Singappooram | S01E06 | IKRU’s Escape | Malayalam Comedy Web Series | Singapore to Europe | Travel

Singappooram | S01E06 | IKRU’s Escape | Malayalam Comedy Web Series | Singapore to Europe | Travel

We are a Sambavam…….PRESENTS
Chapter 6
Ikru’s Escape
(Phone Ringing)
Hello Chinchu
Hello Rini
What is your plan for the weekend?
Oh what plans! I am cleaning here…
Cleaning? Don’t you have a helper?
Oh! Today is May Day. She has taken leave to watch “The Jungle Book”
I don’t know how you manage this!
Hmm…leave it. What are you upto, Chinchu?
Me?! As usual, Sundays in Spa!
One minute please.
Rini, I will call you later. I am getting another call.
You can continue with your cleaning. Ok Bye Bye!
Hmm….alright! Hmm…her SPA! (jealous frowning)
Theme Song of “The Jungle Book” in Hindi – ” “Jungle jungle word is spreading here and there…A flower has bloomed wearing underwear…”
Hello Sister. This is Ikru.
Hey Ikru! What’s up?
I got a job, sister.
Is it? Where?
I got a job in London!
Oh! You mean, in our “London Restaurant”?
No sister! Not the restaurant.
The UK..The Original The Original UK…
Oh! Going to London is alright but that girl is there – Sheela!
Sooraj’s (hubby) ex-girfriend!
There is that bridge there, right?
Oh that bridge….London Bridge.
Oh…she lives somewhere around that Bridge!
After she lost to me in the temple singing competition, she ran away in shame to London and been there ever since.
Beware! She will come showing love and affection!
If i come to know that you have been with her, you know my character and how i would react!
Hmm Leave it! When are you going to London?
Next week, sister.
Oh, is it? Do you need any help?
Not Really. I only have some packing to do.
Whatever it is, I and Sooraj (hubby) will come there to help you. Ok?
Ok sister
Ok then, take care. Bye
See you later, bye.
Let me call everyone and tell this news…
Push….push (The Music of Boasting)
Oh now what is she calling for!?
Ah! Chinchu!
Rini, did you know? Our Ikru got a job!
Oh, is it! Where?
In London…..
I have told you before that he is good intelligent boy!
Sooraj got him the job!
Push….push (The Music of Boasting)
Just one phone call, thats all it took!
That is a good thing!
By the way, we are organizing a farewell party for him this weekend.
All of you should come and we will have fun!
Oh my hubby is very busy.
I dont think we can come.
I will try.
Don’t say like that. Please come.
I will try the maximum, Chinchu
…but can’t confirm now.
Alright then, Bye Bye!
Ok Bye
What farewell! I don’t want to go there to see her showing off!
(frowning) Oh go sit away, child!
Hmm “will try” it seems! She is jealous, thats it!
Let me call the next person
Push….Push (The Music of Bragging)
Hello Susan, did you hear the news?
You know, Our Ikru……..
Heard you struck lottery! Congratulations
Thank you Bro
What is with the new shaved off hairstyle? A pledged offering for going to London?
Not really an offering!
I saw 50% discount and went in.
After they finished the hair cut, they told me that 50% applies to the next hair cut
Since i was leaving here, i asked him to give me the next hair cut now itself.
So they combined both the hair cuts!
Now i don’t have to cut my hair for the next two months!
(whispering music “Ikru…Ikru”)
Haven’t you finished packing?
No sis. I just started packing….
Dont worry, i will help you.
Here, keep it there.
What is this?
This is a stunning statue i bought during my Taiwan trip
Oh, is it?
Spent a lot on this!
Ok. Keep it in this suitcase.
Keep all these into this suitcase
Keep these two into this suitcase
These two i will keep in the hand-carry bag as it is the laptop and i-pad
No No….these are old ones. Why do you want to carry them to London?
This can be left for your sister
What about my suitcase?
Suitcase? As if you need this old suitcase to travel to London!
You can buy a new branded one in London
Sis, this is not an old one I just bought it last week from Mustafa (24hr shopping mall in Singapore).
In remembrance of you, don’t you think your sis should atleast keep this suitcase?!
Sis, the phone….atleast the phone i need for myself.
I will need it to make a call to someone when i am there
Hmm Ok Ok
Oh! The Camera….it is not an old one.
It is ok bro. Keep this in the suitcase
Feeling heat burn…..
I told you not to gobble down those junk snacks
Now you see!
This is the pain i feel for my Ikru bro leaving us
Hey, take this suitcase downstairs.
Ok Ikru, see you later.
Ok Sooraj Bro
Bro, dont forget the party we have arranged on Sunday. Come early – need a helping hand to serve food.
Alright then!
Hello Sis! The party was awesome!
Though i have a backache from standing and serving food, atleast i got the opportunity to eat a Biriyani before leaving Singapore!
I am glad! As a sister, atleast i could do this much for you.
Anyway thanks a lot sister.
You are welcome bro.
By the way, they will send the bill via email.
Bill? But i am leaving tomorrow.
Don’t worry. You can do online payment.
But still…..a bill for 100 people?!
I can call them and ask them to give you a repayment option in installments
But sis, 100…but….
Alright then, Good Night!
(singing) My beloved….you are No. 1!
(singing) If I wear the coat, I am No. 1….
(singing) Beloved, my beloved…..
What is this? Where are you going wearing this suit?
Let his friends think that his bro is a man of great status and pride
Don’t you think this is tad too much for the airport?!
What is too much? Have’nt you seen his friends? All his friends come in suits
They wear suits because it is cold inside.
I dont know why they wear suits!
But we wear suits to raise our status at high level
Do you remember that for our wedding reception, i wore this suit for 5-6 hours and smiling throughout
Then you were adamant on me wearing suit to ensure status doesn’t go down
Now it doesn’t matter, is it?
Enough! Stop getting ready, lets go!
Yeah, i am ready. Let’s go….but…i can’t find the important document i kept aside for passing to my friend in London
I don’t remember where i kept it!
Which friend?
Ah, my friend Sheela!
Who? She…….??
Say once more…..
‘Sheela’n – ‘Sheela’n – Dhana’sheela’n
The one who lives behind the Tower of London….
Ah! There it is!
Highly Confidential – DO NOT OPEN
Aha! Then, let me see what is inside…..
To my beloved Sheela…
From your old lover, Sooraj
This is the poem i saved from your father’s gun shot
“Do you remember?”
Hmm….I will make you remember (Chinchu fuming)
Thambi’s daughter Thumbi (dragonfly)
(Poem starts) – The dragonfly in my mind…
You are my dragonfly
A slim dragonfly…..
A Golden color dragonfly…
A dragonfly with many colors
The dragonfly in my mind….
That army colonel’s daughter is my dragonfly…
I showed off before you, but you didn’t look at me
I showed you my wallet, but you didn’t say anything.
I tried a wheeling stunt on the bike, but you didn’t see.
But you saw me sitting drunk on the roadside, right?
Honestly, i did that because Suresh insisted
You are the dragonfly in my mind
Just look once, my dragonfly
Your father has a Jeep…
But his character is very cheap!
I wont fail before his rifle
I wont weaken before his Push (Boasting)
I won’t break before his verbal abuse!
If he is military, I am poetry
It is me your own Sooraj telling you….Sit Tight!
You are the dragonfly in my mind
Colonel Thambi’s Thumbi (dragonfly)
That Mahesh….he is a cheat
Once i saw him with that girl Saritha in an embarrassing situation
Then that Mukesh – he is a useless fellow!
Would you please listen to the flutter in my mind?
Please atleast take a glance at this gentleman me, my dear
You are the dragonfly in my mind….
You are a dragonfly of pure gold
Tomorrow is your final exam, right?
‘All the very best’ from yours truly…
If you come to write the exam tomorrow, i will believe that you like me!
If you have to rewrite the exam, i will take it as confirmed that you like me..
Alright then!
All the best for your exams
With basket full of love, your very own Sooraj
By the way, I am not the rag picker Sooraj from Department of Economics….I am the Sooraj from Physics.
My dragonfly…..
Tell me Ikru…
Hi Sis, this is Ikru. Have you left home? I have reached the airport.
Oh i don’t think we can come
Sooraj has just been tied down with a huge task. He can’t move!
Oh! So you both are not coming!?
Alright then, Bye!
Please give my regards to Sooraj Bro
Oh yeah…I will tell him right now itself!!
Ok Bye
Ok then. Bon Voyage!
Old Movie Dialogue – ” Sir, Now i have a desire to live……”
Hence I am asking you…
Could you not kill me please?!
Life continues….
“In Europe”
Hello Sis! This is Ikru.
I reached here
Hello Ikru! How is the new place?
Ah yes! Amazing place!
It is very cold here
Though it is cold outside, my boss is a hot-headed man and hence i am adjusting somehow
But i truly miss you both
Don’t worry! We both will come there next month to meet you.
Do one thing….
When you get your first salary next month, buy and send us our flight tickets, ok?
Oh! Nothing like that sis
I just said it for the sake of saying……
Don’t rush it. Take your time and come
Eh? I thought you just said that you are missing us?
So you don’t want us to come?
Oh no Sis! That is not what i meant.
Oh Oh! Dont feel bad
Somehow i shall buy your tickets from my first month’s salary and send it to you
Ok ok….tickets for both of you!
Ok see you there then!
Ok ok, Bye! Take care
Gulumaal aka ESCAPE
Hey! I am going to start packing for Europe so meanwhile, why don’t you go and subscribe?!
Hi! This is Ikru here. I will be away from Singapore for sometime
Will miss you guys! Please don’t forget me…alright?
Look here, i want this matte lipstick…
Hey Chinchu, we are recording live…
Live? Really?? ..Oh oh my bro (Chinchu pretends to cry)
Ohhhh Bye bye guys
Ikru is leaving – please wish him ‘All the Best’


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