• Michael Brown

    There is no need for the whistle blower to appear since everything the whistleblower said was confirmed by Vind and other higher instances. Trump did not even go after Vind who is a military veteran. It could be that he is having a recurrent bone spur.

  • Charlene Lord

    Is there something in trump's demented brain that makes him want to scream at reporters when he hears helicopter propellers?

  • America Lost

    Is there really no hoping that the Republicans suddenly remember they have a soul? Maybe if the outcry for impeachment settles in at over 60%

  • Jeong min Youn

    I am foreigner so I can not sympathize with you guys so much. Is calling to Uzbekistan president to investigate his rival's informations bad ? Please let me know why they do like that.

  • fathand Robert

    The whistleblower’s identity is not
    important!  😊 You can’t
    call a foreign country and ask them for dirt on your political opponent, you
    just can’t do it as it’s illegal to do!  Trump
    made the illegal call with the Ukrainian President, he already admitted to that!  Trump violated his oath as POTUS by making
    the call and requesting dirt on his political opponent!  You can't call a foreign country and ask them
    to investigate a fellow American! He violated the US Constitution by asking for
    the information and holding up the aid, it's as simple as that!  If you don’t think I know what I’m talking
    about, feel free to google Emoluments Clauses of the U.S.Constitution!  Today
    Trump’s Republicans are standing in unity with him but none of them can defend
    the telephone call! 😆

  • Faye Mccaig

    OMG this whistleblower is killing trump. Desperate to find out who it is. Hope he has a nervous breakdown Nice to know that something really upsets him.

  • steve MITCHELL

    I see all the liberal programmed sheep and the FAKE news are here again. They have no idea why they hate Trump , yet they hate him.. LMAO LMAO LMAO Maybe Biden should have given Trump so pointers on how to get the Ukraine to pay off his kid with
    $50,000 a month.

  • No Theory

    I hate lobbyists, i hate trump, i hate clinton, i hate multimillion corporate interests groups. The US is corrupt, Trump's antics shows the underbelly of such a corrupt system.

  • Cranjis McBasketball

    Trump is nothing more than a narcissistic sociopath, who views himself as a King or dictator. He must be in total control to feed his massive ego and keep his base whipped up into a frenzy. He wants someone to hurt these people who have come forward. Manipulation 101!

  • Cheryl Mcwilliams

    We don't hate you Trump. We just believe in our hearts that you are the worst man for the presidency. You get along with no one. Worldwide. We need a soft spoken man or woman with compassion and a gentle spirit. I don't know about the rest of the Americans but I am sick of hearing him buff himself up. He is living in a world of his own to believe all that crap. Washington, Lincoln and many more great presidents would tell you to just shut up and do your job. Quit whining, stand up be a man. Love our country and then if you can't do that. Please leave it.

  • Elephant In The Room

    Whistleblower should not be revealed……..thats ILLEGAL…….how is the comander in chief, proposing to commit illegal acts……..he needs to be impeached and removed hes unfit for office

  • David

    Does Trump not understand why whistlebowers are protected?? To protect them against guys like Trump AND it's way past that point now since so many have come forward saying the same thing. He's just grabbing at straws now.

  • Patricia roe

    Since Trump is publicly coming out against Vindmar, I hope Bolton has enough respect for the Lt Colonel to appear and testify.

  • Bruce Layfield

    Why blame the whistleblower when the transcripts alone prove his guilt. It’s like blaming a police officer for hauling in a killer’s fingerprint laden gun. Why doesn’t Trump for once man up and admit he is wrong. He should resign.

  • Florida Crypto R


  • Cory Allen

    When Obama was president he did authorize the wiretapping of the Trump campaign and he needs to answer for that among a long list of criminal activities.

  • Jim666

    Pot and Kettle. "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States but only if the price is right"

  • Henry Niemi

    Imagine how far Trump could go if he just spoke like a sane person. But whenever he speaks, his speech deteriorates into a deranged rant against his opponents.
    What's worse, his slams are very poor. He just keeps calling everyone a dog. Which is insulting to our canine friends.
    Why not use other animals for a change? Like so:
    'Republicans are like party of monkeys in a jungle; they see democrat tigers closing in, they start making horrible racket and start flinging their own poo at the predators in an effort to drive them away.'

  • Miles North

    Dems are just butthurt that there's no video of Trump doing what Biden is doing bragging about using leverage, with taxpayer money, to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired, the same one investigating his son Hunter's phony business dealings. Trump is simply cleaning up corruption of Obama and pals, since they weren't about to investigate themselves!


    This impeachment is so Fake, you MSM MAKE us sick! Where's The PROOF? DO YOU KNOW WHAT PROOF IS you Leftards? Your Polls are BS. as well. FFS Stop being so biased

  • Helen Garrett

    To reveal the whistleblower is the beginning of the arrest of dissidents in the Putin style. We are running at breakneck speed toward a strongman in the United States. Why? Because Trump asserts that he cannot be held responsible for ANY criminal matter. That was his lawyer's assertion in court. If Trump successfully has packed the Supreme Court is there any reason for him to turn over the reins of government if he loses? The courts are the only branch of government that might stop him, if he does not invent lies about the judges and simply try to defy them. And if he wins in 2020, even less reason to leave the Whitehouse as he continues to be a lawless leader with ultimate power and no control of himself or his behavior by anyone. He does not want to be indicted upon completion of this or any term. So why leave? We simply must protect those that have testified against him lest he manufacture a reason out of thin air to arrest his enemies. His mentor is Putin.

  • Ian Birkinhead

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the whistleblower turned out to be George Conway, because Kellyanne talks in her sleep? How could you put them into witness protection, George would be easy, but how would you disguise Kellyanne?

  • Say What?

    All of this are lies, and President Trump can prove it. Where is the whistle blower? If this loser is going to make a accusation at least have the balls to say it to his face? Why is this coward hiding if he is telling the truth?

  • zizukiki

    And this how you control people in Gaymerica, don't open your mouth and say it's a democracy, it never was and never will be if you want to stay as a superpower. If you do say it is a democracy than you are a hypocrite like 99.99% rest of the world…


    The most dangerous rat is one forced into a corner just as Trump has been pushed into one of his own making. To cowardly to face his own music.

  • Goahead

    Trump wants whistleblower to come out public because he wants him to be Epsteined.
    Epstein's forensic analysis showed that he was murdered.

  • e r

    Recent article informed that about 95% as an average, federal employees supported Hillary in 2016 along with the largest donations than any other candidate. Presently, Dem reps. with an annual salary of $176000 plus benefits from taxpayers have nothing to show what they have done for Americans other than having countless meetings on how to impeach the POTUS. Your hard earned money goes to meetings, food, conferences, trips even to other countries, promoting impeachment while many Americans are homeless relying and begging for a dollar or two a day from compassionate Americans.

  • Edward Decker

    Waaaah it's Obama's fault! The whistle-blower is a liar, the veteran is a liar, the media lies except for FOX. The FBI, CIA, and America tells lies about me. Boo, hoo, hoo. cry whimper. Unfortunately for Trump and his trolls we have Trump in his own words telling us he is a swamp creature, who bribes people for favors, and would break the law to get dirt on his political opponents.



    So pay attention trumpanzees, that's Trump himself telling you he is a lying cheat, and you cheer for him. Why? Apparently you people are too stupid to win a Darwin Award if you don't hear what he's telling you about himself!

  • Dan Lee

    Trump is politically and personally a realy lost soul

    on a fast crumbling cliff,who's is desperately

    looking for all kind of ways for not loosing

    his balance.

  • Peter van der Linden

    The lies come easily to trump. More people need to call him out to his face, like Hillary Clinton did in the 2016 debate.

  • stephen ward

    Donald the whistle-blower is inconsequential. Pull down your pants bend over and take it. Thsts what is up in your World. No one is listening anymore Mr. Ex POTUS lmao what a CLOWN

  • Edward Decker

    The law is set up to protect the whistleblower, and Trump want's to break the law. Gee, nothing new here. Better eat that KFC quick Trump, because they don't serve it in prison.

  • OrphanPaper

    all all the whoharr diverting from the corrupt favours for money scandal biden Obama and Clinton are /were involved with; which is showing the political bias within the media; who care nothing for the well being of populations ,as the corrupt political entities they support ,,,

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