The Right Wing Might Soon Rule Europe

The Right Wing Might Soon Rule Europe

If Angela Merkel was worried
only about Donald Trump…
She is having the same headache
over the meeting of the right-wing parties,
which took place last weekend right under
her very nose, in Koblenz, in western Germany.
The list is impressive.
The French National Front, the Flemish Interest
from Belgium, The League of the North from Italy,
the German Alternative, and the Party for Freedom
from the Netherlands.
Other participants were from
the same political spectrum.
The creation of conditions
for countries to exit the EU
is among the topics of the international
conference of right-wing politicians.
Our special correspondent in Germany
Mikhail Antonov will tell us more about the event.
At the end of the week there
were two good news in a row
for the right-wing conservatives in Europe.
One came from Washington
and the other from Koblenz.
Trump didn’t create a disappointment on Friday.
On Saturday, the Alternative for Germany
officially joined the group of eurosceptics.
Those for disunity, unite!
In June 2015, the leader of the French
National Front Marine Le Pen
established an organization called
Europe of Nations and Freedom.
Freedom from Brussels, of course.
These people used to be called the hand of
Moscow by the liberal government and the media.
After January 20th, they can easily
be called the hand of Washington.
The French National Front,
the Alternative for Germany,
the Dutch and the Austrian Parties for Freedom,
and absolutely everyone who is tired of the European
Commission, the euro, Merkel, and refugees,
are ideologically closer to the new US president
than the entire system of European politics.
In France, Mrs. Merkel is shown
as a heroine and a role model
in matters of generosity
in regard to refugees.
But the French press never asks
about the opinion of the German people.
Germans are not asked, whether they
agree with Merkel’s policy in respect of refugees.
It is clear why it happens this way.
If they had asked the German people
this question, everyone would see
that her migration policy is a catastrophe.
This is almost a direct quote of Trump.
He also called Merkel’s migration policy
a catastrophe in a recent interview
given to the Bild newspaper.
He also said that Brexit was
the right thing and that NATO is out of date.
Statements which Paris
and Berlin couldn’t like.
The reaction “we will figure it out ourselves”
was not typical for Western allies.
I believe that we, Europeans, are
responsible for our future.
Europe does not need advice
from the outside on what to do.
There are enough of us inside Europe
to know how to make the right choice.
It seems like European liberals liked
Trump’s inaugural speech even less.
Vice Chancellor Gabriel heard some notes
of nationalism in it and suggested dressing warmly,
that is, he warned of trouble.
However, spring has come for the eurosceptics.
On Saturday in Koblenz, Trump
was quoted many times.
Quoting Trump, we will get the jobs back,
we will get the borders back,
we will get our future back.
The new Europe is possible!
Sorry for my German.
In the elections in Germany, which
will take place on September 24th,
Frauke Petry, the leader of the party
Alternative for Germany, has small chances
to constitute direct competition
to the current Chancellor.
They are obscurer than the chances
of Le Pen to become the President of France.
But she may succeed in making the formation
of the next ruling coalition more difficult
and in ensuring that the Bundestag stays alert.
For the first time, the Chancellor
will have to overcome the joint resistance
of the internal opposition and Washington,
for example, on the issue of NATO modernization.
This week, Germany admitted that
it cannot spend 2% of its GDP on defense.
We want to engage in the dialogue
with the US on the same level.
We demand a radical reform of NATO,
which may imply a bigger
responsibility for the European countries.
We have all the conditions to achieve a compromise.
We are expecting Trump’s say on the issue
of the Russian-American rapprochement.
President Trump, apparently,
wants to reconcile with Russia,
since this battle of nerves,
which we are witnessing,
has certainly caused concerns,
especially among European nations,
because geographically we are
located between Russia and the United States.
I think we can only be pleased with
this new diplomatic approach
that is expressed today by Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump.
In defining civilizational threats,
the views of eurosceptics
fully coincide with Russia’s position
and the point of view of the US
administration, so far only proclaimed by Trump.
It is Islamic terrorism.
The Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders
went up on stage surrounded by guards.
Al-Qaeda, Taliban, and ISIS,
have already promised a reward for his head.
For Wilders and his colleagues the issue
of personal and national security
is directly linked to the question of power
that they will also have to solve soon
in the parliamentary elections.
We hope that the good times will come.
We see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Last year the wind of change blew.
This wind brought the victory
of President Donald Trump,
which I congratulate him on.
Not only in America, but also in Germany,
the Netherlands, France, Italy and Austria,
all across Europe, we see the
growing influence of the patriots.
It is time for change.
It is still too early to judge how
irreversible these changes are.
What is clear, however, is that the right-wing
politicians have never had such good chances
to start ruling Europe already in the near future.
Mikhail Antonov, Alexander Korostilyov,
and Andrey Putra,News of the Week, Koblenz, Germany.

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