THE SOUTH CHINA SEA: Donald Trump will enhance weapon 5 US strategy? | Hot News.

National Interest magazine said, the Republicans
controlled the White House, the Senate and
the US House, his administration Trump will
be able to increase defense spending to face
the threats that are facing America presence
around the world.
Donald Trump will be officially inaugurated
US president on January 20, 2017, and the
new government is likely to withdraw the command
to cut the defense budget for the US military.
Do not invest thoroughly in the 1990s after
the Cold War ended, the United States only
made a few new submarines to replace the Los
Angeles class fleet with the government since
former president Reagan years 1980. Thus,
the number of US Navy submarines are expected
to fall from 52 to 41 vessels in 2029. in
other words, this force does not have enough
submarines needed to be able to operate around
the world presented as the will of the commander.
Under Mr. Trump, the Pentagon is likely to
ensure the desired minimum satisfaction of
the US Navy, which is made of two Virginia-class
submarines per year, and if possible, the
government should also lift Trump figures
up to 3 ships.
Many US officials are eager to restart production
activities fighter F-22 Raptor, but this aircraft
was designed 30 years ago and its technology
has begun to age. Trump authorities should
promote the development of a new fighter to
replace the F-22 and F-15C.
In the context of Russia and China is to launch
the new aircraft as PAK-FA, J-20 and J-31,
along with modern air defense systems S-300V4,
S-400 and S-500, America should start manufacturing
the new generation fighter in the shortest
Fleet aircraft carrier of the US Navy allows
Washington may be present everywhere in the
world. However, maritime squadron of the US
today is not enough to defeat the anti-intrusion
systems of Russia and China. The F / A-18
Super Hornet is a reliable aircraft, but now
the US Navy needed a replacement aircraft
has a range of activities and the ability
to overcome air defense systems of the enemy
to confront the anti-intrusion system on.
This is one of the weapons that the government
must invest Trump.
While Russia is building the T-14 Armata,
while China is also developing T-99 vehicles,
M1A2 Abrams tanks the US will no longer be
a force as it did in the past. Americans are
beginning to upgrade to this tank, but officials
admit that they want a new tank. However,
the defense budget where they are is not enough.
Major General David Bassett, head of the project
on the weapons of the US Army said in Washington
on October 4 that “I want a program to develop
alternative weapons for Abrams tanks and Bradley
however, it does not fit the current spending
plan. ” Very likely, his administration Trump
will have the opportunity to develop new tank
the US Army as desired.
Trump authorities will also accelerate the
development activities of the weapons and
the gun discharge energy. These weapons can
this future will erase the gap in cost between
offensive weapons and defensive systems. For
example, a ballistic missile of China could
consume about 1.5 million, but the interceptor
missile, the SM-3 Block 1B can cost up to
$ 15 million.
With the US Navy will have to release at least
2 results SM-3 to prevent enemy missiles,
US defense spending will be very high, not
to mention the number of interceptor missiles
is limited. If the Pentagon use of laser guns,
each shot costs will decrease significantly.

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