• Zedonk Califas

    I love it!
    All those bottom dwellers licking Trumpโ€™s boots and then he humiliates them publicly.
    Same thing happens with all the stupid Inbreds who worship him and yet, Trump hates them for being so Fucken Stupid but uses them as he pleases.

  • Lola anne smart

    trump is ugly when he lies so you know he is not a good looking man God is about to put it together trump can Not get out of these lies the fool speaking for trump is a is a fool

  • Fabian Connors

    trump went rouge from his own justice dept. and instructed rudi to act directly for him ,like a qusi justice dept… I will predict right , that Donald trump will be the first president in history ,to be jailed ( for treason )after he is kicked out of office โ€ฆ..

  • Demetreus Ross

    He throws people under the bus so quick, and yet they still love the smell of his shyt๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  • Claude Boily

    A person can say so many lies that he can no longer remember all of them and he will contradict himself in the end. This is how it is possible to determine whether someone is lying or not.

  • Salman al Halaby

    Jewliani holds a lot of 119 secrets, why no one ever brings that out? Building 7 that dirty Larry Silverstein wired and imploded had j's bunker in it.

  • Reg Nichol

    "I don't I don't even know . . . Sounds familar "i don't know the man etc etc". I think the turdnip was going to day that "I don't even know Giuliani" and then he realised that such a denial would be so plain stupid that even the cultists would have doubts. Perhaps the weather is clearing and mayve he couldn't shoot comeone in public any longer. I pray so . . ..

  • Bob Smith

    Bull shit!!! He did not distance himself from Rudy in this sound bite… Typical fake fucking news from the retarded far left cnn non journalists. Fake fake fake news….

  • Oreo Pagus

    EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron
    Verse 246:
    Everybody knows Melania was booed
    Everybody knows presidents aren't kings
    Everybody knows this monarchy in disguise
    Decrees heโ€™s above the law in everything
    Everybody knows he said talk to Rudy
    We are forced to live in the worst B-movie
    No Oscars for those
    Everybody knows

    Melania Trump Got Booed
    The Story Behind TIME's Trump 'King Me' Cover
    TIME cover depicts Trump dressed as a king
    John Lithgow: Trump Is a Bad President. Heโ€™s an Even Worse Entertainer.
    Giuliani and Ukraine
    Trump, Lying, Insits Rudy Giuliani Acted Alone on Ukraine
    President Trump Had a Cozy Interview with Bill O'Reilly Where He Chucked Rudy Under the Bus
    Who's A Good Boy?
    The Pardoning of the White House Turkey
    Neal Katyal On The Case For Impeaching President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

  • Webson Chilomo

    CNN propaganda, us the American people we are not concerned about a phone call , what we are concerned about is the economy, we don't eat phone calls.
    Are Presidential contenders have immunity for corruption, it's hell no. We elected president Trump to fight corruption anywhere it pops it's ugly head including the Biden's and others who are destroying our country through corruption.
    You can talk about the phone call year in year out it's rubbish for us .
    Leave president Trump alone, let him do what we elected him for, until his mandate expires.
    CNN have no shame, working for CNN is like feeding a dog who is in a cage.

  • Beverly Botte

    It really sounded like he was about to say "I don't even know him that well"……. astoundingly the Donald caught himself, realizing that it would be a bridge too far, and said "I don't know if he went to Ukraine. I know he was going and then didn't". SMH ๐Ÿคฆ…..how can ANYONE support this moron in the Whitehouse??!

  • Donna Jeffreys

    FAKE NEWS Nothing true about this channel or anything they say. If you believe anything they spin. you are part of the problem.

  • Zachary Keller

    Robert Ray is the same guy who worked for Ken Starr, out to get Bill Clinton over his AFFAIR WITH MONICA LEWINSKY! He is also the same guy whose prosecution against Mike Espy FAILED when the democratic former labor secretary was ACQUITTED of all 30 counts he was charged with. The defense didn't bother calling any witnesses. The jury didn't buy this idiot's arguments. You, the viewer, shouldn't buy his arguments, either.

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    I always believed that if 1 accuses you of something, benefit of the doubt. 2 people, questions arise. 3-5 people…well they ALL can't be wrong! This is the only person who walks around as the holiest man on Earth with a pass thru the pearly gates! Repugnant!!!

  • crouching panther hidden dragon

    Booty Fooliani is about to be thrown under the closest available Greyhound bus. He better make sure those skeletons in his closet don't come staggering out and hurt his master, Ronald McDonald Chump. It's dark and hell is hot….

  • Walter Mcneill

    Uncle Rudy the great crime boss is going to throw you under the bus in front of the jail house which is your stop make sure your bag is pack

  • Paul Rudwick



    yaaaawn, fake news….AGAIN…..turn off the lights please….zzzzzzzzzzzz.. even my dog goes outside to take a poop as soon as he hears a cnn report.

  • Senzo Ncube

    Lies are so normalized in Trump America! When he says "READ THE TRANSCRIPT! IT WAS A PERFECT CALL!" The same transcript that says "Talk To Rudy!" He says that! In his own Transcript label that his Sycophants Wear at his KKK rallies!!! Now he says Rudy went to the Ukraine for his own affairs! WOW!!! Poor freakin' Rudy!!!

  • Brian Nave


    Some $16.5 million received by Hunter Biden, the son of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, as payment from Burisma was stolen from Ukrainian citizens, member of parliament Andriy Derkach has said.

  • Rita Porter

    Robert Ray is burning in his seat of lies he can't even look up straight to challenge the purely valid crime pact alleged against these so called 'principles'… Did they drug these numbs kills, or they're been controlled by a voodoo doll or something

  • robert rodriguez

    more fake news from this shit hole scum bag so called news orginazation i will and more will beat the asses of any so called reporters jurnialist i we see from these shit bag fake news cnn abc nbc cbs cnbc msnbc they are act the real enemy of the people and america when you have shit bags in these so called news organization that use the networks to lie slander divide it is time for them to pay the price so if we i see any of these shit bags out and about guess what they will get there asses kicked and maybe just maybe if enough of them get there asses kicked they just might start telling the truth fuckk cnn shit hole scum bags pieces of shit people that work for them also enough is enough already time for you shit bags to watch your backs

  • Tree Climbing

    Well if so, Barry spent 4 times as much to coerce the Ukrainian president
    and half a dozen DEMs took Kickbacks ! ๐Ÿค”
    And Ukraine got real defensive equipment under Trump not 0Barry.

  • The Dude

    Fuckin CNN. You keep making subjective editorial opinion stories that are just a bunch of trash we think we feel we see we hear we surmise and you keep losing your playing a guessing game that you'll never win when are you going to get back to fax?

  • Sati

    All of them are dumb for allowing themselves to be manipulated by an orange. If one goes down, they all need to, itโ€™s only fair. If Sondland, Giuliani, Cohen, etc get jail time, Trump needs to be right by their side.

  • Wynn Berman

    I'mma sum up this whole comment section so none of yall even have to read it. It's 40% people making jokes about buses, 10% people saying "he was about to say he didn't know him", and 49% people jerking each other off for their political views. 1% of the people in here are conservatives who thinking yelling loudly or disliking jews will make us agree with them. You can all now stop commenting, it's just making me sad.

  • redrock1963

    This guest Robert Ray must be a total media pig to get up on NTV and spew that BS and still believe he could hold his head in the legal corridors the next day.


    Watching from SE ASIA ๐ŸŒ THIS IS FAKE NEWS Not free press! Your Pentagon must take over CNN ! It will surely happen in his 2nd term! Trump a Great President will stop your fake news in his 2 ND term! Your leftist news is digging his own grade! These are very bad men in this program!

  • Alan Flint

    KAG RED HAT Instruction label/PRODUCT WARNING:
    The attached cloned drone and all programming therein belongs to DONALD J TRUMP.
    If found AT LARGE do not approach. UNIT may need recall under Constitutional safety standards.
    CAUTION! Unit hearing the word IMPEACHMENT may exhibit IRRATIONAL behaviour.
    In emergency, SELF-DESTRUCTION or MELTDOWN may be activated. To initiate, keep loudly telling unit "FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION" or "WE KNOW HE DID IT" or "TIME TO RESIGN" within auditory range. WARNING, unit will become OVERHEATED and LOGIC FUNCTIONS WILL FAIL issuing GARBLED IRRATIONAL RESPONSES such as "COMMIES", "I WANT NOTHING", "DO ME A FAVOUR THOUGH", "MY FATHER'S ORANGES ARE IN GERMANY", "NEVER TRUMPERS", NO QUID PRO QUO " and "I DONT EVEN KNOW (RANDOM NAME, OR "GIULIANI"). These responses will arise at any time before complete shutdown or failure of logic circuits due to UNRESOLVED INTERNAL CONFLICTS in ETHICS SUBROUTINE.
    Master Licence valid for SINGLE USE ONLY. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECYCLE!
    Unit Contains Toxic Materials Known To Cause Reproductive Harm Or CANCER IN THE G.O.P.

    Software upgrades available c/o licensed supplier, V. Putin, the Kremlin, Moscow.

  • Diana Ivey

    What Trump us saying is that an unpaid attorney holding no government job or foreign policy experience took control of American policy in a crucial region to the extent that diplomats in two countries spent months attempting to placate him — and did this all on his own.

  • DJ Goodspin

    When this gets to the Senate which had been the plan all along lets just say SHIFF will hit the fan. People are already tired of this whole topic a week ago and now it will be well into the new year continued. In the Senate the playing field and process will be much different Dems need to be careful what they wish for. Battleground state candidates are being thrown under the bus if they can't address the real issues that effect their constituents. Trump is going to win at this rate and the whole world will say we told you so. Tulsi should be the front runner but once again the DNC manipulates the process in true swamp fashion. Biden polling +8 give me a break. Nope. Actually I think America needs a 3rd party that focuses on the middle and inspires independents for a true win. End the dead lock politics. Dare to dream.

  • Lynda Mackrous

    Democrats. Sell jobs to China, let fentanyl in, kills youths, destroys families, ship of youths to wars all weakens families , letting illegals in, KEEP the citizens as poor as possible to have a socialized, communism government

    Republicans, bring back jobs, stop illegals, Stop opioid crisis, reste job for more prosperous country economically, fair trade agreements. So whatโ€™s wrong for a government who wants his country to prosper?

  • olijadu

    Why isn't the actual interview coming up?? Hilarious. And Google says they don't need w the algorithms. CNN and MSNBC cherry picked thoughts on interview cones up, followed by oreilly interviews from 4 yrs ago. The liberal media is embarrassing itself and it is a bad reflection on this country that claims it's for free thought and expression. The world is laughing at the stupidity if the USA. Where is the fucking interview??

  • David Conroy

    What a hunk of crap. Rudy Giuliani has clients all over the world. He has been going to Ukraine for years. Just because he has excepted Donald Trump as one of his clients is no reason to think that he was instructed by the President.

  • TrollFarm Sage

    Rudy Giuliani pioneered using the RICO statute to bring down the Mafia in the 1980s. He is an excellent figurehead for any serious effort to battle the current tsunami of incompetence, fraud and corruption within the US Government.

    John Durham is another RICO busting Icon from the golden age of the Mafia wars. After FBI informant James "Whitey" Bulger corrupted the FBI handlers who helped Bulger to flee just before indictment, John Durham led the task force that prosecuted them, and also FBI agent Paul Rico [ironic name] on RICO murder after helping Bulger commit murder. Bulger was a Boston Mafia crime boss eventually imprisoned for murder and racketeering, and suspiciously died in prison recently. John Durham also prosecuted KKK and La Cosa Nostra kingpins on RICO. Joe Biden's son partnered with Bulger's nephew Chris Heinz, and the stepson of John Kerry, who along with Biden's son, control the firm that received billions of dollars from China just after Biden's son traveled to China with Biden. Connect the dots.

    Giuliani and Durham are something like Over the Hill Gang of Wild Geese called on once again to charge into the breech in the noble battle against evil, fraud and corruption. The greatest thing that Giuliani and Durham can do at this point is to train up armies of young lawyers within the DOJ to battle the vast dark forces of corruption deeply entrenched in the DC swamp. It is no surprise that Giuliani, and maybe even Durham, may have some unpleasant skeletons hidden in very deep closets, as this is an inevitable for anyone with such a long and storied career involving conflict and turmoil.

    What the US public really needs to see now are teams of bright and shiny, new 'Young Guns' to be the poster boys and girls of the next generation of superhero RICO crime fighters, under the mentoring of old grey foxes like Giuliani and Durham. Instead of always presenting Trump on the defensive against impeachment or other contrived fake news fiascoes, the White House should present the US public with a shining, heroic image of the new generation "A team" tasked with taking down the Democrat RICO that is conspiring on a seditious, treasonous, illegal overthrow of lawfully elected President Trump, thru a shockingly vast network of corruption, fraud, kickbacks and illegal activities.

  • Evan Shiong

    I thought it was gonna be Trump himself in that interview, but no; ya know something. Iโ€™m finding out that he has been interviewed by everyone EXCEPT CNN. He let NBC interview him, CBS, and ABC.

  • gary proffitt

    Trump is not fit and not worthy for an intelligent oval office but he might be able to serve the circus clowns ๐Ÿฑโ€๐Ÿ’ป

  • bobo jepeny

    If Giuliani was so "tough " on organized crime why was Trump not prosecuted for tax evasion by Giuliani in NYC and the FEDS? BECAUSE TRUMP HAD THEM ON HIS PAYROLL-PAD. Easy call. Lol.

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