The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4

♪ Went out one night to
make a little round ♪
♪ I met little Sadie,
and I shot her down ♪
♪ Went back home,
jumped into bed ♪
♪ .44 pistol under my head ♪
♪ I woke up in the morning about
half past nine… ♪
♪ …they overtook me in
Jericho ♪
JESSE: I hate these things.
ELLIE: Tell me about it.
JESSE: You’re old man
really laid into me today.
ELLIE: What happened?
JESSE: Another big
lecture about my patrols.
Don’t go here; don’t go there.
Funny how involved he gets
whenever you’re
scheduled to go out.
ELLIE: Yeah.
JESSE: She’s putting
on quite the show.
ELLIE: I give you guys two weeks
until you’re back together.
JESSE: Not gonna happen.
She say something to you?
ELLIE: Make it one week.
DINA: Ellie. Hey.
What took you so long?
ELLIE: Well, I’m here, aren’t I?
JESSE: Dina.
DINA: Jesse.
Come on.
JESSE: Hey. Don’t forget we
leave at first light,
so get some rest.
DINA: Yes, sir.
ELLIE: You’re such a dick.
DINA: Come on.
Don’t you start with me.
Okay. I have a very
serious question for you.
How bad do I smell?
ELLIE: Like a hot
pile of garbage.
DINA: Oh okay.
How about that?
ELLIE: Gross.
DINA: You love it.
ELLIE: Every guy in this room
is staring at you right now.
DINA: Maybe
they’re staring at you.
ELLIE: They’re not.
DINA: Maybe
they’re jealous of you.
ELLIE: I’m just a
girl, not a threat.
DINA: Oh, Ellie.
I think they should
be terrified of you.
ELLIE: Fucker.
Please don’t do this.
Holy shit.
No, no, no.
ELLIE: Jesus.
MAN: Spread out.
WOMAN: Wolf! Wolf!
ELLIE: Fuck.
WOMAN: She went
be into the grass.
Watch yourself.
WOMAN: Ethan?
ETHAN: What?
WOMAN: Wolf, she
came through here.
Double back.
MAN: You rat.
ELLIE: Motherfucker.
MAN: Ethan!
I have eyes.
WOMAN: Here.
MAN: You know,
this is sacrifice land.
DINA: See.
I told you.
They should be terrified.

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