• Groon the Wonderdog

    This nonesense. Real Christian's do not involve themselves in the petty material world except to do God's work. These false ones that strut around with bluster and bragging simply serve satan. This is truth.

  • 71superbee 3

    Christianity today has been taken over by apostate liberal theologians …. They have become the Judas Iscariot of Christendom…..

  • Let there be Light

    I am tired of listening to this clown. This man is a radical liberal who has hidden interests and is paid more than he deserves for his low views. When would someone expose a little portion of his closet already?

  • Tom Martin

    Trump's pro's for me include …1. Trump is pro Israel. 2. He is pro church freedom, he opposes forcing Churches to accept, hire and promote homosexuality or lose your tax exempt status.. 3. He is against abortion and has changed funding to Planned Parenthood. 4. He is in favor of protecting our elections from foreign interference by limiting voting to American Citizens. 5. He is pro U.S. energy, we are now an exporter of energy. 6. Job creation is UP, 7. Unemployment is DOWN. 8. He has beefed up the military. 9. Auto manufacturers are starting to build their new plants in the U.S. 10. Stock market is at an all time high. 11. He has told the world that the U.S. is not the worlds piggy bank anymore. 12. He is forcing NATO nations to pay their fair share. 13. He is securing our borders. I did not hire him to be a regular politician or to be my pastor (don't think he is qualified for that one, lol). All in all, I am thankful to God that he is our president, faults and all. So ya, I expect he will get my vote next election.

  • Meechie X

    Rather you doubt the validity of this magazine or not, or their actual faith in God.. God will judge his people, HOWEVER if any of you who support the immoral unchecked behavior of the President of the United States, you should check yourselves. This office should be respected at all times, and no matter what the President's thoughts are on those who criticize him, he shall by no means use this office as a bully pen or a weapon upon his accusers. I want the Office of the President respected again. I don't want a ranting raving Twitter using President, nor shall any President after him be expected to act out on social media. He must conduct himself according to the office for which he was appointed. Trump is not immune to criticism and neither are any of you, however when you side with this rogue behavior coming from the highest office in the land— you forget what is more important. All President's have been criticized but how one deals with it will determine my vote….PERIOD

  • Andrew Porter

    Christianity Today commited an immoral act by knowingly bearing false witness. They obviously didn't read the transcipt of the phonecall nor are they accurately stating the intent of President Trump"s request to look into Hunter Biden's activity in Ukraine.

  • Bill Katakis

    We can't allow the president to continue to commit treason every day he sits in the white house. He's an abomination to the Christian faith and the faithful. Satan himself sits with Trump. as he pushes his agenda of hate and fear and continues to betray the nation to the Russian dictator. Trumps ideal government would be with him as the dictator, the rocket man, the one who would revoke our freedom. Fascists always turn on their own people. Trump has done this from the beginning, dividing the nation. Where in the bible does it say to spread hatred and fear? It says the opposite. But that is all that Trump does.

  • Quadrant44

    This man does not deserve to be the head of a Christian Publication. He is either ignoring reality and all the vast changes and improvements for people under Trump across the country farming industry, growth of the economy & millions off food stamps Or is he upset by something Trump said.? Just a Democrat of the 'left' unable to rise above his narrow mind for the benefits of actual Christians and what is beneficial for them. What particular action does he object to amongst the 296 improvements by President Trump (Washington examiner) Or is it something he said in the distant past when he wasn't running for President? I would be real happy with Trump as President if I were American.

  • ty m

    Cult like symptoms. Mixing God with fanatical loyalty to a savvy immoral politician is a recipe for disaster. The Scribes and Pharisees wanted to maintain power over the people while working with their oppressors.(The Romans). In the end, the Leaders with the help of the sheep like fanatics killed Jesus to maintain their leadership and power.

  • T McAuliffe

    Any true Christian could NOT support Trump. That's obvious. A man getting spanked by a porn star while his 3rd wife and 4 month old son are waiting at home? A man who pays that porn star off with campaign violation money? A man who asks a foreign power to meddle in American presidential elections? If Hillary had done the same they'd impeach her and so would I!

  • Kathleen Parr

    I Must Ask Where are My Cherokee Native American Indians Virginia and North Carolina…in the King James Bible You Inherited the Memory of Soil…the 5 Stones and the 5 Sand Dollars…Please Connect with Mother Mary this is Your Now to Deliver…Hallelujah!

  • Mickey Andres

    Oh plz stop with the radical religious crap, it’s irrelevant!
    Americans love this President, the whack jobs like this CT deserve zero attention from this drivel.

  • Wind Walker

    Wallace you deep state schill anyone that has any faith will support Trump he stands fror their rights while the Dems want to get rid of them!

  • Rocket Man

    Christianity Today said that it’s factually unambiguous that Trump abused his power to try and coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit a political opponent. That is an opinion not a fact and the purpose of conflating the two is to deliberately deceive the readers. This is a fake news tactic. No doubt Christianity Today thinks it’s readers are too stupid to recognize an obvious deception.

  • Karen Balle

    Maybe you religious people should clean your leaders up or this will go beyond what any sane person would want. This is not a threat I’m simply looking through the history books. Deeds not words

  • candace mac

    (christian In Name Only)

  • MinorRhoad's

    Countenance betrays the words , money money money . there are evangelicals ??? , and there are true evangelists , i know who i trust . Trump the swamp cleaner , Keep at it Mr president , they hated Him before they hated you .

  • Steven Schmidt

    Remember my fellow Democrat if by then gets into office he has no problem getting rid of 600000 jobs for the new green deal

  • I Am Happy So Why Aren't you?.

    I'm a Christian.. And I do not support their message!. Nor do I excuse their ignorance/arrogance!. False prophets aplenty!.

  • don

    ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️ Jesus come into my life Forgive me and my Sins Come into my Heart I've have violated your words and sinned against You Reveal yourself to me as I m not able to save myself or chose my will to obey Make me a brand New Creation in Christ Amen Romans 13- 1— 1tim2 —- 1pet 2… Read these to encourage your selves to lead a life of peaceful co existence with the CHAFT SCHiFFwho mocks what GOD has ordained ,WeThe People Children Of Gods words are endowed by Inalienable Rights not Bill of Rights nor Civil Rights , not even what's called Human Rights .Repent .the kingdom is Gods and Jesus Christ And his Righteousness is at hand. Believe and U will be SAVED!!! Power me up Father, Orient me in your doctrine and words.Merry CHRIST — mas Worship the true Ruler and Sovereign God and LORD. Escape Backsliders he is married to even U



  • Kevin Miller

    Christianity Today—overstepped its political spectrum……..you can cancel my subscription —what President has offered protection and freedoms like the President Trump……..what are you smoking?

  • Bong Shapiro

    Strange that someone who publishes a magazine can't read evidence. Not a good look for christianity, which once promoted global literacy.

  • Sarah Howard

    I don’t like this women suppose to be reporter her and Chris Wallace are a good couple the know nothing reporter they need to tell the truth they are democrats sucks

  • tesla1077

    Not all Christians are bad only the one's that support trumps behavior, so either they cannot be Christians or they are just hypocrites.

  • Ivan M

    Sorry it’s the opp, did Christ disciples walk away hell no!
    Fact is fact!
    Never ever give up for fact!
    Evil laughs at fact F them!
    Trumpence 2020!

  • testticklehead

    Wake up folks, it's not too late. Slowly but surely "everyone" is realizing the truth behind Trump and his schemes. He is not a true Republican and only cares about your votes. He doesn't care about your religious beliefs but uses them to pivot the votes in his favor. He will use every publicity tactic to make you think he supports your cause but will flip-flop shortly after.

  • Kane From Milton

    Well done Christianity Today! Donald Trump is a fake Christian, who is preying on the values and ideals of the Christian community while being a disgusting, immoral disgrace to the office he holds, his country and the Christian faith. The Bible warns us that many will come in Jesus' name but we must be aware and alert, lest we be deceived by these men. Donald Trump is one of these evil men who bears false witness to our Christian faith. Impeach and remove this evil man from office.

  • Kane From Milton

    Evangelicals who support Trump are not Christian's. You cannot follow the ways of the Evangelical denominations and still be a Christian. Evangelicals are Zionists who have been deceived by false Gods like money, greed, holy war and secular politics. If you want to call yourself a Christian, forget the Old Testament and dedicate yourself to living the values of Christ as ministered to the Christian churches by the Apostle Paul. These are the true Christian values; the fruits of the spirit that we must demonstrate every day.

  • Olga Mesh

    'Your religion and your guns" how those two things can be at the same line! If it is up to me, I Don't need no religion, no guns!

  • Bundy

    The left has been attacking Christianity for decades and now they want to try to sale us on the fact that Christians are going against Trump? I don't care who this guy is or what he has to say about the president because he will still have my vote in 2020.
    No person capable of critical thinking would vote against a president that has done so much for this country. Promises made and promises kept.

  • Master Mister

    one man can never speak for all believers and Catholic doctrine is never is/was ever Biblical doctrine or True Christianity…

  • Clark Kent

    Just a reminder just because you say something or claim to be something, doesn't make you it. Things are earned by actions and convictions. That's why people are backing President Trump because he followed through and is keeping his promises – he's human nobody is perfect – mind you. But he's doing a good job.

  • Breda Eiffe

    This is the greatest and damming indictment of the evil in the world today. Evil masquerading as Christians. Telling so many lies to bring down a man who loves his country and IS working so hard to achieve what he was voted into Power to do. It’s so so wrong & I’m not even an American

  • Grants Pass TV Repair

    Considering Trump has such broad support among Christians, I'm guessing the editor of this magazine knows what his statements will do to their subscriber base, but considers the potential harm he can do t Trumps presidency in the name of Christianity far more valuable than the survival of his magazine. Nevertheless it will be interesting to see what kind of fallout his commentary has on their subscriber base, and among mainstream Christian thought. From what I'm seeing here not much.

  • CipherBytes

    Trump is a fraud.  "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.". We've seen Trumps fruit. It's rotten.

  • u2good2b4gotn

    These sicko trolls will protect Trump over anything, won't they? They did against the Pope, now they're swiping at the televangelists. All in the name of Trump. And you say liberals have TDS??? If there are any REAL Conservatives left in this feed, when are you going to wake up?

  • I'm Out

    Conservatives – Christians holding so tightly to Trump…
    All you need is an alternative.
    So many possibilities for a great Conservative leader, yet you appear to be bound to Donald Trump by every fiber of your being, regardless.

    Is this what being duped by Satan looks like?…
    He sure acts like an angry devil.
    No? Then exactly what does it look like?
    It's your story. You should know.
    (But save your breath. I know what you're going to say, and it's wasted on me.)

    In any case, it is what being duped by a man looks like.

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