• Life with Borderline Personality Disorder (Short Film) | BBC Stories

    Life with Borderline Personality Disorder (Short Film) | BBC Stories

    Hi everybody. So on Saturday I went to meet a friend and after I met my friend I began to get into a crisis and it escalated quite quickly and I became very upset and very scared. And so I ended up going to A and E. So here, it’s kind of a crow when it happens when those self-harm and suicidal thoughts come over, I thought it was a bit like having a bird come over me and come down on me and kind of like start flapping at me and attacking me and start taking over me and pecking at me. There are lots of good reasons why…

  • ‘Why Did Our Sons Have to Die?’ (Short Documentary) | BBC Stories

    ‘Why Did Our Sons Have to Die?’ (Short Documentary) | BBC Stories

    He didn’t have to die that day if things were done properly he would still be here with us. There was a complete breakdown in the care of people in training. If they don’t start learning there’s going to be other deaths, and I don’t want other parents to go through this. I would rather have my son not being classed as a preventable death. The same accident happens again and again and again. That just has to stop. It cannot continue to happen like that. He loved being in the Army and he wanted to join the reserve SAS. It’s not what we wanted to hear but he was…

  • How seven kids came back from the dead – BBC Stories

    How seven kids came back from the dead – BBC Stories

    In that moment I thought ‘OK, now I’m going to die.’ This man comes running towards us. And he repeats the same words. They’re all dead. They’re all dead. They’re all dead. They felt cold. They were ice cold. They’re clinically dead… young teenagers. I remember now. It was… so freezing – it was so cold. And there was… ice on the water. Yeah. Sorry. It was hard weather. It was very windy. The boat flipped in the middle of the sea. Then… all the people fell out. I landed under the boat. And when I came… up from the water… the nightmare began. Everybody was screaming and everything was……

  • ‘Gym harassment is not a compliment’ BBC Stories

    ‘Gym harassment is not a compliment’ BBC Stories

    Every day millions of us get our gear on and head to the gym. But why is it that some people are being made to feel uncomfortable when they get there? Many will have seen, heard of, or even experienced harassment at the gym. A quick look on social media shows just how common this type of behaviour is in gyms across the world. A recent survey of women in the U.S. by website FitRated suggests up to seven in 10 women have had an experience at the gym that made them feel uncomfortable. This includes being watched, flirted with, being given unsolicited exercise advice, being followed, sexually harassed, having…

  • World’s Most Dangerous Cities: Port Moresby (PNG) BBC Stories

    World’s Most Dangerous Cities: Port Moresby (PNG) BBC Stories

    This scene’s a little bit tense.Tell me a bit about this man.He was punching me with his fist and he broke my ears.The green house, we’ll go in.How many times do you think he raped you?Almost all my life.What type of people do you usually target?Go!INDISTINCTI’d arrived in Port Moresby,the capital of Papua New Guinea, 100 miles off Australia’s northern tip.This place is regularly voted the worst place in the world to live.With one of the highest rape and sexual violence rates in the world,perpetrators are rarely prosecuted.But some victims are taking a stand.Leah, can we go?HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGELeah has taken action to put a restraining order against her…

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    Childbirth & maternity: Does the UK have a race problem? BBC Stories

    I’ve not had one person that I can be like: ‘Oh they were lovely,I’m so glad I had them during my baby journey’,because they’ve all just beenpretty rubbish.We know that black women are much more likely to havesevere complications than white womenso it’s clearly a really important area to focus on and work out why.The difficulty is that there is no one easy answer. It’s actually a very complex picture.Like I don’t want to believe that I’m being treated a certain way because ofhow I look.I’m Mars Lord and I am a birth doula.When you start to talk about the way you felt you’ve been treatedand people say: ‘No, it’s…

  • ‘I thought I’d killed someone’ BBC Stories

    ‘I thought I’d killed someone’ BBC Stories

    I lie on my bed and think I’ve killed someone, and I can lieon my bed for three months at a time, four months at a time.The realisation that I actually haven’t done anythingcan come up to six, seven months later.Connor has battled for a long timewith his condition.And there comes a point wherehow long can you battle, you know, how long can you fight these intrusive thoughts.Well the outcome of OCD if it’s left untreated varies.But for most people it will become a chronic conditionand it could go on for many years to come if you don’t do anything about it.The feedback that we’ve had from patients is that…

  • Unmasked: Make-up’s Big Secret – BBC Stories

    Unmasked: Make-up’s Big Secret – BBC Stories

    What helps make our lip gloss shiny and colourful,our face cream soft and our foundation smooth?In many cases, it’s palm oil.It’s in 70% of beauty products.Some people say it should be banned. But why?It’s just, like, mountains, literally everywhere.My name’s Emmy, I’m 28 and I’m make-up artist.And I’m going to the other side of the world to see where palm oil comes from.People don’t want you to know the real story,and that’s very obvious.Nobody sees this.We don’t appreciate kind of what goes into…..putting things on our face or what we use to, like, wash with.This side of it should be shown more.It’s tearing down the world’s rainforests and destroying people’s…

  • “I stabbed someone to get into a white supremacy gang” BBC Stories

    “I stabbed someone to get into a white supremacy gang” BBC Stories

    Ok, these were drawn in the…the Trump campaign.‘Trump, do the white thing’.Black people – they think they have a bad deal.They think the police somehowdiscriminate against them?Because of their innate behaviour?Their propensity for violence against white people?Do you think African Americans have an innate propensity to violence?Of course, there’s…There’s no question about it.Compared to whites.How does it feel?I don’t like it – I just don’t like it.You know – I justI just don’t agree with –Even on diversity, huh?Well, I think diversity is a brilliant thing.I think diversity is great.Diversity is you and me in this truck.This is diversity.So, you’re not having such a terrible time, are you?No, I’m having…

  • Toilet Paper = Free, Soap = Free, Why Not Tampons? BBC Stories

    Toilet Paper = Free, Soap = Free, Why Not Tampons? BBC Stories

    Every person that has a period will find themselvesin a position that they are caught short at some point.Social interaction is so important for peopleand you need to be able to do that without having those barriersof “I can’t go here, because I’m on my period and I don’t know if my tampon will last.”Or: “What if they don’t have a machine?”It’s just that: “What if?”For us it was so important that people aren’t missing out on other things.If you are caught short or an accident happens,your experience – you’ve paid for your football ticket or you’ve paid to go to your gigand then the next minute you’re having to…