• The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast 2019 👑🎄 📺 – BBC

    The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast 2019 👑🎄 📺 – BBC

    MUSIC: God Save The Queen As a child, I never imagined that one day a man would walk on the moon. Yet this year, we marked the 50th anniversary of the famous Apollo 11 mission. It’s still looking very good. Your go. The Eagle has landed. As those historic pictures were beamed back to Earth, millions of us sat transfixed to our television screens as we watched Neil Armstrong taking a small step for man and a giant leap for mankind, and indeed for womankind. It’s a reminder for us all that giant leaps often start with small steps. This year, we marked another important anniversary, D-Day. On 6th June…

  • How to Build Hoop Houses : Planning a Hoop House

    How to Build Hoop Houses : Planning a Hoop House

    Today we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about backyard hoophouses. You’re going to need to acquire your materials. So there are various sources as well as kits. You can build your own, There’s various designs, we’ll cover the basic designs and we’re going to cover just how to maintain the hoophouse around the calendar. There’s a bit to know, based upon what it is you want to do. Whether it’s growing vegetables, growing winter starts, winter vegetables, early starts. Whether you’re extending the season in the fall or ramping up the season in the spring. We’re going to cover just about everything you need to know…

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    How to Change the Contacts on ABB A-Line 95 and 115 Series of Contactors

    Welcome To G-TV! Today I will be showing how to change the contacts on the ABB A line 95 and 115 series of contactors. I will be using the A 95 series for this demonstration since the A 95 and A 115 use similar contacts and can be replaced using the same methods. Prior to installation, I will need to remove any auxiliary contacts that may hinder the installation of the contacts. For replacing the contacts, I will need to have a slotted screwdriver, as well as a T15 and T20 size Torx screwdriver. With the T15 Torx screwdriver, I can remove the front cover by unfastening the four screws…

  • Severe Weather Update: Elevated fire danger and heatwave conditions, 30 December 2019

    Severe Weather Update: Elevated fire danger and heatwave conditions, 30 December 2019

    Hello from the Bureau, with an update on the dangerous heat and fire weather across the south-east today, focusing on South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania in this video, with further information on the New South Wales situation to follow this afternoon As temperatures rise and northerly winds strengthen through today, communities will face extremely hazardous conditions. For South Australia, Catastrophic fire dangers are forecast through central regions, including the Mount Lofty Ranges where fires are ongoing, with severe to extreme dangers for the rest of the state. Victoria is facing severe to extreme fire danger, with particular concern for deteriorating conditions in East Gippsland. Ongoing fires through this region exhibited…

  • News from an alternate universe: Climate Change

    News from an alternate universe: Climate Change

    NARRATOR: Scientists have been warning us for years about our changing climate. SCIENTIST: Rising temperaturs, sea level change, iceburgs melting. But warnings are one thing. Social and political change is quite another. Has science managed to convince us? It turns out, the answer is yes. Yes big time. Overwhelming evidence, both at the chemical and atmospheric levels show that man-made CO2 is directly affecting climate conditions. And when we told politicians and the general public, they believed us immediately. Look, when I turned on my TV and saw some scientist spoutin’ off about how some kind of invisible gas is causing something called “global warming” I was like, thank you!…

  • Spotting Fake News

    Spotting Fake News

    [MUSIC] As information becomes more available to our students and adults I consistently hear from some of our teachers that they think that computers are going to take over their job one day. In fact some think that their jobs are being taken over by computers now. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing. In fact, the case is quite actually the opposite. We now need teachers more than ever to help weed out all of the inaccurate information that our students read on the internet, particularly fake news. An MIT study shows that younger people are more likely now to remember where they can find facts online rather…

  • Chelsea latest news: Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich on winning side in rocky FTSE year

    Chelsea latest news: Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich on winning side in rocky FTSE year

    Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich may not be able to bag a UK visa but it hasn’t stopped him emerging among the Footsie’s big winners this year Shares in the Russian steelmaker, in which the billionaire owns a 31% stake, have soared 37% this year as steel prices climbed on rising Chinese demand The firm, which has operations in Russia, the US, Canada, the Czech Republic, Italy and Kazakhstan, recorded strong earnings and maintained its dividend — something few firms can claim to have achieved this year But the crown went to Ocado as the online grocer finally came good after years of debate over its business model Under chief executive…

  • Cord cutting update: 18 months without cable TV!

    Cord cutting update: 18 months without cable TV!

    – Its been about 18 months or so since I made the biggest decision of my life. Now that I’m almost 40. Oh that’s old! I killed cable TV. Okay cable TV still exists, I just don’t have it anymore. So the simple idea more than a year ago was just to see if what we were watching was really worth what we were paying. So 18 months later, where do we stand? How’s it working? And more important how much money are we spending? Let’s go take a look. (upbeat R&B music) So first a caveat. Okay all of this I’m about to say applies to me. You might…

  • 17 Million Fuck-Offs (updated) – Dominic Frisby’s Brexit Song

    17 Million Fuck-Offs (updated) – Dominic Frisby’s Brexit Song

    On the 23rd of June in 2016 The people of the United Kingdom And Gibraltar Went to vote On an issue that for some had been burning for years The question in full – and unaltered – was – and I quote Should the United Kingdom Remain A member of the European Union Or leave The European Union? It was the greatest democratic turnout in British history, I do not scoff And when the time came to speak the British said Fuck off Fuck off Campaigning had gone on for many a month With debate and discussion on many a front They’d argued they’d fought they had smeared and pulled…

  • Unlikely lines from a cosmetics commercial | Mock The Week – BBC

    Unlikely lines from a cosmetics commercial | Mock The Week – BBC

    Unlikely lines from a costume drama. Madam, I’m in line to the throne and, as such, we shall be dining somewhere that befits my title. Pizza Express, Woking! BUZZER Ah, Batman! I mean, I suppose technically it’s a costume. BUZZER Heathcliff, Heathcliff, let me in, let me in! I just wondered if we could count on your vote on December 12th? BUZZER Generally, I am a footman, sir. Although I do also like the bottom and the breasts. BUZZER Just reading this review from the Anne Boleyn musical. It says, “It was a good idea, but I didn’t like the execution.” Lord Windermere is famed for his opulent balls. I’ve…