SBI card IPO Review | SBI IPO Latest News | sbi card ipo

SBI card IPO Review | SBI IPO Latest News | sbi card ipo

hello everyone my name is Mukul Agrawal we welcome you in yours youtube channel. and because at this time the conversation is all about
IPO..the season is all about IPO …and SBI news and the news related to IPO is very trending
i know the IPO of SBI has and you were demanding for the information related to finally
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whose night will go sleepless because of this and they will not be able to sleep tonight and the people who heard about this this
video is fully for you…this video is dedicated to them so that they get all the information
so they can sleep properly many peoples were there who wanted to invest money in SBI
ipo ..please give your reply in comment box that how many of you were waiting for this..we
will wait for your reply we really wanted to see save your money it will very useful
in case of SBI IPO i allready told you ..we will wait for your reply in comment
box…that to save money to invest in SBI IPO. So lets know that what will be the game of this SBI IPO is SBI is only involve in it or somone else will also which
way the story is…we will talk about everything….in this video we will give the information related
to SBI.and you were not aware of first thing i want to tell you that the IPO of SBI
will come between january to march.that means 2020 currently it is november of it
will come in 2020 between january to march and the date of it will not announced yet..and
the most important thing that the SBI card is a joint venture company and it will come
for this under which SBI own 74% and carlyle own 26%.and from this you will came to know
that this is not the game plan of SBI only under which there were 2 players involved
but the main participation is by SBI and whole bulky is on SBI..and the profit and benefit
you will get that all will just because of SBI. SBI increase its share from 60% to 74% in
card company in year 2017.if we will talk about card market please concentrate on this..
so in INDIA if 100 peoples were having cards yes 100 peolpes were having cards then only
out of 3 peoles were having credit card.carefully understand this ..100 out of 3 only so from
this you can understand this in INDIA ver few peoples were having credit cards or very
few were using credit cards.can a you tell me what is means???think..think little bit..
give bit brain stoke..that what it means…out of 100 only 3 give your reply in comment box
we were waiting for your reply..that in future there biggest market of credit cards..get
that..?not big its very big…means if we will say biggest scope so there is nothing
wrong in this. SBI has approx 90 crores of debit cards yes
90 crores and 3 crores of credit cards…i want to give you one information…do you
know in case of credit cards, in which position SBI is ? …. if you know tell me..think….
give little brain stroke…this is most important information if you are going to give invest
in ipo this it should be necessary to know this…. so i want to tell you that SBI is the second largest company in terms of cards…so who is on first? Only one
name that is HDFC so if we talk about total assets of SBI cards it has approx 19,500
crore of assets. 19,500 means nineteen thousand five hundred crore.. Yes and Do you know of which amount SBI is planned for IPO? because this is the big think… tell.. i am asking for a lots of information from you …we will wait for your reply..till
then i will tell you SBI has planned of 8000 crore rupees’s IPO…… 8000 you can understand that this will gonna be very big IPO and A question would have been arised
in your mind surely a once time that why we will be the part of this croud and why invest the money in
this IPO or we can say that why we will have to buy the share of it? so i will give you
a valid reason of this with example. So Let’s take a look on SBI subsidiaries valuation … tail-end SBI name …this SBI and the name behind it and the profit from where did they come? so the valuation of subsidaries the first name is-
1.SBI LIFE INSURANCE, 57.6% means fifty seven thousand six hunderd crore 57,600 CRORE Rupees
2.SBI MUTUAL FUND, 63% that means fifteen thousand crore 15,000 CRORE
3.SBI CARDS, 74% that means seventy four thousand crore 74,000 CRORE
4.SBI GENERAL INSURANCE again, 74% that means thirty seven thousand crore valuation 37,000 CRORE TOTAL in Rupees, one lakh eighty three thousand
six hunderd crore 1,83,600 CRORE CURRENT MARKET PRICE is two lakh fifty thousand crore 2,50,000 CRORE So if you will deduct the market price from
total subsidaries valuation then you will came to know that why you will have to invest
under this. and if still you did not get my point..i will
tell you you…because “NO NEED TO FEAR,
“WHEN AGARWAL IS HERE” so if you will deduct the valuation of holdings
from this then you will see the core business valuation of approx 60-65 thousand crore. 60-65
thousand so from this you can easily understand that this is being traded on a discounted
rate yes means on discounted price they are being sold .so in my opinion you can invest
in this…so now lets us concentrate about that what comes is IPO? under this their is one company who goes to the bank and say we want to bring IPO and i
want to list under share market.and under this IPO… SBI will raise 8000 crore eight thousand crore
through public issue. SBI and CARLYLE both will sell their stakes in share market … Yes
both… if you want to apply in this IPO you can take help of broking house…
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