‘The SNP ignores Scottish Brexiteers!’ BBC’s Nick Robinson savages Sturgeon’s ‘hypocrisy’  – News 24

‘The SNP ignores Scottish Brexiteers!’ BBC’s Nick Robinson savages Sturgeon’s ‘hypocrisy’ – News 24

 Nick Robinson took the SNP’s position on Brexit to task this morning, questioning why Nicola Sturgeon ignored Scottish Leavers Robinson insisted the SNP should respect the 38 percent of Scots who voted to leave, during an interview with the party’s deputy leader in Westminster The BBC political host also hit out at the SNP for their plan to stay inside the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy   More than a million people in Scotland voted to leave the EU during the 2016 referendum, making up 38 percent of Scotland  Speaking to Kirsty Blackman on the Today programme, Robinson suggested that the SNP was “hypocritical”  He said that the support for independence was not significantly higher than that for leaving the EU  Robinson said: “Is your message to Scots who voted to leave, don’t vote for us because we will ignore you?” Ms Blackman responded: “Our message is that the people who should decide the future of Scotland should be the people of Scotland ”  The senior SNP figure added: “We are not getting what we want, what we voted for from Westminster  “Our Scottish Parliament is not being respected in the way it deserves.” This prompted Robinson to fire back: “What about respecting the million of Scots who voted to leave?” “Again and again, the SNP talks about the big pressure for independence  “45 percent of Scots voted for independence. 38 percent voted to leave the EU Why do you constantly ignore their vote? “There are a large number of Scots who did vote to leave and still believe in leaving  “You talk as if Scotland as a whole has reached a verdict rather than being divided like the rest of the UK ”   Trending  The SNP deputy leader in Westminster said: “Things have changed significantly since the independence referendum  “We were told then that if we wanted to stay in the EU we had to stay with the UK ” Robinson also questioned why the SNP want to return to the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy, a scheme often blamed for depleting the Scottish fishing industry  Ms Blackman said that Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal did not help the Scottish fishermen  She explained: “The proposal that was put forward to people in fishing communities by those who supported Leave is not the proposal that is coming through as a result of the deal that Boris Johnson has negotiated  “The big issue for me with the Common Fisheries Policy and the way that it has worked is that has been people from the Westminster Parliament, who don’t know anything about Scottish fishing  “So, we’ve been very badly-served by Westminster and the Common Fisheries Policy would work significantly better for us if we had had people with Scottish interests in charge ”


  • Laino Laing

    What planet is she on.. Scotland is devided not united as the snp would like you to think.
    Once again they are great at criticism of other parties but don't offer up solutions just the same old the people of scotland should decide.
    Well wakey wakey scotland did decide and said naw and did not vote remain in the union because of this… "Oh we only said that if we are in the Eu.." .
    More pish i think we are intelligent enough to know what we voted for and as it says in vid more Scots voted to leave the eu than voted for the snp in last election.
    More propaganda for their sect to eat up…
    ITS STILL NAW 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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