Shadow minister criticises BBC following Labour’s defeat

Shadow minister criticises BBC following Labour’s defeat

I am suggesting that we treasure
our public service broadcaster, the BBC, and in my opinion, they have
trespassed with regularity during the course of this campaign into
an area that they should not trespass into. We’ve had endless examples from
the political correspondents of the BBC that we find very, very difficult to accept. I hope the BBC will have a look
at how it conducted itself through this campaign because in
my view they have. – OK, can we … Can I finished the point because
I always get cut off when I ever criticise the BBC on the BBC. – Go right ahead. In my view, the the BBC have been used
and abused. And if we’re not careful, the Tory party,
the rampant Tory party will dispense with the BBC and sadly, those who are
currently in charge of it have nobody to blame but themselves.


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