Rep. Scalise defends Trump in fiery interview on impeachment

Rep. Scalise defends Trump in fiery interview on impeachment


  • Michael Brown

    Chris Wallace is rude and Representative Scalise should have called him out on cutting him off and talking over him. Chris wants to believe whatever the democrats say including Sondland who has been coached by Schiff in their secret meetings in the basement. Fox News please get rid of Chris Wallace!! He is hurting your reputation as the only media company we can believe in.

  • Clifford Bodine

    Chris Wallace is a liberal cockroach. He cherry-picks soundbites, out of context, that sound damning, then confronts Scalise with them.

  • courtney hall

    if fox wants to keep loyal subscribers they need to fire thier liberal punk anti-american idiots.cris wallace,dajuan dawilliams and pay attention to the real truth.

  • Tommy Samudio

    Chris Wallace, you sir are ridiculous. You seem to be forgetting how corrupt Ukraine is. You’re so eager to send our hard earned tax payer dollars to these other countries without any real assurances that it’s going to be used properly. I don’t understand how some people think you’re ACTUALLY an objective journalist when you completely turn a blind eye to what’s going on with the Dems and Ukraine. Why would we send 1 cent of our Nation’s hard earned tax dollars to a country we knew had a history of corruption? This video will let all the viewers that didn’t already know you are a partisan HACK.

  • Russbot Apocalypse 2020

    It's important that Fox News as the most watched network presents the Dem's lame accusations giving Scalise the air time to completely debunk their weak shite. Don't shoot the messenger!.

  • xzombielar

    Wallace flipped. He was paid by the deep state, or it may have been explained to him that he would be committing suicide soon. CNN has some openings for fake news journalists.

  • J T


  • brent holladay

    I wish these Republicans would call out Wallace for his bias interrupts and interrogation tactics. Tell Wallace with due respect you only accept testimony that appears to be against Trump in spite of the facts.

  • Maude White

    Chris Wallace you are terrible. Can not stand to hear you put down our president. Don’t like to listen to you. Would call you a Rhino but I think you are a leftie.

  • Tim Gray

    This impeachment clown show is nothing more than the Democrats and the state department whiners trying to get ahead of the IG report that apparently contains some pretty damning evidence about the Dems and the deep state, aka the state department.

  • SeviNoHeart

    Can you trust Gordon Sondland's statements when Oregon's Rep Earl Blumennauer called for boycotts and protests against Sondlands Oregon businesses. Sondlands employees are being harrassed. He is being coerced to say what the Dems want. Quid Pro Quo? Say what we want and we'll stop the boycotts and protests?

  • Bher Rabbit

    GEE, how unusual for politicians to care about themselves. Negotiating ANYTHING requires talking, by definition. Apparently everyone wants to translate the English language into just whatever their individual minds WANT to hear. Negotiation also requires some give and take. You give me what I want or I'LL BLOW YOUR COUNTRY UP. That would be Impeachable. Three years of this stuff? No Schiff? YOU LOST! Lousy news networks trying to run this country.

  • Given Sight Bear

    Why did the Obama administration bring in 68 Ukrainian "Investigative Journalist" to dig up dirt on the Trump Campaign in 2016?

  • B.T.

    Chris is being blackmailed by Zucker. They are both on Epstein’s list. If Chris won’t act like a CNN DemocRat, his friend Zucker will leak Epstein’s list…

  • Victoria Shaffer

    It is time for Fox to let Wallace go. He is too partisan. Maybe he should share a nightly show with Mark Levin. I would watch that.

  • Dark horse

    The sooner this Senator and Senator Kennedy is gone the better off the state of Louisiana will be to better prosperity. These two pasties are the type who agree with anything corrupt because both of them are not smart enough to be law makers. Counter-Productive!

  • john lucich

    Chris Wallace . . Is not even a good liar . . Go to CNN . . ‘Mr Jerk’ ! . . I KNOW MORE assholes that stink less than you do !?

  • Neal M

    Hey Chrissy, care to walk anything back now that your fantasy scenario about Sondland's testimony went up in smoke. Never Trumper loser.
    Sondland on Trump: "I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky — President Zelensky to do the right thing."

  • Thaddeus DuBois

    I see a lot of individuals here who obviously don’t like Chris Wallace. He’s great. He keeps pushing in his interviews and that’s exactly his job. Apparently Trump supporters are afraid of this. For good reason…….

  • Badger McFly

    As a newcomer to American politics, what happens if trump is impeached? Because it comes across that he wants to. What happens next? Is it democratic or elected?

  • Mystic Vapor

    Chis Wallace tries to pose as a newscaster when he just wants to hear his own leftist agenda.. he might as well net even have guests.. he talks his left propaganda right over them.. came here because I like Scalise.. too bad I couldn't hear what he had to say.

  • mtunpleasant

    I suspect Scalise has some brain damage from the many operations he underwent when he was shot at a congressional baseball game. His eyes look absolutely dead.

  • steve DUTCH

    Scalise is an abject embarrassment.

    The evidence against trump is so obvious and so damning that you would have to be a bigot of monumental proportions to ignore it. It makes 'tricky dickie's' indiscretions appear minor by comparison. The fact that Republicans unashamedly support a POTUS who has reduced the US to global ignominy testifies to their utter lack of scruple, honesty, integrity, decency, humanity and, oh, intelligence! 'Stable genius' trump would struggle to pass a kindergarten exam. When this nightmare is over, historians will look on trump's legacy aghast at the damage this rotten administration has done to the World.

  • Rudy Gray

    Stop yelling at Scalise you hateful SOB. Cry baby.. You are abusive. Scalise owes you NOTHING. Why do you always look like you are sucking on a lemon???

  • Douglas

    I know, you cant trust any media… mind as well turn to anarchy… better hope you have more guns than your next door neighbor or you might be in trouble. give me a f*** break plllleaaasee………..

  • LSSoloSG2

    Wallace : but sir, please let me do all i can to trip you up and say the wrong thing.
    chris wallace has days and hours to think about his questions, the respondent has had a brief second to think about their answer.
    O,,,,unless you are a democrat and had the questions leaked to you before hand.

  • Rich Terrana

    The Bidens are crooks. Joe Biden is an old crook, and obviously, he's bringing up his son to follow in his crooked footsteps…

  • Donny Rowles

    If you're watching this and you can't see Scalise is a lying liar – you've been watching way too much Fox News. My God. Scalise is twisting himself into a ball with lies and changing the subject. This is brutal. Scalise = Party over Country – he's PERFECT for Fox News.

  • Kasthoorie Pollmeier

    Holmes did not listen in to the phone call BUT overheard the phone call which by the way was NOT ON SPEAKER/WAS HE SUPERMAN OR DID HE JUST WANT HIS 15MINS OF FAME!!!!the names Burima & Biden was NEVER mentioned in the phone call – REACHING!!!!!

  • Charles Darwin

    Democrats don't see when they are wrong. Republicans don't see when they are wrong. Religious don't see when they are wrong. All expendable pawns.

  • Jocko Adams

    Flash forward to Sondland… and Trump never set conditions with him or said anything of the sort. Sondland admitted he "presumed" that that is what he thought Trump wanted.

  • Randy Doak

    The president has a problem. There are just not enough corrupt people to fill his foreign service positions. Too many honorable people like Vindman get in the way of his corrupt plans. Too bad for him that America is not more like Putin's Russia, where a leader can just get rid of any resistance with an order to hit man.

  • Theo Fulk

    HEARSAY and even RUMOR have to be true , as long as they are AGAINST TRUMP ! To Hell with Law and Order, that went out with the total subversion of MEDIA, when OBAMA got HR5736 passed on the sly, Christmas of 2012….. oh, goody! right around the parade of pageants that centered on ERIC HOLDER'S gun grab, staged drill called SANDY HOAX ! "LEGALIZED LYING FROM THEN ON, KOMRADES"!

  • barneycarparts

    All the staff who testified said they were not aware AT THE TIME OF THE CALL, that corruption cases were opened in 2014 and were incomplete. One was Barisma the other was Naftogas.

    Those testifying had no sense of the 2014 time frame. Some had been in working with the white house on Ukraine for only 2 years or less. So, of course they thought Trump was asking for a NEW investigation, when in fact Trump was asking for the OLD corruption investigations to be completed. Zelinski assured Trump that his hand picked Prosecutor General would be in place in September (actually August 29th). When the NEW prosecutor took office and started choosing non corrupt prosecutors, the requirement for non corruption had been met. The money was released Sept 11th. Why does everybody gloss over the fact that these were new green staff who made assumptions. Incorrect assumptions.

    The Biden case is NOT closed and been debunked as the Democrats say. It stinks to high heaven.

  • J Sidhuism

    There’s been some good American presidents like Lincoln,Reagan,Busch,trumps been the most controversial president of his lies

  • elmer edwards

    Go back and see how he interviewed Obama kit gloves not the way he interviewed any one sticking up for trump a great president not a low life Obama that did not do anything things for his own race

  • J Knight

    "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." – Upton Sinclair

  • Sergeant Slate

    The Republican party is really dumb people right now. They either parrot their favorite talking heads or they are actual Russian bots… which don't get to vote in the election.

  • Travis Hackney


  • WingNutBuster

    The hate comments towards Chris here are lies.
    Chris reports the truth, and Trump and his supporters are trying to silence it.
    Simple as that.
    Expose these wing-nuts. Comment the truth.

  • Gail Geer

    Can't stand Wallace! Cannot take listening to his snide inuendos against our president! I turn off Fox when I see him on. Why is he there?

  • Rich u

    Wallace a Clown. Completely one sided.. he should take the same path Sheppard did… out the door…. CNN is awaiting your arrival….

  • Alvaro Lopez

    Chris Ihave so much respect for you, you are an honest reporter or journalist, and admire the fact that you have to deal with all this liars dispute the fact that you work for fox news, mybest wishes go to you

  • John A

    All of Wallace’s comments are him trying to be objective about the articles of impeachment. Let’s see how this plays out. Trump shines the best after the dust settles and the people see the true motives of those attempting to bring down my president.

  • Melissinha73

    The defense “they are Schiff’s witnesses” is garbage it means nothing. It’s garbage. These are people that were subpoenaed to come forward to provide testimony. End of story. This is gross.

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