TOP 5 GOLDEN BUZZERS on Britain’s Got Talent 2019 | Top Talent

TOP 5 GOLDEN BUZZERS on Britain’s Got Talent 2019 | Top Talent

Hello hi, well that was a good reaction you haven’t done anything yet
How are you? Good? Thank you. Just give me your names and ages starting with you, please I’m Jacob. I’m 14 years old
Okay, I’m Noah and I’m 15 good. I’m Tom, I’m 15 good I’m Jake and I’m 15. Okay, so I’m guessing you
Yes, got it, okay, what are you called chapter 13 who put you to that or did you put yourself together?
We were all in School of Rock The Musical together. Okay, whose idea was it for you to be your own bands?
Um, well me and Noah shared a room. Yeah, we all just always just sort of
Imagining you know, what would be like being abandoned then? We’d start talking to these TuneIn good beer. I
Feel really good luck. Hope this goes great very much
And look great
And mascot it going
I honestly conserve I don’t think I’ve ever seen four young musicians sew together the drummer you were amazing
the guitar playing was spot-on some of the faces you were pulling fantastic you especially
I just think you are absolutely incredible. And now you’ve just got to win the whole show
Congratulation, thank you so much. Honestly, the musicianship that I just saw was outstanding. The skill level is so impressive
Congratulations, Amanda well done is very much
It was so refreshing that you were so brilliant and also they were original versions of those songs, it was faultless guys
You came you conquered
This is so well-deserved what we just had
Enacted emotion kids watching this show 12 13 14 15
So whatever they’ve got I would love to be in that because that is more fun than being at school. I
Did what’s really exciting is the last time I remember seeing and hearing something like this was a bank we busted that was fantastic
Hello, Alicia, how are you? I’m good. I’m really really good. I was not expecting to see you today
I’ve known Kojo for many many years Kojo. I’ll let you tell my fellow judges about yourself. I’m a stand-up comedian
Been doing comedy for 20 years. I’m I’ve spent most of those 20 years
Encouraging young comedians and helping big-name comedians and opening up for them and my new fiance
We’ve got a little boy called Roman he’s here as well
And she said that it was about time that’s why I’m thinking about myself and
Who makes you laugh Simon Cowell
That’s funny, okay. Well, look oj, you know the show three minutes please done. Thank you very much
So ladies and gentlemen, I’m a new dad for the first time
But all are one of these be better than my dad, right?
My dad had no patience, right? Me and my best friend Michael Murphy after school every day
We’d play football on the estate. I had the parent who would ruin that game by calling me inside for something
I didn’t think was necessary
Only you would hear cuz I got I forget Paris and I might have to shout like couch. Oh come here
Now Mike who always had confrontation with my dad it was a coach coach College what’s going on mate the clothes
You’re a big man. You’re 11
You go in there, you know shit off now ladies and gentlemen, there was a little part of me that believed in Michaels spirit
But then I remembered he don’t live in my house
So I turned to my dad I said dad. What’s up go to the store and gets me Ribena
Ladies and gentlemen, this is all I said dad
Car you gave yourself
It was 1:00 p.m. But it got dark room there pitching’s weren’t even flying anymore. They came down to warn me
Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t have any jokes. I’ve got problems. Have you ever been to a bank right?
Cuz I’m not really happy with the customer services that we get our banks nowadays, right?
Have you ever gone into a bank? You’ve seen four available windows four?
But there’s only one person working
Then you get the woman that works there who walks past the queue and says, don’t worry. She won’t be long go and help
You get to the cashier because it’s your turn right they’ve now given the cashiers microphones yeah, so everybody can hear your financial situation
I’m right here. I can hear you. Right and I’m already embarrassed about the amount that I need
So I was discreet right? I was like
Can I get one power fifty, please
That weren’t enough for her she had to talk into the mic and get into my business. Sorry, sir
You need a pound to keep the account open
Why are you shouting I
Told you I needed the rest of what was in my account. So I said to her please. Can I get that fifty pence?
She said to me how do you want that? I was like in silence
Was so frustrated that I rushed out of the bank
I rushed out to be greeted by the most creative homeless person I have ever met
He rushed up to me said look mate. I know you’re in a rush
But can I please get twenty pens to get something to eat?
Ladies and gentlemen, I looked at him and said, you know where to eat with 20 vents
For the both of us
When he window broke, right and you ain’t got no money there’s certain things that you can’t enjoy like a cab driver
You can’t enjoy a black cab ride. You can’t enjoy it, right?
I went into a black have recently me and my mate we jumped in he was getting comfortable clearly
He’s got more money than me. He was looking outside the window
Talking to the driver. He fell asleep
Ladies and gentleman. You ain’t got no money. You only look at one thing as their meter
The experience in the black cap is the most awful thing ever they charge you before you even speak to the driver
You step in 250. Hold on a minute
You sit down three pound. Hey
Let’s discuss this
ladies and gentlemen
It’s got to a point where I don’t even have a destination when I get into a black cab
When I Drive it says, where’d you want to go as they take me to five pound?
Let’s go Joe. Thank you very much
Kojo and you came on I loved hearing about how you grafted how you’ve honed your act how you’ve now got your little family
Yeah, and the act just got better and better and then by the end you were like, yeah
I’d pay money to see this man. Congratulations so much
I’ve always respected you my respect level few has just gone way out there, my friend
Thank you very much thank you
Well, you know when someone’s really funny there is nothing much to say other than you are brilliantly funny. You made everyone laugh
You’ve kind of got all bases covered as a comedian. You’re brilliantly likable. You’ve got fantastic observational routines. I think you did yourself really proud
Oh Joe
What was quite amazing was I felt that you were nervous then I could see
The audience wrapped in you and you reacting it to them
But I’m gonna be honest with you coz you I don’t really like comedians on this show
But I love you
Oh wow
I really got
I know what it is. You are so funny and so unpredictable. You just learn the most amazing energy
This is the grade you’d be waiting for thank you, so I could not be happier. You enjoy this
You can do this. Hello. Hi there. Hello. What’s your name?
I’m Debbie Pauly and I’m the head teacher flake-free primary school and this is our choir
So tell me about the choir and how long they’ve been singing together
Probably since September we’re a real eclectic group. We’ve got ranges from four all the way through to eleven
Some are amazing singers somebody just enthusiastic
Enthusiastic, so what’s the big dream for this coin reading ratings in partner school?
But the kids had a dream this one in assembly said she want to go on Britain’s Got Talent and here we are
Hello do you Megan? Why did you want to come on Britain’s Got Talent because I love singing
Oh, well, we’re all rooting for you, good luck. Thank you very much
We are
Good when you ate it you would have gone conduct
Really proud of you what have you’ve done right? You were amazing kids. Let’s go for it. Yeah smile
Press the gold, David
Absolute chaos and absolute joy
think you
Are so important to kids this age to remind them
You know to have fun your joy that you radiate it is infectious
This to me is what Britain’s Got Talent
Hey Vinnie
It’s just one of the most joyous things I’ve ever seen
I think you’ve just made all our hearts or today and it’s what you want
Your childhood to have been like and what you want your children’s chart to be like which is just full of
You’re 18. Oh they’re a great great teacher well done everybody
Well done in there
Well done guys girlfriend
Know it’s all in. What’s your name?
action action sing Akshat sing you an how old are you 13 13 the flame were you from India Mumbai Oh
So, who are you here with with my mom and dad mom and dad’s what’s the big dream vay person’s Got Talent
because and I have two motors in my life to make everyone happy and
Show everyone that nothing is impossible in our life
Okay, then stage is yours, thank you
Never underestimate three things in your life kids kids and only
Not expecting that
With a lot of kids you’re gonna watch you
Absolutely love what you do because you’re fun. You got great personality. This is your moment
Did what he said he was gonna do. Yes. He’s made us happy
I wish I was 13 and watching you up there on the stage. He would have made me feel like I could achieve
Box clicks, it’s absolutely incredible
Let’s go this thing. Okay, David yes or no. Well well
Come on man. Well done. Well done. Brilliantly welcome
Your gelato
And I wasn’t expecting that
Can we keep it down don’t we pass the gold was a result. That means we keep results
Yes good las aksha, just tell me what was what was your motto?
To be happy and to make others happy
What’s your name darling, Georgia boy, where are you from Georgia porch? I’m from Walter
Thank you and when you woke up this morning, how did you feel oh my god, I’m gonna go to Britain’s Got Talent
Are you singing? Yes, I’m gonna sing and is this the biggest audience that you’ve ever performed in front of yes, definitely?
All right, darling. What’s the song that you would like to sing today? It’s ten. It’s an original song and you wrote that
Yes, okay. What’s it about?
It’s about like how some adults they don’t hear what the kids say like, you just leave them hanging around whatever you don’t care
Yeah, this is nothing to do with it, yeah, okay, we’re late, all right darling good luck. Thank you
When I speak
Do you even hear what I say? Where doesn’t no matter in that way cuz I’m dead
We’ll just because I’m you
To me say
Oh a
she’s ready to
also need you to
Feel me I need you to protect me. I need you to God
Just knew when I woke up this morning. This is gonna be a great day. I could feel it. I
Ever son who’s five trust me. I listen to him. Not the other way around
I learned a lot more from him than other people so I get it and it was amazing. I
Cannot believe you are 10 years old. I
Was barely out of nappies when I was setting us home. I mean just everything
It takes a lot to really really move me and you flawed me like absolutely
Your lyrical capability you are ten years old this is unbelievable
Although it is amazing. I mean like really good the whole time amazing


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