Severe Weather Update: Elevated fire danger and heatwave conditions, 30 December 2019

Severe Weather Update: Elevated fire danger and heatwave conditions, 30 December 2019

Hello from the Bureau, with an update on the dangerous heat and fire weather across the south-east today, focusing on South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania in this video, with further information on the New South Wales situation to follow this afternoon As temperatures rise and northerly winds strengthen through today, communities will face extremely hazardous conditions. For South Australia, Catastrophic fire dangers are forecast through central regions, including the Mount Lofty Ranges where fires are ongoing, with severe to extreme dangers for the rest of
the state. Victoria is facing severe to extreme fire danger, with particular concern for deteriorating conditions in East Gippsland. Ongoing fires through this region exhibited very dangerous behaviour overnight and this is likely to worsen today. And in Tasmania, severe to extreme fire dangers are forecast across the south-east Elevated fire dangers are being driven by
exceptional heat and strong, even damaging winds from the interior of the country. Temperatures will reach the high 30s to low 40s across all three states, with maximums of 40 degrees for Adelaide and Hobart, and 43 for Melbourne, even hotter inland, particularly along the
Murray River There is a cool change approaching from the west, but ahead of it, we’re already seeing lightning activity which has the potential
to ignite new fires. Thunderstorms could also produce gusty winds, but little if any rainfall, so be sure to check for warnings. The cool change is expected to reach Adelaide during the early afternoon before spreading into western Victoria and it should arrive in Melbourne and Hobart by the early evening. Temperatures will fall by as much as 20 degrees, but the
gusty winds, and directional change, this will continue to create dangerous conditions for fires beyond today So with hazardous weather set to impact the south-east during this busy holiday period, it’s vital to keep yourself, and loved ones
safe. Check in with your local emergency services and be sure to follow all their advice. And you can stay up to date with the latest warnings and forecasts on the bureau website, or social media channels.

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