There’s no such thing as a ‘clean break’ Brexit, Irish PM Varadkar warns Johnson

In my view, the story
of Brexit won’t end
when if the United Kingdom
ends the European Union
on 31 October or even
the 31 January.
There’s no such thing as a clean
break or just getting it done.
Rather, we’ll just move on
to a new phase.
If there is no deal, it will
cause severe disruption
for British and Irish people alike
and not so much on the continent.
And whatever happens, we’ll
have to get back
to the negotiating table quite quickly.
And when we do, the first
items on the agenda
will be citizens rights,
the financial settlement
and the Irish border; all issues
which we had resolved
in the withdrawal agreement
made with your predecessor.
I am ready to listen to any
constructive ways in which we can acheive
our agreed goals and resolve
the current impasse.
But what we cannot do
and will not do,
and I know you understand this,
is to agree to the replacement
of the legal guarantee with a promise.
our businesses need long-term
certainty and the people
of this island, north and south,
need to know that their livelihoods,
their security and their sense of
identity will not be put at risk
as a consequence of Brexit.
For us, the backstop continues
to be a critical component
of the withdrawal agreement,
unless or until alternative are found.
But we are open to alternatives,
but they must be realistic ones,
legally binding and workable
and we haven’t received such
proposals to date.

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