proposal is that it fundamentally
changes the way we think about
immigration so it flips on its head
typically we take the bulk of people
based on their family ties this
completely reverses that and looks at
skills and and education and and the
idea that Jared Kushner will be selling
to Capitol Hill it part of it is an
economic analysis so he has Kevin
Hassett who’s one of Tom’s top economic
advisors produce this analysis which
shows you’ll get more tax revenue
because these are more educated people
but Susan’s right the the thing here to
what to bear in mind is this is a
Republican proposal Jared’s been jerkin
has been taking around a PowerPoint
presentation it explicitly calls this a
Republican plan in there and they
haven’t been talking to Democrats
they’ve been having Republicans in there
so expressly they’ve admitted this
there’s no you know bones about it this
is a Republican plan which Jared Kushner
plan has more of a chance of planet
passing immigration with Congress or the
Middle East peace bet plan
now stands in Israel’s to intractable
problems he knows how to pick up yeah um
we also released a poll today real clear
opinion research which listed
immigration was third out of six issues
in the minds of the American public as
being important health care was number
one at 36% economy 26 and then
immigration was at 15 so it does have
political salience right now and it has
been an issue and it will be in in the
2020 elections the problem is not only
do Republicans need to get unified but
it also Democrats are offering no
solutions to paraphrase our colleague
Molly Hemingway orange man hates brown
people is not it’s a partisan argument
but it is not a policy solution and so
Democrats really aren’t coming to the
table with anything and they control
half of Congress right now in Congress
writes immigration laws does Lindsey
Graham’s narrow asylum bill have a
chance not with not with Democrats
because once you open up the immigration
portal in Congress you correct anytime
you open up that legislation to debate
nothing will pass unless you’re bringing
in the whole the whole kit and caboodle
here you got to get in the dreamers all
the other undocumented immigrants here
Democrats are not going to play ball
unless they get a lot of what they want
at this point and that I can’t see that
happening in an election year the
Supreme Court is still weighing in on
the dreamers at this point there’s no
true motivating factor despite this
crisis on the border but the more you
the more you pack into the build or more
there is to attack and it fractures and
we’ve seen this in historically it just
doesn’t happen
Congress can’t pass something that big
without it being picked apart can I
revive yeah a Middle East peace after
hearing this I want to ask you is it
still the case do we think that that
Donald Trump’s re-election plans are
going to be on the economy if it’s still
cooking like it is now
immigration not being socialist or
socialism and maybe late term abortion I
think that’s pretty accurate the other
part of it which you know we forget is a
big part of Trump’s rhetoric no matter
what on the campaign trail is whatever
cultural issue is bubbling up you know
the next kneeling in the NFL or whatever
he sees to kind of pit divided the
but really the Trump’s campaign style is
very personal he’s gonna find their
weaknesses their personal weaknesses and
amplify them he doesn’t like talking
even though yes he will talk about the
economy he gets bored when he talks
about and he says this to his stuff he’s
like I know you keep telling me you want
me talk about the economy but my people
don’t like it so it’s this very visceral
feel that he has for his crowd and
that’s why you know during his campaign
it was build the wall it wasn’t you know
you know 3% GDP growth you know I don’t
think he’s gonna say that I’ll be honest
with you
he likes saying boot edge edge next up
the implications of Alabama’s
controversial abortion bill that was
just before this show
son into law
Seattle under siege it’s a whole
different world out here
violence mass shooting what’s causing
the crisis inside the city a Tucker
Carlson special series continues tonight
in 2016 the success of the Trump
campaign hinged a lot on what was called
a rural revolt yeah voters who really
hadn’t been reached out to in a long
time president Trump campaigned in
places that they hadn’t seen candidates
for long time in the mid term we saw
something different which was coined a
suburban revolt if you will
college-educated women who may have
voted for President Trump or voted for
Republicans who then switched over to
Democrats a lot of people believe
Pennsylvania for example it is no longer
purple looking at 2020 that it’s blue do
you agree with that and what are you
gonna do in Pennsylvania well I don’t
agree that the data does not show there
was a suburban women revolt actually
between 2014 and 2018 there was no
change in the vote in the Republican
Party between suburban women white women
educated there is actually no data to
back that so the polls I’ve seen and
internal data we’ve done that doesn’t
show that a lot of things act against it
first of all almost ever you come it has
a hard time keeping the house second of
all I think you saw canidates matter you
said you saw a lot of retirements you
saw a lot of change over and they ran
some good candidate in different places
look I mean I do what I like to keep the
house in 2018 yes do I think the data
exactly that shows an 18 has effect on
20 No if I look at the data right now 20
in the same kind of day that I was
pulling 2016 the president is light
years ahead of where we were on election
night in 2016 so you spent about 44
million dollars on Facebook last time
around is that sound yeah kind of
investment do you imagine in 2020 well
it depends how you look at it I mean
we’re still spending millions of dollars
across all the networks now I mean by
the time we’re done spending I imagine
2020 Oh will be a nearly a billion
dollars it’s just a different it’s a
different game than that game was over a
few months this game is over almost four
years because we can be fighting now so
the Democrats can go and fight against
all of them right now and then they have
to come out of their convention and they
have a three month run like we did last
time we’re already fighting that were
already building that we’re already
doing more than any campaign has ever
done before and we’re still two years
out I want to skew a little bit about
Cambridge analytics and there was an
association between your business and
their business in the fire campaign they
obviously ran into a huge headwind and
basically blew up when it was discovered
that that Facebook had given them
proprietary information on people’s
friend lists and all of that but there
are still a couple of people from
Cambridge analytic that are work
on the 2020 campaign is that right look
when we when I’ve said it several times
we never use any of that social graph
information we never used any
psychographic data we never use the
amout of stuff I did hire employees out
of Cambridge for staff and they worked
with us I still work with a couple of
those staff members because there are
talented people and they shouldn’t be
punished because the people who ran the
company didn’t know what they were doing
we’re not very good people there was
staff members had worked for Scott
Walker that was running his campaign for
a couple times for talented individuals
who I continue to work with they’re no
longer with Cambridge I think they’re
talented people they should not be
blamed for the true just incompetence of
the leadership of that company well
hello this is Fox extra if you are
watching us in Peru on telefónica thanks
for tuning in and if you have a question
or comment email us at fox around the
world at fox news calm
I apologize to the women of Alabama for
this arcade law that we pass for putting
them through this process of having to
fall under state that will allow them to
be raped and the fact that they have to
carry that child through not for nine
months for incest and they have to carry
that child for nine months is that maybe
in the womb a person and I’ll then allow
it’s a person or people in Alabama
voters less file we believe that and we
believe that’s what it’s saying that
it’s not meant to be a long term forever
law it’s really meant to go to the
Supreme Court even supporters say and it
is now law the strictest abortion law in
the country now signed into law by the
governor kiv who just before the show
put out a statement saying no matter
one’s personal view on abortion we can
all recognize that at least for the
short term this bill may similarly be
unenforceable as citizens of this great
country we must always respect the
authority of the US Supreme Court even
when we disagree with their decisions
many Americans myself included disagreed
when roe v wade was handed down in 1973
the sponsors of this bill believe that
it is time once again for the US Supreme
Court to revisit this important matter
and they believe this act may bring
about the best opportunity for this to
occur back with the panel Tom this will
factor in almost every candidate on the
Democratic side has weighed in
significantly today and there some of
them fundraising off of this Alabama law
yeah well the governor and the
legislators of Alabama are pretty pretty
transparent about what they’re pretty
blunt in their language I mean this is
that’s what this bill was designed to do
force the Supreme Court to revisit the
issue this is look abortion has been a
flashpoint in the culture war for you
know decades now but we seem to have
gone from a period of stasis to where
you had you had liberal states New York
passed these these bills that were
really liberalizing abortion up until
the final weeks even and then famously
in Virginia Ralph Northam right saying
that the baby would come out and then we
decide what to do with it and this is
the red state reaction to that we’re
seeing in georgia we’re seeing in
alabama and so the the cold war
over abortion has suddenly gotten very
hot like this is like a battle of the
extremes here and where the public the
polling shows is really in the middle on
this they agree with with early term
abortion but they’re not in favor of
late term abortion and they’re also not
favor of completely eliminating abortion
but yet you have some of these states
taking extreme views maybe to force
force the Supreme Court consideration
but now this is the fifth state with a
rather radical abortion law there’s
several states with those heartbeat laws
already that exists but the public
really is not there on either side so I
can’t see how either party benefits from
this I think what is motivating to a
base who and specific voters pro-life
voters in particular who vote on that
issue if you look at evangelicals who
supported Trump that is truly right
you’re looking at numbers upwards of
eighty to ninety percent but independent
voters and my campaign travels when I
went to swing districts and talked to
undecided females and grocery store
parking lots deciding between a Romney
and Obama they sit and say which one is
gonna threaten my reproductive rights
they worry about that so it’s important
all I’m saying which is more motivating
the pro-life evangelical who maybe is a
little disillusioned by some of the
things that the president has said or
tweeted but believes that the justices
on the Supreme Court and the federal
appeals judge judges have really changed
the dynamic or the pro-choice Planned
Parenthood supporter who fears that if
President Trump is reelected that it
changes the law the interesting thing
about Donald Trump is that yes we all
know his history you know back in the
90s he was as pro-choice as you could
get but he has become the most vocal
pro-life president probably in history
and certainly when you talk to leaders
of the evangelical movement people like
Ralph Reed they credit Trump’s speech in
that final debate when he very
graphically described ripping a baby out
of the womb as a moment that that
motivated evangelical voters and turned
them out in record numbers even higher
numbers than Reagan Ronald Reagan
received that and his decision to put
out a list of a Supreme Court were
really seminal and so this is not 2012
Mitt Romney where the Republican Party
in the presidential campaign avoids
talking about this Trump is gonna lean
into this he is leaning right into this
issue in a way that we haven’t seen from
a president in recent times
I saw some court Watchers and even
former justice brennan write about the
recent rulings of the Supreme Court
suggesting that is setting the
groundwork for a relook at roe v– wade
if you look our last justices Gorsuch
and Cavanaugh
now they avoided the question skillfully
quickly yeah look if it gets to the
Supreme Court and there’s a decision I
mean and and roe v wade is overturned I
mean it’ll make this look like sort of a
tea party because that will be a that
will be a massive sea change yeah panel
thank you when we come back a prayer
as soon as you meet another woman on a
bike that’s your sister you have a
connection to anybody else on a
motorcycle but like when it’s another
woman it’s another level
boertie girl started in 2004 I was kind
of challenged with how the community
would accept me when with men sort of
take me seriously you know I’m not a
technician by trades matter of fact they
graduated with a CS and BS
from SUNY Buffalo and I was a computer
programmer for ten years and it wasn’t
until after the dot-com bust that I
needed to sort of look for an
alternative job and I said why not work
on my hobby
I felt taken advantage of in various
motorcycle dealership for an independent
garages you know they thought that women
didn’t really know about motorcycles so
I felt like one year guy who I asked to
change my tires gave me use tires may
have polished them and I was not very
happy with the work that I’ve gotten so
I wanted to start working on bikes
myself motor girl was devised to be a
community garage where people could come
in and work on their motorcycles there
aren’t too many places that are women
specific where they’re embraced and
welcomed in it’s not to say that men
don’t embrace and welcome women they’re
so happy to have women in their shops
but it’s a different vibe it’s not about
mansplaining it’s not about trying to
act like an authority in a place like
this everyone’s an equal so it’s a place
about learning and community that really
draws women together community
involvement means that you have a place
to come in and ask questions you know a
place where you can sort of start
learning when I was riding I didn’t have
that and that’s all I really wanted so I
felt that if that’s what I really wanted
perhaps others also wanted that I wanted
a place where people could teach you
we’re one of the sort of pioneers in
this community workshop program or
business model we have not only
hobbyists but technicians who are really
interested in supporting that business
model as well so we’re really excited to
bring that to the community I’ve been
coming to motor girl myself for about
five years now I started coming on the
back of somebody’s bike as a passenger
vallis the one who kind of took me under
her wing and made me realize that like
motorcycles are for everybody and
there’s nothing that’s gonna make you
feel as strong or as powerful or as free
as you will at the throttle of a
motorcycle it’s a very comfortable place
to be to have all these other women
around you that are willing to just drop
everything and help you and again
somewhere where they can ask questions
and be able to recycle their oil or be
able to recycle their battery or just
may not have the right team for the job
so for $25 a month you can do that here
so I think our price point it differs us
from other areas in the country as well
as the fact that it’s probably run by a
female we’re seeing this evolution of
women really getting involved and really
creating their own communities so this
kind of model that moto girl has here I
could just see exploding across the u.s.
and also the world there’s other
countries where the motorcycling is
enormous and huge and this this is a
perfect way to scale up and across the
country so sense of commonality a sense
of you know I have a place where I can
by tonight an emotional reunion
Yuto Bowen and Rader prayed multiple
times day for his older brother National
Guard sergeant smokey Osbourne to return
safe from deployment on Monday his
prayer was answered when smokey as you
see here surprised him at school
following nearly a year of being
deployed overseas love lives just send a
man we’ll keep playing thanks for
inviting us into your home tonight
that’s it for this special report fair
balanced and unafraid the story hosted
by Martha McCallum starts right now a
nice moment
thanks Bette coming up right now
streaming real news real honest opinions
24/7 365 this is Fox News Radio
immigration overhaul
I’m Richard Jordan Fox News President
Trump is expected to lay out his
proposal for immigration reform
Thursday’s announcement comes on the
heels of another Republican plan South
Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham the
chairman of the Senate Judiciary
Committee wants to make the u.s. less
desirable for Central American migrants
seeking asylum you need to deal with the
magnets in loopholes in the law that
entice people to come who want to get
caught Graham’s proposal would require
asylum seekers to make claims at
processing centers in Central America or
Mexico the legislation would also allow
the u.s. to detain migrant families for
as many as 100 days far longer than the
current 20-day limit and deport
unaccompanied minors from Central
America back to their home countries
it’s unlikely by itself to attract much
support from Democrats on Capitol Hill
Jared Halpern Fox News
Alabama’s governor signs a bill making
it a felony to perform most abortions
Democrats and even some conservatives
say the new law is extreme state Senate
Democrat Bobby singleton thinks a
sentence of up to 99 years to life in
prison for performing an abortion is
doctor who does an abortion in this day
under this law will probably never see
life again outside
jlc a law bans all abortions except to
save the mother’s life some Republicans
not happy that the legislation didn’t
include exceptions for rape and incest
opponents plan to challenge the law in
court and that’s exactly what supporters
want hoping the challenge will make it
all the way to the Supreme Court where
conservatives have the majority Steve
Rapoport Fox News electrical lines
caused last year’s camp fire that killed
85 people the mayor of the town of
Paradise California which was devastated
by the blaze says the district attorney
will decide what to do next I’d like to
see PG&E held accountable if Fox nation
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comm and join now before this limited
time offer runs out Shepard Smith
there’s so many streams of information
coming some are designed to distract you
and to mislead you when news is breaking
you have to slow down we have to begin
with what’s most important I’m here to
find out what happened to report it
without fear or favor in context and
perspective and to be honest brutally
honest about every bit of it we work
endless hours to make sure that when we
deliver to you as fact it’s a fact
Shepard Smith on Fox News Channel real
news real honest opinion the funeral was
held for the hero who was killed in a
Colorado school shooting a celebration
of life to honor hero high school
student Kendrick Castillo who died while
wrestling a gunman in the stem school
Highlands Ranch shooting before the
church service Jeep owners from around
the area gathered for a procession to
honor the young man who loved jeeps
Casillas parents attended court hearings
for the 18 year old and 16 year old
here’s district attorney George bra
clerk I want to make it clear that no
victim bears the weight of the decisions
that we make no victim tells me yes
no this is what you’ll do I make those
decisions but I won’t make them without
consulting with the victims as I’ve done
for the Castillo he announced the
sixteen-year-old will now be charged as
an adult the 18 year old now faces 48
charges ranging from first-degree murder
to arson in Castle Rock Colorado Alesia
Cunha Fox News a popular east cigarette
maker is facing a legal battle North
Carolina’s Attorney General is suing
jewel to limit what flavors it can sell
and ensure underage teens can’t buy its
vaping products
he says tools marketing practices such
as using fruit and desert-like flavors
targets young people last year one in
five high school students reported
vaping in the previous month jool says
the company is working to reduce youth
vaping those considering getting a new
tattoo may want to rethink the color
scheme the FDA issuing a recall of
certain types of black and red ink used
in tattoos the Food and Drug
Administration says ink may cause
infections and other serious health
issues have injected into the skin black
tattoo ink from scalp aesthetics and
dynamic color along with red ink from
color arts are the ones under the recall
the FDA says if you’re about to get
tatted up it’s a good idea to ask the
artist about the ink first John saucier
Fox News a Kentucky toddler is found
safe the boy disappeared Sunday night he
was found clinging to a cliffside about
1700 feet from his home the rescuers
used a rope and basket to reach him
I’m Richard Jordan and this is Fox News
right medium mob let not your heart be
troubled we just saw you on Tucker shop
what do you think it’s just like now
you’re becoming like kill me you’re on
radio three hours of TV they throw it on
the you know okay my question is why are
you picking on poor robber Francis maybe
he looks like you know he should be in
one of those little saddles hey the
little boy haircut will you get on a
saddle and you get the little cap gun
and you’re sitting there I remember that
my brother’s to do that 20 it was not a
good experience for a year or two
they’re taking them to get that haircut
didn’t matter what you what seat you put
him in well I think he’s trying to be
like he’s gonna be like a Oh see don’t
you get that sense she’s doing that cool
Instagram I’m cooking like anyone have a
good recipe for you no matter the other
thing it’s just ridiculous but Hannity
you’re awesome reporting on what is
about to blow in this Russia oh it’s
good investigation of the investigators
we have only scratched a little bit of
the surface when it comes to Jim Comey
and Brennan and company I can’t wait
it’s all coming then you know what good
that we fix it for the country sad that
it all happened absolutely Sean thanks
so much have a great show all right i’m
laura ingram this is the ingram angle
from washington tonight rudy giuliani
Saul Eisenberg will be here in just
moments to explain just how and why
White House lawyers repeal the Jerry
Nadler and the rest of the probe
addicted Democrats Plus what might be
the most consequential fight playing off
out across America today
Alabama strict new pro-life bill just
signed into law Candace Owens will react
to this and claim that this legislation
and others like it adversely affects the
minority community and Michelle Malkin
is here with her first response to being
censored by Facebook for arguing against
censorship you can’t make that up it’s
outrageous and Kamla Harris points to
Bill Nye as her climate guru Beto’s
reboot hits another pothole and a
tribute to Tim Conway Raymond Arroyo is
here with seen and unseen
but first the White House Council says
it will not entertain any of the
Democrats requests for more documents or
interviews regarding the Russia
investigation today Patsy Bologna sent a
letter to the House Judiciary Committee
Chair Jerry Nadler saying quote
congressional investigations are
intended to obtain information to aid in
evaluating potential legislation not to
harass political opponents or to pursue
an unauthorized do over of exhaustive
law enforcement investigations conducted
by the Department of Justice while
Nadler naturally bristled at the
response the White House and the
Department of Justice is enabling the
White House to try to evade all
accountability to the American people
they’re saying that the president is
above the law they’re saying in effect
the president is a tyrant and a dictator
with no with no limit on his power
joining me now is president Trump’s
personal attorney Bobby Giuliani and saw
Weisenberger former deputy independent
counsel and Fox News contributor all
right Rudy so Bologna also is saying
that the Muller reports makes their
requests moot your reaction to that does
Congress any right to this information
at all let me let me say something about
Natalie’s response that the president is
a tyrant and above the law this is a
legal memorandum Jerry might have a hard
time understanding because he’s not much
of a lawyer but it’s a legal memorandum
it’s very well thought out very well
written obviously it makes the point of
executive privilege but it goes way
beyond executive privilege it makes a
very very important point I would have
added Pelosi statement last week that
the legislature is the superior branch
because that’s the way they’re acting
they have issued not just they have not
just one hearing they have six hearings
so it has to be seen in the context of
six hearings they are they have already
issued hundreds of subpoenas looking for
possibly a million documents or more and
we have Nadler we have shift we have
Cummings they’re all kind of like want
you know daytime television time and the
reality is this is a this is a
tremendous burden on the executive and
the law has a way to deal with it there
are cases that say that legislative
power is there
but it can’t be used for an infamous of
purpose it has to be a proper
legislative purpose in their subpoena is
their information request they don’t
cite a single piece of legislation
they’re pursuing not only that they are
taking over an executive branch function
and they’re afraid to call this a
impeachment hearing so this is oversight
you don’t issue hundreds of offenders
yeah hold on so are you saying that if
this were actually an impeachment
proceeding you wouldn’t have any problem
with know whether because they really
have to generate their own information
they can’t be just redoing that and if
they were in good faith they would read
through the mower report and they would
say we now have all this information we
have ten more questions or 15 more
questions well there are in fact doing a
dramatic reading I think of the well
exactly several recent federal cases
make it clear that if you’re going to
impose on the executive it has to be
tailored it has to be narrow it can’t be
overly intrusive this is all those
things it’s overly intrusive it’s
completely burdensome it is not only do
positive it’s multiplied by six well
this isn’t even talking about the case
that’s in the DC District Court now
involving the president’s financial
records which they’re also arguing in
front of another Obama appoint I think
they have to get the court you have to
argue these as one because as they
affect the executive branch they’re not
six separate hearings you’ve got a
reason you have to respond to this
avalanche of subpoenas which means
you’ve got a shop it’s meant to paralyze
also armored Justice Department
officials says that the White House’s
assertion that Congress does not have a
right to the information is mind blowing
this is Joshua Joshua gelts are saying
these aren’t peripheral interests of the
US Congress their core oversight
responsibilities at the heart of our
legislative branch checking our
executive branch and even just
understanding it how do you react to
that well I think both sides have a
problem I think that the subpoenas have
been grossly over broad coming from the
House of Representatives I also think
the letter from the White House Counsel
is is very over broad there really is no
such thing as saying constitutionally is
saying you don’t get to do a do-over and
congressional authority to investigate
is very very broad
but Laura these battles have gone back
to the beginning of the Republic go back
to 1796 Congress wanted all of President
Washington’s papers related to the Jay
Treaty and Washington said you’re not
going to get him and James Madison said
we as the Congress he was a congressman
we have the right to anything we asked
for but the president has the right to
say I don’t want to give it to you and
this is part of the checks and balances
and it’ll be very interesting to see how
it works out yeah we’re going beyond
perhaps the unitary executive here to
something the left is saying I mean dana
Milbank as this piece out saying this is
this is basically they’re trying to say
they have a divine right to the
informational Milbank’s a big liberal
but but they’re always jockeying for
power Rudy I mean you remember this the
days when you weren’t the J it’s always
a fight between the legislative branch
and the executive branch but I have
never seen it like I see it now with
this president I fit every turn they
have hounded him at every turn they’ve
accused of sedition being a traitor
tyrant setting up meetings at Trump
Tower made a tyrant I mean but this is
it he’s like a combo they say a Pol Pot
Stalin and Chairman Mao or something I
mean this is this is this is the level
of it but I want to I want to play
something that Jerry Nadler said tonight
actually because he was reacting to the
administration’s response over at MSNBC
let’s watch we are looking at all
options to deal with the lawless
administration and everything is being
looked at
everything is being looked at including
including possible jail we’re looking at
the law but we will look at all options
to force to force the administration to
hope to be able to hold the
administration accountable whatever they
may take okay that was over at CNN
obviously bit broody what is he talking
about here what what are the remedies
here they have to be a judicial remedy
they’re gonna arrest somebody gonna get
US Marshals to come arrest what let me
officially let me try to respond to is
rather an articulate comment I think
he’s saying he would look at jail which
is of course absurd there’s nothing
lawless about the administration’s
respond salt could be quite right that
it’s a very broad response but you know
as a lawyer you raise all your arguments
I think there is some that are over
broad and I think there was some that
are very very strong the strongest one
being that in the Cheney case the court
held that the power of the Congress is
very broad but not unlimited and I think
given the number of subpoenas given the
number of hearings given they already
predetermined positions of the three
chairmen who have already said he should
be impeached and Natalja was overheard
planning it on Amtrak I think that
they’ve got a very good argument to the
court how did things ever get this far
and let’s check this a little as long as
they’re willing to compromise as long as
they’re willing to compromise if there’s
going to be a narrower more focused in
Killarney he left the door open
of course you do most of his letters I
mean yeah he’s so soggy shutting the
door comfortably that’s right so we’ve
and response it’s not me Elvis all right
I’m gonna go before a court and they’d
like an argument oh they don’t want to
go before that they don’t want any page
full you know what yeah well I want to
play something this is all this goes
into what we were talking about last
week also Rudy there there’s a brewing
fight going on it looks like between
Brennan and call me when it comes to the
use of this phony dossier Catherine
Herridge reported on this earlier
a dispute over whether former CIA
director John Brennan or former FBI
director James Comey pushed the
unverified dossier during the
presidential transition has broken out
into the open the records are not public
but sources familiar with the contents
say December 2016 emails indicate Comey
told Bureau subordinates that Brennan
insisted the dossier should be included
in the formal intelligence assessment on
Russian election interference well I’m
hearing saw that one of those
communications they’re talking about
also says that Jim Comey in December of
2016 said the dossier is unreliable he
didn’t want the Intel Intel to review it
we here tonight I heard today from a
high place White House source that the
president it may be looking to release
and declassify all the relevant
documents leading up to start of the
Russia probe next week but he’s gonna
but I heard he’s gonna give him to
attorney general Barr to review well
I’ve been hearing that for a long time
apparently it’s next week well but my
source tells me that’ll be interesting
and that’ll give us a lot of answers
here debating this this will we’ll have
a lot more answers we’ll have actual
facts on the table right yeah and Kobe
admits in his own book that he you know
he didn’t reveal the whole the whole
dossier to the president only the
salacious parts he didn’t tell him that
there was this investigation that had
been going on I mean that’s in his own
book so I don’t I don’t want to
speculate on among those to which one is
right and Rudy apparently there was some
talk about how this would look this
could look like among Intel sources that
it could look like the FBI was doing
some kind of weird like a pre-emptive
blackmail with the president and it
called me going to that meeting that
just it didn’t look good they were
worried about this that call me
presenting this dossier or part of it to
the president would look like he was
kind of having some j edgar hoover
tactics against the president that is
really disturbing it doesn’t look like
it it was I mean the reality is that
kill me is the noose is tightening
around his neck really bad Comey in
January told the president it was
salacious unverified how did it become
salacious and unverified over five
months when they used it in affidavits
in which Comey says on the top of the
affidavit that it’s verified in
footnote 5 page 15 he says it’s reliable
not unverified he either lied to the
president or he lied to the court I’m
betting on he lied to the court we call
that priori Jim and Brennan may be a
witness against you that’d be
interesting Diet Cardinal this is going
to get very next week this guy can tell
you what’s gonna happen to your immortal
soul which he said to rod Rosenstein
about rod Rosen the other day so maybe
he’s above indictment I don’t know he’s
back in the redwoods tonight all right
guys thanks so much and the question now
is how will this new riff between the
White House and Congress impact the
president’s legislative priorities is he
gonna be able to get anything done
they’re not even really talking about
the substance at this point they are
they’re questioning each other’s motives
at this point something that you know
you get to a new level in politics
you’re just so distrustful the other guy
particularly the Democrats would argue
don’t take this personally it’s our job
if we did not do this how will future
congresses behave potentially when
there’s a Democrat in the White House
and there is potential wrongdoing there
I mean we’ve got to do our job do you
agree with the words they use King he
called the president King that many
times before if the president can use
various mechanism to appropriate money
for what he thinks is important without
congressional approval then why have a
Congress you in fact have put a monster
King here now is match slap chairman of
the American Conservative Union and
Richard Goodstein
a former Hillary Clinton adviser and
Democratic strategist great to see both
of you all right Richard how does they
do nothing Congress help America I don’t
know we’ll be a do-nothing Congress the
fact is this house has already passed
gun control legislation it’s gonna shore
up the Affordable Care Act it’s going to
any number of things that the public
where there’s like 70 80 90 percent
approval whether the Senate passes or
not I mean that’s obviously out of the
control of the house the question I
would raise is does the president
actually want his priorities a wall that
Mexico was supposed to pay for repeal
and replace does he actually want those
things done or does he want the issue to
run on I think he’d actually look he
already said his health care things
would have come after the election
actually don’t
he really wants to get anything done he
wants to be able to run as he did in
here’s what I’m gonna do just trust me
this time I want to do it I just don’t
know whether that’s gonna bring yeah
well I think politics is the art of the
possible right so you can pass a lot of
things but you have to work with the
other side so don’t have to try to craft
something that get votes for it’s a
complicated deal it’s not easy and
Republicans are but still the first
hundred days they had kind of a lot to
show for it in the Trump administration
or on their way to the tax cut the u.s.
MCA they got right into it negotiations
all the regulation if the judge I mean
they made some mistakes out the gate but
they did a lot the first under but the
Democrats they’re running against Trump
now so what the President had to face
which really no one’s really quite at
the face like this which is whole idea
of hashtag resistance no honeymoon no
period of time we try to collaborate the
president’s been able to get things done
recently that criminal justice reform
and other things which are you know
maybe a typical issues for a Republican
so look I think yeah I think what you
actually see is the president is
navigating a democratic party that is
more radicalized than we’ve ever seen
and more hardened against by the way if
it wasn’t Trump Laura they’d be doing
this against they’d be doing this
against any Republican who would have
gotten into that’s just their state of
mind up in Pelosi and Schumer on the
same page run infrastructure who’s not
Mick Mulvaney who’s not the freedom
caucus that well that’s wrong they have
a billion dollars in their budget for if
restriction you don’t know you’re
talking about well I know what I’m
talking about because they said to the
president how you gonna pay for this and
he still hasn’t give them a name it’s
not true it’s in this budget you should
read it no come on but I think it’s an
interesting question we’ll see how it
plays out it’s always hard when you’re
running against an incumbent president
whatever party if the economy is strong
or recovering people have a greater
sense of optimism I think in most polls
it put a set Russia and all the stuff
we’re talking about saying most people
feel pretty good about the future I mean
there’s challenges a health care cost
and then has to be dealt with I think
people are pretty pretty optimistic we
guess I watch it if you like why I got
more money this is hard to run against
that as a Republican or Democrat running
against that are two things quickly the
right track numbers right are better
under Trump than Obama saw for his eight
years the American people feel better
because they’re practical people and
they see that their economic prospects
are improving and that’s why it’s not
selfish for the American people to vote
according on the question
do y is the RealClearPolitics average at
44 Donald Trump it is the real to know
viewers a new look at it anyone I’m just
saying the Real Clear Politics average
of your job wasn’t in wasn’t in office
then and the economy wasn’t doing what
it is now I’m having credit if it was
real quickly
it’s 44% tonight exactly the Real Clear
Politics average Bevin just did a whole
piece on this and actually other
pollsters are saying it as well the
president is higher where he was or
higher but here’s I think this is a hard
thing for the Democrats when you start
off in the first hundred a saying I get
80 subpoenas against 80 different former
and current Trump officials that doesn’t
exactly engender a sense of you know if
we don’t agree with everything but we’re
gonna work with you on some things and
and yet the president I think in good
faith met with him on infrastructure and
wants to do something on immigration
that’s pretty amazing considering they
want to get his son they want to get the
White House Counsel and they want you
know that Democrats passed an
infestation bill in 2013 68 votes in the
Senate including Lindsey Graham if that
bill was put on the floor that would
pass the house and it should pass that
said it the fact is it carry over well
it should if it’s able that voted for it
last time we still vote for it again it
would have enough votes but what do you
think about that what you’re hearing
about the president’s immigration
proposal he’s approaching it from what
we have to do right now is just secure
the border right give the resources to
take care of the a stupid Lew publicans
having problems with it that’s what I
mean we haven’t we haven’t we haven’t
unpacked that yet but it’s always great
to see both things see what happens
all right Alabama just passed a law that
effectively bans abortions and they’re
not the only state Candace Owens is here
to respond to claim that these pro-life
laws can hurt minorities a full debate
next if it’s still pushing the Russia
probe and attacking the president how is
he fighting back no one in the deep
state is safe from Justice Newt Gingrich
sounds off on Hannity
the way marijuana works it works on the
brain and and the brain controls the
immune system what it does it calms the
rest of your body and your brain calms
everything down so that the immune
system can go to work and that’s what
happens and that’s why the immune system
really is your body’s ability to kill
the recognize and kill germs that come
into your body and when your immune
system is overloaded with bad diet bad
living then it doesn’t work and then you
get diseases so in a nutshell it comes
to mind which comes the body which
allows your body to heal itself
now I’m cancer free well it depends on
how high you want to get and if you want
to get real hard then you wonderful what
songs choice but if you want to be able
to you know to do hit comedy records
movies albums then you want to do
teachers private stash or you can
exchange them to yeah do half and half
I think that that’s a really good thing
against it you know because smoking dope
instead of taking the heroin
come on what’s not instead of what it is
and I know for personal experience I
grew up in Vancouver Canada that’s where
the heroin capital of the world has been
for many many years and I used to see
the heroin addicts come down to the
marijuana cafe and what they would do
they would smoke tons of lead while
they’re waiting for their dealer to get
there with heroin and in a in a few
cases not a lot but a few cases they got
off heroin from smoking weed because the
great thing about weed is that it’s not
addicting and so you can smoke a ton of
weed and then quit immediately without
any physical effects as opposed to
heroin heroin your body gets used to
being numb and so you know if you don’t
get your heroin your body starts aching
and hurting and so marijuana what it
does it it relieves the pain and that’s
that’s how you kick it you know I got
off cigarette smoke tobacco with
marijuana because every time I felt like
a cigarette I’d later join and I could
only smoke a little bit so I put it out
and then it took a year but I got off
tobacco and I haven’t been on to buy
myself a weed sure every day after that
we’re sequence molecules just watching
these two guys go through life I’ll be
80 next birthday so I’m not looking at
this is Fox extra hello and thank you to
our fans watching in France on orange
for the latest headlines and more fox
news check us out at foxnews stuck on
Alabama governor kiv signed the nation’s
strictest abortion ban into law tonight
making it a felony for doctors to
perform an abortion this comes on the
heels of a Georgia and Ohio laws that
are also both pro-life very pro-life but
the party of infanticide well they’re
crying foul with this bill aw damn it
Democrats are just in total meltdown as
Roe vs. Wade is on the chopping block of
course this way it’s nothing short of an
attack on women’s basic human rights and
civil rights part of the right-wing
conservative agenda in the United States
of America is to take away reproductive
health and freedom joining me now is
Candace Owens conservative commentator
and Jennifer holdsworth Democratic
strategist and former campaign manager
for people to judges DNC chair campaign
about the Alabama law they’re going even
further than that Candace this is wild
today this issue as Bologna it’s almost
blown the Mullard you know disap women
represent only 7% of the population yet
account for almost 40% of all of the
abortion abortions in America I want to
get to that because a constitutional law
expert Alyssa Milano spoke out last
night on CNN about that very issue
that’s watch this will affect the
communities of color more than anything
okay for the women of color for the
women that are marginalized for the
women that are low-income communities
the women that are most at risk this
these bills are going to be catastrophic
no I don’t understand the argument
because the argument seems to be and
it’s been made by people all over social
media today and tonight that the bill
itself is racist because there is a
disproportion number of black women in
the state of Alabama who would would be
having abortions now that if the
pro-life bill would mean there were more
black babies in Alabama so how is it
exactly racist when the result is more
black children more opportunities for
people to adopt I would imagine more
opportunities for people to have their
own reproductive rights someday I mean
what about the girls and boys who lose
their reproductive rights
because by not being born love’s aren’t
just racist when there’s an intention to
make them racist if they have a
prejudicial or racist effect they are
also racist or just no intent required
no intent can be present but if it has a
racist effect it is also considered it
racist but I think what Alyssa Milano
was saying and I’m not saying effect and
I’m not saying that she’s a credentialed
constitutional law professor but what
she’s pointing out is that there’s a
dearth of health care options for women
of color in the South especially in
Alabama we’ve seen the Republicans try
to continue to take those options away
so now but is there health I mean I can
see the debate about abortion but how is
it health care duck t’v health it’s
health care but it’s having their choice
and having autonomy over your own body
is health care this Alabama law so the
baby doctor the doctor can now get more
time to physically forming an abortion
than the racists would get the rapist
would get for raping the woman for the
rapist gonna get away for life in right
but now the doctor is gonna get more
time than the rapist this is all gonna
shake out one way or another I just want
to be really clear here because you’re
saying that black babies being born is
racist it is not racist for black babies
to be born black to be alive that’s what
you just said you said that the abortion
ban would matter I saw you want racist
results it’s not black babies being born
we know that the black population would
be double what it is today if it wasn’t
for abortion or a founder of Planned
Parenthood was Margaret Sanger who was
an avowed racist a New Genesis who was
quoted in a letter saying that she
wanted to exterminate the black
population we know that she has been by
and large successful it’s time to pull
that black back and it’s time to educate
black Americans about the fact that
liberals advocate for things that harm
our community first and foremost the
black population growth has stagnated
completely okay so that tells you that
is your answer like I’m not talking
about the liver lives I’m saying women
are not allowed no no I’m not a baby I
own fingertips its own DNA that is two
lives let’s make the mattify by the way
when a pregnant woman is killed they
call it a double homicide because there
are two long very black babies
born is not racist I want to be very
clear on that here here is I think this
science argument is that the left is all
about climate change with science
science science facts Republicans don’t
don’t care about facts I care about
emotions but this is kind of a factual
thing at some point it’s really
inconvenient for a lot of people but
it’s it’s also factual at some point is
it that human beings are human beings
and down to the very tiniest
conservatives have spent the last two to
three decades you know pretty much
butchering history science and economics
it’s only natural that medicine is the
next frontier oh well maybe more
knowledge or the party of the KKK you’re
the party of Jim Crow laws you are the
party of racism and racial terrorism and
now you are also the party that is
advocating for black babies to be
abhorred I believe that you’re a climate
science than I are so I would just as
soon not a climate science all right
here’s the climate off because here’s a
climate of the commercials are about to
roll we love having you both on it is
this is a big issue it’s gonna be really
hot in the election on this issue alone
and coming up seen and unseen with
Raymond Arroyo necks
my name is David hunt I’m the owner
winemaker of hunt cellars in Paso Robles
California my goal is to make the best
wines on the planet of course and I do
this even though I’m blind I knew that
something was wrong when I was around
seven years old and my friends could
trick-or-treat and I might run into a
tree I played sports and I got poked in
the eye and the doctor when I was 13
said to me well you’re not gonna be a
doctor you’re not gonna be a lawyer
you’re gonna go blind which I thought
was pretty large no your words are
powerful if you say it’s impossible
guess what it would be impossible if you
believe you can do it you will find a
way don’t give up on the dream just
because you have a handicap or
inconvenience go for it
learn on the job that’s what I do if I
believe in the business I don’t go
listen to lawyers accountants we’re
gonna talk you out of it if I believe I
can do it
I just do it I sold my electronic
business in the in the mid 90s and I
said let’s do a vineyard my wife is
pregnant with destiny when I bought the
vineyards just as I named it destiny
vineyards we had already named a
so it became destiny vineyards in the
wine business the secret is the source
of the fruit you can’t make good wine
out of bad grapes so I started with a
couple of thousand cases and we I wanted
to be a boutique high-end winery so we
made small lots and we’ve drawn from a
thousand 2000 cases to as many as
fifteen thousand I think when you’re
blind or you have a handicap God will
enhance other sensors for you people
tell me all the time that I have
in advance palette and enhance nose
which is probably very true and memory
is so important and I have to memorize
my way
I’ve memorized every path every bathroom
I go to it I can find my way around and
people may not know I’m blind
making the wines blended the wines and
creating a product the alchemy it’s not
always what your mind says is what the
alchemy and how that how it works for
example I would need a wine called
thriller I said I’m gonna do a four wine
blend Cabernet Merlot Syrah zip and down
the side just for the heck of it let’s
try some Cabernet Franc and Wow we
created another layer I got some petite
Syrah here so let’s try that too in
every wine added another layer that’s
alchemy and I named it thriller because
I was a good musician as a huge fan of
Michael Jack
hey I think music is a big part of most
people’s lives and I would say have you
ever had a great bottle of wine without
your favorite music in the background I
started playing the piano when I was 24
years old and when did I start playing
for the customers from day one wine
changes the mood wine is truth music
inspires wine and wine inspires music it
all coagulates together and makes you
happy so many of the wineries have a lot
of snobbery about them
our place is happy we bring you in to
have a great wine experience coming
happy and leave happier don’t ever feel
intimidated because you may not have the
knowledge of wine the best wine is the
wine you enjoy drinking wine is for
everybody is smelly good for your heart
your blood pressure but it’s good for
the soul it’s time for our scene an
unseen segment where we exposed the big
cultural stories of the day remembering
a comedy legend Bill Nye the f-bomb guy
and baito 2.0 joining us with all the
details Raymond Arroyo Fox News
contributor all right Raymond the death
of Tim Conway wasn’t just a loss for
comedy in the world but for you
personally yeah Laura I interviewed him
a number of times we kept in touch over
the years I had him on my a WGN show and
he was a gentle kind hilariously funny
Tim Conway appeared in everything from
McHale’s Navy to Sponge Bob Squarepants
where he voiced barnacleboy but it was
his work for more than a decade on The
Carol Burnett Show that made him part of
our lives what was it about that group
of people and that time that made the
Carol Burnett Show work well we were all
alcoholics so that good gave a certain
relaxation to the show Harvey and I were
the best of friends
and Carol is the most generous person
you can imagine she was always willing
to share the show and I think that’s
what made it so good
that dis freak show on tammana I saw
these Siamese elephants hey Richard
joined it to end of their trunks I cat
felt sorry for me they couldn’t go fuck
the other elephants when they go no we
didn’t play the best part then he goes
but these elephants would go they could
couldn’t only mine killed the left when
I asked him off-camera why this comedy
was so infectious he told me this group
of people loved each other and they
labored to surprise each other watch he
and his friend Harvey Korman here at
classic okay novocaine okay take a firm
hold of the hypodermic needle right
it will be a little bit of pain and then
on missile settings
I’ll just give you a little punch shot
we witnessed a guy in the Army who
injected himself with novocaine Laura he
said the camaraderie in this room that’s
what made the laughs they really love
you and I say this a lot you cannot fake
a mystery everybody knows that Rio and I
have been friends for a long time
because that’s the way we kill each
other we’re free to really what we’re
talking about ridicule and off-the-wall
videos Laura Democratic hopeful Carla
Harris tweeted this up as a I guess a
character witness for her climate change
position it’s Bill Nye the Science Guy
watch what I’m saying is the planets on
fire there are a lot of things we could
do to put it out are any of them free no
of course not nothing’s free you idiots
growth of this man is this a comedy
routine to tweet him up for it a
Democratic contender for president to
tweak this guy out he’s not a scientist
he’s a he’s a mechanical engineer it’s
like tweeting out George Clooney as a
doctor or Harrison Ford as an
archaeologist – wait a second Harrison
Ford’s not an archaeology I’m sorry
great the news bait Oh
oh yeah Bader o’rourke relaunching his
presidential campaign he live-streamed a
trip to the bar probably not the way to
reboot his GIMP right cut now some of
this ear hair that you get when you get
it grows out of your years in the ghetto
you don’t get it cut
is this the AO seeing of America lor but
it could have been worse he could have
taken us to his colonoscopy so let’s
thank God for the blessings I think it
wasn’t like a prostate the only thing
that would make it better is if Tim
Conway had been the barber that would
have made it oh my god I’m kind of a
genius Carol Burnett Vicki lies the only
ones left really from the original yes
Vicki oh my gosh Raymond thank you so
much and the Ingram angle has been on
the front line to the border fight fight
as you know and we’ve gotten our hands
on some exclusive details of the
president’s immigration plan that’s
gonna be announced tomorrow House
Minority Whip Steve Scalise is here next
and whether that bill can get any
traction don’t go away they used it to
enhance in their view sort of the
sanctity of the Nazi way of life Charles
Bowery is the chief of army history and
we met at a huge warehouse at Fort
Belvoir outside Washington it holds
thousands of pieces of military art and
artifacts the battle standard of an
african-american regiment in the Civil
a Taliban motorcycle Norman Rockwell
illustrations from World War two do you
ever feel like you’re in that huge
warehouse at the end of Indiana Jones we
make that joke all the time but we were
there to see the Army’s stash of Nazi
propaganda 586 pieces seized during
Hitler’s fall and sent back to the US
Hitler’s retreat at Berchtesgaden the
luxurious mountain residence the man in
charge of the operation Gordon guilty
who was appointed by President Roosevelt
why was it so important to remove this
art from Germany post-war they believed
that the presence of these pieces in
German society could be essentially a
powder keg that could kick off
additional incidents of the rise of
Nazism pieces like this 1937 painting in
the beginning was the word the piece is
very intentionally titled to mirror the
first verse of the book of John in the
Bible and it very clearly equates out
off Hitler with John the Baptist it’s an
almost godlike figure and his disciples
it’s correct the army seized another
work called the standard-bearer it
portrays Adolphe hitler as a medieval
knight he’s carrying a Nazi flag he’s
mounted on a horse and he is prepared to
lead his people into battle now what is
this hole there an American soldier took
his rifle bayonet and he punched through
the eye of Hitler as a direct message
the army found this huge bust of Hitler
in the Eagles now where the Nazi Fuehrer
held meetings of triumph in the
mountains of Bavaria a grand hall he
used for key meetings the monumental
scale of it conveys his personal power
and the fact that this was a cult of
personality that he led through
individual magnetism perhaps most
fascinating are these watercolors
painted by Hitler as an aspiring art
student and then a soldier in World War
one long before his rise to power one of
the comments on his early evaluations of
his work was that while he was pretty
good at depicting buildings and
structures he was not so good at
depicting human life but chances are you
will never get to see any of these works
in person the army keeps them locked up
in its mammoth storage facility is there
concern that some of these pieces could
be used as a rally


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    The World Court at The Hague should charge Trump with crimes against humanity.

    The world will not tolerate bullying + injustice brought to them by foreign countries.

    Gone are the days ,which any country could  interfere, Sabotage(Economic ), attack or invade other countries on baseless accusations.

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