Psychiatrist On Trump’s ‘Dangerous’ Response To Coronavirus Crisis | The Last Word | MSNBC

Psychiatrist On Trump’s ‘Dangerous’ Response To Coronavirus Crisis | The Last Word | MSNBC


  • Josh Nvm

    The clip they played of trump didnt show any context. Not if he said anything before or after the one sentence they played or even the question that was asked that he was responding to.
    Also the stock market rebounded with a record jump the day after it dipped. This video really is the last straw for me. Im officially now a Trump supporter. Didn't vote last election and voted Obama before that. Thought id write in Bernie after they screwed Bernie again but Trump all the way baby.

  • Black Berry lady

    President isn't God….he is doing what he can….Dont blame him….We all needs to Pray & seek God's intervention. God said it willbe……Pray, stop traveling over SEAS, stay away from sick people…..Stay away from those blaming the PRESIDENT……Prayer 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾☕☕☕

  • Jud Young

    Pointing fingers at Trump is dishonest. No one knows for sure what to do with the Coronavirus. People are just trying to do something. Honestly no one knows what to do. Criticising is simply easy because Thinking is Hard Work.

  • Nick Bauer

    Most "'psychiatrists" are quacks. "Psychiatry" is largely "junk science" based on subjective opinion. Nothing more or less. Nothing is ever scientifically tested or validated as it is in hard science, like physics or engineering. It is all opinion.

  • Jc Huggins

    Bull Vote Trump Republicans. Out socialists dems haters traitors. Out fake news press haters traitors hate USA lock up news people who are wrong. All lies to hurt USA vote TRUMP REPUBLICANS NOW ASAP NOV. 2020. NEWS PRESS ARE HATERS OUT SOCIALISTS DEMS PRESS TOO.

  • Afrostrology

    trump has just exposed the subconscious mind of ALL so-called whites who are really pink or orange. now it's on display for the whole world to see. haha…..

  • Teal Jade

    Ouch! This is an example of when the truth is painful. Can it really be that he, Mr. Trump, is representative of a large majority of the U.S. population? If so, we really need to evaluate ourselves.

  • Ruth Fitzwater

    Socialists will do anything to win. They can’t attack Trump’s accomplishments so they resort to calling names. Children call each other stupid and dummy and this is the same thing dressed up with $50 words. MAGA!

  • Lena Ghio

    You must admit that those who believe anything Trump says at this time are very gullible masochists. Many people get needles of anger whenever this absurd man opens his mouth because he not only lies, his lies are stupid and absurd!

  • Neville

    I hope the media documents, upon him losing the election, POTUS being dragged from the White House kicking and crying.

  • Katie Garrett

    This is MSNBC so we know every word is a lie. Get real people try some truth for a change. You loved obumer and his whole reason for running was to turn the country over to Islam. You need to get some truth. Trump is way more intelligent than your living 'expert'. That guy is dummer than a box of rocks

  • Michael Bailey

    Keep watching this “the sky is falling” channel. Just like every other disease that has come out of China, we will be ok. News channels build their news on scaring the public.

  • Liz Thor-Larsen

    If MSNBC listens to this psychiatrist they would begin to support the analysis of Sanders wrt Trump. Sanders says exactly the same thing that this psychiatrist says.

  • Patrick S

    A psychiatrist as an expert on a virus? What happened, the plumber had to back out of the interview?
    I know. You leftists have to promote each other or nobody would know about, much less buy your crappy anti-Trump books.

  • Junglistic Soulja

    @ 4:06 The same people who pushed "russiagate" for the last 3.5 years and suffering from a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome talking about mental illness.. 🤔
    Hillary Clinton wrote a book about "The Big Lie"…

  • Lewin Tao

    In the US, the total deaths is 11 out of a total cases of 137, this is about 8%. In South Korea, this ration is 0.6%. This means that either the US has much terrible medical system than Korea, or the total cases number from the US is greatly deviated. It seems to be both.

  • Dog Fart

    By repeating the same thing over and over ONLY DUMB people will believe him.its terrifying that there are really people THAT STUPID

  • Maake Klein

    Please don't need to spend a fortune on ad campaigns. Just make a collage of all trumps stupidities and the election will be in the bag!

  • Real Economy

    Trump knew the stock market was a big fat ugly bubble back in 2016 and knew the low interest rates fueled a fake economy under Obama. The traitor is doing all he can to destroy this country. How can he with a straight face totally change his views so easily to then hurt the American people?


    …I have to disagree. tRump repeating something over and over again does NOT make people think it must be true. It makes weak minded people think it must be true.

  • Sankie Greyling

    Why this hipe about this sh*** More people die from vehicle accidents every day. More than 1million people die in n year of each of TB and malaria and nobody blink an eye.


    Trump realizes money is the number one thing people are worried about when the Corona virus hits.
    Where is the money going to come from to pay my hospital bill if I get the Coronavirus. Who is going to pay my rent? I just barely get by now. How am I going to buy food if I don't have any money.

  • Drew Barber

    Joe Biden doesn't even know which state he is in and Bernie Sanders is a socialist loonbag lmao maybe Lawrence you should take a look at your own party.

  • Tanya Chavis

    If at all possible, “Stockholm Syndrome” is even worse than Coronavirus. People who allow Donald Trump to go on and on with his insanity? Are just as Krazy, if not Krazier than he is!

  • Brian Bart

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  • india rose

    How can anyone respect a 70year old man who verbally attacked a 16year old girl?! PATHETIC!! Family Values? Trump is a serial adulterer! Patriotic?? Mr. Bone Spurs has attacked the REAL PATRIOTS! Trump is a 70 year old man who verbally attacked a 16year old girl!!! WTF…. spiritually Fit…..He used the PRAYER breakfast to build himself up! PATHETIC! Not to mention Trump is WEIRD!!! Other world leaders laugh at him and roll thier eyes at him! Trump is DUMB!

  • hillock10

    Speaking as a former employee of one of the largest hospitals in the USA, any mental health specialist who diagnoses a person with a mental disease without a thorough personal evaluation and interviews is an incompetent and should lose his license to practice.

  • Mark Mark

    What? This has nothing to do with Trump, he and his departments assign the correct people to deal with the crisis. They are the managers, not the health professionals

    I think the only mental instability is the reporting.

    PS: clearly Trump was referring to the Stock Market recovering post-crisis, not tomorrow, that was seriously childish.

    I can't understand why you lot want to damage you own country with all this fake news hysteria. let the people do their jobs, you get your chance to vote next election to make changes, it's called democracy.

  • krautnation

    So the stock market is recovering. I assume you’ll be spending air time tonight spelling out how you were wrong?

  • Crusty Cobs

    At last he unmuzzled the CDC and Dr. Fauci. It was INSANE that he was downplaying this crisis and
    making it a political football, as he has done to the Environmental concerns. He's a demagogue!
    Fauci re-interpreted Trump's promise for us and stated that a Vaccine will take three years to release!

  • Johnny NiteTrain

    This guy being a bumbling fool just isn’t funny anymore and it has run its course. It’s now becoming a matter of life and death for some people, based on what this incompetent moron does or doesn’t do.

    Anyone But Trump 2020

  • agaragar21

    YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF IDIOTS…………..Trump Has Simple Basic ADHD !, This is what this IS!

    Why a professor of psychiatrist can't figure this out, is a singular crying shame and Negligence of the entire
    science of the psychiatry !!!!!

    What a JOKE !

  • Tim Stay

    HITLER tactics? Go figure! Do you want to die because we didn't have the courage to remove a sick ,narcissistic man from office?

  • John Thompson

    we don't need to hear what you think you thought the other man is thinking. MSNBC , that is called Witchcraft and Lucifer is your God.

  • Kevin Tarrant

    Trump is a stupid puppet. People around him are just using him and getting all they can while the going is good for them but lousy for the rest of us. Someone needs to activate the 25 amendment and remove this tool. He has destroyed everything he's touched. Marriages, business and now America is in his destructive crosshairs.

  • Ray Milligan

    Dr Lance Dodes also diagnosed Lawrence O'Donnell as Pathological Liar and a Neurotic bedwetter ,and this is the title of his next Book !

  • poor fellow

    Repeating lies over and over and over again ….. sounds like ABC NBC MSNBC and some others… now that you are an expert Psychiatrist how crazy are the people for putting in Trump-Pence 2020 for their second term…… we will be waiting for the next book to come out….about Trumps second term…… ##################### Trump-Pence 2020############## the only way to vote…

  • L Erkins

    158 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the United States. 11 confirmed deaths already. Still no cure on the horizon. Still no real idea of the source or how non traveled people have contracted it. Yet it was a hoax. We were causing a panic for no reason because more people have died from the flu. We were exaggerating reports to make this administration look bad. As the numbers rise what will be the lies you Trump supporters use to make yourselves sleep better at night?

  • Jason Forbes

    Amazing watching all these pig f*cking paedophiles wax philosophical about a man who's lifted the shackles off a tyrannical bureaucracy off the backs of so many. Leftists love a corrupt police state that forces people to see things their way, you are no better than the Maoist youths who turned in their grandparents for supporting Chang. You people make me sick, bunch of baby killing, child rapists whose only defense is the race card and calling people conspiracy theorists a' la the CIA. Imagine that, you love the CIA now, you love a corrupt out of control govt. That's what kind of people you are, you will deserve the pain that will be visited upon you.

  • Stuart Reynolds

    oh someone didn't like what I said about crazy Donald so sorry the democrat party has no one to run against Donald

  • Wallace Parsons

    When America goes marshal law over coronavirus CNN MSNBC will be guaranteed all staff and reporters will dissapeare victims of the virus. Not the purge Hillary Clinton planned but it's being used against them soon.

  • Detra Edwards

    He needs to sit down and listen to the CDC. He's old himself and old people are the one's dying…good gracious.

  • Lonnie Smith

    The Orange terd is for the Orange terd and The more Americans that can figure that out better off we gonna be otherwise he is gonna bring us down

  • John

    Obama began addressing H1N1 just as the disease emerged in April 2009. A public health emergency was declared on April 26 when there were 20 confirmed cases in the US. Obama renewed this declaration twice in the ensuing months before declaring a national emergency in October.  That’s how a real President works.

  • Sharon Davis

    When you look at him …. you can see the elevator doesn't go all the way to the top  ,  MENTALLLY DISABLED .

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