Sesame Street: Hickory Dickory Dock | Kermit News

Sesame Street: Hickory Dickory Dock | Kermit News

ANNOUNCER: We take you now to
Kermit the Frog for another fast breaking news story. KERMIT: Anybody have the time? Oh, hi ho, there,
clock lovers. This is Kermit the Frog here
for Sesame Street News, and today we’re about to witness
that amazing feat made famous in the old nursery rhyme,
“Hickory, Dickory Dock.” If you recall that nursery rhyme
which went, “Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran
up the clock. The clock struck one,
the mouse ran down. Hickory, dickory, dock.” You
remember that thing? OK, well standing next to me,
you will notice that we have here a clock, and according
to the clock, it is nearly one o’clock. Now, what will happen next is
that a mouse will enter, and he will run up the clock, and
the clock will strike one, and the mouse will run down. You got that? OK, send in the mouse. [COW MOOING] KERMIT: Wait a minute. You’re not a mouse. You’re a cow. COW: Well, that’s right. I am a cow, and I’m much too
big to climb up that clock. KERMIT: No one asked you
to climb up that clock. COW: Yes. Well, I just came around to
see what time it was. KERMIT: It’s nearly
one o’clock. COW: Yes, it’s nearly
one o’clock. KERMIT: Yes, it’s time
for the mouse. COW: Well, it’s time for
me to give milk. KERMIT: I see. COW: Well, must be getting
back to the barn. KERMIT: Sure. COW: Ta. KERMIT: Ta. Right, of course. Pardon that interruption there,
folks, but as soon as the mouse arrives– DUCK: [QUACKING] KERMIT: Just a second. This is a duck. DUCK: Hello, Frog. KERMIT: Hello there. DUCK: Just show me the clock
and tell me what to do. KERMIT: Well, what you can do is
get out of here because I’m waiting for the mouse to come
and run up the clock here. DUCK: Are you sure you wouldn’t
like a hickory dickory duck? [LAUGHS AND QUACKS] KERMIT: Oh boy. Well hang in there, timepiece
fans, because in just a moment, the mouse will
indeed come in and– what is this? HORSE: Out of my way, Frog. I’m going to run that
clock of yours. KERMIT: You can run
up the clock. You’re a horse. HORSE: I know I’m a horse. The mouse couldn’t make it. KERMIT: Yeah, but you
can’t do that. HORSE: Stand back. Gung ho! [HOOVES CLATTERING] KERMIT: Oh no. [CLOCK RINGING AND CRASHING] DUCK: Wow. I’ve heard of killing time,
but this is ridiculous. KERMIT: There you
have it, folks. The horse has just run up–
make that through. The horse has just run through
the clock, and the clock has struck about 17. This is Kermit the
Frog signing off. How come I always get these
nursery rhyme things? A guy could get killed
this way. I’m getting out of here.


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