Satte Pe Satta (1982) – Hindi Full Movie – Amitabh Bachchan – Hema Malini -Bollywood Superhit Movie

Satte Pe Satta (1982) – Hindi Full Movie – Amitabh Bachchan – Hema Malini -Bollywood Superhit Movie

Far from human habitat deep in
the jungles amid animals.. Live 7 brothers. That is the reason why bestiality
is seen in them They lunge when happy and
punch the ones they love. Get up! Rogues sleep for
28 out of 24 hours! Get up!! I’ll count to three and if
you still don’t get up.. You’ll dip in water and
drench your bodies.. And scrub yourselves with soap! All right, don’t.. One! Two! No!! -We’re up!! Open your eyes and look at me. And hear me carefully. You’ll milk the cow. If she refuses to yield?
-I’ll make mincemeat out of you! Chop wood and fill the godown.
-The axe is blunt. Use a razor then. Buddhu. -Budh! -Yeah. Clean the stables and
the chicken coop. Why clean it? We won’t smell
the aroma of cow dung Sniff at yourself.
You’ll find the smell. Irrigate the field.
-What’s the point? We’ll eat out. One punch will knock
you out for life! You’ll cook but first
do the dishes. Who wants to touch water?
-Then I’ll drown you into it. Cut the grass and gather
it in the backyard. Why? Grass grows there. The cattle can go there and graze Grains grow in the field.
So why should we cook it? Eat like in the fields. Come. -Ravi. This is unfair.
You order us around everyday. Milk the hens.. Chop the horse’s wood Clean
the stable of the field. And you sit comfortably
watching us! I’m your elder brother. Who is like a father and the
sons must obey the Dad! Does paternal love diminish if
the Dad works to help the sons? What is paternal love? Similar to motherhood! Will it matter to you? -Yes. Yes because I’m your commander. The commander plans the war.
He doesn’t step in for battle. Fine then each of us should get
a chance to be commander! That’s right! -Just a minute.. Who wants what chance? Each of us wants to be
commander for a day. Those who want to be commander
step forward. Stand in line. So you want to be commander?
-Yes! If you don’t get the chance..
-We’ll go on strike! We’ll raise our voice
against injustice! Fulfill our demands! Now what is your answer
to our demands? You want an answer? -Yes. Simple.. Rogues want to be commander! Lunch is ready!! This guy will get us all beaten! I’m hungry! -Get lost! Are you feeling well? I mean are you only going
to eat this much? That’s for you. I’ll starve to death! Fire!!! Sunny! Sunny! We must teach Sunny a lesson! We always forgive him because
he’s the youngest! He fools us everyday.
Sometimes he faints.. At times he feigns stomach ache Fakes fever with an onion in arm What will you do? -You tell us. What are you mumbling? We have a heavy head.
It must contain a small brain! Think!! -Not our cup of tea. Try..- Can’t. -I got it! Carries weight! Too much.. -He’s coming. “My heart skips a beat..” Can’t believe Ravi would be so
good to give us this chance. Why won’t he?
We’re his younger brothers. We may look different but
our hearts are one. What is the matter?
-I’ll tell you. Ravi has set a condition.
Anyone who wins it.. He gets a break of 7 days. He’ll get milk and cream every
hour and sweet fruits.. He gets to hog all day. Yes, eat till you burst.
-What’s the condition? Nothing great.
Break an ordinary horse. That’s it? Which horse? Hope you don’t mean that
white wild horse? It’s no big deal! But Ravi prohibited us
from going near him. He said to stay away from him
till he’s fully trained. He can break our bones!
-If I could get a week off.. I’d never get out of bed. I’d neither wash my face nor
rinse my mouth or change clothes. I’d eat and drink right there.. Do everything there itself. I’d dream, get up and eat.. Go back to sleep, dream again get
up and eat to go back to bed But who will give me
a break for 7 days? How! Sunny.. Sunny! It’s my fault. I tricked him.. I’m to be blamed. Sunny! Sunny! Get a wet cloth. Open your eyes, my boy. Sunny! Who did this? Who told Sunny to ride Raja? Answer! Listen to me carefully.
If anything happens to my Sunny.. I won’t spare any of you! If you hate your little
brother so much.. ..I’ll take him and leave! You may keep this house,
farm, field! I want nothing! I’ll only take my
Sunny and leave. Son.. open your eyes. This.. -I’m fine. Your little brother won’t die
even if an elephant crushes him. The horse is nothing. Then why did you get us abused? Forgive me.
Actually I was testing Ravi. I was checking how
much love he has.. ..for us behind this toughness. There is love. Lots of it. But Ravi doesn’t love us. Yes, I don’t love you.
Get under the horse’s foot Then you’ll see how
much I love you Come here.. My sturdy brother
cries like a girl Don’t ever say you’ll leave us. You won’t go? Where can I go?
Can the body leave the soul? You are my soul. “Our life is a smile singing
our way through” “We’re the colours of a rainbow
that brightens up the world” “We’re the base of melody” “Verses are sung on us” “The sky sways” “We are the 7 wonders
of the world” “We share joys” “We share our sorrows” “Why would tears blind us?” “We’ll go on with each
other’s support” Hello.. -Good day to you Ravi. 10 tins of kerosene, 1 sack of
sugar, 5 kilos tea leaves.. You get your stuff packed. Shall we go for a ride? Listen.. no liquor? We’re going for milk.
-Okay. -Come on! Where was I..? Yes 10 kilos
of salt, 2 of red chili.. 1 of coriander,
1 cumin 1/2 bleak pepper..? Go to the milk bar next door
and get 2 bottles of milk. But sir.. -When we go there,
we’ll ask for your stuff. Get 2 bottles of milk. With nipples? Did you say something? I said if kids ask for milk in
a bottle, give them a nipple. Because either they don’t have
teeth or the teeth won’t stay. They’re kids. Forget it or we’ll be
cremated right here. They are 6 and we’re 2 Not 2, we are 3. 1, 2 and 3. 7 foot has come. Now the rats turn into lions. Grass eating lions. Milk suckling calves! If the boar.. No.. The boar doesn’t care about the
whimpering of small fry. They have to clear
the path for it. But you look more like
a buffoon than a boar. Buffoon? What do I look like? -Buffoon!! Whom did I ask? -Him. I ask him. So what do I look like? -B.. They’re calling a boar a buffoon
They see no difference. A boar is a boar while
a buffoon is a buffoon A boar is a boar while a
buffoon is a buffoon. Boar, like some milk? -Yes. Open it, fast. What are you doing? Help! Get some milk. Scoundrel! I’ll..! Milk. You drink it.
-Who can win against sorrows? What did you say? Who can win against me? Not against me.. Shekhar?
What have you done to yourself? Devdas. What’s wrong?
-I wanted to be God. Also her slave but
she didn’t let me. Who? -The one I made my life,
my faith. But what happened?
Where did she go? God knows. I only know there
were 2 females in my life. One was a girl, the other my job. Both left me. -Any job will do. But you want the same girl? Give me her name and address
then see what I do. What the.. who are you? Later. First tell me what
do you think of yourself? What do you think of yourself? Have you descended from the sky? Are you the daughter of
an emperor? A princess? Just because God blessed
you with a good face..’re arrogant! What right do you have to
play with a man’s life? I ask, what right? He’s mad..
-The poor guy is a gentleman. If it were me.. ..I’d wring your neck like a
chicken and fling it out! Who are you talking about?
-You drown him in alcohol! He takes your name and keeps
crying and you ask who! I’m referring to my childhood
friend, Shekhar! Who else? Yes! Go and see how he’s
tormented himself for you! Beggars give him alms when they
pass him on the streets! Each time he’d meet me he’d say,
Sheela is my life. My life has changed since
Sheela came into it. Sheela this and Sheela that!
And you cheat! Haughty woman! You left him because
he lost his job! What are you glaring at?
Do you have an answer? Want an answer? -Yes! Now listen to me. If you say a word,
I’ll throw the bed, chair.. And spoil your face!
Firstly, I’m not Sheela! Secondly, my name is Indu!
Do you understand? I heard everything. I realise my folly. I’d like to
meet Shekhar and apologize. Where is he? -Pardon.. He’s drinking bar on the
hill at Wine Road What? I mean he’s drinking wine
in a bar at Hill Road. Thank you. Excuse me.. This friend of yours who went
in.. where’s her room? After that hard slap.
-Because of that slap. The last room in this corridor,
is hers. Thanks. Come in. What is it?
Water melon? Who gave it? There’s a tall man standing down.
He sent it for you. He also sent a letter.
-You may go. This time I want to meet you
for myself, not Shekhar. Please accept a small token
of our friendship. I’ve come.. First time in your life you send
a girl a gift. A melon? What’s wrong? Melons are healthy Delicacy not strength is needed
for matters of the heart. Send her flowers. Flowers.. Hello! Guard!! Yes, madam?
-If this man is seen here.. You will lose a job! -I get it. Get out. Have you seen my staff? Quiet!
Repeat what you said down there. I was kidding. Put me down. I’ll lose my
job if anyone sees me. The flowers didn’t work. Must think of something else.. So the patient is your brother? Yes, my elder brother.
-What’s his problem? First it was only his heart
that was affected. Now his body is affected.
-What do you mean? He fell in love and kept his
heart at the girl’s feet. But the girl kicked it away
like it were a football! The innocent man’s
heart was smashed In the heat of the moment
he tried to kill himself! He jumped.. from a high mountain! What? What happened next? Than God he was saved. Did this have an effect
on the girl? That’s what we want to know.
Would it affect you? Of course. I’m human I’d
appreciate the person.. I’d accept his love and
apologize to him. Ravi’s job is done. She’s come! Go to your rooms and
don’t come out till I say! Can’t understand, it’s a girl..
Why should we go to the room? It’s a girl, not the military! Who is the girl? -Yes..! Quite! Will you go or
want to be thrashed? Wait.. Nobody will step out
of their rooms. No.
-Nobody. Nobody will make noise. Not a sound. Okay? -Yes! We’ll put a silencer in our neck Your house is beautiful.
-You can’t see it from here. Come that way.. we’ve such
lovely trees and gardens.. You’ll be amazed at the flowers.. Now let’s go.. -Son of a gun! Has he brought her here
for me or for a walk? Oh my God!! What was that?
-Your brother is in pain. Let’s first see him. -Okay. Somebody save me! -Come in. Hello! -Hello. Are you in a lot of pain? My treatment will
remove the pain. You’ll move around. What’s this? -He’s in awful pain. If anyone touches him,
he trembles from head to toe. Don’t worry.
I’ll remove the current You’re a man and you’ve let
a girl do this to you! What’s he saying? -He says.. If I see the girl.. ..I’ll cut myself in tiny bits
to throw at her feet. How will that help? What good is ruining your
life for another? The fun is that you live and
she lives for your love. What is he saying?
-My brother says.. Thank you but why are you
sorry for poor me? Why not? I too am human. I have a heart and I know
what he must be feeling. Can your heart really understand
what my heart says? You! -Yes, I’m completely mad! I don’t know what’s happening.
I can’t sleep.. Like an owl, I stay up nights. I sleep in the day and
see you everywhere! In the doors, windows, pot.. I see you in the bread too. That day I’d come with my
heart not a water melon. Shut up! Cheat! Fake! Charlatan! You used suicide and
this dramatic.. of yours
to get me here! Do I look dramatic? Quiet! What do you think.. I’d sympathize with you on
hearing about suicide? I’d start liking you! You could fall from the sky
instead of mountain and die.. It would not move me! You’re trashing me.. Trash! Trash is better than you! Take a look at yourself if
you have a mirror at home! If you don’t, I’ll pay you to
buy a mirror to look into! Your sight will scare you! Filthy!
Smelly! Not bathed for months! One is scared to come close!
As if you came from a stable! Will a girl like you?
Or fall in love with you? You are something to
be frightened of! Instead of consuming poison,
a man would die seeing you! But.. -If you follow me.. Or you try to trouble me.. I’ll have you sent to prison! Don’t! So you want to bring a girl
to sit on our heads! We won’t let this happen! Have you given it a thought girls
will make our life hell! No way. We won’t let a
girl enter our home. We don’t want her. -Stupid jerks! Can’t you see I’m doing
this for your welfare? Our welfare? How so? If a woman comes here,
she’ll make tasty food for you. She’ll do the dishes
and sweep and swab.. She’ll cook.. -And clean too? Sweep..? -Obviously.
-Then we won’t be troubled? No problems at all. We never thought of that. Do something. She came like a
cool wind and left like a storm! Please. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to
her and get her back. Like the cool breeze.. -Really? Yes. But for the time
being you get lost. Let me think of a plan
to coax her back. Go.. -Come on. What you’re doing isn’t right. It’s not correct to deceive
a simple girl. You too got taken in? I said that to stop our
army from revolting. The truth is.. I really love her. Sheela! -Indu. You’re looking exquisite.
Beautiful. Even the moon in the sky
will split seeing you. What must be the state
of your poor husband? This is Indu, my best friend. Greetings. -Greetings. Your best friend is here
but my best friend.. How did flowers bloom
in the desert? The suit, perfume.. beard gone.. Terrific. -My good man.. Somebody’s words proved to me.. Whether your heart is good or
not, you should look good. Your thoughts maybe filthy but
your clothes must be smart. So I wanted to try a
change of disguise. Have you lost your heart?
-I wanted to but.. She threw it as if it
were a water melon. “My beloved,
how long will you torment me?” “I’ll light a fire in your
heart that will melt you” “One day you will fall in love” “When you will think of me
in solitary moments..” “You’ll be surrounded
by my memories” “Your heart will beat with
anticipation and passion” “You’ll bloom when
our hearts unite” “You’ll be swinging in my arms” “You won’t be in your senses” “You will fall in love” Congratulations.
-Congratulations. -Thank you. Congratulations. Mr. Ravi.. -Yes? Just a minute. Congratulations. Come. What was that? Nothing.. I was looking for
last year’s crackers. Are you going to fry them? Use your brain sometimes. Our brother is bringing his wife
home for the first time. Won’t we burst crackers
to welcome her? I’m so happy. I never imagined
I’d find a man like yourself. You and your younger brother
far from the bustling city.. Peace and quiet all around Can’t you see? Are you blind? Donkey.. -Mind your tongue! I hate noise and yelling.. I see. You hate noise.. Yes. I’m in trouble.. Beating up little brother! Why are you silent?
Say something. What can I say? I’m a little
worried after hearing your ideas. Worried? -Yes.. with joy. Like tears of joy..
similarly delirious with joy. You like cleanliness,
tranquility, hate fights.. And most importantly you’re
happy for we’re only 3 Thick soup. What? -Soup.. that’s at home.. Sister-in-law, your dramatic
brother-in-law welcomes you. Greeting. -Ravi. You know him..
Sunny my little brother. And this is our home,
our little haven.. Sister in law.. My brother. This is my second scoundrel..
my brother.. He’s the third, Mangal. Hello, sister-in-law. Let me show you my farm. No.. why would we go around..
clothes little dirty.. Shall we.. go in? -Welcome. Sister in law.. Come. This is the hall where evening
and morning we.. Guru! He’s my fourth brother, Som. And the fifth, Guru.. Hello sister-in-law.
-He’s my.. -I know! Yes. Buddhu.. Ah.. Budh. Is that all?
Or are there another 4 or 5? We’re only 7 brothers. -Only 7? Father would have liked us
to fill a play ground. But.. He named us after days. Som, Mangal, Budh. Shani is the youngest
and I’m the eldest. Had you been more than 7..? January,
Febrauary, March, April, May.. What a calendar family! Yes. What is special about us is
that we love each other.. Don’t even ask. -I’m not asking. We’d die for each other.
-I can see that. Oh god! Ravi. Yes? -What is this? Kitchen? -More like a mad house! Whatever.
You may call it anything. You have to make it as
beautiful as yourself. Don’t be romantic.
My head is reeling. Let me clean up. Go out. Look, Indu. Rustle up such a meal that
we eat up the plates too. We haven’t eaten well
since mother died. We ate semi-raw or overdone food.
Salt in place of sugar.. Chili instead of salt.
Kerosene instead of oil.. Forget it. Go and relax. I’ll call you soon
as food is ready. Out! Where do I begin? Dinner is ready. Come fast. What are you waiting for? Dig in I see..
Thank God you have the manners. Stop it! I say, stop! Animals! You are all animals! Is this the way to eat? I cooked for you with such
love and cleanliness! And you attacked like animals! You don’t deserve it! You’re all animals!
You’ll always remain beasts! Has she come to cook
or dominate us? Didn’t you say you’re
getting a servant? Indu. -Don’t touch me! Go away! You’re a cheat! You lied to me! You’d said you’re
only 2 brothers. You feigned innocence
and brought me here! You told the brothers you’re
getting them a maid! She will cook and
clean the house. Have I come here as a servant? Is this your love for which
I left the city and my job? And followed you here
to this madhouse! This is very wrong.
You cheated me. You broke my heart.
Ruined my life! You are right. I admit my fault. I lied to you, deceived you. I did try to tell you the truth
but didn’t have the guts. Had I told you about my brothers
you’d want to meet them. And if you saw them once,
you’d probably never come here. I would have lost you. I did this to win your love. That’s all.. We’re really animals. There’s no difference
between us but.. What could we do? We were this little when
our parents died. Never were we scolded by Dad
nor clung on to mother.. There was nobody to hold our
finger and show us the path. We just held each other
and came this far. Living in this farm with
the cows and goats.. ..we became like them I fully realize my folly. I don’t want to ruin your
life along with mien. I’ll take you back to
the city tomorrow. You can go back to the world
of honour and etiquette. You won’t have to live
with an uncouth Stay here.. just for the night. I’ll take you back tomorrow. Won’t you forgive your
younger brothers? We’ve all come to beg
for forgiveness If our words have hurt you,
you must thrash us! Beat us black and blue! But don’t leave us! If you leave,
we’ll be lonely Very lonesome.. Nobody ever came here
to reform us Honestly. And we look big. We’re children at heart. Won’t you forgive your children? If you leave,
Ravi too will leave us. Without both of you,
we’ll be orphaned Forgive us! My animals even shed tears. Wipe the tears. Men don’t cry. I forgive all of you. Now go and tell your 28
feet tall brother.. If he has any sense,
he must come up immediately. It’s our first day of marriage.
He must come with a smile. Go on.. Get up! You pig! Thief! Get up, you hippo! Why are you yelling early
in the morning? I’ve been dreaming for 6 days Each time I go near the girl,
somebody wakes me up! Look here and there and
you’ll all scream! Look.. -Our clothes!!! Now strut around in
your underwear! Hold on..
where’s Sunny? -Not here. -No? He’s behind this! Are you awake? -Sister-in-law! Quickly get up. Your brother
is taking us on a picnic. Picnic. — Yes. – We’d get ready but the rogue
Sunny took our clothes. I took the clothes not Sunny. What will you do with
our clothes? To wash them, what else? Why are you ruining them?
Does anyone wash clothes? Your clothes were so filthy
and stinking.. A rat would sniff at them
and roll over and die! I washed them in boiling
water yet they’re dirty. You destroyed the beauty
of the clothes! Come out, shower and get ready. What? -Shower and shave.. Wear clean clothes and come
for the picnic like humans. The mention of water
makes me sick. I feel faint if I see
anyone bathing God gave such lovely hair why
do people shave it off? Sister in law.. Will you come out or
should I come in? She’s bluffing. We’re in such
shabby state. She won’t come in. I’m asking for the last time
Are you coming out or.. No! We wont’ come!
-Then I’ll come in. No!!! Come out fast. -Oh my God! Only you can change these beasts In 2 days you did what
I couldn’t in years. I’m here to reform all 7 not 5 What are you waiting for? Out. Where to? -For a bath. I got dry cleaned the
day we got married. You’ll have to plunge in
the water and bathe. Quiet. You were boasting! Come on. Come. Don’t stare. Nose All ready? Get started. Ravi, what happened? Stomach.. aching!! Press his stomach! What are you doing?
-Your leg ached the other day.. We pressed it and it was better.. we’re pressing your stomach! Stop! Will you press my
throat if it hurts? Yes.. -Ravi. Move aside.. What’s going on?
-His stomach aches. No..
there doesn’t seem to be anything It’s not superficial.
Goes deep inside. Take out the bags.
Picnic stands cancelled. Don’t cancel the picnic.
I’m feeling better. We can’t leave you and go. My sweets, my baby.. You go on.
Yes. Indu will take care of me. We don’t like to leave
you in this state.. They are right. -You’re funny. They arranged the picnic with
such love and effort. Let them go. How can I stop them? Go or my pain will increase! Go. Very good. -Ravi. Are you well? I am fine. Go. Go. Your stomach..
-Excuse to get rid of them. If the battalion stayed here.. Could I have talked to you of
love? Come into my arms. What a relief! Broads!! “Glorious weather,
unknown destination” “Glorious weather,
unknown destination” “There’s a tale waiting to
be told at some curve” “Often my heart starts pounding” “The glow of youth torments me” “When will my heart
belong to another?” “For the time being it’s mine” “Certain thoughts scare me” “Nights filled with love
are round the corner” “Everyone knows fools
fall in love” “Have no fears for
it is inevitable” You fool! -Couldn’t you run when
you saw the boulder coming down!! These rich people need servants
to help them escape death! Excuse me but she’s
not one of those.. ..who can’t move without maids. In fact she’s one of the rich.. ..who can’t move anyway. Can’t move? She has no legs! She’s a cripple. Handicapped. You are right. She can’t walk. Pardon us.
We spoke without thinking. We didn’t’ know.
Simply rambled on. Doesn’t matter.
When a person is crippled.. He has to swallow bitter
pills and words. But I’m used to it. Actually our floor
up here is vacant. No connection between head
and brain. Lines cut. Please smile.. What are your names? I am Seema. This is Madhu. Hello. -Aradhana. Prema. -Hi. Asha. -Hello. Rajni. -Hi. Shobhni. Som. Mangal. Budh. -Guru. -Sukra. Sunny! We’re so glad to meet you. The Red Cross Society is having
a program on Sunday. You must come -Sure. Bye. -Bye. Bye. Bye. Wooed! Quiet! I don’t want to
hear any explanations! All of you are useless!
Good for nothing! I do everything for you!
Provide for your food, clothes..! But 6 of you can’t look
after my poor niece! Shame on you!
-It’s not their fault. I asked them to go.
-But why did they leave you? They should always be with
you That’s their duty! God forbid..
if that stone had touched you.. How would I face the world? Everyone would say an uncle
got his rich niece killed. Because she’s going to be 21. And she’s going to
inherit millions None of you know.. How difficult it is to be trustee
to a wealthy heiress. People suspect you all the time I pray to God that you complete
your 21st birthday.. I’ll hand over every penny
of your inheritance.. I’ll go far away. If I have hurt you.. We are very sorry, uncle. It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s not my fault. I swear I did my best! I hate men who don’t
do their work well. Had it not been for the boys..
-Whatever, the girl is alive! Get out, you scum! Thanks. But darling, there’s a lot of
time before Seema turns 21. And she lives with you.
She can be crushed any time. Isn’t it? -No. You are wrong. I can’t do this at home. -Why? If she is killed outside,
they cannot blame me. Only Babu can do this. Who is Babu? The devil in human form. Where is he? Serving sentence in prison. Babu will be released from
jail and Seema from life. No. No way! None of you will go to
the Red Cross party! Why not? The poor girls invited
us with such love. With love? Do you know what love is? Of course we do.
-What is decency? Decency.. is that.. What is it? It’s.. It’s very nice. Why are you looking at me?
Look that way and speak. This is your condition!
Sit tight. Have you seen how you walk? You look like 7 prisoners
released after life imprisonment! When you speak, it sounds as if
somebody is throwing vessels! If you open your mouth in the
city, all the girls will flee! So the best thing is to
stay home quietly. Sister in law.. Nobody learns everything
in the womb. You learn it after birth. From your own people and
we have only one.. And that is you.
Won’t you teach us? Yes, Sister in law.. Teach us. Please.. -Very well. I’ll try. Sister in law.. Play some tune. “Lower your head and ask..” “Madam, how do you do?” Not like this. Act it out. “Lower your head and ask..” “Madam, how do you do?” “When she answers,
how do you do..” “I like you.” “Do you get that?” “Is that so?” “Now you show me how
you’ll say it” “How do you do? -Yes.” “How do you do?” “I love you.” “Don’t say I love you so soon” “She’ll blush if she likes you” “Only then can you be sure
she will be yours” “Look into her eyes and say
she’s cast a spell on you” “When she asks, what spell tell
her.. why are you quiet?” “I like you.” “Now you’re getting it!” Shall we proceed? -Just a minute. Pipe down. Strumming away.. What if she won’t blush? If she won’t blush,
somebody else will. Is that so? -Yes! “Then hold her hand lovingly
and take her to a corner” “She’ll be a little scared
and so should you” “Hold her and say..” “Don’t be silent” “I like you.” Now what happened?
-At this point say, I love you! “I love you.” “I love you.” “It’s a fair of fairies” “Every heart is alone” “Let the hearts meet
for spring is here” “Glorious weather” “Unknown is the destination” “A tale waits to unfold” You think this is bad?
I’ve got worse wounds before. Sit tight! One word from you.. I’ll burn your back
with a flaming log! I know you have a strong body! I’d taught these fools! And you ruined everything! Those city boys,
bred in the gutter..! I should have watched them
beating up my brothers! What honour would we have?
-Great. The scene you created.. The entire city must be
gossiping about you! If the cops had come, all of us
would have been locked up! What do you mean? We should have stood there
with arms folded.. Brothers, beat us up.
You own us.. Tell us when you tire so we
can drop you off home. Talks nonsense! Fine. Do as you please! And I’ll do as I please! Don’t say that..
-Let go. I’m furious! If you get furious,
what will we eat? Stop kidding. -You were there. Tell us did we pick a fight
or did they force us? But I want to know
why did you fight? They were there.. how could we
get thrashed in front of them? Who? -They.. The girls we met..
since then something is wrong. That’s torn it! You were good for nothing
now you’re doomed! One should hold the book straight
even if the head isn’t. I.. -No need to explain. Everyone is lost. One meeting with the boys
changed everything! Where’s Shobhni? Add salt to the lentils. Why are we suddenly
leaving for Pune? Tomorrow is the 3rd.
Babu will be released. He’ll do our job on the 4th And I’ll be talking to the lawyer
regarding Seema’s property If anyone suspects me
of killing Seema.. The lawyer will testify
that I was with him. Seema’s inheritance will
be mine on the 5th. Are you on strike? Why are you looking at
me like dumb fools? Get on with the job! Or you won’t get food! They’re not moving even
when I mentioned food! Indu. Indu. What is it?
-Something has happened. Something has happened to the
boys. Have they had booze? Have you seen them?
They look sick! As if they have no life! What a brother you are!
Don’t you know anything? What is it? -They are in love. What does that mean? What a nuisance!
You’re equally dumb! They are in love. Love.. “It was a spark in you
that made me love you” “Explain to me for I
do not understand” “When one falls in love..” “The heart beats faster
and one feels restless” “When somebody counts
the stars at night..” “Assume the man is in love” “Love brought you to this state” “The heart sighs wish
somebody would guide” “Love brought us to this state” “The heart sighs” “Wish somebody would guide me” “Switch off the lights” “Switch off the light” “Switch off the lights for
I can’t fall asleep” “Switching the lights off will
not help me to sleep” “When will the girl come who
will switch off the light?’ “Don’t make noise or my
wife will wake up” “What a state love has
reduced you to” “The heart sighs” “Will somebody predict
the future?” “What has love reduced us to?” “The heart moans” “Somebody tell us what to do” What to do? Let’s get the girls “Love brought you to this turn” “The heart groans” “Tell them what to do” “Things aren’t so bad” “When the hearts are one
why should you be away?” “We’ll get them if
we have the guts!” “If the family won’t allow” “We’ll get them if
we have the guts!” “If the family won’t allow” “Love brought us to this turn” You!! You haven’t slept.
It’s pretty late. No. I stayed up to witness
your deeds. Free the girls! Undo the bonds. Save us! These boys kidnapped
us from home! Don’t worry. I’ll handle them. So you are behind this. Why did you think when
kidnapping the girls? Thought they were girls. Do you know what a grave
crime you’ve committed? Why are you standing
with heads lowered? Answer me! -Answer what? None of this would have happened
if not for you! What did I tell you? I asked you why the
boys looked lost You said they were in love..
with the girls. Yes.. -Quiet! But is it right to forcibly
kidnap somebody from their homes? We didn’t force them.
With care we brought them What else could I do?
Look at my brothers. Faces hanging down to their knees They neither eat nor drink
nor sleep or work. I too have a duty towards
my brothers. Bravo.
What a duty you’ve performed You should get a reward
from the government. Quiet. Now hear me carefully. It’s late so the girls will
stay here tonight. Inside. With me. I’ll take them to town
tomorrow morning. And you’ll sleep out
in the stable. Come on in. I think the night’s
episode scared her. I can’t let her go in this state. Let’s inform her family.
-Whom can we inform? She has an uncle who left
for Pune for a week. Call the servant.
-Okay but with the boys.. How can we stay here? With me around,
you need not have any fears. As long as you’re here, none of
the brothers will step in. Not even my husband. We’ll cable Seema’s uncle.
What is the Pune address? Now I know why Babu couldn’t
do the job. Meaning? Whom would he kill when
Seema isn’t home? She’s gone to the farmhouse
with her friends. They sent the cable. -Now what? Meet Babu to set another plan. But first I must go and
meet my darling niece. No fever. -But I feel weak. Live here for a few days
in this fresh air.. Eat the fresh produce of
this farm that I cook. Every ailment will flee. Don’t tell your uncle
my husband and.. ..his stupid clan kidnapped you. No. Who will say that? Actually they’re silly
not dangerous. Tell him,
he’s not allowed inside. He must leave or ..! Did you hear? Tell this guard I don’t harbour
any desire to come in. I’m going to the city for a few.. ..days so I want to speak to you. All that happened yesterday
was my mistake. I saw my brothers sad.. And made this stupid mistake. So please forgive me. The children aren’t at fault.
It was my mistake. You might not be there
when I return. You would have gone home. So I came to apologize. If possible forgive this
elder brother of yours. Listen.. I’ll be waiting.
Be sure to return by Friday. If I inadvertently hurt
you or your feelings.. Forgive me.. The Devil is here. Thank God, she’s fine. It disturbs me each time
she is slightly unwell. She’s my elder brother’s child
but I love her a lot. Thank you so much.. -What for? She’s like my younger sister. Seema is still not very well.
I’d like her to rest here. But I can’t stop you from
taking her home. If she’s not well, let her be
here. I won’t let her move. I can bear to be away from her. But I can’t bear her
being unwell. You may keep her for a few days If you need anything,
I’ll send it from town. By the grace of God,
we don’t lack a thing. Just send them some clothes
and medicines. I’ll get them tomorrow.
-Don’t bother. My husband is in town He’ll
return in 2 days. Give them to him. -Where in town? He’s with his friend, Shekhar. Telephone number.. ..566189. Hello. -Mr. Ravi? Speaking. Ranjit Singh here.
-Who? I can’t place you.. Seema is staying at your
farm with her nurses. Yes. -I’m her uncle. What can I do for you? I’d gone to the farm. Your wife
asked me to send some items. I’ll come home tomorrow.
I’ll pick them up then. Welcome, Mr. Ravi Anand. Anything wrong? -No. Did you have a problem finding
the house? -No. How do u do? Sit. Drink? Yes. Why were you staring at me? You reminded me of a
very dear friend. He’s very much like you.
Tall and broad shouldered.. Young, handsome.. Are you a leftie? You use your left hand? Yes. My Dad would say.. Use your left hand if you want
to keep the world in hand No.. this is too much. I’m not used to drink.
I don’t drink. Know why? It ruins the liver. Here.. -I see. So I don’t drink but that day
at a friend’s marriage.. They forced 4 bottles
down my throat. Here. -Ok You told me about the farm house
but not your brothers. My brothers! Each one is a gem! I love them a lot. The youngest is.. ..Sunny. My youngest brother is so cute. I love him a lot.
He’s very hand working. He works the hardest in the farm Know why?
-Why? -Doesn’t drink liquor Liquor ruins the liver. I’m not in the habit I went
to this friend’s wedding.. They forced me to drink
only 4 bottles.. Elder to him..? -What? Sunny.. Shukra is elder to Sunny. Shukra. A fragment of Shankar. He’s very strong. If he hits the wall,
he’ll make a hole. Very strong.
His body is like steel. Know why? Doesn’t drink liquor. Liquor.. -Ruins the liver. You’re not in the habit but
at this friend’s wedding.. You were forced into drinking
4 bottles. -Right. You’re too much. Must kiss you.. Very good.. The one elder to him?
-Elder to what? Shukra.. Guru is elder to Shukra. Buddhu.. This brother of mine is a fool. God’s cow. He’s so docile. Not a cow..buffalo. No, buffaloes are black. Cow.. He knows nothing about any vice. Know why? Doesn’t drink. Liquor ruins the liver. I’m not in the habit..
-Went to a friend’s wedding.. And he forced you to
drink 4 bottles. How do you know?
You’re great! I must kiss you! Wonderful.. Who is elder to him? -What? Elder to the fool.. is.. Mangal.. Not Aangal but Mangal. He stammers a little. Handsome boy. Very strong.. yes. He can hit a coconut
and break it in 5. Know why?
-Because he doesn’t drink. Liquor ruins the liver. You’re not in the habit but you
went to a friend’s wedding.. And he forced you to
drink 4 bottles. Kiss.. -You’re terrific! Good? -Yes. Who is elder to him?
-Som is elder. He talks a little loudly. But he’s soft.. Soft nose, soft heart.. He too is very strong.
You know elephants? He flies and kicks elephants. Elephant cracks his skull
the brain spills out.. Why? Doesn’t drink.. Liquor ruins the liver. Not in the habit.. In a party.. 5 bottles.. drank.. force.. Good luck, Babu. This is Ravi’s chain. You.. here? Take him away and tie him up. You thought it a cake walk
stealthily get in the house And we’d get no inkling. What.. what won’t you know? We know everything about you. What do you know?
-Don’t act smart. You know what we’re saying. No, I don’t know. Today is your birthday. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!
-Where are you taking me? Listen. Ravi got a chance to go in
because it’s his birthday! – Where..
-Go in. -What.. is inside? Birthday present. -Present.. You fought with your
wife because of us. We clear that score..
-And we’re even. But.. -Go in. Open the door! On your birthday I’m giving you
the best gift a wife could. I’m feeling shy to look into
your eyes and say this. Hence I’m writing it.
I am expecting.. I’m carrying your child. Child.. -Yes. Why are you fleeing from me? No.. people say when
the hearts are one.. Distance matters not and
our hearts are one. Shall I switch off the light?
-What..? -Yes? They can see our shadow
downstairs. No..
I haven’t come here for that. What do you mean? -I mean.. I have to write accounts..
-Accounts? Every moment is difficult
when you go out on work. And you’ll write accounts
the moment you get back. Don’t you care about my heart,
my feelings? I do but.. Down with Ravi and Indu! Down with Ravi and Indu! You stay in.. -While we are out! That’s some strike and.. It’s right. I’m in comfort while
they battle mosquitoes. It’s not fair. Injustice.. I think I too should go down. Your wish. Quiet! I’m coming. I’m coming.
And I have some good news. It’s shameful that I sleep in
while you’re in the open.. So I’ve decided as long as the
girls are here, nobody goes in. Come. You had some good news.
What.. is that? I forgot.. all of you are
going to be uncles. When I first came here,
this wasn’t a home. It was an asylum. I went berserk
trying to clean it up. The eating habits of.. Who is it? -It’s me. What is it? Why have you come in? It’s very cold.. Cold, is it?
-Can I have a blanket? Stand there, I’ll get it.
-Don’t bother, I’ll give it. So what was I saying..? Feeling very cold?
-Now that I’ve seen you.. Aradhana. Coming.. Som.. Out! So I was telling you about
the way the brothers ate.. Now who is it? -It’s me.. What do you want? -Girl.. -Girl? I mean a splinter hurt me
while chopping wood. Want the first aid box? -Yes.
May I come in to take it? No. Stand there, I’ll get it. It’s not right for you to give
the box when I’m here. You remain seated.
-No, I’ll give it. The first aid.. -Yes, come out. I see. So this is the matter. What are you doing here?
You’ll never learn! We’re thirsty.
Can we get some water? Water in here? -Yes.. Now if anyone knocks,
I’ll push you into the well! You’ll be swallowing water all
your lives! Understand? Get lost! If anyone turns
I’ll break your legs! Come on. What have you got today? Lollipop! This is the state! Everyone is
spoilt! How many can I reform? You’re making a mistake.
Indu is upstairs. I thought she’s probably here. Forgive me. What’s the matter? What is
he doing here at midnight? He’s feeling cold.
Wanted to borrow a blanket. But he’s in the wrong room,
asking the wrong girl. Water.. Looks like the fizz has gone out Why don’t you kill Ravi?
His life could put us at risk Ravi is useful to us when alive. The moment Babu returns
after killing Seema.. I’ll send Ravi back and he’ll be
charged with killing Seema. You.. Indu isn’t here. She might be outside. What is wrong? Why are you looking
at me so strangely? Why.. don’t you say something? You.. are scaring me! Stop right there.. please.. Stop right there! Why don’t you speak?
What do you want? What do you want? No.. Ravi! No.. What is going on..? How did you leave the
chair and come here? How did you move? That’s Ravi’s wonder.
Scared her with that knife. She ran out of her chair.
Great -You’re fantastic! He’s performed a miracle! We’d thought Seema would
never walk in her life. Brother, you’re wonderful. We only loved you but
now we respect you. Why are you crying?
You should be happy. You can go anywhere on your own Not dependent on the chair. Pray to God to give you
a husband like him. Who sympathizes with others’ pain
and fills life with joy. Forgive me.
You came to give me life. And I thought you
wanted to kill me I’ll never be able to
repay this debt! You’re an angel! May God fill your life with joys I pray that all your
troubles come to me. This family should
always be happy! Enough.. don’t cry now. Don’t’ cry. No more will there be sorrows and
difficulties in your life. Any obstacle in your path will
first have to face me. I’ll give my life but
keep you safe. No sorrow will torment you. “Whatever be the cards..” “An ace or another card..” “If you look carefully each
one is merely a card” “Finally it matters not” “Nothing matters” “Are you the king of my heart
or am I the queen of yours?” “We are in each others’ arms” “Love is in the air creating
love stories” “When destiny brings
us together..” “If so destined,
we will be together” “From all directions..” “The hearts will meet in
spite of obstacles” “Giving your heart or
falling in love..” “The tradition carries on” “People fall in love but
leave the world alone” Where are you taking me?
-Come along. Tell me.. Today is Karva Chauth. Karva Chauth. -Yes. Wives pray for their husbands. May God keep her husband well. No..I don’t deserve it. What are you saying? Right.
I’m not who you think I am. I’m a criminal who spent most
of his life in jail. I’m neither brother nor
anyone’s husband. This isn’t true. I am Babu not Ravi. Babu. If you don’t believe me.. My name is Babu. I resemble Ravi so
I was sent here. I must kill Seema the moment
I find an opportunity. Kill me.. -Yes. Your uncle Ranjit Singh paid
me Rs. 100000 to kill you. He’d inherit everything with
you out of the way. Cheat! Scoundrel! Pretended to be our brother
and made fun of our love! Don’t delay.
Beat him up! -Thrash him! Beat him up! -Thrash him! Get up, you impostor! Beat him up! -Don’t spare him! Stop.. -You stay out of this! I say stop it.
I know he is our enemy. He lived in our home
and deceived us. But he didn’t cheat me. He didn’t deceive my duty,
my honour. He didn’t touch a chaste wife. Don’t think of what he’s done.
Imagine what he could’ve done. He lived with us but never
came close to me. Else your sister-in-law wouldn’t
be able to face your brother. A sister-in-law is like mother
and you honoured our mother. So we forgive you but tell
us where our brother is. I will tell you but
I have a request.. This story began with me and
I will bring it to an end. Babu is your brother
till Ravi returns. He is with you. I beg forgiveness for my deeds. The truth is that my origins
are disgraceful. I grew up in an environment
of deception and perfidy. I stole to fill my stomach,
cheated to survive.. Because that’s what
my world taught me. What is a family, a sister.. I never knew what a brother
or sister-in-law means. After living with you for a few
days, for the first time.. I felt I was human. Apart from strength,
there’s a heart in the body And the heart told me..
Babu, these people are like you. Don’t’ deceive them. You have given me a new form,
a new life. I can never forget that. I must say this,
whether Babu survives or not.. Your husband will live. I promise your love will live There’s only one way to get in.
You wait here. I’ll get back. Ranjeet. I have removed Seema
from your path. Now you may send Ravi back
to his right place. Ravi is in his right place now. Not only Ravi,
your right place too is here. What do you mean? Do you think I’m a fool? If I can send you
in Ravi’s place.. Can’t I send somebody to
keep an eye on you? Now your life and Ravi’s
will end right here. Turn around. Bring Ravi and him up. Shoot them! Kill them! Just a minute! Hold it! Don’t kill me, it’s not my fault.
I don’t know them! He brought me. Don’t kill me! I know nothing.
I don’t want to die! It’s not my fault.. It’s not my fault.. Stop! Nobody will touch him! He’s my prey. Promise me, nobody will butt in. Come what may. Come on! Come on! Come on! Leaving? Why? -I’ve fulfilled my duty. Take care of yourself. If there’s any feeling
in your heart for me.. Don’t ever sit in this chair. Get up. I say, get up. No. I thought somebody had
turned my life around. I felt a new joy. But now I feel that was a lie. I think I am destined to remain
in this chair forever! Get up! Come into my arms!


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