Que se passe-t-il au Qatar ? – 5 minutes pour décrypter

Hi, this is Hugo and now we will
look into a political crisis that many experts consider as
the biggest political crisis in Middle East in recent years. So how to explain the sudden isolation of Qatar? What does it consist in and what
are its direct consequences? This is what we will try to see
today. Let’s not waste time and get straight to the point, today no fewer than nine countries that have broken their diplomatic relations with
Qatar. The nine countries in question are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt,
Yemen, United Arab Emirates, the government
Eastern Libya, Mauritania, [The Mauritius] and the Maldives. Why such a break in
diplomatic relations? Well, the states in question accuse Qatar of being related to terrorist organizations. They first hold Qatar responsible of
financing and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, a political Islamic organization
very present, especially in Egypt, and considered as a
terrorist organization. But, the accusations go further
since the nine countries accuse Qatar of supporting the Islamic State and
“Al Qaeda”. Today, officially, Qatar is in war against terrorism. They are part of the international coalition against the Islamic state and are a home for a US military base against the Islamic State. However, Qatar is still accused of
complacency including hosting a half-dozen
figures known for their funding of the Islamic State and
Al Qaeda, to the extent that the country is often called “Club Med”
of terrorism. That is the position, we can say, official,
but for many experts the severance of diplomatic relations
is mainly due to a rapprochement between Iran and Qatar. Everything would have started from an interview of the Emir of Qatar, Chief of the Qatari state, given to a Qatari news agency:
QNA. In this interview, the Emir of Qatar recalls Iran as a Qatari strategic ally. Such speaking cause a certain number of countries to twitch, including Saudi Arabia which has, let’s say, complicated relations with Iran. The problem is that this interview appears to have been fabricated if not at least what I just mentioned would not
have been said by the Emir of Qatar. The news agency claims to have been the victim of hackers who posted this fake interview. According to the United States, currently investigating, and who even sent FBI agents to investigate in Qatar, hackers were Russian. In any case that was the assertions of US investigators explaining to CNN that the goal for the Russian was to destabilize the United States. Trump is hostile to Iran and the rapprochement between Qatar and Iran strains relations between the United States and Qatar. Be careful here the US investigators did not affirm that the act was from Russian intelligence service but simply from Russian hackers. In other words, this could be independent Russian hackers wanting to defend the interests of Russia. Anyway, whatever the reason, in early June the nine states in question broke off diplomatic relations with Qatar. In practical terms what does it mean? Well, the actual states asked their ambassadors who were present in Qatar to return to their homeland. Also, some countries have asked the Qatari citizens present in their country to leave the territory and return to Qatar. Granted the insulation is diplomatic but, it is also economical. The most important example is the aviation since Qatar is simply facing an air blockade. The air blockade, it is first seven airlines who suspended their flights into Qatar. Also, the air blockade is about countries surrounding Qatar that do
not allow the Qatari planes to fly in their sky or at least only in observing limitations when headed to Qatar. This is not a total air blockade in the sense that flights still take off and land in Qatar, but the
traffic is still heavily disrupted and a company pays for it: Qatar Airways. But the blockade also leads to fairly unlikely situations and if you follow me on Instagram, you have already gotten the information. Before diplomatic ruptures, Saudi Arabia was the main milk supplier of Qatar you can imagine that today it is not really the case anymore. So to deal with this problem Qatar intends to import by air, over 4,000 cows. In fact, as sums up the Bloomberg media in a pretty good way, it is the largest bovine air transportation of all history. Well, the example is quite unusual, but it describes a rather well the disturbing reality for Qatar which depends on importations at 90% for its food. Faced with such insulation, Qatar has been able to receive support especially Turkey but also Iran. Turkey is indeed an important ally of Qatar. The Turkish government is also close to the Muslim Brothers. They share many numerous economic interests, put another way, Qatar’s insulation does not please
Turkish head of state Erdoğan. That is it for this video, I hope you enjoyed it. As usual, if that is the case, do not hesitate to like the video and to subscribe, if this is not yet the case. I insist but it’s really, really important for us and for the development of the channel. We will follow the development of the Qatari situation on my Instagram account. I remind you that on my Instagram account every night at 7:00 p.m. there is a debrief of the news. Anyway, in the description, you will find links, if you ever want to know more. Feel free to discuss the Qatar situation in the comments, I will read all about it and we will see each other really quick.

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