React, Redux and memory: #1.40 the latest News (the Good Parts of the FrontEnd development)

React, Redux and memory: #1.40 the latest News (the Good Parts of the FrontEnd development)

Being just a Front-end developer should I
learn about Memory, Buffers and all that stuff? I’m convinced, the answer is Yes. [Music playing] Hi! Let’s talk today about React, Redux and a
crash course in memory management. I’m Anatol and you are watching the Good Parts
of the Frontend development. [Music playing] Rob Dodson has released a new episode of A11y
cast. In the latest video he talks about the accessible
modal dialog and how to properly manage focus when adding a dialog to the page. Debugging is always a challenge. In its turn, debugging of Node.js applications
feels like a marathon. On this subject Jacopo Daeli posted an article”Debugging
Node.js with Google Chrome” on Medium. There he describes how to efficiently debug
Node programs using the latest Chrome DevTools. Jeremy Morrell posted an article titled “Habits
of a Happy Node Hacker 2017” on Heroku blog. The Node.js ecosystem continues to mature
and new best practices have emerged. These rules are more useful for app developers,
rather than for module developers. [Music playing] One more interesting talk from JSConf EU 2017,
namely “The Browser Hackers Guide To Instantly Loading Everything” by Addy Osmani. Here you can learn about HTTP2 push, preload,
prefetch, etc. as well as how to use them in order to boost up the page loading. Here is one more talk about JavaScript’s
future. Brian Holt rants about the current situation
and where we’re headed. Yes, it’s just another chat, but I think,
we need them to find our own path. Now let’s jump to React. State is perhaps the most common point of
confusion in React today”. Therefore Cory House decided to shed some
light on this topic with his “Handling State in React”. There he describes how you can cope with State
and proposes four approaches. You can read his findings on Medium. [Music playing] If you start learning React and Redux, you
might be interested in the Redux Tutorials collection. Here you can find Basic Introductions, Project-Based
Tutorials, Redux Implementation Walkthroughs and even more. Another worth reading article on JavaScript’s
ninja craft is “19+ JavaScript Shorthand Coding Techniques”. I’d like to grab your attention to the longhand
versions helping you to understand what is going on. “A crash course in memory management” by Lin
Clark is a great three part series covering why memory management is important, using
ArrayBuffers and SharedArrayBuffers in JavaScript. [Music playing] If you like this video give it “thumbs up”,
share it with your friends, subscribe to the channel and watch other episodes. [Music playing] This is all for this week. Thanks for watching and stay curious.

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