Royals take on the roulade challenge with Nadiya and Mary Berry! | A Berry Royal Christmas – BBC

Royals take on the roulade challenge with Nadiya and Mary Berry! | A Berry Royal Christmas – BBC

On your marks, get set, go. So we’re going to ice
the baking paper first. Go crazy? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Don’t be timid. OK. Don’t be shy. Come on, a bit of force.
You’ve got the technique. That’s… Ooh! That’s all right. Pick the whole tray up… Yeah. ..and tip the whole thing
over onto there. OK. There, that’s it.
Perfect. That’s it. Perfect! Off that. Take this off. Now for the orange curd
and cream filling. Anything accidentally falls into
your mouth, that’s OK, as well. OK. That’s what tends to happen to me
when I… Just taste it as we go? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That’s really good. Does William ever cook for you?
He sometimes does, actually. He’s very good at breakfast. In our university days,
he used to cook all sorts of meals. I think that’s when
he was trying to impress me, Mary. Things like Bolognese sauce
and things like that. Before rolling,
we need to score the meringue. Is he doing it well?
He’s doing all right. I’m scoring, Mary. I’m scoring. His is very smooth.
Thank you so much. Look, the line goes a bit…
Could you keep an eye
on your own roulade, please? I am trying to concentrate,
but I am looking over at you. This is the tricky bit. Yeah. I’m tempted to help you,
but I’m not going to. WHISPERS: She’s not watching.
Let’s just do it. So, we’re going to use
our paper. Yeah. So you get that end
and I’ll get that end. And then we’ll just
kind of tease it. No helping! No pressure.
Did you see that? She… She’s guiding me. She’s guiding me.
You don’t need guiding. You’re the one to guide. Right, this is
absolutely perfect here. Let’s have a look.
Could you keep up, Catherine? There’s a line here, Mary.
This is our side, Mary. This is your side over here. I’m going to let go. Look at that.
It’s looking like a roulade. Like an actual roulade! Wow.
Look at this. Look. Look. Ta-da! Ta-da-da! They look
pretty good together. It’s OK. For the topping, we have chocolate,
orange zest and pomegranate seeds. Ooh, hang on. That’s lovely! Gosh! Oh, she’s piped before. It is lovely.
And we’ve even got zig-zags. Oh, no!
THEY LAUGH Perfect. How lovely.
Oh, you’ve got zig-zags? Ours is more like a,
“Phwoar, look at that!” Like, “Got to eat that now.”
Right now. Now just the edible decorations. More is more –
that’s what I say. Yeah. Yeah. I mean,
you’re being shy now. Come on. Can I steal that Christmas tree?
Absolutely not. There we go. Perfect. That’s better. Did we finish first or did they?
Cos they’re chatting a lot. William’s family tradition is
to open Christmas presents on Christmas Eve…
No, they’re chatting. Time’s up. Time’s up. We’re done
now. Yeah, finished. Hang on. No, no, no, no! I told you
there was no time to… Bit of snow. We need a bit of snow. Now we need to have
a good look at them. I’ll tell you something,
I’m just going to cut them and see who’s got a nice spiral. And you’re going to be honest, Mary. Is that good?
Is that what you’re looking for? That looks… I mean,
it’s all right. ..lovely. Just saying. This is
cutting beautifully, too. Wow! Look at that. Look at that.
It’s very difficult. I have to say that it’s a draw because I’m not quarrelling
with either of you!


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