Ryan Reynolds on ‘Deadpool 2’ & Blackmailing Hugh Jackman | MTV News

Ryan Reynolds on ‘Deadpool 2’ & Blackmailing Hugh Jackman | MTV News

– So congrats on your disgusting, filthy,
heartwarming movie.
– Well thank you very much.
Thank you very much, thank you.
– Talk to me a little bit about
mixing it up with other characters.
Obviously one of the bonuses of this film,
is we get to see you mix
it up with Brolin as Cable.
High in the sky, MCU, this merger happens,
who’s the character you want
to see Deadpool mix it up with?
– Mix it up with, oh.
I think you always want as
stark a contrast as possible.
So Deadpool’s a child, you always want
to pair him with an adult.
I don’t know, who’s the
most serious MCU character?
Who’s the all business,
no fun sort of character.
That’s kind of the one you want to do it.
– Dr. Strange kind of–
– Maybe it’s Dr. Strange,
maybe it’s, I don’t know,
they’re all pretty fun though.
See, that’s the thing, I don’t know.
And if Comcast, that goes through,
I’m sure I’ll just be on
a news desk or something.
– How were the Hugh negotiations going?
Have you ever written
Hugh Jackman a scene,
to actually entice him
to be in one of these?
– No, I would never do that,
but I adore Hugh Jackman.
I think nobody knows that more than you,
and I would love to see a
Deadpool, Wolverine move someday.
But Hugh, according to
Hugh, hung up the claws.
So I’m about this close to putting
his cell phone number online.
– Try anything then.
– Right.
– Good to see you buddy.
– Nice to see you, thank you.
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  • chesco

    fuck this movie for showing a child's sexual organs. Fuck this world for Brian Singer. Fuck them all to hell and leave us the fuck alone. I hope more people learn about this Pedo propaganda. I MEAN BRIAN SINGER! don't they have PR people, why add wood to the flame. They murdered this world for me. SO HAPPY Disney is taking over.

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