• louis leuellyn

    URGENT READ: Trump is a RUSSIAN ASSET. He's been leveraged/ compromised in his business interests. Russian Oligarchs "set-him-up" by investing heavily in his businesses and/or underwriting his Deutsche Bank Loans.

    COLLUSION? HELL NO!!!!!!!! Trump got played, conned and/or duped: and once Putin caught wind of his run for President (as an infomercial) Putin owned Trump. Putin is using Trump to Destroy our Democracy, just as he's using McConnell. Moscow Mitch is "using" Trump and others in the GOP further Putin and his own far-right agenda, especially in our Courts. Hence, Moscow Mitch blocked Obama's attempt to warn our Governors about RUSSIAN Interference the 2016 Election and why he blocked the ELECTION SECURITY BILL. Simply put, FORGET COLLUSION. Putin has "useful idiots" in McConnell, Trump, Barr and others in the GOP: to further RUSSIA'S FOREIGN POLICY GOALS OF DESTROYING OUR DEMOCRACY.

    Get ready, Folks… for more DISTRACTIONS: to deflect from this RUSSIAN ATTACK on the 2020 Election. Trump and the GOP WILL CERTAINLY ATTEMPT TO COVER-UP "this" RUSSIAN ATTACK TOO.

    The HOUSE should open another IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY into Trump, McConnell ad Barr's Actions. Because the MINI RUSSIAN OLIGARCHY Trump, McConnell and the GOP are installing within our government: only allows them to STONEWALL until they can CORRUPT all departments. Their OLIGARCHY does not, YET, allow them to defend their conduct to the American People. FYI, a RUSSIAN Oligarchy (a) controls the Media; b) controls Law Enforcement; and C) controls the Military.

    Obviously, Putin controls these (3) aspects in RUSSIA. This allows him to do whatever he wants in Russia. But, Trump needs McConnell and GOP Senators to complete their COUP OF AMERICA, though Trump is commander-in-chief; Barr is over the Justice Dept.; and as to the Media; we've all heard the many GOP rants of "Fake News" and "the Press is the enemy of the People." Note… Barr recently met with FOX NEWS Executives to "quiet" Shepard Smith's commentary: because Smith's commentary was negatively effecting Trump's "ratings." RATINGS allow GOP Congressmen, especially Senators, to regulate their political careers and votes in an impeachment trial. Simply put, As more Americans become aware of Trump, Barr's and McConnell's MISCONDUCT, the chances of GOP Senators switching their votes to impeach INCREASES EXPONENTIALLY.

    The HOUSE SHOULD IMPEACH Trump at every opportunity. Keep informing the public as to their actions and how they relate to RUSSIA: FORCE GOP SENATORS to put their political careers on the line in "defending" Trump's conduct, or, RIG every Senate Impeachment Trial; and do this up
    until the 2020 Election. The alternative is to accept defeat and allow them, literally, to STEAL the 2020 Election. Meaning, the American People can only turn out and vote. There is nothing we can do to stop them from attempting to suppress voter turn out, changing vote counts or literally destroying ballots, as in destroying evidence like in Mueller's Investigation.

    POINT BEING: ANY ISSUE WHICH ARISES FROM THE 2020 ELECTION, JUST AS IN THE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL, CAN BE STONEWALLED ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPREME COURT DUE TO THE MINI RUSSIAN OLIGARCHY. At least the HOUSE should attempt to inform the American People of RUSSIAN Interference and how Trump, McConnell and Barr's actions "welcome" RUSSIAN ATTACKS ON OUR ELECTIONS. Simply Put, Make Trump, Barr and McConnell "defend" their conduct until the Election. WHY…because ALL GOP Senators are not involved in the COVER-UP. They're just naive and easy influence. Murkowski, Collins and Sasse come to mind.

    Trump, McConnell and Barr's actions which benefit RUSSIA are clear: Trump getting set-up, conned and duped by Russian Oligarchs while doing business in Putin's backyard; RUSSIANS "investing heavily" in his business interests and underwriting his Deutsche Bank Loans; Putin catching wind of his run for President and "dispatching RUSSIAN Intelligence to help him win" just as he said in Helsinski; Trump siding with Putin and giving America "the middle finger" in Helsinki: The QUID PRO QUO WAS A LOCK: Trump gets million/ billions in his business interests including Trump Tower Moscow; and RUSSIA GETS TRUMP doing their bidding worldwide: at the Great 7, at NATO: alienating our allies; even withdrawing our troops from Syria; the Ukraine FIASCO was straight out of Putin's playbook; Putin even has these dweebs running around peddling Russian Propaganda theories: Trump Obstructing Justice in the Russian Investigation: Barr misrepresenting the Mueller Report: McConnell blocking Obama's attempt to notify Governors as to RUSSIA'S ATTACK in the 2016 Election: and blocking the Election Security Bill: Trump withholding $400 million in Military Aid from our Ally to help RUSSIA: McConnell and GOP Senators RIGGING THE SENATE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL. Trump getting rid of the Vindmans and appointing some YES MAN flunky named O'Brien, etc…

    STOP depending on the GOP to do right by their Country. They're in too deep. They have already SOLD OUT AMERICA, THE RULE OF LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION. It's a total waste of time trying to convince Trump, the GOP or their supporters to put Country before Party; and something totally different in informing the American people as to actions which "welcome" RUSSIAN Interference in our ELECTIONS.

    ONLY THIS TIME, make sure Justice Roberts does more than spew 2nd-3rd grade math & 5th grade reading skills. Admonish his ass. Meaning, I'm sure if he was "grossly negligent" or in on the COVER-UP. Maybe, he "forgot" that it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL for a Senator/juror, McConnell,
    to (a) coordinate with the accused, the President, his defense; b) RIG the rules to have Senators/jurors refuse their constitutional charge to TRY the case; and c) violate the American People's and the President's constitutional rights to Due Process.

    As to (b) & (c) above, GOP Senators 51-49 vote to not have witnesses or subpoena documents made inevitable their "decision," final vote, would be based on allegations: leaving "questions of fact and liability to be conclusively presumed." The Articles of Impeachment are ALLEGATIONS.
    The HOUSE Managers' claims are ALLEGATIONS and the President's counsels' claims are ALLEGATIONS too. In short, "If any question of fact or liability is conclusively presumed, that's not Due Process." Ziegler v. Railroad Company.

    In other words, McConnell and GOP Leader(s) in the Senate used not only the "Greatest Danger," in any impeachment trial of a President, "to conceal Trump and his cronies misconduct," they "inveigled" weaker GOP Senators into measures odious to our Country, as precisely indicated in Alexander Hamilton's Federalist No. 65 and Federalist 66. See paragraph 2 of Federalist No. 65 and last paragraph of Federalist No. 66 to better understand.

    BOTTOM LINE: Trump, McConnell and GOP Senators, excepting Romney, SOLD OUT AMERICA, THE RULE OF LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION.

  • Oliver Phippen

    But the reality is

    Who did what and when 

    Bernie gave Russia credibility  by honeymooning in Moscow 

    Obama gave Russia credibility when he gave Ukraine invisibility blankets 

    The dims have  hidden  their DNC server in Russia / Ukraine  

    Crooked H gave Russia credibility  when she bought the Dossier from them 

    Didn’t Comey  say that  Crooked  H server’s  was  tapped /hacked while over there   ????

    John Kerry gives IRAN credibility  when he negotiated the   Nuclear weapon  and  routinely goes  there  for supposed conferences 

    Biden  continues to  speak  well  for Ukraine  / China  cause  his son still has business there  selling American  military secrets  

    The Don has Not given Russia  credibility  as he  stopped  his  hotel 

    Yesterday  it was Trump  today its Bernie  ???

    Who did what  and when ??????

    The media is  fanning  the deception and your  buying the  lies

  • michael joseff

    I'm a little bit confused is it Russia Or Ukraine maybe Russia No Spain I mean Rush again🤣🤣 how can people be so gullible and really believe this stuff?

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  • Greg Stromgren

    The dems only way they think they can beat trump. Make up more fake news. No surprise with dems and cnn. Hopefully a large lawsuit against cnn will do them in.
    Trump 2020!! MAGA!!
    4 more years!! 4 more years!!

  • Eduardo Flores

    Where is the prof Where is the evidence the say t russian are doing all that?? Who us some evidence so we could believe everything you are saying about russia😎😎😎😎😂😀😂😀

  • iloveYeshua10

    Haven’t you stupid lying CNN people learned anything in three yrs? Lies it’s all lies and you don’t even do it well.

  • Nonyer bidness

    Nobody believes CNN. The premise that Russian memes convinced Hillary voters to change their vote to Trump is beyond ludicrous. Also, although memes were made in Russia, there was ZERO evidence that they were ordered by the Russian government. In fact, Judge Dabney ordered Mueller to stop suggesting that was the case as there was zero evidence. Furthermore, if you open the Mueller report you'll notice the word, "No" precedes every instance of the word, "evidence".

  • rogwabbit

    At least FOX has facts and quotes actual sources.. Shelby Pierson, who briefed Congress on Russian election interference efforts, may have overstated intelligence regarding the issue. Notice they tell you who the source was??? Proof Russia hoax 2.0 CNN is even backtracking by ignoring the story now.

  • bradleyfeutz1

    2 things: First, that's classified information and a traitor is leaking that to CNN. Second, let's call Mueller, Schiff, and Nadler and start another witch hunt. That should cement Trump's reelection as well as a few house seats.


    Long live Putin for Helping Trump winning 2016 and 2020 election. He made US to be economic and military world power. Putin will Keep America Great. LOL!


    Of course, Russia again… If Dems lose, must be someone else's fault. Russia's helping Bernie, Russia's helping Trump. Who isn't Russia helping CNN? Let me guess, the only candidate you want? Nooooo they'd never do anything like that… Five me a fu*king break

  • Just Rammy

    He got found not guilty and you desperate folks are still trying to run this headline? Give it a fucking break for once. You guys need to take the L it's been three years

  • robert sumners

    They're creepy and

    they're kooky

    Mysterious and spooky

    They're all together


    The Adam Schiff (Shifty) Pelosi/Schumer/Nadler family.!!!

  • Bo Duke

    This didnt work the first time. 3 years of Russia bs and they are starting spewing Russia bs again and the election hasnt even happened! At least try a different narrative. There is no chance any of the dem candidates can beat Trump so they have to impeach to win.

  • Liberty or Death

    Russia doesn't care who gets elected. They just want us to think that they are interfering and sow as much doubt amongst us as they can. The Democrats get played like a fiddle everytime because they don't want to believe that most Americans don't want crooked Democrats that favor illegals and crony corruption over everyday hardworking blue collar AMERICANS. The Democrat establishment is now even saying RUSSIA is trying to get Bernie elected.
    Wake up America the Democrats are behind all of this RUSSIA hoax.

  • dsbmwhacker

    Russia…Russia…Russia….you dits have worn that out….maybe time to create a new "Bombshell"….but then you're kind of running out of them. I have faith you'll dream up something…

  • Chris Mas

    Wow, the media can't stop the Trump Russia narrative. Russia has been meddling for decades. It's the stupid people that believe the Russian social media disinformation campaigns which are no different than these media stories.

  • Splitwindow Coupe

    CNN is a bunch of idiots. Nobody believes this and you should know it. Why would Russia support trump when socialist Bernie Sanders is one step away from promoting communism? FAKE NEWS CNN, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN? Contrary to what you think, most of the the American public is NOT STUPID! Hey Wolf, are you still cheating on your wife? Get my point?

  • David Gagnon

    LMAO im losing count what is this RUSSIA gate ver. 3????? Hey everyone we have to sell this russia thing because we know Trump is going to win in 2020 and have to have a convincing story after the election ok? And besides it helps all of us like CNN to get some type of viewership. lol OH and the new staple word is " LOYALISTS" lol. Where are the details ? How are the Russians trying to get involved again? Details lets have them. OH WAIT you dont have any because you are full of shit ,,,, oh ok ,,,… FAKE NEWS CNN FAKE NEWS>>>>> BULLSHIT oh wait its the intel community saying this ok ,, again details ,,,,,, left/progressive intel types .. like we have already seen the proof of. GUYS how many of these absolute bullshit lies do you have to hear to realize they are just that . Bullshit that people who dont like Trump are trying to sell. TIME AND TIME AGAIN THEY LIE AND ARE PROVEN WRONG> DONT WORRY WE ARE CLEARING THESE ANTI AMERICAN A$$HOLES OUT AND THIS WILL NOT CONTINUE 2020-2024.

  • David Gagnon

    Hillary sold US uranium to Russia and didnt they hit the reset button? Obama is caught on an open mic telling the Russian president " I will have more flexibility after the re-election". Burnie takes a honeymoon in Russia. But Trump is the one thats getting help from Russia? Trump putting more sanctions and being harder on Russia than any other president before him. Maybe all that work from the Democratic side really did pay off … Think about it. (surely wasnt in Trumps favor)

  • #OccupyDogtown

    These sub human shit slag #neoliberal asholes, are WORSE than all #DotardTrump supporters combined. Now I am hoping the magas are right, and the are executed en masse.

  • Bluesea


  • Jonathan Dolin

    Here's a correlation for you, black people accusing a police of criminal activity. Compare that to true Americans accusing Trump of criminal activity or something like the Russians interfering with the elections on the behalf of Donald Trump. They're going to say that is not the Russians on behalf of Donald Trump oh, they're going to say it's the Russians on behalf Bernie Sanders. The one thing we all know is that if no one else had a gun at the party the police did oh, so was it a plant that the police lay on the black man that he just murdered. you'll never understand I'm just laughing at you right now. REALTALK

  • Berhane Thomas

    WHY. would Russia want Trump to win. You mean Russia wants America to be great again? Really. Russia has the best wishes for America?

  • Neautral Observer

    When CNN gets ahead of the elections to blame Trumps re-election on the Russians. He’s already won, otherwise this wouldn’t be a story.

  • big truck

    There was a Russian hiding in my cereal bowl this morning, Russians caused bad weather last week, there was a Russian digging through my garbage yesterday

  • Mortifix

    Someone needs to stop Russia. Their evil plan to strengthen our economy and our military is working flawlessly. We need to stop them before their final solution to make US the greatest country in the world comes to fruition!!

  • Gone Fishing

    These poor media people really need an intervention for their addiction to LSD! It must be a Russian strain that makes them see Putin no matter where they look!

  • Vermonster90

    Just the facts 4 U to consider who real Russian operatives are:
    (1) DNC has 4 Communist Marxist running for Nomination.
    (2) Trump delivered tank killing lethal AID to several of Russia's adversaries which pushed Russia back.
    (3) DNC colluded with Russian and Ukrainian Intel operatives to develop "Pee Gate" and "Steel Dossier".
    (4) Leading DNC candidate touts Communist indoctrination program as excellant reading education.
    (5) Trump upped US production of oil, turning off thirst for Russian oil.

  • Sage Ryan

    Sanders is the communist. Hillary sold Russia 20% of our uranium, secretly, through Canada, for profit, not USA profit. Don't you folks at CNN get tired of being Wrong and Foolish!

  • Mr Riesen

    Such a sad news network, why would anybody listen these clowns, but it is sure fun to listen to their lies just see where old drunk Nancy gets her intelligence.

  • Jeremiah Lim

    Israeli scientists are on the cusp of developing the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus, according to Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis. If all goes as planned, the vaccine could be ready within a few weeks and available in 90 days, according to a release. It will be an oral vaccine, making it particularly accessible to the general public, Zigdon said.

  • scott

    Russian needs higher oil and gas export prices to boost their GDP. Trump's support of expanding US domestic oil production has the effect of suppressing global prices. The democrats OTOH wanting suppression of US domestic supply would have the opposite effect of boosting global prices helping Russia's GDP. Why, then, would Russia want to help Trump instead of any democrat?

  • Sharanram Rathod

    Lol hahaha. …fake news. ..worldwide wants trump win because he is good for whole world and America. ..I am fan of trump everyone loves he is good human beings

  • Brian Jennings

    So the Russians are either coming to America to cast their votes, or they've figured out how to hack the system and change the ballots? If not, how the fuck did they elect Trump and how will they do it again??? Was it misinformation? Well, guess what, misinformation is everywhere! Especially coming from you, the libtard media! You people are pathetic, and that's why more people than ever will come out to re-elect Donald Trump come November!

  • Rushie2112

    …and here we go AGAIN. Can you CNN buffoons report on facts for once in your lives instead of pulling more insane accusations right out of thin air? Y'all are an embarrassment to journalism.

  • rockin roy

    know your 10 commandments. thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor. think how stupid this sounds. why would russia care about another countries election? this is just a hype to brainwash people to look down upon russia and trump. it is tactical evil. give the guy a break. what the issue really is here is that trump is christian. you will NOT see a cnn reporter saying they are christian. PROVE ME WRONG.

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