Sid Anthem Episode 3 (Timeliness)

Sid Anthem Episode 3 (Timeliness)

Daddyyy…. I have told you several times not to spread out the toys all over Go and clean-up them Don’t you have homework today? yes, I have… Go grab your bag and come ok mom aaha.. we have Math problems here… ohh its so small… you can finish it very fast Sidhu And if you finish it soon your dad has some movie plans so finish off at the earliest Siddhu – If you finish off the homework and clean up the toys we will go for the Toy Story movie. Daddy… Dont we have to get ready for the movie ? Did you finish your homework ? No… Did you clean up your toys? No… In that case we are not going for the movie… […crying…] Do not postpone your tasks. You may have to pay a price by doing so…

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