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    BBC slammed for ‘sober shaming’ post on Twitter – News Live

     Their tweets are supposed to entertain and make people laugh, but one of BBC Comedy’s most recent posts has done anything but The account has come under fire for “sober shaming” in a tweet about drinking on Christmas Eve Dozens of people have replied to the post, suggesting they remove it – and even several BBC writers were left unimpressed In a post earlier today, the account shared a tweet saying: “When one of your mates says their not drinking on Christmas Eve”  It included a video clip from The Thick of It starring Peter Capaldi.  In the clip, Peter, who played Malcolm Tucker, is seen furiously yelling at someone, telling them to…

  • My exposé of a ‘seduction bootcamp’ – BBC News

    My exposé of a ‘seduction bootcamp’ – BBC News

    I was there to do a job, but I was still nervous about being found out or making mistakes.So this is the jacket I’ll be wearing.It’s quilted, which is good when it is the hottest day of the year.So you have got to basically block her path.That girl…I don’t know. I don’t know, man.You can, you can.I think she seems – she’s too young for me, man.It doesn’t matter. Even if she is underage, it is not illegal to stop someone.I’ll try someone else. I feel uncomfortable. Pick someone else for me.That was a good target.I know, I just think she’s – I don’t know – she seems too young.Not…

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    Asco Grime artist jailed for county lines drug dealing BBC News

    Asco Grime artist jailed for county lines drug dealing BBC NewsThese are external links and will open in a new windowA grime artist who signed a record deal with one of the worlds biggest labels has been jailed for drug dealing.Asco, real name Asfa Allen, 32, made up to £1,500 a day as the head of a gang distributing heroin and crack cocaine from London to Colchester, Essex.Last year Allen signed a deal with Warner Bros that could have been worth up to £1m.On Friday, he was jailed for 12 and a half years after being found guilty of conspiracy to supply class A drugs.Wood Green Crown Court heard Allen…

  • BBC News: ‘Out of order’ Viewers slam BBC reporter for ‘distasteful’ Thomas Cook coverage

    BBC News: ‘Out of order’ Viewers slam BBC reporter for ‘distasteful’ Thomas Cook coverage

     The UK Civil Aviation Authority announced earlier today that Thomas Cook had “ceased trading with immediate effect”It comes after last-minute negotiations to save the holiday firm failed, putting 22,000 jobs at risk BBC Breakfast had reporter Gavin Lee at Palma Airport in Mallorca reporting live on the situation to Charlie Stayt and Louise Minchin back in the studio The correspondent attempted to speak to Thomas Cook staff members as well as holidaymakers who had booked with the company However, he wasn’t met with much of a response as employees he approached did not wish to talk about the situation on air He told viewers: “One of the staff said to me this morning that…

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    What is Quantum Computing? – BBC Click

    this week the wide world of 360 video the artistic world of Marina Abramovicand the strange world of quantum computersimagine a computer that could crack the world’s most secure codes in minutesdesign extraordinary new medicines even pave the way to intelligent machines bigtech companies like Google IBM and Microsoft are all trying to be the firstto achieve a breakthrough in the field of quantum computing but well we’re notquite there yet at the moment if you want a quantum computer you need all ofthis you need your ionizing lasers your cooling lasers and your processor youneed all of this and currently all this can do is add a 0 and…

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    ‘My mum’s meeting my dad for the first time’ – BBC News

    My momis about to meet my dadfor the first time.I grew up with two moms,Kathleen and Betsy.And I really don’tmiss having a dadbecause they bothcompleted a different areaof me.This is the family.My sister, Sarah, and I have always just had each other.And I love Sarah to pieces.I always knew that I was donor conceived.We were imagining you18 years from nowmeeting this guyand we wanted you to like him.I don’t thinkI everimagined that there could be so many siblings.I thought maybe if I’m lucky I’ll find oneor two.I think we’re still trying tofeel aroundand figure out how we’re family.It’scompletely uncharted territory.We’re going to go visit Carolyn,my half sister.Carolyn was the first…

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    Entrevista con Nicolás Maduro en la BBC

    Venezuela un país que tiene dignidad y los Estados Unidos han pretendido montarnos una “crisis humanitaria” para justificar una intervención militar humanitaria y esto es parte de ese show, por eso nosotros por dignidad le decimos a la mendicidad, a las migajas que ellos pretenden traer con una comida intoxicada, con una comida de sobra que tienen, le decimos no, Venezuela tiene dignidad, Venezuela produce, trabaja y nuestro pueblo no necesita ser mendigo yo le digo que ustedes han montado un estereotipo en la BBC de Londres, en los medios estadounidenses también, de una Venezuela que no existe en todo caso te digo los Estados Unidos, el gobierno de Donald…

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    Afan Valley adventure resort backers seek more time BBC News

    Afan Valley adventure resort backers seek more time BBC NewsThese are external links and will open in a new windowBackers of a proposed £200m adventure resort are asking for an extra six months to finalise legal agreements to keep the project alive.The Afan Valley scheme was thrown into doubt amid allegations of serious financial issues concerning Northern Powerhouse Developments NPD .Neath Port Talbot council planners understand administrators will set up a new company to run the project.Former NPD chairman of leisure Peter Moore said he remained committed.He had previously founded the UK branch of leisure resorts company Center Parks.Plans for the resort on 325 acres 130 ha of forestry land…

  • Britney Spears father steps down as conservator   BBC News

    Britney Spears father steps down as conservator BBC News

    Britney Spears father steps down as conservator BBC NewsThese are external links and will open in a new windowBritney Spears father has stepped down as her conservator after 11 years.Jamie Spears filed papers in Los Angeles on 5 September, asking the court to temporarily relieve him of the role for “personal health reasons”.A judge approved the request on Monday, appointing Britneys care giver, Jodi Montgomery, as his replacement.The guardianship began in 2008, when Britney was placed in psychiatric care after refusing to relinquish custody of her children.Following that incident, Jamie Spears petitioned the court to place the pop star under his care.Since then, he has had the power limit to…