• Krist Dodaro

    Trumplicants running up the deficit faster than one of Donnie T’s, 4 ex-wives spending his stolen money. Blah blah blah – “the deficit is too high” they used to whine and cry like babies, now they can’t run it up fast enough. Hypocrites.

  • G Blanchard

    Leland, you idiot! Look down Main Street at the companies lining either side. MANY of them are Traded on Wall Street. The prosperity of these companies directly translates to Main Street. Don't be a whiner!

  • MegaLangosta

    This situation isn't Trump's fault. It's been cooking for 30 years. But I think next year is going to be a financial crash.

  • Goose

    People are actually paying "too" much in taxes.
    If the Government wants to actually collect money each year from individuals and businesses, they need to make things reasonable.
    If they made the rate for individuals flat, all the way across the board (but then offered the tax credits like they do for children, low income, etc), I personally think that things would work a lot smoother. When you have taxes INCREASE, as in the income INCREASES, it some cases, in actually defeats the purpose of making more, because in some cases (for some years), if you were in the middle class, didn't qualify for any credits, or insurance premium discounts, etc., after taxes, you'd end up pretty close to those lower class individuals (who then also qualified for other subsidies).
    If we taxed EVERYONE say 10 Percent (which will seem CRAZY to many), not only would it help the people with being able to keep more of their income, it would ACTUALLY get the wealthy to pay their fair share, versus taxing them out the @$$ because they decided to work hard, invest when they could, etc, etc. Not every wealthy person was "born into it." There are still many, who've just worked extremely hard to get there.
    Also, if the tax rate was a certain amount, this would ALSO help the employer as well, because they would know that the employee is able to keep more of their money, thus, they wouldn't have to increase the minimum wage drastically (to over compensate for the loss of income in taxes).
    People don't realize that you can't just increase the the min wage or jump it up mutiple dollars (there's a reason it "USUALLY" gradually goes up). People don't think about the Business Owners… And No! I'm not talking about the GIANT business owners like Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc.
    I'm talking the smaller businesses (say 50 employees or less… Or heck, even 25 and under) who would be severely hurt if they had to increase the min wage by at least $1-3+ dollars an hour (depending on what it is where people live right now, and if it were mandated ALLLLLLLLLL across the nation to go to like $15/16 an hour) PER EMPLOYEE…

    In fact… Here's a question for people commenting:
    What's your state and what is the current min wage?
    I don't know mine, because I don't get paid hourly.

  • Justin Vasquez

    The only thing people should own is (gold and silver). For those that don't they are helping these corporate elites and banks rig the system, and continue to print money that does not exist and give the 🌎 central banks in China to control our Monopoly having China become the puppet master of international trading. China is a dictator ship so there people cannot hold physical gold like us Americans so we should go back to the gold Standard to make our $1 dollar out preform the yuan!

  • emach07

    Listen to this clown 3:00 "uh uh this would be the statistics on the economy that's not great. Which is how people ""feel"" about it ..bla bla bla!" Yeah, they feel so terrible about it. So terrible they're out shopping and spending money like never before. Who the hell is this guy talking about anyway right now? Exactly what "people" say this and supposedly ""feel" like the economy is not great? Ooohh, of course, the Never Trumper Liberal Democrats. Gees-O-Pete! Even Fox News is starting to suck now. What a chump

  • Jovon R.

    Every time it drops Trump say he dont watch the stock markets but when it goes up he is all over it. Companies havent been hiring and when they do its minimum wage jobs.

  • acejohnson81

    Yeah of course the stock market is going to "do well" when the fed keeps printing billions of dollars over and over again which then gets pumped into the market. Won't last forever and the crash will be catastrophic.

  • chroukfatso JamesSva

    President Trump  I have enough and enough to  work over time! I love the big pay check bring back home! Thank Mr. Trump!

  • NightWaves

    The stock market reflects all the money taken out of bank savings that had interest rates put at near 0%. Calling Wall Street the economy is really funny after the inevitable crashes that sack 401K's and other retirement funds.

  • Larue77

    Mr Moore said family income has increased more than five thousand dollars. But most of that represents inflation. When his number is corrected to the increase in how much you can buy the increase is maybe $2000? And the Chinese tariffs people pay now exceed more than $1000 per year for the median family. The alleged tax cut is maybe $775 per year but it is not a tax cut. It is a delay in when tax will be paid, not a reduction in tax. Milton Friedman pointed out tax cuts are not cuts unless government spending is reduced. And Trump loves spending. He has proposed and gotten spending hikes of 12.5%. Trump has increased our taxes 12.5% while pretending he has cut them. And economic growth is bad, really bad. From 1947 thru 2019 inflation adjusted gdp growth averaged 3.21%. Trump quarter 2 this year 2.9%. Quarter 3 2.1%. The average prediction of the most accurate economic forecasters, the so-called “blue chip” forecasters predict quarter 4 will be 2%. Trump is lying when he claims the economy is great. In reality it is just ok.

  • Chatla Suresh

    MrsAdvoKT👸🏻MrsSarahPetty👸🏻MrsBream👸🏻MrsSmith👸🏻🤗😘🤴🏻hold MEtightAsYouCan😉. Can u😋. Just a competition🤗.


    Fed Reserve is in such deficit. We've never fully recovered from the last recession.

    If the feds raise interest rates, they will send us into recession despite how great things seem to be going.

    Trump knows this and this I why he is cranking it to give the US the best fighting chance to survive a recession.

    He is the great disruptor of corruption and decades of mismanagement and damage that Dem leaders have done to this country.

  • Chace Kesterson

    One of the grounds for impeachment is high crimes and described in the constitution, a high crime is one that can be done only by someone in a unique position of authority, which is political in character, who does things to circumvent justice. President Donald J. Trump is entitled to justice in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi is using her unique position as Speaker of the House to circumvent justice by holding Articles of Impeachment from the Senate until she acquires a trial of her preference. She has violated her oath of office, committed this high crime as defined in the constitution, and by law must be impeached from office.

  • Cora Dailay

    NO matter how the DEMOCRATS invent things in their Campaign against Trump, they are not gonna beat him in his Performance for 3yrs..
    TRUMP 2020! He is doing great in Economy, Foreign Policies, Immigration, Trade Deals, Employment, National Security and Military..

  • Floyd Brown

    Im not impressed with the continued military budgets not being addressed/drastically reduced.
    These budgets are used in manipulating the public, and are simply the military industrial complex running the show!

    Go Trump 2020
    But these budgets are a farce and ya know it!

  • Bray Herron

    at the end of the day if you don't have money to pay your bills and you're spending like crazy that's not your jobs fault that yours

  • Ross Meldrum

    For a cable channel that has strong conservative leanings, the anchors on many of these programs are blatant leftists and don't fit. Their always arguing the negative side of things as if they work for CNN or MSNBC.

  • Nothing To See Here

    If any one of those democrats ever got into the White House in the future and my business was in jeopardy of being taxed some insane 90% tax, I would shut my business down in the US, pick up my family, and move to another country and start my business there

  • blazeovich

    Sad but true – humans are so fickle they'd cry if they got a million dollars tax-free but someone convinced them that they could have made a dollar more.

  • hal chesnut

    pelosi should be under the same threat as the President is. She and shifty set up this scam and they need to be accountable. pelosi is speaker of the house and she is not doing her job. In the real world she would be fired. Americans are tired of the feet dragging work that the politicians in washington are doing

  • Jarcus Mercer

    This is why I find Republicans to be so gullible. Trump will tell you at a rally I'm not going to take your health care away while at the same time he trying to take your health care away from you. So let me give you the facts. In Texas the AG and lawyers have argue that because the Medicare for all is not tax that it's unlawful. A Trump appointed judge has agree and want to end the law. The appeal judges that are Trump appointed voted 2 to 1 that the judge is right but they send it back to the first judge to delay it so it won't come up doing the election. Well other states have sued in order to force the ruling to go to the Supreme Court to be rule this year. Now is why I say Republicans are gullible because like everyone with common sense will tell you that the Republicans are for rich. They are for the people who fund their campaigns. Not for the common working Americans. If we had universal health care it would great to be able to get treatment and not have to worry about a bill. The problem is the medical and pharmaceutical companies don't like to be set at a certain price. You Republicans voters keep believing that the party is for you. You keep feeding into the hate and lies they tell you. You going find yourself old with no social security. No health treatment and every to acquired like your house and land being taken from you because you had sell everything to survive.

  • linda lewis

    MISS FAX HER EYES FAX DEMOCRATS 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👿👿👿👹👹👹

  • linda lewis

    DONOLD TRUMP🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏❤️2020

  • Enigma

    How much do you think a person who made $60K in NYC 17 years ago would make now? They would be lucky to find a job making the same. That's not a great economy to me. With inflation and the cost of living, they should easily be able to find a job paying $80K (not going to happen). So please explain the great economy.

  • Barret Harms

    Like I’ve always said you have the middle class money and you make them feel bad about the poor and everybody will end up making money because the rich already know how to teach people how to make money but it’s so much better just to give you a fish every day

  • Arcturusgold

    Jo Biden recently declared in public that the "…..economy is outa kilter…." what in God's name is going on in his head!!!!!???? Where has he been living! Someone MUST ask him to EXPLAIN!!!!

  • Mark Lanzarotta

    The creatures posting here all sound like paid Russian trolls, and they most likely are paid Russian trolls. Stupid vodka-guzzlers.🇷🇺

  • Raoul Fleckman

    Nobody wants to talk about Trump borrowing $900 BILLION a year to prop up this economy? Ok, hope this bedtime story makes you feel safe even though the wolf is at the gate. Guess that's why we call you people Retardicans.

  • Raoul Fleckman

    If the only thing in life that is important is money, then Trump is a good President, until we have to pay off some of that $23 TRILLION debt.

  • Douglas Hiscox

    So do today's Reporters not have the ability to do simple math anymore?
    Guest says, 150 million people have 401K or pensions that have benefit from a strong stock market.
    Reporter, that means 180 million do not have investments, thats sad.
    Here is the problem, out of the 180 million there are children and spouses who have not contributed, so its not accurate that 180 million ( more than half of the population) have been left behind. Also to those who refuse to work and earn , why should workers subsidize them?
    It is sad that many dont have enough to live on and are poor and homeless through no fault of their own, but for a reporter to make an inference that some how its unfair that over half of the population is not allowed to participate, that deceitful.

  • Coffee Hound

    It's all about how we feel. I feel I would like a million bucks, but unless I figure out how to make a million bucks, it doesn't matter how I feel.

  • Doran Maxwell

    Inthebuttajedge? the reason people around you are not happy or doing well is because of you and you ilk with your taxes and regulations.

  • Gary Schultz

    And how many tax dollars did Trump pump into the market to prop it up ?
    $2 Trillion Dollars……
    Trump's Economy is going to fail on an epic scale !

  • Jacque's page

    I wouldn’t own stock again after all of the government caused crashes. I lost 60% of my portfolio in 2000. Never again. The stock market is NOT an indicator of a healthy economy and I wish POTUS would stop owning the upturn because when it crashes, he will also own the crash. And I love our President so this is not a commentary on the job he is doing Maybe this can be held off till 2021 but it is coming like a freight train imho

  • Daniel Renteria

    Only an airhead thinks the stock market is the real economy. The only thing growing are corporate chain stores and mom and pop shops obliterated

  • Robert Mission

    With Fox News anchor Leland's meaning of his comment on 180 million not in the economic boom is telling me is he would be happier for all Americans to be in squaller equally and barely getting rather than those succeeding and making and saving and spending money!

  • Kim Siewers

    If you don't have money and you live in the USA this is a choice you made, unless you are blind or a cripple.
    $500/month invested for 33 years=$1 million dollars.
    I know very few people who do NOT spend $500/month on fast food, cable/satellite, movies, manicures, hair, clothes, travel, bars, restaurants, etc.
    They could cut out some of their dumb spending and save and invest if they want to.
    The 180 million people he says didn't participate in the stock market gains are losers who refuse to save and invest; I know a lot of them.
    Having investments is a decision that you make for yourself.

  • KB B

    The federal government ended the 2019 fiscal year with the biggest deficit — $984.4 billion — we've seen in seven years. The widening gap comes as a result of continued spending increases and dwindling receipts. The deficit marks the largest October shortfall since 2015. Income also dropped by 2.8% last month from a year earlier. Americans are winning the war for the 1% billionaires.





  • D P

    He has nothing to do with the economy. Producing & consuming, is the economy. And it should be good, since the fed res. is pumping billions of $ into it! But the debt bubble will eventually bust…And the stock market has soared from all the corp buy backs. Sorry I wish I could say that everything is peachy, but it's not.

  • David T

    Stop filling up shopping malls and wal mart , invest you,re money now while it is good. Shop wisely and save it wisely ,a fool and their money


    Pete Bootyjudge apparently didn’t get the memo. Wages are going up for the first time in decades and taxes are lower! Wake up

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