Scotland cannot be kept in UK  ‘against its will’, says Nicola Sturgeon

Scotland cannot be kept in UK ‘against its will’, says Nicola Sturgeon

You cannot hold Scotland in the union
against its will. You cannot just lock us in a cupboard
and turn the key and hope that everything goes away. If the union, if the United Kingdom is to continue,
then it can only be by consent. And if Boris Johnson is confident in the
case for the union, then he should be confident enough
to make that case and allow people to decide, because if it is to continue,
it can only be by the will and the consent of the people
of Scotland. Scotland cannot be imprisoned within
the United Kingdom against its will, and these are just basic statements
of democracy. And you know, the Tories might rage against
the reality of what happened on Thursday for a while, I fully expect that they will. But ultimately, they’re going to have
to face up to and confront that reality because the will of the Scottish people
cannot be ignored.


  • Guardian News

    Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland ‘cannot be imprisoned in the UK ►

  • Terry Bennison

    For goodness sake give her another referendum, it's by no means certain the scottish people will vote for independence, either way it will clear the air once and for all. I'm sure we are all tired of hearing ms sturgeon going on and on about it so let's just do it.

  • Alan Arnold

    Eh didn't we have a referendum on that and didn't they vote to stay still I say piss off and go you will have to raise your own taxes pay for your own country and take on the Euro you wont be using our curreny or sitting in our parliament bye bye

  • dimos emperor

    United Kingdom is a 4 states union :

    1) England.

    2) Wales.

    3) Scotland.

    4) Northern Ireland.

    From my point of view Scotland is ought to gain it's independence and Northern Ireland is ought to be annexed by the Republic of Ireland.

  • Alan Marr

    Scotland is lucky tohave such abrave and curageous leader . She will liberate Scotland from the rule of the vicious Little Englanders made but of expublic school sociopaths It is a new dawn for Scotland . Scotalnd will become a great nation with it's native genius!

  • Mr Frisky

    We voted to stay in the last independence vote – just because the SNP dont like it they cant keep peddling out the same argument.
    You cant force Scotland to leave the UK against the peoples will.
    If they ever win the vote will be 1 – 1 Will they then accept the vote as they got the result they wanted or do we go best out of 3??

  • diesel92kj1

    Please just disband this "Union" England needs it more than anyone.
    We need our own Parliament of England so we don't have anyone from another country having a say on England's law.

    Same applies to Scotland, no Englishman should speak on Scotland's law.

  • Paul Gibbons

    If Scotland vote to leave I bet SNP won't allow a 'peoples vote'. Bet they won't allow a revote every few years either.
    The SNP are fundamentally unsuited to living within a Union. A union which is up for an (in or out) vote every year is a complete waste of our time. SNP use the threat of leaving to gain leverage over Westminster.
    The Scots were given a referendum to leave.
    Very very sad. But maybe time to cut our losses.


    No asif we are physically moving away we just want that old freedom to shed our English oppressor's for Scottish ones and have something we've never had "A COUNTRY OF OUR OWN "

  • artoo detoo

    using the sterling or the euro as currency is not fiscal policy ie interest rates etc.would be controlled by uk or brussels….as scotland 7% deficit is way above EU rules joining the [email protected] .3% or lower…a scottish currency is unlikely due to having to accept its current deficit without uk support /so catch 22/ scotland is unable to reduce its deficit short term or long term

  • Eao Ryan

    Scots. Don't do it. All you'll get is fatter, richer, more powerful, greedier, deafer, more self satisfied, tighter gangs of Civil and Public Servants on the same lines as Teedledee and the Amazonian Pixie.

  • Jonathan Brady

    If Scotland became independent and part of the EU, then I would dump my British citizenship immediately for a Scottish one. I for one am not happy about losing my EU citizen status and all the rights and privileges that go with that. I wholly support Scotland leaving the union for their own future and benefit!

  • Shimada Takamuku

    Jeez will you let the people of Scotland be free from UK!? Scotland never belonged to UK! it was a politically stolen land, and the people of scotland need to stand up for themselves and let their government hear their true voices!

  • Geoffrey Allen

    If Sturgeon ever presides over an independent Scotland, she won't get her seat in the House of Lords. AND YOU BELIEVE HER?

  • bert

    You stipid woman you voted to stay in the UK . She is right about the will of the Scottish people it was to stay in the UK . Wee willie krankie.

  • Annyai Presoski

    Democracy seems to be respected or not as the politicians feel fit. I think we have just seen that over the last three years from all parties…,who now add hypocrisy to their list of crimes.

  • Yesmer

    The Brits are against the union but they want to keep their union. That is measuring with two sizes. This is what pride and nationalism brings upon you and that is now showing it's boomerang effect. Sentiments that have proven to be devastating. We have so many examples of that.

  • Robert Nickson

    Why should we pay a TV license to watch this rubbish, but then why pay money 💴 💰 to the over paid people working for the BBC

  • nobody important

    Hey Scotland, declare independence and could you also take everything outside the M25 as well. London has sod all in common with the rest of England.

  • trf12567

    This dumb broad needs to read the law. Under UK law, the Scottish Parliament cannot pass legislation that relates to "reserved matters" (ie. matters reserved for Westminster). One of those reserved matters is the union of the Scottish and English kingdoms.

    In 2012 the two governments signed the Edinburgh Agreement — also known as a Section 30 order — which allowed Scotland to hold the 2014 independence referendum.

    The Edinburgh Agreement was only temporary, so if Scotland wants to trigger another referendum it will need a new agreement with Mr Johnson. And that's not likely to happen.

  • CockPiss Partridge

    I voted to leave the EU because I believe it to be undemocratic.
    It would then be a bit hypocritical of me to oppose a 2nd Scottish independence referendum.
    There's a few English brexiteers with double standards

  • angry brit

    We can not offer you a ref 😂 which will keep labour out also 👌👁️ a snp majority is great for the UK it means majority Tory and Brexit 👌 and I'm not against Scot independence I don't care either way!! But after the snp behaviour on the Brexit ref result means it will be enjoyable watching you squirm for your freedom for a while maybe if snp still popular in ten 15 years time you will get that great EU membership freedom with socialist open borders loving Scot nats 😁😁😂😂😂

  • Evansclan 4eva

    It’ll happen. But it’ll soon be rectified once pride gives way to harsh realisation – a hard border would never sit right with the values of either Scots or English and Welsh. That’s not what we ALL are.

  • Michael Jefferson

    The Scots will encounter many major problems with Independence: It runs a budget deficit of about £14 billion that is currently paid by the rest of the UK. It's biggest trading partner is the UK at 60%, whilst the EU is only 18%. As a new member the Scots must adopt the Euro Currency. It will be facing a hard border and end of free movement. Scotland claims it can survive on oil and gas revenue yet it only brings in £1.2 billion a year.

  • ::

    England should free themselves of the corrupt EU, and dump these parasitical deadweights….

    Scotland…. never knowingly 'underponced' SAXON GOLD since 1707….. BE GONE!


    If she wants to flood Scotland with immigrants why doesn't she take some from England ? London has plenty to share. The EU won't want to touch independent Scotland.

  • kathleen roderick

    did she just say consent is needed pmsl holy fk did she not think of the word 'consent' when the 'People', 'The Freemen' are fighting for their rights and liberties against the EU Laws for yrs. what a fking tool

  • Paul Torrisi

    Under the SNP education standards are the worst in the UK, 5 years ago they were the best. Concentrate on what you have, not what you think you might like to have.

  • karl williams

    if nutty nicola wants an independent scotland lets stop all the cash sent to hold up the scottish goverment and services and see how much the scotts want to leave the uk,she dont mention this ive noticed in any of her speaches,and scotland if they left the uk they would not have any power when joined to the eu

  • Ratbacon

    a) The SNP will continue to win most of the seats in parliament since they are a single issue party who get all of the nationalist votes without any competition. They secured 45% of the vote this time, exactly what the independence vote was in 2014.

    b) If there was only a single pro-UK party the seats in parliament would look very different. Unfortunately the vote gets split amongst Tory/Labour etc.

    c) They promised this would be a generational vote. 5 years is not generational.

    d) Leaving the EU is an excuse. If it wasn't that then it would be something else as a reason for another referendum.

    e) If they do vote for independence by a narrow margin, after a generation will there be a vote to return back to the UK?

  • Darren Brittain

    has fish face Sturgeon forgotten the treaty of the union (1707) which stated that Scotland would be part of the bigger united kingdom. has she also forgotten that the UK has had Scottish kings and queens? so yes, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and therefore subject to the policies contained therein

  • Josh Davis

    I fear if Scotland and N. Ireland leave, Wales might leave too, leaving poor England by itself. Or worse, counties in England such as Cornwall, Northumberland, Gloucestershire and Devon will declare themselves independent, and England will be broken up!

  • Richard Harris

    In 2017 Scotland exported £48.9 billion to the rest of Britain, £17.6billion to the rest of the world and £14.9billion to Europe. Do they want to fall out with their biggest market?
    National debt ranges between £9 to £13 billion
    Scotland is already paying out over £800 million a year on the interest for their debt
    Scotland has the highest rate of tax in the Uk.
    Social services, this is a huge system that drains more money from the government coffers than the NHS. How will they pay for this?
    The cost of setting up their own currency would cost hundreds of millions of pounds for the privilege. Who would credit a new currency from a very small country.

    There are lots more questions than the SNP independence booklet suggests. Only 45% want devolution, 20% don't know.

  • BurtRenolds

    She only got the votes up here due to their being no other options..Trust me she is in for a shock if she goes for another referendum..

  • Zoltán Boros

    It would be fair if they could hold their horses for a few years until Brexit will be settled, so they could see what the new situation actually looks like, but of course, politics doesn't work like this. Politics like chaos and uncertainty.

  • Derangedxzombie

    It'd be pretty difficult and bad for Scotland to break off from the UK, Nicola Sturgeon seems a bit too in love with herself, she's more tolerable than the rapist Salmond though. And I can definitely understand Scottish people would want their own government or say on their own country. This is the case with the UK vs EU, people wanted the UK to be able to make it's own laws and have control of various important things. It's interesting half of Scotland wants autonomy from the UK but not the EU.

  • Jules G

    We had a vote in 2014 Nicola… You disgrace. The 'NO' vote was 25% higher than the 'yes' vote. Get a grip woman. You are just coming off as hysterical, bitter and desperate… Ms.Sturgeon….

  • J. R. B.

    I'm assuming here in Scotland that the nurses, shool teachers, GPS, all want there classroom size doubled, there patient lists to rise, that's just for starters. I didn't vote, no point, the voter is so far of the mark it's unbelievable. Jrb🦋

  • mc 007

    Brussels' secret plot to punish Boris exposed as EU leaders plan huge stitch-up with SNP, Well that's the end off another referendum thank you scotland "the nabours from hell" you have just saved us from another indyref so it will be fingers up to you instead .

  • Ger Berney

    Nicola, why is your friend you don't mention,sshhh Alex Salmon, not on remand, or on tag or signing on at a police station like any ordinary members of the public would be if they were charged with such serious crime?

  • Roy Rogers

    Boris got what he wanted by calling a General Election which she can do. She really has no other choice unless her Only motive is to just remain in opposition, which I highly suspect is her intended objective.

  • John Free

    if Nicola sturgeon is serious about another referendum it should be a 3 way vote .. to remain within the uk to rejoin the eu or as she keeps banging on about .. independent Scotland .. eu and independence are not the same .so for any one wishing to vote for a truly independent Scotland im afraid youll be dragged into Europe against your will. thasts not democracy Nicola sturgeon

  • T jay

    How would Scotland survive the cost of independence . Trident and armed forces return to uk. All Westminster run departments close and have to replaced by Scottish ones .. I imagine alot of job losses and alot of debt ..
    trident return = job losses
    Armed forces return= job losses
    Scotland then has to stop using anything westminster run ..currency to passports to car reg numbers and road tax etc etc = billions to start up and enforce .
    All westminster run departments return to england ..= job losses

  • voice_of_reason

    Sturgeon talks about Scotland being kept in the UK against its will. Sorry, 55% of Scots voted for parties other than the SNP. (I was one of those). Therefore, as an unofficial indyref2, the Scottish people have decided and you lost. So dont waste our time and taxpayers money and stick to your day job.

  • simon wilkinson

    Just like the remainders didn’t like the result now she wants another vote to get her own way spoilt racist little women

  • Albert Cadeliña-Constantino

    SNP just proves that it is power they want which is not given in Westminster…

    They are represented so what are they blabbing about?

    They act so selfish to grab power at the cost or the Scotts.

  • Billy B

    Scotland is not being imprisoned by anybody , the people voted to stay in the union. I, am Scottish and i have just one thing to say to this woman !!! F*** Off!!!

  • mc 007

    Police have recorded 388 drug deaths in Scotland in the first six months of 2019 and a further 296 deaths are being investigated as drug-related, according to figures seen by the BBC.

    Last year's annual statistics were the highest since records began, with 1,187 fatalities in 2018.

    The rise prompted parliamentary inquiries and action by the Scottish government.

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